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#TheAmericans เฟี้ยวฟ้าว @fony7536🔁 Nice Garden
#Garden #GardenPlants #STAR #Curry #TheAmericans #Riverdale #Steph
Joel Fields @joel_fields🔁 "Is that her?" - Stan #TheAmericans
#TheAmericans theresa stutzman @theresastutzman🔁 An original Elizabeth Jennings. :-) #TheAmericans
#TheAmericans Maskchievous @maskchievous🔁 I just started watching #TheAmericans (on season 5.) The show is lit af.
The Americans @TheAmericansFX🔁Will the truth be uncovered? PREVIEW tonight's all-new episode of #TheAmericans.
The Americans @TheAmericansFX🔁"Whatever was going on in the back room, I never called the police. I never said anything to anyone. And I never will twitter.com . I was raised to be loyal." - Stavos
Carol Roth @caroljsroth🔁Not only is one of TV's all-time best shows, but this final season is a master class in TV writing. I will miss it! twitter.com
Doris Leach @Florencefave🔁Everything he does & everything he says, makes things worse in multiple ways.

This corrupt morally bankrupt sociopath has no right remaining in his stolen presidency harming millions of people with his racist agenda.

Carol P @baboosweetp🔁 I know I posted this graphic meme about an hour earlier but I feel the need to post it again. You can learn stuff from stuff like this. This is history
Betty @missb62🔁Truth. Master class in all of it. Acting, directing, writing, everything. From the actors to the creators, the entire crew, this show has it all. I’m on the edge of my seat
Betty @missb62🔁Not only is one of TV's all-time best shows, but this final season is a master class in TV writing. I will miss it!
I Am Dora Milaje @KiyaNattyDread🔁5 basic, highly effective moves that allow Hitler ... to rise to power. 1) allowed a coarse, uneducated leader to r twitter.com ise to prominence on nationalist wave 2) The Conservative party foolishly thought hey could appease him by sharing power
Linda Enriquez @LindaEn74103652🔁 Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are two KGB spies that create a mental fissure in me. How can I not want these murderous traitors to be expunged immediately? The excitement overwhelms my better angles. A lesson for us all when judging others shortcomings,
Carrie @ABottleOfRain🔁Last night's episode of was perhaps the finest in the show's stellar history. Incredible writing, and a performance twitter.com from Keri Russell that has "For Your Consideration" written all over it. I'm so sad this show is at the end of its run. Truly peak TV.
haris @hserifi🔁I'm looking for an older man. I'm looking for the smart and mature man. I know that I will never feel boing with him. We can share everything together.
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Dwight Chavis @DwightChavis🔁Trump Fires Shots at Sanctuary Cities and Illegal Alien Criminals: “These Aren't People, They're Animals”

jason(Yaakov) neel @jneel73🔁Blast from the past seeing an old on last night! Hope Stan Beeman enjoyed his meal. 🤠
Lords Rocks @LORDSROCKS🔁Lord's rocks on rock. What a stunner! Purchase
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timgibs64004608 @timgibs64004601🔁 MS-13

Trump tells Sessions to prosecute Oakland, CA Mayor who warned illegals of immigration raids
Zola Grey Shepherd @ZolaGShepherd🔁@KellyAuCoin77 @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks Meh...I dig you bald more lol #TheAmericans
John M @John_M15🔁So the preview of the next show us getting more Pastor Tim, so I guess more Martha isn't out of the question. And wh twitter.com ich episode will reveal that Renee is actually a spy?
Charlene ☕🇺🇸 @FreshRoasters🔁"They tell us what to do and we do it... that's how it works. But we do it. We do it, not them. So it's on us... all of it. - Philip
Joanne @skijoey🔁@nodnarBG23 You'll have to join #TheAmericans support group. Hope the withdrawal symptoms are not too bad.
theola debose @theolita10🔁When I saw this morning how the light hit this storage box. my first thought was to channel Erica Haskard and get my twitter.com sketch book.
Kelly AuCoin @KellyAuCoin77🔁But I have so much to saaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

#TheAmericans @TheAmericansFX #SavePastorTim twitter.com

pasuht @pasuht🔁 Oh, the shit will be fucked, my friend.

#TheAmericans @TheAmericansFX #PastorTimIsBack twitter.com

Efibi Little @Little_Efibi🔁I've just watched episode S06E08 of The Americans (2...! #TheAmericans #tvtime tvtime.com
AllAmericanGirl @Mama3Cubs🔁 Guys I won't survive the finale #TheAmericans
Kelly AuCoin @KellyAuCoin77🔁Oh, the shit will be fucked, my friend.

#TheAmericans @TheAmericansFX #PastorTimIsBack twitter.com

Kelly AuCoin @KellyAuCoin77🔁Boom.

He got a haircut and he shirt is... REALLY aqua... But Pastor Tim is back, baby!

What's he gonna tell Stan?

Chaotic Soul @ChaoticSoul5🔁 There's at least six more seasons worth of material for #TheAmericans in 2016-18 alone.
G-Money @gmm71🔁IT'S TIM TIME!

Roy Rogers Restaurants @RoysRestaurants🔁Blast from the past seeing an old on last night! Hope Stan Beeman enjoyed his meal. 🤠 twitter.com
WatchAmericans @WatchAmericans🔁Don't be late so we can include you! And please shoot for max 3-4 minutes or so on audio to ensure time for everyone! #TheAmericans 2/
WatchAmericans @WatchAmericans🔁Unexpected revelations from the start! Shocking twists! A justified killing! Claudia is evil. Again! So much to say a twitter.com bout S06E08 The Summit. Tell us! Reply, FB, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. written/audio feedback by noon EDT Saturday! 1/
L.H. Wilder @LHWilder🔁 Alan Sepinwall's review of last night's #TheAmericans is must-read uproxx.it
Sophie @SophDix🔁JACKSON NOOO #TheAmericans
Laura ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sedor @LauraSedorPhoto🔁I'm watching The Americans show on Fox and it's set in the 80s. Someone brought up Vidal Sassoon and all I can think twitter.com about is how great that shampoo smelled.
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lebron curry
cambridge analytica hamas

RussianTravelAgent @DonSoniaE🔁If Keri Russell doesn't win the Emmy for her work on this season—most especially in "The Summit"—I may picket the TV Academy. My recap, for :
Jahid Munshi @Jahidmunshi99🔁Professional Pdf Editing Service. Less 24 hours express delivery and 100% Moneyback Guarantee.

lebron curry
cambridge analytica hamas

Kelly AuCoin @KellyAuCoin77🔁Like said last week, Stan is just one read on the crapper away from putting it all together. vs
Endgamepodcasts @EndGamePodcasts🔁Seems like is set in just another world, like and Host Elizabeth is beginning to go against her programming... Wil twitter.com l she go full-frontal Wyatt on Claudia now???
RussianTravelAgent @DonSoniaE🔁Our critics discuss all the amazing, tension-filled moments from "The Summit," an overstuffed treat of an episode of
Nema wama hunguni @Ndinema🔁BLESSA - DEEPLY IN LOVE via
bridget boson @bridgetboson🔁Betchya it turns out that way back when, Renee aka "whoevs" was the great haired chain smoker. Why else is she there, twitter.com satin pyjamas?
⌁ @ParriIIaHoney🔁 "This time, I need to know." - Elizabeth #TheAmericans
Gary Foss @garyvfoss🔁There's at least six more seasons worth of material for #TheAmericans in 2016-18 alone.


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