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#TheBrave вℓα¢к ¢αиαяу @IniquitousArdor🔁When #TheBrave cast favorites your tweets.
#TheBrave Heather H @htween12🔁 We're calling on you, West Coast. #TheBrave fall finale starts NOW on @NBC.
daryjean @djstravel00🔁 That ending! 😱😱😱 #TheBrave
Shiva Snacks @lbrass3🔁Jaz is trying to all of us a heart attack #TheBrave @Natachakaram_
вℓα¢к ¢αиαяу @IniquitousArdor🔁When you have Adam and Jaz, playing a married couple...


Anne Heche @AnneHeche🔁Retweet if you're watching #TheBrave! @NBCTheBrave
Mike Vogel @Mike_Vogel🔁Well, you’ve all been amazing....your mission is to spread the word for the next month about tell people to binge wa twitter.com tch and catch up and be ready for when we hit the air again 1 January. Much love from all of us @ a little preview.....
Mike Vogel @Mike_Vogel🔁Tonight, come with us to Tehran for our last episode before returns in January. It’s a heart stopper, sure to be wo twitter.com rth your time. see you there!
Frankie Thomas @fthomasii🔁 Sorry!! Just got done filming. How we doing? #TheBrave
Kevin Bunk Shaner @BunkShaner🔁Great but waiting for next episode til January sucks. I hope extra episodes get ordered and next season gets early OK twitter.com .
Kevin Bunk Shaner @BunkShaner🔁 Retweet if you're watching #TheBrave! @NBCTheBrave
Sarah French @sarahavoidslife🔁just watched tonight's #TheBrave and EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.
Arlothia @Arlothia🔁 #TheBrave --- Yes, that's @Mike_Vogel speaking German and @Natachakaram_ speaking Arabic
Rick Savage @RealSav40🔁#TheBrave on @nbc is a damn fine series where few are to be found these days.
..ALJOUF.. @AhooXb9052🔁watch


Arlothia @Arlothia🔁Monday is my new favorite day because of ! No joke, starting every Tuesday morning I start wishing Monday would come twitter.com sooner. And now I'm desperate for the year to end! You're making us wish our lives away !
Stephen Otten @Concerned3rd5🔁 I hope to see more #Jalton action when the show returns from hiatus #TheBrave
Arlothia @Arlothia🔁 Best thing about Monday is #TheBrave twitter.com
Arlothia @Arlothia🔁You have to watch you don't know what you are missing. This show is fucking amazing, brilliant, heartfelt. Tune in tonight.
daryjean @djstravel00🔁 What. A. Ride!

We'll see you Monday, January 1 at 10/9c when #TheBrave returns.

Amy Bakari @TVMomma🔁@Mike_Vogel And we love how you guys do the show....❤️❤️❤️ #TheBrave #RenewTheBrave
98K @Blurrayskrinez🔁#thebrave damn the deputy director was pissed! 😤😂😍
Shiva Snacks @lbrass3🔁Also, more episodes with the dudes in suits, please and thank you!! 😝 twitter.com
👼 SHAW👼 @KDL0888🔁To the writers and producers of : Thank you for creating such a fantastic, breathtaking, awesome show! I love this series SO much and can’t wait for it to come back!!!
👼 SHAW👼 @KDL0888🔁 You. Must. Watch. This. Tonight. Trust me. No excuses. #TheBrave twitter.com
Shiva Snacks @lbrass3🔁So apparently you guys just want me to hold my breath for entire hour!! Fine. twitter.com
KmaPink @crissmaniachris🔁Raise your hand if you need a support group for what you just witnessed on . You are not alone.
Kayla Bystedt @missmew95🔁Tonight’s episode of was amazing, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Jaz. The team will rescue her besides th twitter.com ey won’t kill a main character this early...
Amy Bakari @TVMomma🔁 Sorry Dalton Jaz isn't here right now she's going for the kill shot please leave a message. #TheBrave
Amy Bakari @TVMomma🔁 for fans! 📢
We are starting early to get everyone's name on here! Reply with your name & your "ops specialty" RT so we can get over 100 names tonight!!
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KmaPink @crissmaniachris🔁 @Mike_Vogel Momentarily forgot how to breathe. Thanks for that. #TheBrave
KmaPink @crissmaniachris🔁 @Mike_Vogel Excuse me while I go find a therapist to get me through until January. #TheBrave @NBCTheBrave
Amy Bakari @TVMomma🔁 "The thing people forget is... getting INTO hell isn't the hard part" - anonymous



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