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#TheBeat TheBeat w/Ari Melber @TheBeatWithAri🔁Check out #TheBeat playlist on Spotify! spoti.fi
Rosita Newman @newman_rosita🔁How can border patrol on the audio possibly think it is appropriate to joke abt kids being separated from parents & comparing children crying out for their moms to an orchestra.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

TheBeat w/Ari Melber @TheBeatWithAri🔁. announced playlist on with , and !

Check it out on Spotify: twitter.com

TheBeat w/Ari Melber @TheBeatWithAri🔁Music producers produced three of the songs on the new Beyoncé-Jay Z album.

They join tonight on to discuss worki twitter.com ng with the "The Carters" in Paris:

Moni-Not in the middle♏️ @MLWB116🔁 raped a 4 year old child while threatening her mother with deportation.

How many more little girls are being sexually assaulted in that we don't know about?!

connie waters @WatersCmw🔁Disturbing audio of Children crying for help after being ripped from their parents..
If this doesn't make you change your mind.. You are a fucking monster...

connie waters @WatersCmw🔁Listen to those babies crying for their parents. There is no defense for this. None, none, none. This is pain and trauma no child should subjected to.

Juan Gonzalez @JuanGon33772704🔁My spouse is crying. My daughter is crying. I’m crying. Trump , his kids, wives , the GOP and the WH staff are monsters
Deborah Cohen @g8r84🔁 This audio is gut wrenching
God I despise this admin
@TheBeatWithAri #thebeat
Kay @louisa_faux🔁For the racist scum in the White House it's extortion, a means to an end, to get his wall, for Miller it's the joy of his neonazi dreams come true, putting brown babies in cages, for Sessions it's keeping his job while causing anguish to brown people, he relishes that.
Deborah Cohen @g8r84🔁Having trouble working up any concern for Paul Manafort. He's better off than any of the children kidnapped by the administration he helped to install.
D.Goodwin @dgoodwin003🔁"We don't have a border crisis, we have a MORAL CRISIS in this country." - w/ on

Kirstjen Nielsen needs to resign and be prosecuted for
🌊✝️♂️BadHombre Jacquelope♀️☪️🇺🇸 @a7160957🔁 Anybody that took their dumb, illiterate, uneducated , bafoonish as* down to the Voting polls & voted for DT in 2016s Election, U should be deported right along with him & all the rest of the Repub./No Conscious&ppl without brains hurt children/😡
Suneet Mahandru @suneetmahandru🔁HERE’S A Copy of The Zero Tolerance Policy By AG Jeff Sessions of The Trump Administration... NOT Obama!
Traci Ayala @traci_ayala🔁Well damn! held nothing back. She says that DHS Secretary Nielsen should resign. Senator Harris says that Nielsen has to go. I say...I agree.

Sophia💕 @keepinitreal🔁Detained children are being raped on Trump’s watch!
How many more victims are out there?!

Dava She Wolf @davashewolf🔁 #TheBeat #Hardball #Inners
Media Too Often Quotes Trump's False Claims. This Is Very Dangerous. esquire.com
Addison James @Addi_James🔁 needs to assign each show 1 topic! Between , , , even the . That could cover 6-7 of trumps debacles, scandals twitter.com , illegal activity, taking hostages & russian operations.
Barbara Patterson @patte151🔁This is what my daughter and I always say, Give Me My Check!! @TheBeatWithAri 😉#IGottaJobBaby #TheBeat twitter.com
larry horowitz @drlch🔁After that hideous, evil performance at the WH press briefing, I totally agree

larry horowitz @drlch🔁Everyone listen and be horrified. We are allowing this. In our nation. Right now.

Trustno1 ✖️📂🛸👽🔦 @believeinxfiles🔁 "She's gotta go." - @SenKamalaHarris re: Nielsen to @AriMelber just now on #TheBeat twitter.com
Roberta Reid @robereid🔁Wailing grieving from a Trump Party brown baby ICE camp.

Don Mathews @MathewsDomingo🔁Even the Alabama Governor opposes Trump’s idiotic tariffs
buff.ly #Inners #Hardball #TheBeat #Tucker #KAG #QAnon #WWG1WGA
Barbara Patterson @patte151🔁I never seen a crowd going Ape Shit! @realDonaldTrump @TheBeatWithAri #TheBeat @therealroseanne @Beyonce m.youtube.com
Michelle Dartez @dartezhag🔁Fact all this is happening on the taxpayer's dime.
Record's exists we need them demand them!
Stop just taking the lies and the gaslighting demand the press investigate and seek the truth.

🌹Citizen Dame🌐 @CitizenDame1🔁Heads up
Crockett @ironcitybrave🔁 Why haven’t I seen this on #TheBeat or #CNN ? #Democrats #tcot twitter.com
addicted @addicted_7🔁I never thought there’d be a more evil bitch than Sarah fuckin Sanders...

Ann Coulter: Hold My Beer

Kirstjen Nielsen: No, Hold MY Beer🙄

Ruby S. Jones @Rjones7771🔁Like me, I hope most Americans grew up watching 'An American Tail' & 'Pocahontas', and learning (in school) that Nazis are bad.

We are all DeNiro @MessageMarci🔁 Watch @TheBeatWithAri
Have tissues and be ready to be active.
jefiner71 @jefiner71🔁DEPORT , put Trump in a cage, and prosecute complicit Republicans.
Daphne L Portis @MissLynneNYC🔁IMO-
This should be the BIGGEST week of donations to Dem candidates running in Nov.

Don Mathews @MathewsDomingo🔁Audio of separated children screaming for their parents has surfaced, while an agent jokes, “we have an orchestra her twitter.com e”

Donna Bower @dmbower🔁 JoseNunez raped a 4 year old child while threatening her mother with deportation.

How many more little girls are being sexually assaulted in that we don't know about?!

Don Mathews @MathewsDomingo🔁Great fucking news for Democrats! McCaskill leads by 6 in Missouri Senate race buff.ly . twitter.com
Kimberly Mills @purplereign423🔁 At the same time they are separating brown families, there is a campaign to proactively bring Russians here to give birth:
enirma97 @jana7197🔁 @davidhogg111 Asylum seekers are not criminals. They are running away from the criminals! #FamiliesBelongTogether #Thebeat


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