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#TheMMAHour Richard Dunstan @richdunstan🔁No heartbeat for 11mins @ birth but now Nate is safe and well at home watching #TheMMAHour @arielhelwani
Guilherme Cruz @guicruzzz🔁DC on Jones and steroids: I think the idea of losing to me was so negative that he would have done anything to win #themmahour
Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani🔁Tomorrow is episode 400 of . Here's who'll be joining us. Hope you will too. Thank you for supporting the show over t he years.
#TheMMAHour Sports Roadhouse® @SportsRoadhouse🔁//" target="_blank"> " #SportsRoadhouse
Danny Segura @DannySeguraTV🔁Michael Bisping says there is a 'possibility' he might be done with MMA after GSP bout at UFC 217. #themmahour
Finessley @WesleyBraun🔁Coach Edmund just said "Duane Ludwig doesn't know shit" on ...

Steven Money @stevenamoney🔁It started in June of 2009. Today, we celebrate a milestone.

Congrats to on episode 400

Michael Ly @mycology🔁Greetings from the UK. Congrats on 400. Genuine question- do you think there's ever been a fixed fight in UFC, Bellator or WSOF? #TheMMAHour
🔱 @EmeraldFlowison🔁 Michael Bisping says there is a 'possibility' he might be done with MMA after GSP bout at UFC 217. #themmahour
Donna Dyer @zbrq3pu44Pkekqr🔁 I agree with @EdmondTarverdy ronda needs that motivation. Look at the bethe correia #TheMMAHour
Suplex Syndicate @SuplexSyndicate🔁Good day! The ep. 400 of is live in 2 minutes.

First, . Join us!

ThinkFactory_ @ThinkFactory_🔁 WATCH #BoxingTalk - CORRUPTION IN BOXING! #TheMMAHour Subscribe, Like & Follow! #YouTube /ThinkFactory_
Matti Asumalahti @MattAsuma🔁 'Rampage' Jackson says he would like to avenge his loss to Shogun Rua. #TheMMAHour
Don E. @DoneElliott🔁Link for ep. 400 of w/ Rampage, Edmond, DC, Liddell, Joanna, Stipe, Bisping, Lopez, Iaquinta in studio:
Paul Burton @PaulBurton_15🔁 'Johny Hendricks beat him [GSP] so bad he thought he was abducted by aliens." Quote of the show. #TheMMAHour
貝蒂 @Swiingin🔁 .@CoachEdmund on #themmahour: I know my shit and shut up. Those are to the coaches out there.
Bill Steinmetz @Steinmetz13🔁A HUGE Congrats to & on their 400th episode of ! 🎈🎉🎉🎈🇨🇦🇺🇸4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣✡️🍾
Kalan Anglos @KalanAnglos🔁Gotta wonder where his head is at during training if this is true 🤔 #themmahour
Robert Pallin @TheRobertPallin🔁 is just the appetiser. Pfffft. But, in all seriousness, this was great. Thanks to all for giving us their time.
Tony Clark @iTzTeknique🔁#themmahour #MMAFighting where'd you go ufc cut iaquintas feed
ShantaGeorgeBoyd @Wengerisms🔁Edmond Tarverdyan tells that vs is his dream fight.
Jason Kimball @Jason_Kimball🔁Congrats to #TheMMAHour on episode 400! Keep up the great work. @NewYorkRic @arielhelwani

Is Yushin's deal just a 1 fight deal for Japan?
Michael J. Bautista @MikeJBknows🔁Everything Tarverdyan said in defending himself from all the criticism was 👌🏽. AND then he said what he said of Cris Cyborg. 😒 #TheMMAHour
Guilherme Cruz @guicruzzz🔁Al Iaquinta believes Kevin Lee would get "demolished" by Conor McGregor -- before and during the fight #themmahour
Gustavo Lara @Gus_Lara🔁 Edmond tells @ArielHelwani: "Ronda could beat Cyborg. Cyborg is too slow"


Bang Zoom MMA @BangZoomMMA🔁 Al Iaquinta believes Conor McGregor would 'demolish' Kevin Lee in a fight. #themmahour
Danny Segura @DannySeguraTV🔁Al Iaquinta believes Conor McGregor would 'demolish' Kevin Lee in a fight. #themmahour
Idacio @IdacioNYC🔁@bisping is always such a great interview. #TheMMAHour #UFC #MMA @MMAFighting🔁Live and in #TheMMAHour studio, @ALIAQUINTA –
Idacio @IdacioNYC🔁@ALIAQUINTA on #TheMMAHour should be really good. 👍 #UFC #MMA
Jake Wiegand @jwiegand10🔁@ALIAQUINTA on #themmahour 😭 nothing better @arielhelwani
Jed I. Goodman @jedigoodman🔁Bisping says his fight with GSP could be his last fight. #themmahour
Bang Zoom MMA @BangZoomMMA🔁GSP should have went up a weight class fight Silva. It's suspect that he does it now. #MMAFighting #TheMMAHour
Danny Zuko @dannny310🔁Edmond Tarverdyan says if Ronda Rousey makes a comeback, he'd want it to be vs
FightBooth @FightBooth🔁'Johny Hendricks beat him [GSP] so bad he thought he was abducted by aliens." Quote of the show. #TheMMAHour
Mike Linden @MikeLindenWX🔁@DannySeguraTV So, he already has one foot out the door? #themmahour
Dino Galasso @Din0GV🔁Remove the "o" from "count" and that's a more accurate description of Bisping, a loveable one but still a massive cun t.
#Dizz © @TalkMMA🔁So @CoachEdmund had to go onto #TheMMAHour and sooth and burp of all the MS MMA Media babies about Ronda not doing media.

So gross.


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