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♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 I’m gonna miss this so much 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔 #TheMayor
#TheMayor#TheMayor Marcel Spears @mrmarcelspears🔁 ABC just cancelled #TheMayor
Matheus @IMatheusBarroso🔁 When you find out #TheMayor was cancelled
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 That moment when you find out that #TheMayor is canceled:
TVLine.com @TVLine🔁#TheMayor Pulled From ABC Schedule, Replaced With #ModernFamily Reruns tvline.com
JustJared.com @JustJared🔁, starring Brandon Micheal Hall and , has sadly been canceled and future episodes will not be aired on ABC twitter.com
ARMIE STOLE SEB'S GG NOM+CARELL STOLE HIS SAG NOM @notevenloaded🔁ugh, two of my favorite new shows got cancelled before they were given a chance to find an audience 😭 #themayor #MeMyselfAndI
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁 NOOOOOOOOOO GIVE IT BACK @ABCNetwork #TheMayor twitter.com
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁RIP . I really hope another network picks it up. Would fit so well with on FX. If nothing else, I hope ABC releases the remaining episodes.
Amanda Reve' @AmandaRevei🔁 .@tvmojoe Thanks Joe ❤ But we didn't deliver ratings-wise for @ABC. #ThisIsUs is a formidable "foe"! 😔 #TheMayor⚘
FAROUK @DevlinBlake🔁 #TheMayor had a lot of potential. Is #Netflix gonna pick it up??
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁This show that I loved and praised in my podcast NEEDS a new home. Excellent work from and cast.
FAROUK @DevlinBlake🔁 do me a big favor & give the chance it deserves to reach its full potential and go on a nice long run like it should’ve had in the first place (I’ll keep my subscription forever, promise 😘)
Worst Friends Forever @WFFPodcast🔁Yes pleaseeeee shop it elsewhere! #TheMayor twitter.com
Raeleen Endo @RaeleenAEndo🔁Talented actors with great chemistry, funny and smart writing, a show with heart...geez, , give it a little more time twitter.com ! Or how about or ? Bring back please!
☘️🦋Jody🦋☘️ @jody_guest🔁 #TheMayor removed from ABC schedule, and we're DEFINITELY not happy about it cartermatt.com
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁I’m so heartbroken....I honestly loved this show so much. I can’t believe we’re not getting the remaining episodes ☹ twitter.com
Carmelita @cavan14🔁 never gives their shows time to find their audience. It’s either come out the start a hit or get cancelled. was twitter.com a great show that needed time for the audience to find it.
Becky @rstanek🔁Noooooo! I love #TheMayor! It is beyond charming, and I hope there's a chance that it finds a new home. twitter.com
Saint_Anthony_Ryan @agent_ryan013🔁 My opinion doesn't matter. 😡 -E #UselessTriviaThatIKnow

SMART shows get cancelled despite their value to society. #TheMayor

♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 I’m so incredibly sorry to hear about the cancellation, my heart is heavy with disappointment...Really hope anoth twitter.com er network will pick it up, worked well with Mindy Project, so I have hope 🙏🏼💛
Nit @BrickCityPride🔁 #TheMayor Pulled From ABC Schedule, Replaced With #ModernFamily Reruns tvline.com
Marysol (🌊&🌞) Velazquez @marysolthewise🔁 was a great show, pushing boundaries with humor & giving much needed representation. A time slot where it competed w twitter.com ith This is Us & Brooklyn 99 was a mistake by ABC. The cast deserves to have the last episodes air & another network to pick it up
KING PHILLIP @KINGPHILLIP88🔁This was a good show that's wack Af #TheMayor
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 SOMEONE BUY THIS. #TheMayor is such a sweet show. twitter.com
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 #themayor getting cancelled really sucks. thanks abc for giving that amazing cast almost no advertising or promotion.
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 #TheMayor was a genuinely hilarious show. Very full of heart and original. Hope it gets picked up by another network.
KING PHILLIP @KINGPHILLIP88🔁 #TheMayor - Cancelled ABC Series Shopped Elsewhere renewcanceltv.com
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁It honestly was not fair that they aired the same time as This Is Us, they should have moved it to another time slot. Ugh.
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁The fact that theyre not even airing the remaining episodes and REPLACING it with a successful show is just a spit i twitter.com n the face of what the show stands for...so much more than disappointed 😔
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 Daveed worked really hard on #TheMayor its not fair that its cancelled.
It was a really unique show
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 💔💔💔 #TheMayor has such a good take on local politics and community engagement and i'm so sad to lose it
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 Such a bummer. Loved watching #TheMayor! twitter.com
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 I really hope another network picks it up, but if it doesn’t dude #TheMayor DESERVED BETTER
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY LAWD WHY CAN WE BLACK PPL NOT HAVE ANYTHING 😭😭😭😭😭 #TheM twitter.com ayor
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁 How can anyone expect me to believe 2018 will be any better when perfectly good shows like #TheMayor get cancelled?
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁Sorry to hear that got canceled shout out to and the rest of the cast that made a great underrated show.
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁 Perhaps to FreeForm? 🤔 #TheMayor twitter.com
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁It's pretty disappointing that won't be airing the final episodes of opting to show Modern Family reruns instead. It only seems fair that the show gets a proper sendoff. Modern Family reruns air everyday, b...
MSBOLTON14EFRON @HSMMYCHILDHOOD🔁This news about breaks my heart especially for this amazing cast of this amazing show that wasn't even giving a chance & even a full season not the way I want to start off #2018 with this news!!
Darling Nikki @dnicholereid🔁I am so upset. @TheMayorABC is cancelled...
Why!? I liked it..it gave me a good laugh. Ugh #TheMayor was great and deserves better.
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁Really ? You aren't airing the remaining episodes of . It's such a good show. I can't believe you think airing reruns of another show is better for your audience
Adry Ramiss 🇲🇽 @AdryRamiss🔁 Wait....they cancelled #themayor on @ABCNetwork 😳😳😳😳😳WHY...
Madeline Perett @MadelinePerett🔁. stop canceling my favorite shows! First , now ? Come on 😑 Both of these shows are fun and fresh, with amazing cast twitter.com s. Booo!
MSBOLTON14EFRON @HSMMYCHILDHOOD🔁I am truly bummed that was cancelled. The jokes were fun and I liked the cast! I hope another network picks up the show. Lea Michelle and David Spade as supporting cast is solid! Bring back The Mayor!
♡ Amber ♡ @GleekAmber🔁, starring Brandon Micheal Hall and , has sadly been canceled and future episodes will not be aired on ABC
MSBOLTON14EFRON @HSMMYCHILDHOOD🔁So sad to hear about . Really loved that show. Such a talented & brilliant cast. The show provided allot of laughs for me.
MSBOLTON14EFRON @HSMMYCHILDHOOD🔁 ABC cancelled #TheMayor? Not cool.


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