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Carolin @caropedia🔁.@nbcthegoodplace should have been nominated for Best Comedy. #TheGoodPlace #Emmys
The Good Place To Have A Ted Danson Talk 🏆 @nbcthegoodplace🔁Going to ? See you in ! Follow Janet's instructions and start packing all the garbage you have no real use for. 🛄 twitter.com
#TheGoodPlace The Good Place To Have A Ted Danson Talk 🏆 @nbcthegoodplace🔁Hey @TedDanson, does this count as an opposite-torture? 🎁 Congrats on your @TheEmmys nom for #TheGoodPlace!! #Emmys
#TheGoodPlace NBC Entertainment @nbc🔁Hope you've earned enough positive points because #TheGoodPlace (and more) will be at #SDCC this year!
🐺 @ifeelpainsohard🔁Going to ? See you in ! Follow Janet's instructions and start packing all the garbage you have no real use for. 🛄
Diana @dianacm13🔁Hey , does this count as an opposite-torture? 🎁 Congrats on your nom for !!
Britt Town @BrittTown4🔁 star Ted Danson scores his first Emmy nomination for lead actor in a comedy series in 25 years
Osian Andrew @OsianIAndrew🔁The 2018 nominations are announced tomorrow. Will critical darlings like and be recognized?
InnovationMCC @InnovationMCC🔁According to TV Line, NBC is recreating the Good Place neighborhood in the Gaslamp Square at Comic-Con. It’s describe twitter.com d as NBC’s “largest interactive fan experience yet.”

Diane Morales @LombardLoyLand🔁 Bortles!!!
Are you headed to #TheGoodPlace at #SDCC?!
Pre-register now so you can skip the line: twitter.com
John Kubicek @johnkubicek🔁In the Gust categories, I'm thrilled to see Maya Rudolph nominated for #TheGoodPlace and Jimmi Simpson for #Westworld.
PicTotes @PicTotes🔁The cubic design gives every Tote a specific design. Take a look on the many combination possibilities. It's in your twitter.com hands.
karlie @francokarlie🔁I don't want to sound dramatic but the fact that is not nominated for Best Comedy is a crime against television and writing and comedy and Emmy voters should be ashamed of themselves.
karlie @francokarlie🔁Where's the list continuation? Because I don't see Kristen Bell again and IM NOT OKAY WITH THAT. She deserves so much love for .
Fits of Fury @Limmer13🔁Come on, is the best and I’d nominate for everything but at least Sandra Oh finally gets some respect. twitter.com
Meagan Jameson @megjameson🔁@AgentLanaKane also, i want a nom for #insecure and #thegoodplace in best comedy series!!! (BUT YAY @TedDanson!!!!!!!!!!)
Marlessa Stivala @marlessastivala🔁So excited about @TedDanson ‘s nomination for #TheGoodPlace ! Fork yes! #Emmys2018
TinaCharlesTV @TinaCharlesTV🔁Also, how is #TheGoodPlace NOT up for Best Comedy? That should have been a no brainer. #Emmys
Joshua Kazemi @JoshuaKazemi🔁#TheGoodPlace isn't nominated for Comedy Series?

PASS twitter.com

Connie, Electric Lady, Time Lord @ConStar24🔁Fork in the dishwasher over this 's Emmy snub. (I mean most of broadcast TV got snubbed, but this was the first one I twitter.com thought about). Also the show's overall snub is killing me.
Stacy Glanzman @DCHoosierGirl🔁I am bummed #TheGoodPlace wasn't nominated but happy for @TedDanson!
llamatrot @llamatrot🔁Welcome... to ! Sign-ups are open (again) for the NBC activation (but they're not time sensitive, and just get you into a shorter line at ). Make sure you click the link in article:
Tony Leadholm @TonyLeadholm🔁Big thumbs up for the & Comedy Guest actress nominations!!! Both were downright hysterical!! twitter.com
Catherine Schreiner @ayetortuga🔁Happy about Maya Rudolph for , Lin-Manuel Miranda for , Matthew Goode for , and !! twitter.com
Breeze Riley @BreezeRiley🔁I adore Ted Danson on #TheGoodPlace but that show deserved every nomination it’s eligible for
Dennis Perkins @DennisPerkins5🔁Once again I shall be hosting my alternate #Emmys in my rage-bunker. Send ravens to RSVP. #TheGoodPlace #TwinPeaks
(((Rob Forman))) @robsforman🔁Even with a ridiculously stuffed field of 8 nominees, it is shocking to me that did not get an outstanding comedy se twitter.com ries nod.

Also congrats to BBC America for having two of the outstanding lead actress in a drama series slots with Tatiana Maslany & Sandra Oh!

Jackie™️ @jackster_93🔁@TedDanson congrats on your #Emmy nomination! @nbcthegoodplace #TheGoodPlace 😊
Jamie Jirak @JamieCinematics🔁Thrilled for Ted Danson BUT HOW THE FORK was #TheGoodPlace not nominated for Best Comedy Series? That is 🍌🍌🍌!!! #Emmys
Philiana @insidethetube🔁Joining Ted Danson with Emmy love this morning is Maya Rudolph for her FANTASTIC guest arc! Omg!!!!!!!! twitter.com


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