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#TheFive Rad123 @Tombx7M🔁 Charlie Rose
What’s next?
Atena Papaghiorghiu @PapaAtena🔁 House Ethics Committee
#TheFive WendyPooh @wendypooh63🔁 House Ethics Committee
It’s like this...
#thefive #SpecialReport #thestory
Fox News @FoxNews🔁. on 's Mexico border wall plans: "When someone is killed w/ a gun, the left wants gun control, but when a border pat twitter.com rol agent is killed, you'd think that they'd want border control."
Fox News @FoxNews🔁. on sanctuary cities: "In [Phoenix, Arizona] when they got rid of their sanctuary city policies, violent crime and p twitter.com roperty crime dropped dramatically."
Fox News @FoxNews🔁. on writer slamming for scheduling game on Thanksgiving: "I think that this is not a legitimate controversy. And I twitter.com don't think anybody is worked up over the playing on Thanksgiving."
Trumpet player😺 @Cher46881500🔁 Tonight on #TheFive: Judge rules Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities unconstitutional -- see you 5pm ET @FoxNews
Clay Hostetter @ClayHostetter1🔁@FoxNews @jessebwatters every time #TheFive talks Roy Moore I turn it off for a few days-just take accusations at face value & say guilty-BS
Real_Infinity95 @Real_Infinity95🔁 Sportswriter Outraged That 'Racist' Washington 'R*dskins' Get #Thanksgiving Game #TheFive insider.foxnews.com
Reagan's Man @cbrownx🔁So Juan Williams Is Horrified By Term 'Redskins' But OK With Them Kneeling During The Anthem?

That My Friends Is The Difference Between Libs & Conservatives🇺🇸

Charles Batchelor @DCF4L5🔁Racist Liberals Threaten and Mock a Little Girl Excited About a Attending a Trump Rally.
Covfefe Sherry󾓦 @Hyperslw4Trump🔁 Democrats weren’t kidding when they bragged about being Nasty.. #Hannity #TheFive
cindylclark @cindylclark1🔁 Juan, you can cast your dispersions about the education level of Trump voters, but I haven’t met one yet that comes close to your level of stupidity.
Atena Papaghiorghiu @PapaAtena🔁 "Rep. Tony Cornish" Conyers "House Ethics Committee" "John Lasseter" "Rep. Tony Cornish" I BELIEVE ITS TIME WE HAVE A NATIONAL CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS
Real DJ Trump Team* @RealDJTrumpTeam🔁Hey , Listen Here!

on sanctuary cities: "In Phoenix, Arizona when they got rid of their sanctuary city policie twitter.com s, violent crime and property crime dropped dramatically."

🇺🇸 Sparty Bob 🇺🇸 @BK_Sparty🔁I love but had to stop watching because of i just catch the playbacks on twitter without Juan
Willo @wh10703546🔁 #TheFive @TheJuanWilliams thinks Trump voters are poorly educated. Let's educate HIM!
I voted for Trump & I ...
Christian4Trump @cferrer777🔁.: "I would give [] an 'A' because he did not bow to the Japanese emperor like Obama did."
Linda e @lssevans🔁Juan Williams says the uneducated elected Donald Trump to the Presidency. is going in the dump thanks to Juan Williams
DunkingNationPromo @promo_dn🔁

Lavar Ball says shoplifting is no big deal

No wonder these fans loot and steal so many shoes from Foot Locker during Hurricane Irma

Brian @Brian38454654🔁Racist Liberals Threaten and Mock a Little Girl Excited About a Attending a Trump Rally.
LRCKC @lrckc🔁 Dana, predictably, takes the BUSH, "virtual wall" narrative. Juan wants DACA and no wall. .. BUILD THE DANG WALL!
LRCKC @lrckc🔁 Dana is nice but her constant standing for the 's is getting old frankly . . . .we all know the connection and the "Bush's have worn out their welcome about like the have in America move on already. . .
Michael Fernández @michaelferna1🔁 .jessebwatters on POTUS's Mexico border wall plans: "When someone is killed w/ a gun, the left wants gun twitter.com control, but when a border patrol agent is killed, you'd think that they'd want border control."
Fastfish 🇺🇸 @okifish64🔁 Juan Williams has no shame. He is defending Newsweek. He has to go. #thefive
Donna @rustythimble54🔁House Ethics Committee
It’s like this...
#thefive #SpecialReport #thestory twitter.com
Gina Ernyey @fedupru🔁Juan Williams of ask "Why did they give LaVar Ball so much time on TV?"
Well Juan, I've been asking the same question about you for years!


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