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Alyaa @AlyaaaSoraya🔁 Khalid & Imagine Dragons performing Young Dumb & Broke and Thunder together at the #AMAs 🕺🏾⚡️
The Thunder NBA TV @NBATV🔁.@AntDavis23 dominates in the @PelicansNBA 114-107 win over the Thunder!
The Thunder T @Trev_Ostrowski🔁 CC Hockey home opener v Brother Rice tomorrow @ 8pm! At the Thunder Dome!🏒
imran @vulpixtrillex🔁 Khalid & Imagine Dragons performing Young Dumb & Broke and Thunder together at the #AMAs 🕺🏾⚡️
The Thunder billboard @billboard🔁.@ImagineDragons "Thunder" rolls to No. 1 on the Pop Songs chart
billboard @billboard🔁.'s "Havana," featuring , holds at its No. 2 high AND takes over at No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart!
Phil Little Thunder @thunder_phil🔁Really great news to hear that Phil Little Thunder of the Rosebud Sioux tribe has been released…
Ronald Enrique @ronkike🔁Thunder/Young Dumb & Broke (Medley/Live On The American Music Awards - 2...
L-NiNi-⭐️ @NicimLim🔁ㅇㄴㅇ So at that time the thunder ⚡️ suddenly stroke 😣 So I secretly went to Ravi’s side, while holding the pillow , I went beside him. I said that I’m scared and asked him to sleep with me.
/ㅡ\ Our room is very far from each other but he came
Penny Karrick @juneandaisy🔁 Thunder High On The Mountain by @chickenfootjoe from his upcoming new album!
Glory Days @gabbiehoran6448🔁.'s "Havana," featuring , holds at its No. 2 high AND takes over at No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart!
brad @bradzebad🔁 Steven Adams wants to give the #Thunder's game plan time to work.
Phil Little Thunder @thunder_phil🔁One of the most moving marches I've ever attended and such a basic request for fundamental rights
N.O.Qualities @DT7Nola🔁The Pelicans snap a 2 game losing streak to beat the Thunder 114-107!A good win for the Pels considering Cousins was ejected in the 3Q.
A.Davis-36Pts, 15Reb
D.Cousins-18Pts, 9Reb
Holiday-18Pts, 4Reb
E.Moore-12Pts, 2Stl
D.Miller-11Pts, 7Reb
Royal Highness 💨💨 @CoziestKendo🔁Thunder finish the season 5 seed or below
Tyler Moore @TheRevTy🔁Will the Oilers become the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NHL? Great players, but never the supporting cast to ultimately make it work
Alvina Betsy @alvinabetsy🔁I liked a @YouTube video Thunder/Young Dumb & Broke (Medley/Live On The American Music Awards - 2017)
Neo Unknown @UnknownNeo🔁Boom Studios made the thunder zords Individual cockpits look like the dinozords but with the Dairanger beasts emblems so that arts cool
Phil Little Thunder @thunder_phil🔁Our dear old friend Phil Little Thunder honoring his people and their centuries long guardianship of the land and waters
🇺🇸Melinda 🇺🇸 @Kikitics🔁With all the negative crap flying around about pervs and pedos I figured iI would make a positive video.......I call this one...


SK♛ @sunder_thunder🔁Christmas isn’t going to be the same with my dad being gone 😞
Thunder Boys BBall @MVHSBoyshoops🔁I hope everyone in the @ViewCrew360 and MVHS ASB is ready for Monday night in the Thunder Dome!! Your boys have been working hard!
Belinda @beeort🔁Very Anointed man of God. Loved Pastor Shawn Jones. Dancing in glory where the thunder don't roar.
Remy @Remdog_🔁 Niggas said the Thunder would challenge the Warriors after the Melo trade 🤣🤣🤣they’re 7-9 n ow
Phil Little Thunder @thunder_phil🔁 Haha. My leksi Phil Little Thunder in front of the White House. That's what's up!
Won @IamMrEchols🔁Nick Wright is right about the Thunder. They will need to redefine Melo’s role and it’s on Billy Donovan
Phil Little Thunder @thunder_phil🔁Phil Little Thunder, a traditional dancer and indigenous activist of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe,…
Fact Bot @False_Fact_Bot🔁According to Norse legend, thunder god Thor's chariot was pulled across the sky by two goats.
Phil Little Thunder @thunder_phil🔁Phil Little Thunder from the Rosebud Sioux tribe making a stand for bison earlier this winter at…
Jennifer Moore @jkmoore51🔁Thunder QB Evan Wyse is a semifinalist for the 2017 Gagliardi Trophy! The four finalist will be announced Dec. 5. Support Evan with your fan vote at . More about Evan Wyse
BasicEnglish @CharlesKOgden🔁In the veil of the night thunder comes to my ears. I see bright, electric blue lines pencilling between the clouds. I need a safe place
Diezayuh Northern @NeoGeoPanda🔁Comparing people to BNHA characterz....Let's see....

Anthony > Stain The Hero (Or joke/meme) Killer

Joshua > Defia ntly Deku.

THUNDER > Todoroki.

cams @sarahsmils_🔁do you come from a land down under where women glow and men plunder
can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
you b etter run, you better take cover
MaryAnnGormly @KCMom3🔁Mavs fans, you may notice a change in the appearance of our social pages tomorrow. That's because we're representing the in the 's Battle of Alberta against !
Neko!Mikazuki @JijiKittyRP🔁He hides under the bed, scared of the thunder outside.
École Panorama Ridge @EcolePanorama🔁Congrats to the Jr boys and Jr girls volleyball teams for their great play and determination in the tier 2 playoffs. Both teams are Surrey champions! Well done Thunder!!!
Juan Cerquera @juancerquera7🔁"[Russell Westbrook] is struggling with the identity of this offense." — on the Thunder issues
#1w1lツ @ericarreza🔁not quite, since both SF & Oakland are within the Bay Area, the fans in Oakland will still go to a new home arena th ere & it's just a stone throw away unlike on what happened to the before when it was relocated from Seattle to OKC & changed its name to
gaby ⚡ @hallowsmila🔁 You all heard that?


Preston Wedding @Snowy_Thunder🔁@TweakHubApp so any particular time frame for the release
Teodulo Sanchez @TheoJSanchez🔁The Warriors and Thunder are the only two teams in the NBA with 3 players averaging at least 20 PPG:

Curry - 25.6
Durant - 24.9
Thompson - 20.1

George - 21.9
Westbrook - 20.1
Anthony - 20.0

Barrett Matlock @bmoc_FiftyCal🔁 What’s weird to say is...the thunder may have been better last year. Up to this point they for sure were ..right?
Generation vocalist⚡ @Thunder_Boi21🔁just because you're a solo stan doesn't mean you have the right to DEGRADE another member. always remember, your idol loves that brother so much and they belong to a group where they are mold together as one. you are no different from antis if you keep doing that.
Gloria Mooers @Regglow🔁Patrick Patterson and Raymond Felton were on hand to help out today as the Thunder distributed 400 Thanksgiving meals to families through the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City. 🍴 📸
Mike @realMikeMull🔁Netflix: We’re removing It’s Always Sunny from the lineup.

Me: If you don’t keep my stories on your website, then I will come down on this program like the hammer of Thor. The thunder of my vengeance will echo through your corridors like the gust of a thousand winds!

its toby time @lonelytuatara🔁iiiiits time for a new page of thunder over eden! (Fair warning, this page has some implicitly homophobic remarks, a nd the story will continue to deal with that subject matter in future.)
Read the update:
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Random Walker @Morology🔁Big storm, big lightning, big rain, big thunder, bus went down the mountain side a ways, I was 17. Suffice to say, t o this day I travel Mexico by bus, the best travel of the finest kind :-)
M BoogieWitDaHoodie @MatTheKnicksFan🔁@rxmeister28 @KnicksMemes how long have pg & melo been apart of the thunder? compare that to adams, abrines, roberson, etc
POLAR.vsDEADLINE‼️ @p_polar🔁Thunder/Young Dumb & Broke (Medley/Live On The American Music Awards - 2... via @YouTube
ak. 👑 @darkskindisi🔁 ESPN used #SorryNotSorry for their promo for the Warriors/Thunder 🙃


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