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The X-Files BR1 @BrunoEze_🔁I've just watched episode S11E02 of The X-Files! #tvtime
The X-Files K.A.U.E @Winonxgaga🔁I've just watched episode S11E01 of The X-Files! #TheXFiles #tvtime
The X-Files 👽 The Truth Is Out Blair 👽 @SarahLBlair🔁 Thread time! This is about the “dream man” cameo in tonight’s episode of the x-files
The X-Files júlia @melliescully🔁The X-Files - S11E02 - This
The X-Files for a better world🥀 @valnotif🔁 The X-Files script that was too bleak to air:
CarlosAandAnaCL @CarlosAandAnaCL🔁Gillian Anderson confirms she's leaving The X-Files
The X-Files RealJillyG*Regulator @RealJillyG🔁 [TV Review] “The X-Files” Season 11 Episode 2: ‘This’
The X-Files pravi ♡ @scofieldskatic🔁 The X-Files: I Want To Believe (movie, 2008)
AFP news agency @AFP🔁Actress Gillian Anderson, best known for playing Dana Scully on The X-Files, is presented with a star on the Hollywoo d Walk of Fame
Entertainment Weekly @EW🔁Gillian Anderson confirms she's leaving The X-Files
♡ Ms. Ileana ♡ @i_vanessa02🔁 Fringe was better than the X-Files.
Bill @GaitherFarmer🔁@kennysmith We would gather round the tv in college to watch X-Files.
NewJacks @NewJacksnyc🔁What’s going on with Mulder and Scully on The X-Files?
Machinery Magazine @machinerymag🔁 Season 11 episode 2 of The X-Files was great! I can't wait until next week's new episode. #TheXFiles #AmWriting #PDF1
seraphina @serraphinaa🔁I️ missed the x-files tonight 😭
PoppY PopsugaR @pop5ugar🔁Watching The X-Files #thexfiles @thexfiles @foxtv #nowwatching #telfie (via @telfieapp)
ryJerry @d4rkr0se_ry🔁 ・・・ Langly is back! (Not exactly as pictured) Tomorrow on the X-Files. , Facebook…
RealJillyG*Regulator @RealJillyG🔁 What's going on with Mulder and Scully on The X-Files?
Steven Tsapelas @steventsapelas🔁We are 2 episodes into The X-Files and Mulder has murdered more people than Jason Voorhees
Pinoy X-Philes @pinoyXphiles🔁So what did you think of “This” - the 2nd episode of The X-Files season 11?
#TheXFiles #TheXFilesSeason11
JOEY @scotchka🔁I’m starting the new season of The X-Files.
Bill @BigBillTheory🔁Is this really still something we care about?The X-Files: Gillian Anderson Explains Why She's Done With Scully After Season 11 via
DhenissSchweisteiger @Joshitas🔁I sat on spoilers for 6 months now. Now finally, I can blab! The Lone Gunman | Season 11 | THE X-FILES via
Christopher Federico @ChrisPolPsych🔁Just what the X-Files needed: more Ramones.
Erika @padakitty🔁 Then, to my mind, the X-Files is officially over. That's it. Turn out the lights on your way out, boys.
pravi ♡ @scofieldskatic🔁 👽 fav the x-files moments: a thread 👽
Sandy Watkins @piperscully🔁'I'm gonna open an X-Files on this muffin' 'I don't care if it came out of an alien's butt I'm going to eat the whole thing.' While I'm dying laughing....these two are killing me. ^KA
Dana Freaking Scully You Punk @bassicallykate🔁@tomhenrich I hope you’re watching the X-Files tonight Thomas! That’s why
mdh @xHAGGARDx🔁Was never a big X-Files guy, but they’re still looking for the truth? I know where it is, it’s on next week’s Finding Bigfoot Season 47, Episode 2,639.
h. kylene hillebert @HKylene🔁watching The X-Files
M @fashpuma🔁 You're My 1 In 5 Billion: Mulder & Scully Through The Years | THE X-FILES via @YouTube
Doggett @AguusGD🔁Ramones y The X-Files my two true passions
okheresthedeal @scout3032🔁POLL : What did you think of The X-Files - This?; I voted Awesome,
wolfdss @DenisStrobel🔁@foofighters hey dave, saw your cameo On The X-Files, well done sir
jk_SickBeard @jk_SickBeard🔁Sick Beard: Download Finished: The X-Files - 11x02 - This @CLNBlog🔁Gillian Anderson confirms she’s leaving The X-Files
Taylor Ishida @taylorlshida🔁 The X-Files Recap 1/10/18: Season 11 Episode 2 “This” via @celebdirtylaund #XFiles
Cannes in a Van @CannesinaVan🔁Indie News: Gillian Anderson Says She’s Really Done With ‘The X-Files’ Forever, For Real: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Tied D own’
Seb (Not a Pajama Boy) Gorka @AlphaMaleDrG🔁I'm pretty sure if I stripped out all the dialog from the current X-Files and just cut in dialog from a Brazilian Soa p Opera, it would be a drastic improvement.
Joe Kapusta @JoeMoonjoey🔁@SisMaryJoan so on this X-files the archetypes are trying to take over?
loading... @CLNBlog🔁What’s going on with Mulder and Scully on The X-Files?
Alberto Pupo @AlbertoPupo84🔁Tonight's Episode of the X-Files was amazing. Congrats to Glen Morgan for crafting a classic! #TheXFiles
Agent Extremis @AgentExtremis🔁 Preview for next week: There's A Dark Influence | Season 11 Ep. 3 | THE X-FILES via
Luiz Fernando Faria @LuizferFaria🔁Those scenes with the handcuffs, destroying the server and Scully saying no to the FBI agent were epic as an old fash ioned X-Files episode! Such a nostalgia!
lil🏞 @andersonlilyann🔁“ ok but he died so why is he in the classroom???”- the only thing that goes through my mind when watching the new x-files
Jason @bouncingbrick🔁#911onFOX is a lousy show, but it is on right after the X-files so... 😐
Chase Harvick @ChaseHarvick🔁Request for any new X-Files season:
-It becomes a Bryan Fuller show.
-Gillian Anderson plays empowered Scully.
-Mulder is haunted by a Lynchian Future Mulder played by Mads Mikkelsen.
-Kristin Chenoweth is The Cigarette Smoking Man.
-Lee Pace is also there.
The Real Suiter @ZaQ5322🔁This X-Files episode is ok so far but it feels like they're bringing far too much reality and "ripped from the headlines" shit into this.
Gingi @gingerstorm101🔁watching a brand new episode of the x-files is like that feeling you get after snorting cocaine I'M SO FUCKING HYPED RIGHT NOW
elsita salsita 💃🏽🍒 @elsiea94🔁on this fine evening all i have to say is that i love the x-files and i am deeply in love with both mulder and scully. goodnight to you all.
Michael Szul @szul🔁Watched the season premiere of the X-Files. Not feeling it.
maxine @gillandersxn🔁You're My 1 In 5 Billion: Mulder & Scully Through The Years | THE X-FILES via @YouTube
rodolfofast @rodolfofast🔁 Gillian Anderson confirms she's leaving The X-Files
Danielle Jackson @hella_danielle🔁“THE X-FILES BELONG TO US”
#TheXFiles 💚👽💚
Jason 👋❤️👍 @yailbloor1🔁Yeah I’m watching the x-files. Like it’s 1991. And much like 1991, I’m drinking beer with great hair
Sharon Seymour @TheSpoilerGirl🔁POLL : What did you think of The X-Files - This? #thexfiles
Elaine 👽Txf spoilers @mesparadis🔁Why do I get so o overwhelmed after watching a new episode of The X-Files? Is it because I remember the 90’s? Is it b ecause I love this show with my entire soul?
Bonnie McDaniel @redheadedfemme🔁I don't know what Chris Carter thinks he's doing with this season of the X-Files, but I wish Fox would fire his ass. I don't blame Gillian Anderson one bit for bailing.
Koiroid @koiroid_bot🔁*Starts screaming the X-Files theme song at very high frequencies*
⭐Martin🌟Benavides⭐ @CochinoSantos🔁Retweeted The X-Files (@thexfiles):

It's always nice to see old friends.

RETWEET if you loved the new episode...

Taylor Black @TaylorBlackttu🔁So Canada's Netflix still has the X-files. It's official I'm going to move because this nonsense can't be tolerated in the US.
Dissidência & Pax @OpenerMedia🔁Is Pandolfi the CIA's "Real-life X-files" Fox Mulder?
*One man, and one man alone appears to occupy the best possible position to probe into the facts, fantasies, fallacies behind the real-life
"X-files"of UFOs, alien visitors, spies, lies...

You're My 1 In 5 Billion: Mulder & Scully Through The Years | THE X-FIL ES via
Julio Rodriguez @Dark_Atmosphere🔁Retweeted Bloody Disgusting (@BDisgusting):

[TV Review] “The X-Files” Season 11 Episode 2: ‘This’...

THE SCRIPT @ScriptFeed🔁Gillian Anderson Says She’s Really Done With ‘The X-Files’ Forever, For Real: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Tied Down’
ℍiᴅᴅʟᴇ𝕊ᴛᴏɴᴇ ~ @Camiluchii96🔁I've watched The X-Files S11E02 "Esta" #TheXFiles #tvtime


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