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miles from vegas @nspole🔁 Please don’t do this. ✋

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Sidney Torres @SidneyDTorresIV🔁Did he say 20 million TERMITES? 😫
Don’t miss TONIGHT’s all new #TheDeed at 10/9 c on @CNBC!
Sidney Torres @SidneyDTorresIV🔁Please don’t miss #TheDeed tonight!
I will be tweeting live tonight👍🙏
#TheDeed Fred Spicer @FreddySpicer🔁 It's cool that Rick and Morty has done a @SidneyDTorresIV tribute. #TheDeed
#TheDeed Sidney Torres @SidneyDTorresIV🔁Want to win a weekend stay in #NewOrleans? It’s never been easier! Please like and share! #TheDeed
Dr. Roberto Moreno @romoreno2121🔁Preston is getting started in the business even earlier than I did. Would you have been willing to take on a flip at his age?
Suzanne Alford @suzalford🔁It’s not even 8 and I’ve been hustling for 2 hours. #thedeed doesn’t sleep.
Denise Fusco @1227Denise🔁Timing is Everything! May not c it rt away but ultimately when it’s meant 2happen it will-especially 2the people who twitter.com believe in the power of working diligently, r persistent in their mission, maintain a positive mindset, persevere thru the tough stuff&above all-believe!
Deb @Deb10122🔁It's a true honor to give back to the struggling flippers in my hometown. I hope by investing in their success they will pay it forward for the next generation. Watch an all new on Wednesday 10/9c on CNBC
BullSharkPromos @bullsharkla🔁Flipping houses comes with great risk. Real estate is the quickest way to build wealth...IF YOU DO IT RIGHT! All-new episode of Wednesday at 10/9c on
Denise Fusco @1227Denise🔁GR8 2 watch U learn thru tangible experience-ur family must be very proud! My sons r both in college-1focused on busi twitter.com ness/real estate-other engineering/environment-shared w/both-gr8 lessons 2b learned & role modeled
Glenn Prechac @GlennPrechac🔁@SidneyDTorresIV Love it, rock on Sidney. #TheDeed
Denise Fusco @1227Denise🔁Congratulations Preston - Incredibly inspiring! Wishing you much continued success! Cheering You On! twitter.com
Tony Cleveland @Tony_Cleveland🔁Think you need a lot of capital to get started in the real estate world? Think again. cnb.cx
🌺 Ayana Pendergrass 🌺 @Wander4Purpose🔁@SidneyDTorresIV @CNBC @peppermintfatty Awesome show last night!! Did yal pick winners? #TheDeed
miles from vegas @nspole🔁Sometimes dumpster diving can be a good thing! 😉

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