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The Texans NFL @NFL🔁.@clownejd has the 🏈
And he’s taking it to the HOUSE.


「 Starving Artist 」 @LaMystika🔁the Texans fucked it all up
The Boston Globe @BostonGlobe🔁New England Patriots players took a knee at Gillette Stadium before their game against the Houston Texans.
The Texans NFL @NFL🔁.@deshaunwatson is tossing BEAUTIFUL TDs for the @HoustonTexans! #Texans
J🤘 @swirvana🔁Omg... Texans nooooo,, we lose in the last 30 seconds
feL @_felicedad🔁I'm actually sad for the Texans
THE GOAT 2-0 @RocketArmAlex🔁Rahim Moore lost that game for the Texans
RIP JDF #16 @MHC_305🔁How the fuck the Texans let that happen?!
AJ Kelly @AjKelly76🔁Awful decision by the Texans safety, play the guy and prevent the TD
Zuri Berry @zuriberry🔁Wow. What a remarkable TD throw to Cooks. Texans exhausted and beaten in the final moment.
1-0 @_QuintinTV🔁Texans D-Line did everything and the secondary killed it smh
Long Nguyen @_longnguyen🔁I don't know what the Texans secondary is doing. Yikes that was horrific.
Nicholas Work @NickCWork_23🔁TOM BRADY JUST MCSORLEY-ED THE TEXANS!!!!!!!! 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Cody Weems @CodyWeems11🔁The Texans just Houstoned.
Alex Bujnoch @alexbujnoch21🔁Do the Texans have a secondary?
DT3 @dabigjoker🔁i ain't a pats fan.......but yeah, that was a drive. texans should have picked brady off when they had the chance. thems the breaks
TheHandsomeRandall @HandsomeRandall🔁What a fucking choke job by the Texans D. #NEvsHOU
A-A-RON @BleedOrange007🔁Screw the Texans
Drew Forrester @itsahooded4iron🔁Brady's unreal, but #Texans might score 14 more points on New England's defense in the last 30 seconds of this one.
Mic Taylor @Mic7531🔁"The TX delegation is united now more than ever to make sure Texans recover & rebuild from Harvey"
InvaderSlim @dom_814🔁Haha fuck the Texans shout out to Cooks
#ThePinnacleVol2 @Barrington_14🔁Texans really finna I’ve up the buttcheeks
Fantasy Studs @FantasyStuds101🔁What a heartbreaking loss for the Texans. Those Patriots can never be counted out. It's crazy! #NFL
ar @whosrenzo🔁aint no way the texans are beating the pats
Jonathon Kamuf @JonathonKamuf🔁The Texans suck so fucking bad 😂😂😂
Murdah @MurdahIsTweet🔁F@$k the Texans franchise... F@$k Moore
Alan Rudland @BigAlRudders🔁. leading by five

Two mins to play

But Tom Brady has the football

fans ⬇️

Jacob Gatto @JakeGatto🔁 WATSON IS THE OG! I don't care I'm losing in fantasy, this Texans game couldn't make me happier
Jason Lisk @JasonLisk🔁reminder, Texans had 4th and 1 and opted for the FG and to try to stop Brady.
Jeremy McClellan @J_McClellan1🔁Texans really pissed down their legs the last minute there
Citylife80 @Citylife80🔁43 on the Texans fucking sucks.
Daniel Green @KnocNightowl951🔁So many times the Texans could’ve closed the game
Bianca Lopez @Bianca_Moniquee🔁Thaaaaaat sucks for the Texans.
Zach Clardy @zach_clardy🔁Tom Brady just did the Texans dirty sheesh
Crucial Mookie @mookiealexander🔁The Texans counted out Touchdown Tom.
El Jefe™ @Ctez_24🔁Wanted the Texans to win but that’s why Tommy B is the GOAT
ERIC ONTIVEROS @PAPIONTI_3RIC6🔁And of course the fucking Texans shit this game away with 23 fucking seconds left. Unbelievable
Michael Moats @MichaelRMoats🔁The Texans were playing UK defense.
Ryan @ryanevanson15🔁Only the Texans d dense could choke that away and they are one of the best in NFL 😂😂😂😂😂🚮🚮🚮🚮
john dawicki🐐 @JDwicks1🔁Damn the Texans had the game ended if they caught that interception.
Warner @Shue_Box🔁What in Gods name is the Texans secondary doing?
LaMeMe Ball @MeMeSyndrome_🔁I said the Texans needed a TD. You don’t give Brady that much time to make a comeback.
Big Fella @C0mplexSocieTY8🔁The texans are stupid ..just playing prevent defense
jo ann suárez @_BroAnn🔁Lol the Texans thought
Trent Pryor🌊 @Trent_Pryor🔁Just when I thought the Texans were actually good.😂😂💀💀
zay @zaAAaYT🔁The Texans are trash for that
Vic @VicD713🔁Not a fan of the pats hate the Texans lol but god Brady got that lol
Larry Gibbs @L_G_3_🔁Texans so dumb for not going for that 4th and 1 and giving the ball back to Brady
Peyton @Peyton_Sprague🔁I wanted the Texans to win but WOW that catch
DeAndre @jasoooo_🔁Bro the Texans are garbage 😂😂😂
G 💰 @Gordehh🔁The Texans D Line couldn't get any pressure
Mike Breslin @mikebreslin815🔁UGH! Had the game in our hands just then. And there it goes…
Taylor Ross @JT_Ross23🔁How do the Texans give that up? Just sad 🙄
OS @OSingh91🔁Texans D with one of the biggest chokes I've seen. I know it's Brady but that's just bad defense
Joeeyy-- @ThatBoiJoey8🔁Lol who's that bum DB for the Texans 😂😂😂
Grant Kawata @GrantKawata🔁Patriots. The hump the Texans can never get over.
Daniel Seahorn @CoachSeahorn🔁What a meltdown by the Texans secondary.
Earl @The_Squirrel_🔁Way to fucking go Texans. You blew it
Irwin R. Schyster @mkeez🔁Smfh at the Texans
HoustonAUTiger @HoustonAUTiger🔁How many wide open receptions did the #Texans give up?
Dylan Lowe @realdylanlowe🔁S/O to the Texans for always blowing it
🤦🏽‍♂️ @MichaelTorres05🔁BRUH. The Texans are ASS
Vendetta @FFighterBrent🔁Maybe this is why. He knew the #Texans would find a way to lose this game.
🎟 TeeJay™ 🤘 @AintEeenTrippin🔁Brady just had a hell of a clutch drive! But the Texans has the game ending INT and dropped it....
sexualwhitechocolate @drizzydrewseph🔁Knew that fucking field goal was pointless for the texans
Melissa @MelissaxEstrada🔁WHAT THE HELL, TEXANS
WomanOfTroy @MissSmoco🔁I love watching the ineptitude of the #Texans defense...most overrated defense in league
LegalCapper @CapperLegal🔁Good job Texans giving Brady the ball back
Matt Kuzminski @PolishHammer24🔁how did the texans not push that wr out
Greatness @thatbadmankaleb🔁The Texans Safety had that ball to win and dropped it
Peo 🇹🇷 @seigafolava🔁NUMBER 43 of the TEXANS Wtf.
T R A Y @TraKidd🔁Wow I'm fucking done with the Texans!!! THE DBS ARE FUCKING TRASHHHHHHHJ
Nick Parker @yitznick19🔁Wow unbelievable are you kidding me?!?!!! How did the Texans let that happen?
Omar Habib @omarhabib_🔁That is the most Texans and most Om Brady thing to ever happen to us in a long time
Badmon @_RakimFromBK🔁Swear the NFL is rigged. Texans really
Charlie Davis @Charli125🔁Texans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Prevent D fails yet again.
Kellye Gammell @uknowmeKG🔁Brady just punished the Texans!!!!!!! #GOAT
eric @ericbroomes🔁I get home and see the Texans recieve an L
Jacob from Budweiser @THE_Punchinator🔁Texans are fuckin trash man I wanted a fuckin jersey lmfao
Nick Kostos @TheKostos🔁Texans should have went for the 4th and 1 instead of kicking. Can't give Brady a chance to beat you
OG Lewi @AceLong11🔁The Texans suck ...I feel sorry for Watson
Dan Weisel @skweisel1227🔁Fucking drop a pick then you lose the game. Fuck the Texans. Had this game.
lil wave 🌊🏄🏽 @spittin_fire🔁fucking texans what the fuck
All Might @the_only_desale🔁This why I can't watch the Texans anymore wth
Meh @BRo_Amore🔁The Texans are trash smh
Illest Alivee❕ @NiggaYouHit🔁43 for Texans sold. Drop an easy interception and then they drive and win the game on you
John Ryan. @BakerSahn🔁THE TEXANS ARE ASS
Raiders 16-0 @__pedro707🔁Ahh the texans almost had it
Ben Lewis @BenLewisSN590🔁Unbelievable.... that we've seen it now 50 times. Tom Brady connects with Brandin Cooks, #Patriots ahead of the #Texans 34-33
Chris Diaz @chrisdiazzz🔁That’s embarrassing defense from the Texans. Wow
dave kelly @davekellywny🔁Wow, the Texans suck ass
Mike Dolphins @Mike_dolphins🔁These Texans DBs don’t know how to find the ball
ㅤ @_JD214_🔁LMAO @ the Texans.
BroncoSZN @GiltRook098🔁The Texans are fucking garbage. Im sorry but wtf
Seat Belt Cory @SchererPleasur🔁And the Texans blow it lol what a trash day
Nena Maraca @sweetaromatikz🔁Sad day for the Texans.


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