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#theexpanse R'obb O))) ✊🏽 @speculumfight🔁 #SaveTheExpanse keep @Casanvar in a job!!! #TheExpanse @ExpanseSYFY
Ursula&Ray Collins @rcrcoll6🔁 Protomolecule hybrids aren't big on personal space. #TheExpanse
Klasinky @Klasinky🔁 Alex will do whatever it takes to protect Mars. #TheExpanse
#theexpanse anasizenando @anasizenando🔁 #theExpanse live tweet from @TheExpanseWR writers room!
Wil 'this account mocks fascists' Wheaton @wilw🔁If you want to , this is very good advice. Potential networks (oh hai ) will be watching numbers to see how big the a twitter.com udience is. This is a great opportunity to coordinate a massive viewing to show them how much we love .
The Expanse Writers @TheExpanseWR🔁Remember appt TV?Before OnDemand & DVR?Let’s try it 2nite-w/ . Live viewing are the loudest way to shout! & we’ll al twitter.com l be on the edge of our seats watching w/you! This gang worked really hard & are proud to share this w/you all✨
Cas Anvar @Casanvar🔁Attention Earthers, Belters, Martians:

Pilot Kamal here. needs you tonight.

You've heard me say we need to tren twitter.com d and tweet. Only TWO hashtags per tweet. Ok, TWO per tweet. Feel free to alternate.

BUT MUST be in each tweet!! Ya'll got it?

Art3mis21 @Art3mis21🔁You know you’re in a great show when your arse isnt the most talked about thing in the episode 🍑🍑🍑
Christina #SaveTheExpanse #keeptherociflying @Ericfangrl🔁I can’t wait to start books. The world is amazing. I love the job and I can’t wait to read what the books have to g twitter.com ive me. I just hope that listens and
MelodyMalone @CrazysexyRiver🔁Exactly. Not to be that annoying book reader, but this show has only gotten better with each episode and we’ve only just started scratching the surface. It would be a crying shame if the world was deprived of what’s to come.

Alicia Bankhofer @aliciabankhofer🔁Nope. Totally caught that. Found this divergence from the books really intriguing. Thanks for keeping us book readers twitter.com on our toes.
Kesh Ω @Kesherz🔁 has a commitment to diversity. It is everywhere, textually, subtextually, casually, and deliberately. Women occupy positions of power, men show varied emotions. People love & live in different ways. Religion is neither disdained nor blindly endorsed.
Cara Gee @CaraGeeeee🔁I’m a little concerned that, stunned by the sheer physical beauty that are Steve and Dom, folks may have missed the part where she said she was leaving the crew.
vaiowega[#SaveTheExpanse] @vaiowega🔁Last Night's The Expanse Was a Fantastic Example of Why Canceling It Was So Dumb via io9.gizmodo.com
Ally Brown @AllyBrown91🔁All my friends should watch this show. Easily the best scifi show i’ve seen in years. Check out “The Expanse” on Netf twitter.com lix
Michael Woods @alienhunter3🔁Fan of ? PROVE IT! & his Cast/Crew need our help to trend and blow Twitter up! WATCH IT TONIGHT LIVE & DVR IT & WATCH IT AGAIN within 3 Days. TONIGHT! RT to ALL.
R'obb O))) ✊🏽 @speculumfight🔁Last Night's The Expanse Was a Fantastic Example of Why Canceling It Was So Dumb io9.gizmodo.com via twitter.com
Drei Cortez @DreiCortez🔁One of my favourite things about The Expanse is its hugely diverse cast, still pretty unusual on TV today. Let me tell you about some of them! (Thread)
Darin (Zol.) @DC_Zol🔁 Oh my heart...my eyes...Emotions emoting...❤️Love each one of you amazing humans. #TheExpanse twitter.com
Maximilian Darko @MaximilianDarko🔁 Expanse is the greatest sci-fi show ever, quality in every aspect of the field. Incredible story, good acting and v twitter.com ery good special effect. Good Job! Hope it will last more than 3 seasons. Save the expanse.
Dustin 🚀 @TheN5OfOntario🔁 #TheExpanse is so effing good. S03e06 gave me chills the entire time.
Andy @itguy1138🔁All the tweets and I hear so little about the amazing diversity. Race, gender, sexual-orientation... this series has it ALL. And it does it quietly, it's just "there."


🌊lastofthecouslands @marquiseondore🔁 This is so cool. Still pretty unusual on TV today indeed. Thanks Laura!! #TheExpanse twitter.com
Tha_pull_pin @tjcaulcutt🔁1 of my favourite bad guy actors on tv. loved u on Lost & U kill it as Jules-Pierre on twitter.com
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Lux🇮🇹 ALassWanto #SaveTheExpanse @Valu_91🔁 next episode will be better than the last one (and the last one is awesome). trust me as a book reader 😉 this show twitter.com can't die, it's too perfect
McWabbit #SaveTheExpanse @ayahowololo🔁 After last nights episode how the hell can you cancel a show like #TheExpanse? @SYFY thats crazy! #SaveTheExpanse
Katrina Lehto @LitheraPrime🔁Yes. Yes, all of this. Save this show. #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse #KeepTheRociFlying twitter.com
Allison Stricklin @AllisonStrick1🔁I’m not able to watch live since I don’t have syfy, but I just wanted to talk about some of the reasons why this show is incredibly important to me and why either or needs to :
Maria @MiChan11101🔁 Live tweet to save lives #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
Cara Gee @CaraGeeeee🔁 Who is really the bigger asshole, Errinwright or Sorrento-Gillis? #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
Scotty #SaveTheExpanse @ScottyBarr6🔁 no one messes with my home. #TheExpanse #MCRN
Ulysses “Smokey eye” Adkins @ureallykicking🔁If you have cable, watch tonight. Or, DVR it and watch in the next 3 days. Or, turn it on, and have it on in the background. Time to show that they made a mistake...
Mark Perrett @bristolmunkeh🔁Does watching S1 and 2 of on help at all? Legally that's all we've got in the UK and we want to help too. Us inter twitter.com national viewers feel a bit like Belters, ignored by 'inners' at the network but standing up in solidarity for the system!
Sleepy sam @Sleepysam1🔁 Had a long day of college, practice and rehearsal. Time to wind down with #TheExpanse
dev @Thaker_D🔁 Yo @amazon please buy the rights to The Expanse #SaveTheExpanse #Expanse #theexpanse change.org
Pirate🍞🌹🇺🇸 @OaktownPirate🔁Hey, @WilW:
I asked @JeffBezos (in Belter) to #SaveTheExpanse.
Time to rise up for the best show on TV!


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