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The Swamp David Schoen @SENSUALPHOTOG🔁 This week's New Yorker cover. "The Swamp"
The Swamp rafael mendoza @rafamendozatwit🔁 This week's cover, “The Swamp,” by John Cuneo:
The Swamp Maritza @MQueenSaucy🔁 New cover of @NewYorker. "The Swamp" by John Cuneo.
The Swamp The Hill @thehill🔁New Yorker cover shows Trump golfing in "the swamp"
The Swamp Jeyda @Nevaletgoooo🔁 New Yorker cover shows Trump golfing in "the swamp"
Devin Nunes @DevinNunes🔁Read here about the freak show swimming in the swamp...
Diamond and Silk® @DiamondandSilk🔁Allowing this witch hunt to continue while Democrats push the Russia narrative and some Republicans stand by as on-lo okers say alot about who's for our President and who's not. The swamp just doesn't need to be drained, it needs to be exposed!
Bill Kristol @BillKristol🔁The Trump swamp is the swampiest swamp.
Jo Public #iamtommy #bigbenchimes290319 @TimminsVicky🔁In the UK immigrants are out smarting us, out thinking us, out doing us, out breeding us and outlaying a lifestyle quite alien to British people, all with the help of successive British governments. Makes you wonder who the real swamp dwellers are now!
⚡BlastFromPast⚡🦅🌹 @BlastFr0mPast🔁David Miliband is the enemy of EVERY honest European - same as Tony Blair.

Part of the Globalist plan is to destroy Europe by causing chaos & carnage in the ME with Neocon Wars, to create a huge refugee / migration crisis to swamp Europe with illegal unskilled migrants.

Maria Inger @vauxhall23🔁 Let's have some names. That will create a huge vacuum in the swamp..
Caroline Winfield @mydoggyruss🔁The swamp aka Trump administration just keeps getting deeper every day! Devos dismantled investigating for profit colleges and hires the past dean of devry University who was being investigated for scamming students out of millions. People, we just keep getting screwed every day!
iamelisabetta🇺🇸🇮🇹 @SernaEserna🔁Panic sets in, in the Swamp, as the plot against Trump is exposed.
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James R. Benn @JimmyWriter🔁Trump's building in Indonesia getting millions from the Chinese. Trump protects a Chinese tech company which has evad ed US sanctions. This is the swamp, folks. is corrupt.
Twiggy @twiggy311🔁Ep. 719 The Swamp is Panicking by The Show

Mother Abigail @mother_abby🔁@Swamp_Fox24 Unfortunately Im at work boo. But I have the next two days off if you are available anytime.
yeahthatsreallyhowifeel @coderedorblue🔁“This was a swamp operation – this wasn’t just Democrats” – warns the reveal of this secret FBI source in the Russia probe is disturbing to both sides of the aisle
Edüardo Bücio @Ebucio420🔁This presidency is the gift that keeps on giving... giving to China, Russia, Israel, North Korea, Saudi Arabia. While long term allies & the American people lose more & more (other than the wealthy conservative businesses & the NRA) . Washington has gone from swamp to sewer.
irene haralabatos @rini6🔁The swamp is fetid.
Ru UtherPendragon @WollowUr🔁Never have we had imposition of one old man's cock-eyed worldviews imposed on all parts of the government so fully. F or every post, Trump forces in the worst, most conspiracy influenced candidate that could exist. And this is "draining the swamp." Ugh.
EYKIS #RESIST #GunReformNOW #NeverAgain @Eykis🔁Let’s unpack what you just said. You know the biggest part of the budget is military spending right? You can’t drain the swamp when majority of the cabinet members are the swamp, and Trump just made a point of bringing jobs to China?! Why?!
ExFed32 @ExFed32🔁President Donald J Trump ran against all The Washington DC’vers in both corrupt parties. Unlike The corrupt ruling cl ass President Trump is doing Exactly What He Promised he’d do and THAT! is shocking to all The Washington DC’vers making crooked fortunes In the Swamp
censored_no_more @Censored_No_Mor🔁So bc some1 said the true statement that McCain is going 2 die, . What in the actual F did get in return? Sadler not fired? Whoa, that swamp is.... dry
Renee 🌊🌊❄️❄️ @ReneeHu61693966🔁Nunes is the biggest freak swimming in the swamp next to an illegitimate president and his inner circle of comrades.
Pamela @Optimism_Helps🔁Fuel economy is innovation - Pruitt is in bed with polluters. He is the swamp Trump lied about draining

Kim Simpson @kimosim🔁Ethics haven't been a priority under at . More questions raised after met with a Koch-backed former employer as they were involved in a lawsuit with the department.
H hope hana @Hhopehana🔁Imagine you’re a Presidential candidate who’s campaign rally cry is to .

Imagine the Swamp planting an FBI operative within that campaign.

Imagine concocting a false to derail an election process.

IT HAPPENED👉🏼No imagination

Timely Rain @friutmonk🔁Your handy dandy "Guide to the Swamp" -
Get Ready to ! new cartoon on the way!

Trevor Dalpe @TrevorDalpe🔁2018 LOLHS SPRING GAME – FRIDAY, MAY 18th vs Lecanto HS @ The Swamp – 7pm @
Berhane Mewa @Breemewa🔁@SatenawNews Cleaning the swamp, on the way to the Freedom of Democratic Institutions in #Ethiopia. Kudos!
Fran Walker @santafefran🔁Trump’s promises:
1.Mexico isn’t paying for the wall
2.Hillary will not be locked up.
3.The swamp was not drained.
3.ISIS was not defeated in 30 days.
4.Obamacare will not be repealed.
5.Trump is golfing every weekend.
Eric Taulbee @etaulbee🔁How are you going to drain the swamp when all the head swamp guy has done is thrown more ugly/nasty/disgusting swamp monsters in the swamp? Trumpers are delusional...
Trumps_Army @Nikki79862278🔁 Maxine Waters been in Office since 1899 and I never heard of her until Trump won and said he was going to drain the Swamp.
Inthelandofoz @bohks1954🔁And for the life of me why don't they impeach this man? Everyone sees it. Any other human being would be in jail. Swa mp.
Mike Houston @WhiteHatGuy🔁There's almost 30k indictments. WW3 is cancelled. is vapor. is toast. The swamp is gurgling downward. America is becoming great again and we're almost there. Enough drama, let's MOVE ON!
tony apuzzi @caminiti🔁Pruitt took bucket list vacations on the taxpayer dime. Kushner used his WH position to secure loans for his failing real estate.
Cohen established a pay-to-play consultancy for the President. Now this. Tomorrow? Who knows how deep the swamp gets when the drain is plugged!
mark coholan @mark_coholan🔁@CNNPolitics Yeah the Internet we all Know he,s a noise SWAMP Creature!, Don,t Forget To Tell Your Israeli...
Richard Hernandez @WeOneParty🔁New Yorker cover shows Trump playing golf in 'the swamp'
hands_off_my_liberty @LibertyShines1🔁Isn’t that a fact; let’s see, there was Low energy Jeb Bush, swamp dwellers, little Marco, and double speak Lindsey Graham, turncoat Kasisch, and the rest of the pack, much less the fact that none of them could have beat International General Hail Clinton
Donna Jacobsen @donna_jacobsen🔁Part 2 of incredible interview with who escaped Al Qaeda and is now battling the swamp. The FBI left him for dead and he is back to set the story straight. with right now! Tune in! Stream it:
Mike Houston @WhiteHatGuy🔁 The Shadow government (national security action plus judges “many comped” as in c ompromised. The swamp is deep and wide it seems.
Mysteri @Mysteri759🔁Avenatti is quickly becoming a one man Trump wrecking crew...

Michael Avenatti's Cryptic Tweet Could Mean That He's About To Drain The Swamp Himself

cesmith4me14 @Angryblackman14🔁Even FOX is starting to smell something nasty with Trump.

"I guess you’re too busy draining the swamp to ever stop and smell the stink you’re creating." via

Lawrence Of Arabia @democratssuckk🔁Trump has never looked for approval from the media, the establishment, democrats, republicans, or the swamp.

The only people that Trump wants approval from are the American people.

Trump cares about the people, politicians do not.

Shady Mitt @Shady_Mitt🔁 John Cuneo’s “The Swamp” My friend John ! Congrats!
jim walter @Psychopoppy1🔁It’s painfully obvious that the FBI is totally corrupt and the swamp is not doing anything about it
Kween Elizabeth @KweenofDragonz🔁Yup he campaigned on America First, draining the swamp, repealing and replacing Obamacare. 🤔
Eileen N. @datagoodies🔁Make sure to follow if you don't already. He's an indispensable guide to the murky Trump swamp of corruption and dirty dealing:
David Sailor @DavidSailor17🔁The primal rage and righteous indignation of the man who represents the movement of we the people is real and justified. America is speaking, and the left and the swamp had better understand what's coming. There is no stopping this.
The Truth Monkey @TheTruthMonkey🔁It's called gettin' shit done! Keep the cucks and the swamp rats at arm's length and good things start to happen.
Bank Killer @newZombieRight🔁 @davidhogg111 Yes! Drain the swamp! Vote independent! Get the Democrats and Republicans out of power!
Already Great USA @AlreadygreatUSA🔁Fuc*ing swamp is about as bad as it can get. This is tax payer money being wasted and American children being harmed . Tired of the BS coming from DeVos and tRump and cronies.
@JOYH1920 @JOYH19201🔁 is alive and well on its way to help rid this country of the evil brought by the Deep Swamp dwellers and globalist w ho want America to lose its identity like Europe
ruthbeall @ruthbeall🔁The only move Mueller is going to make is slide under the nearest rock with all the other creepy crawlers in the swam p
Bama fanatic🇺🇸 @fanatic_bama🔁Harry Reid Another Dirty Swamp Member Don’t Let Him Slide Under The Radar He Conducted Plenty Of Dirty Deals While I n Office
Mic Z @Mic_Z🔁$11 billion savings per year not counting reduced future unfunded pensions of 100,000+ employees when we . this is draining the swamp.
Hope 2018 is better than 2017🙄 @alison_rixon🔁LNP need2clean up their own camp Attacks on Unions reality exposed more LNP suspect behaviour little Union suspect ethics ICAC is revealing the murky depths of NSW but what about the entire swamp? | Lenore Taylor
Douglass Baker @DouglassBaker4🔁Geez Tuna, you need to seek medical attention quick, your suffering from TDS, Trump Delusion Syndrome.
is doing right by America by clearing the swamp!
Jose A. Lara-Soto @xr3n3gad3p4nd4x🔁I left technology for 3 weeks. No cell phone. No internet. No TV. I drove the state of Florida. I watched a fisherman reel in a shark at sunrise. Lived the swamp life in the Everglades. I Celebrated Cinco de Mayo in South Beach. Took a catamaran to Key West. Life is awesome!
Wonder Woman 2018 💥 @LQQKYLou🔁This is another one of
He claimed he would clean out the swamp in Washington. Instead he has filled it with swamp monsters who are destroying years of work making America great.
🌊SawDog @sawdogrose🔁An old military saying, "When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember the objective was to drain the swamp."
Irredeemable_D.Sharp @sh_irredeemable🔁Yep, Trump ended Korean War after 70 years of incompetent US DC Swamp

Trump also freed hostages without flying out $ 1.8B in cash

Trump also captured the top 5 leaders of ISIS

And then !

MSM and their Snopewashed sheep: that’s nothing! Pray to Prophet Obama!


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