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The Talk billboard @billboard🔁BTS looks to dominate the US with a busy schedule during their stateside visit for the #AMAs
Drew @Drewfski🔁do yall realize we literally got devices in our hands where we can talk to anybody in the world face to face at any time bruh thats wild. nobody calling me but still wow
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁One distasteful thing about how Biden and Sanders talk about the presidency is the presumption they could have had i t if they wanted it. Like it's that easy. Well, they both tried and failed. Hillary did far better than both of them. Only Obama ever got more votes than she did.
nathan zed 🥀 @NathanZed🔁do yall realize we literally got devices in our hands where we can talk to anybody in the world face to face at any t ime bruh thats wild. nobody calling me but still wow
Juwan @juwansullivan11🔁Black Ten Commandments:

1. Ya moms not one of ya lil friends
2. Seasoning
3. Stand up when you losing 2k
4. "Who made this"
5. If a cop says relax...dont
6. Play Before I Let Go every cookout
7. Get extra napkins
8. Talk to the TV screen
9. Aint no camping
10. Run 1st, ask later

อยากมีจองกุกเป็นของตัวเอง @jeonjungcha_JK🔁BTS looks to dominate the US with a busy schedule during their stateside visit for the
RAPMONSTER WHO? I ONLY KNOW RM. ITS RM FROM NOW ON @herdnaisbts🔁Okay i know you r all saying hobi is the one who american air changes a lot but can we taLK ABOUT NAMJOON BCUZ FCK
A L Katz @boyndog🔁If I'm a pastor in Alabama - I'm pissed - because everyone in the world BELIEVED 50 Alabama pastors would support Mo ore - talk about a shitty 'brand'...
indra permana @ipermana84🔁 Just posted our bitcoin talk announcement! Getting some wonderful feedback from the community!
Brooke Simpson @simpson_brooke🔁"Teach me to be happy," she said.

The dog whuffed at her, then flopped down to nap.

"I wish you could talk."

He wished she would listen.

h{er} @NephalemVII🔁BTS' invitation to the Late Late Show officially marks their participation with US' Big 3 TV networks
ella @aalayah2008🔁Tonight’s book talk about Playing With Fire is sold out in Seattle but the video will be posted. Thank you Seattle!
Typo-Magnet @PulengSelebeli🔁It's sad that when we talk about 'most beautiful woman in the world', we hardly think of ourselves
alyssa🌼 @lllyyssss🔁i feel myself changing, i don't even laugh the same anymore, i don't smile the same, or talk the same, i'm just so tired of everything.
mat whitehead @matwhi🔁Was shaking when I finally summoned the courage to come out to dad years ago. He was supportive, but quiet. Later, we had a huge fight about gay marriage and didn’t talk for months.

He just sent me this.

Hassan Hakeem @hshakeem65🔁He is ex student of cadet college Hassanabdal with degrees of engineering and economic from USA and he can't even ta lk to the head of one of his subordinate department.
What a pitty.
oh ima do dat anyway. @lovegodhimseIf🔁 Let’s talk about how Beyoncé put her all into Rocket. Sis was beyond descriptive about the dicc. She snapped
M. S. Burton @frommsb🔁I want to meet the Senate staffer who came up with the genius strategy of announcing plan to gut 13 m people's health care ahead of Thanksgiving w vote scheduled after. I know what I'm planning to talk about with all the relatives!
Hygge Monster @FatherMcGruder🔁Son, its time we had 'the talk.' [dad removes shirt, starts projector, chugs 4 beers] Ok! So Tower 1 steel beams could only have melted at-
keith hiatt @lawrightstech🔁Very true. Talk to white Christians about their faith’s stewardship of the transatlantic slave trade and the murder of millions of Africans. You’ve never heard such nuance.
Ashe @asheparra🔁 Here's a tweet for the people who are feeling bad but don't wanna talk about it.
First, I will tell you about Termites @FirlowXD🔁@wstlndcvndctr discord is literally the only way to talk to my partner thank. god I'm. About to go to sleep,
. @kimmmizzle🔁 I have some cute ass pictures i could post rn but I️ don’t talk to the girls that are in them anymore so they’re useless
Jason S. @firedaddy1🔁Kaepernick gets citizen of the year, Obama gets a Nobel Prize just for political talk, and Bruce Jenner gets woman of the year. This proves it, liberals have officially lost their damn minds!
Micah @micahsb🔁I just can't stop thinking about @jensimmons talk at W3C Plenary. It was for sure the highlight of last week and that event.
TEKKENJapMaori @TekkenAotearoa🔁That's right. and that's a good thing. After the Injustice FP3 trailer i did finaly buy that game. these FG developer s know what there doing ( except Capcom ). MAN I'M SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW.
Also when can we expect ur next tekken talk.
lyssa🤤 @lyssagirl613🔁 girls that know how to destroy the world but rather rest their head on your shoulder and talk about trees
a a r o n @perseatrash🔁i know yes won but i’m mad at the other 38.4 voting no, if you voted no hit up my dms, i just wanna talk
The Church Lady @churchladyblogs🔁New post (Eve Replaces Aisha Tyler On ‘The Talk’) has been published on The Church Lady Blogs -
Thunder Nerds ⚡️ @ThunderNerdsHoo🔁Watch us talk w John Papa: DevFest Florida 2017, in the - When it's time to get MEAN
pilgrim yuli @yuliana_isabell🔁okay don’t talk shit about my friends. not to their face, not through text, not anonymously. I don’t fuck with that s hit and will most likely beat the fuck outta you, js.
sk @phatcougar🔁 @LizCrokin Nothing will be done publicly.... talk about a national crisis... the snowflakes will go crazy!
Alexa @ItsEXOxBTS🔁BTS have been confirmed to perform at AMAs, one of the biggest award shows, and appear on The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Late Show with James Corden, all incredibly popular talk shows. Our talented and humble kpop septet was really born under a legendary star.
Debra Hogan @HoganHo19077653🔁Mass shooting today and yesterday.

Can't talk about one because it was in "gun safe" California.

Can't talk about the other because it was black folks at a concert.

So, how's everyone's Tuesday night?

'El Duro' @DenilsonGuevara🔁 working at a call center , makes me not want to talk on the phone i get so annoyed . 😅
Tommy @TommyBeeswax🔁I like how the counter to our Chicago gun laws claims is they say Chicago gets guns from Indiana. 1. Bullshit. 2. The y want to talk about smuggling while ignoring a certain southern border
savanna @savyrife🔁if we ever fell off and you’re going through something ill still be here to talk no matter what the case is
FUCK YA' FEELING$♒ @s0uThweStfin3sT🔁MONEY MOVES! Eve Will Be Serving Up Black Girl Realness Permanently On 'The Talk'
Candace @animalhouse51🔁. we have to bridge the gap. We need to talk to Trump supporters. We need to understand them. If we don’t do that, Trump or someone like him will win again.
Springfield NEA @SpringfieldNEA🔁Nat’l Teacher of the Year listens to MO teachers talk benefits of Teacher Advisory, understanding policy.
City Of St.Helens @sthelens🔁Calling all mushroom hunters! St. Helens Public Library & OSU Extension Office hosting free Mushroom ID talk w/ Dane Osis from Oregon Parks & Rec. Wed, Nov. 15, 7pm at the Library
jude snyder @judesnyder1🔁: Don't you find it interesting that President Trump's Asian audience has been more appreciative of his straight talk than the left here at home?
Gamo ⚡️🎸 @EmanDaGeek🔁@babyyy_sss @kinggtinaa There’s one right...the guys y’all talk to are not loyal
#TeamMICDrop @jiminsmusclepig🔁whoever thought bts needed a collab at the AMAs I wanna talk, the disrespect bitch THAT WHOLE STAGE IS ONLY FOR THEM TO PUT A WHOLE TOUR IN 5 MINUTES
eden @SYNSOMNIA🔁you stick with that optimism. I love the way you talk about the love of your life with all the heart eyes this world has to offer. Goodness, I’ve an entire list of things I love.
Kay Q. #IACruzCrew @KayQuirk1🔁 Talks the talk AND walks the walk!
close to the end ♍️ @HashHighTimes🔁Falls asleep for an hour after being up all night waiting for a text from that one and only girl i want to talk to, a fter they spent the day with their man
Wakes up to : “Lol tell your girlfriend I️ said hi”
Josh @redpandaajosh🔁📣PSA: If you're a Canadian artist that uses Paypal for your commissions/business, Paypal now has to disclose your income to the CRA. Make sure your taxes are filed correctly. I know a lot of y'all are under 18, so talk to your parents. More info:
rt pls!
nicole @zionsarreaga🔁 : i love you with my whole heart. we dont talk like we did in the summer but you my bff and i love you so much. than ks for always being there for me. i love you more than words can even describe.
Deyanju🇳🇬 @Deyanju_Aruleba🔁 Ladies always talk about heartbreak.. They dunno how painful the international break is😂
Please don't affiliate me with Gogoanime @PanicStrawberry🔁BREAKING: Meowth DOES NOT talk English in the Pokemon games
WATCH #종소리 KUNG MAHAL NIYO AKO. @kanojoupng🔁✻ ADDLEY ( )
ㅤ▹ oh hello new mutual!
ㅤ▹ ur name reminds me of barbie and the 12 dancing princess
ㅤ▹ hadley
ㅤ▹ harley quinn
ㅤ▹ hey i just met you and this is crazy, so here's my number so let's talk more!
Jeremy Kolassa @JDKolassa🔁Everyone is getting bent out of shape over this. It's really not that complicated. Pikachu just identifies as a Digim on. You know. Who talk.
Peg Gentle @pjgentle🔁Sessions stated today that there needs to be substantial factual basis to assign a Special Counsel. Where is the fac tual basis for Mueller's assignment as SC? NO FACTS! Mueller is still HUNTING FOR FACTS! Double-talk doesn't pan out!
karol @mikesofrencia🔁my question for RM: i think the others boys in group can speak english if they have to talk. Force them to speak! THE Y CAN! and you'll be free - brasil loves you
kgomotso matsunyane @MotsoMatsu🔁"This is a business issue bc the systemic culture of sexual harassment prevents women ever getting into leadership & positions of power in any industry, & that prevents that industry being reinvented & doing far, far better business" I talk to
B-Comp @str8outofcomp🔁I don’t understand y’all hoes y’all be goin back to Ya no life , no good ass ex’s then when you get hurt again wanna cry like you ain’t see the shit comin I’ve come to the conclusion y’all just want some shitt to talk about 🧐
🌻 @MoveThatPancake🔁ITS DIFFERENT. we tell eachother to talk about how big it was or the orgasm we had, yall tell eachother just to say y all fucked or talk shit cus two of you fucked the same female.
Jillian Blodgett @jillianlee02🔁Why is my roommate rude af? I’ll be laying in bed asleep and he’ll turn on the light and and leave the door open and starts to talk to me. Bro I’m fucking asleep stfu.
Val @valeriiiieeeeee🔁Love the fact that and I don’t have to talk everyday but once we do talk, seems like we never stopped talking 💕
Heather Foglio @winterpersists🔁I know gun lovers, it's too early and too disrespectful to the victims to talk about the shooting.

That's fine, I've been waiting to talk about the victims of the .

How's now?


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