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#TheGodBox 👑✊🏿 @LilMiss1ofakind🔁It's only right we support our own especially the ones putting in the work to better us @davidbanner #theGodbox ✊🏿
Arnold The Kidd @thelazyziekidd🔁 David Banner cooking on Rhythm Roulette #TheGodBox
#TheGodBox Keitha. @midwestcoastin🔁been ready!! ✊🏾 #THEGODBOX #davidbanner
#TheGodBox Stephen McCall @McCall1038🔁Finally #theGodbox
#TheGodBox Eddie @78SavageEddie🔁@davidbanner "it's been a long time coming but I know a change is going to come" Sam Cooke #theGodbox #May19
#TheGodBox CeeLo Green @CeeLoGreen🔁.@DavidBanner's #theGodBox out this Friday, but you can listen to our track "Magnolia" NOW:
DAVID BANNER @davidbanner🔁My brother @killermike received his special edition #theGodbox box!!!! He loved it!!
DAVID BANNER @davidbanner🔁 is probably one of the best albums I've heard from start to finish. You kept it 100 and Magnolia is my shit.
Senator R33se @Reese_Sr16🔁Fresh off another not guilty verdict for another police execution this album is what we needed. Thank you
Miz 1@@ @Mronehundred🔁New @davidbanner Album Out!! #TheGodBox 🔥🔥 #NewMusicFriday #Hiphop Go #Stream #Buy #Liste n
An'Ei @Omo_Hikage🔁 @davidbanner Man it was our pleasure the #TheGodBox ✨ 📦 ✨
DJ LQ @itsDjLQ🔁@davidbanner #TheGodbox is probably one of the best albums I've heard from start to finish. You kept it 100 and Magnolia is my shit. #salute
Japan Art & Design @artsynihon🔁#SupernaturaI , #TheGodBox , Space Needle , Soundgarden , #ONADublin , Alien Covenant , #FUTChampions , Scott Deem
Anton D. Johnson @FederalRanga🔁If David Banner's #TheGodBox isn't FIRE, I can already picture what he'll say.
Fran Nita @FabulexFranita🔁Seven years in the making, finally unleashes album! Listen NOW:
Love Auset Beverly @LoveAuset🔁 Happy Sunrise, GodLike a said, THE GREATEST HIP HOP ALBUM EVER! Brother Malcom would be proud! I know I am!
IVÁN CHAVÉZ @ivanchavez7u7🔁"Roger Ailes"
💫Namaste✊🏾🖤 @sdouggie🔁Grand rising !!
Y'all know I'm on it today!!!
DJ No-Good @djnogood601🔁The world is not ready for @davidbanner #theGODbox #Magnolia #MSboyz @BIGKRIT #iCu #DL ->
T.N.S @EazyDoesNot🔁Listen to ’s long awaited album (feat. & more)

Wes Boazman @NewDawgFlo🔁So refreshing to hear @BigRube & @davidbanner on a track! #TheGodBox
Rellie @derrellbackward🔁Thank you, problem fixed and man this album is fire! #theGodbox
DTL @DTheLyricisT🔁@davidbanner bruh you CAME WITH IT.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 If you don't get your props off this one, you never will... #theGodbox
Motion Perfection In @MPI_Safety🔁 #Salute #Fire 🔥🔥🔥 #TheGodBox @davidbanner mannn this shit is amazing bro
RapGame Ron Funches @TheRealDudja🔁 Snoop Dogg and David Banner on the same day, 7 years? I've been doing this for years #TheGodBox
Adonnis @Adonnis🔁Snoop Dogg and David Banner on the same day, 7 years? I've been doing this for years #TheGodBox
Wes Boazman @NewDawgFlo🔁You are suppose to be a GOD! #TheGodBox @davidbanner
RapGame Ron Funches @TheRealDudja🔁Everybody do yourself a favor and go get that new album & the new album
Wes Boazman @NewDawgFlo🔁Elvis 🕺?!?! 😆😆Say that shit! #TheGodBox @davidbanner
Wes Boazman @NewDawgFlo🔁Who want it!!! 😬 @blackthought & @davidbanner 🔥 🔥 #TheGodBox
Wes Boazman @NewDawgFlo🔁My Uzi weigh a Ton! #TheGodBox Long Live the Pimp! @BIGKRIT @davidbanner
KayKay @krod6766🔁12:18 in the Ante Meridian and I'm blasting David Banner's "Judy Blare"! #theGodbox Oooh Judy....😏👄 #goodmusic
RapGame Ron Funches @TheRealDudja🔁Everybody do yourself a favor and go get that new album & the new album
Money Jensen @Serialshopper66🔁 Check out my review of @davidbanner's #TheGodBox and why the album will blow you away
An'Ei @Omo_Hikage🔁"They raped my grand mother and called it God's Will" #TheGodBox
C A R D E O 🎓 @soundofcardeo🔁Stream 's new album ft. , , @LoTheUnderdog, + more:
C A R D E O 🎓 @soundofcardeo🔁Yes @davidbanner dropped #TheGodBox I've been waiting for it's arrival for years!!
Wes Boazman @NewDawgFlo🔁Mighty Magnolia! Yasss! #TheGodBox @davidbanner
ill Will @officialillwill🔁It's here! The song in particular is 🔥. Beautiful song like Cadillac On 22s Pt.3. Go cop and support .
G @0_0issGtweetme🔁Out a few hours early, stream ’s long awaited album (feat. , & more)

Jay Clipp @jayclipp🔁My brother @davidbanner returns with #thegodbox COP IT NOW!!
Courtney K. Walker @Fadegamesick🔁But im supposed to be sleep tho... got me up like 🎧🥁 …
Kimani 'KAT' Smith @DJKimani🔁I got my jawn, get yours NOW! #TheGodBox 5/19/17
Smokie Gee @soulfulsmokieG🔁Live from the MS Delta Greenville to be exact. Thank you @davidbanner for #TheGodBox its a fucking masterpiece.
damon shields @godjdamon🔁Also my actual #highschool brother @davidbanner new album #theGodbox is out now too @ Onyx Houston
Goofy101 @2paclit🔁If you're not bumping right now.... I'm gon need you to get on it. Expeditiously. is a blessing 😩😍🙌🏾
AlottaWarmheart @AlottaSweethart🔁OMG! is a revelation. Sonically I am blown away by this record & the messages are so vital. Thank You!
$hamichael @Chubs_Rule🔁David Banner album fire as fuck mane!! #TheGodBox
matthew fears @rccwu🔁@davidbanner Even the album cover speaking volume, #theGodbox is the universe, pure energy, it's us individual expressions of a single power
Melanin Papi @Miah_thegreat🔁 ITunes users this is very important!!! #theGodbox
Melanin Papi @Miah_thegreat🔁Son. Y'all gotta respect David Banner for #theGodbox
DAVID BANNER @davidbanner🔁ITunes users this is very important!!! #theGodbox
Rudy P. Magic @Airtight_Magic🔁#salute @davidbanner for throwing #theGodbox on Tidal 🎧🎧💯💯 #nowlistening ✊✊
D_a_Z_e {LYNX}™ @DanielHilf🔁 Listening to @davidbanner's #TheGodBox for the rest of the night
DAVID BANNER @davidbanner🔁If you are having problems with your downloads especially those who pre-ordered early!!! Erase the album and reload it. #theGodbox @HipHopScope🔁Listening to @davidbanner's #TheGodBox for the rest of the night
quo•tient79 @qtnt79🔁The highly anticipated album is finally here. #TheGodBox


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