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#TheKeepers (((KS))) @kstew1090🔁 Me listening to Sharon May's interview. #theKeepers
Patrick Durney @Patrick_Durney🔁 Decades in search of justice for Sister Cathy. #TheKeepers, now streaming on @Netflix.
Marcelina @marceparce🔁 Watching #TheKeepers and I want to murder all men.
kafekerouacbooks @booksatkerouac🔁 Decades in search of justice for Sister Cathy. #TheKeepers, now streaming on @Netflix.
#TheKeepers Abejas @strssedou🔁 Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait. #thekeepers
Rotten Tomatoes @RottenTomatoes🔁Is the new Making A Murderer? - Here's what critics are saying about Netflix' new crime doc miniseries.
TheDevil's Sidechick @FeministaJones🔁#TheKeepers is such a key reminder to have open conversation with your children and make them feel safe with you. Believe your kids!
Mike Rodham Pipper @MikePipper2🔁Just finished .

I never asked my dad why us sibs weren't raised Catholic... But it was the 70s.

He must have been t errified.

Marcus J @markjarthur🔁#homeschooling is about to see an increase next year #thekeepers
Kimberly Brusk @peaceforus4ever🔁This talks about Maskell's childhood a little:
God Only Knows | Baltimore magazine #TheKeepers
lateshoes @lateshoes🔁 is such a key reminder to have open conversation with your children and make them feel safe with you. Believe your kids!
Coral Williams @Coral9967🔁Tried to watch #TheKeepers. The red head annoys me WAY too much. She's trying to make it a drama instead of a documentary. #StoppedWatching
Fëanor Fëanor @feanorfeanor🔁 The powerful doc #thekeepers very close to home to many..incl my own colleague @lisawbal
Sarah Fitzmaurice @sarahfitzm🔁Watching #TheKeepers on @NetflixUK & I'm absolutely hooked. How is the world so unjust, how can ppl be so evil & how are ppl so complicit
BG @bginns🔁My favorite part of #TheKeepers so far is when Abbie thinks the laptop is a touch screen.
Laiza (Lay-sa) @lzixxaa🔁This is such a crazy case and no one can seem to connect the dots. Y'all should watch #TheKeepers on @netflix
Dön Giän @gisedeca🔁Una miniserie deprimente por muchas razones, dirigida de forma brillante. Netflix did it again. #TheKeepers
Laiza (Lay-sa) @lzixxaa🔁I would LOVE if @Undisclosedpod considers diving into this #TheKeepers case on @netflix
Aimee Nitz @aimeenitz🔁@MaraDavis @netflix Us too!!! WTF! #thekeepers @netflix
Nerds With Words @NerdsWithWords1🔁New ep "Abortion of Cinema" is avail! We !
Ashley @Sasshley77🔁Gemma & Abbie are the kind of women every girl should aspire to be. They are amazing! #thekeepers
Ashley @Sasshley77🔁Didn't think I could despise religion & the catholic church anymore than I did. I was SO very wrong. #thekeepers
Mary Bukovskis @Amonstersmom1🔁The Keepers is the latest Netflix true crime documentary on everyone's lips #amazing #heartbreaking #thekeepers
Jessica L. Rosen @JBeeLee🔁I just finished episode two of #TheKeepers and I'm pretty horrified by this story.
Def Giants @Defgiants🔁Episode 5 of #thekeepers. OK this just got creepy
King K @audaciouskay🔁I'm watching #TheKeepers and I'm astounding by how how pervasive sexual abuse seems to be in many Catholic Churches.
RainThePlug🇱🇷 @BloggedByRain🔁 Watching the 4th episode of #thekeepers and all I want to do is punch Sharon May in the face. You're a disgrace.
Kevin Daly @kevinddaly🔁@the_keepers The Archdiocese of Baltimore does not come off well AT ALL. #understatement #TheKeepers
my thrussy?! @laPetiteNomade🔁The 40 year gap is the scariest part of this, in a town like that? With that kind of church? I don't blame them for waiting #TheKeepers
coco @cocomosella🔁Mothetfucker I would beat the ever shit out of them #thekeepers
Joe Taraborrelli @JoeTabs🔁.@netflix's #thekeepers might be the most terrifying and haunting piece of cinema I have ever watched.
Christy Turnipseed @cturnip🔁Holy Moly, the end of episode 2 of #TheKeepers 😳#memorialdaybinge
RainThePlug🇱🇷 @BloggedByRain🔁I would hate to be the social media manager for the Archdiocese in Baltimore right now. #TheKeepers
Popcorn and Vodka @popcornandvodka🔁Finished #TheKeepers. I dunno, People. Great, important story, but this show could have been edited down by about 2/3 in my opinion.
JazmynMarie @MzJazmynMarie🔁Finished #thekeepers. Ugh need answers! Who killed sister Cathy!? Justice was never served. Such a sad story. What a sick perv #maskell was!
Film Cut @Filmcutpodcast🔁Run for your lives. #thekeepers is amazing, and we need to spend about an hour gushing.
coco @cocomosella🔁fuckin hicks #thekeepers
Moaa* @_bouquetfleurs🔁En train de binge-watcher #TheKeepers sur Netflix
(((KS))) @kstew1090🔁When you on 4th episode of and you are introduced to Sharon A.H. May 😡😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Margaret Ann @alabamaborn🔁@TheKeepersDoc #TheKeepers Oh my goodness. Attorney Kevin Murphy (CatholicChurch) still speaking for the patriarchy.
Reformed Guttersnipe @RegularBlack_🔁"You see what happens when you say bad things about people?" #thekeepers
Rebecca Caroline @RebeccaSirett🔁#thekeepers #netflix is NOT one to watch before bed omg.... good and interesting show, but will give you nightmares!
Ogi @BlagoBlogger1🔁Only one episode in, but #TheKeepers is already looking like a must watch documentary
Lisa Magill @lisaamagill🔁You guys need to go binge watch @TheKeepersDoc right now so that we can all talk about it. #thekeepers
Diana @DianaIsWhining🔁My suspension of disbelief does not stretch to accommodate first hand accounts from teenagers 48 years ago. #TheKeepers
Talia @taliasfeelings🔁 this is our chance to use our of reenactment also would nominate and


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