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The SwampThe Swamp unlimited power! @demonwheel🔁THE BATH it wasa big green bath bomb and now im swamp
The Swamp mpace @shred400🔁 Oh yeah, Joe #Lieberman is going to drain the swamp ... sure ... #FBI
Terry Jordon @tnjordon🔁 If you've ever been on the losing end of a game in the Swamp you'll get it.
The SwampThe Swamp Gretchen Gorup @GretchenGorup🔁 Retweet if u want Giuliani instead of Lieberman. One will drain the swamp the other swam in it.
The Swamp Disabled Veteran @cj_disabledVet🔁Roger Ailes' true legacy: His misbegotten swamp child is in the White House
Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Do you want to help the fight the swamp trying to destroy him? Do you want the agenda u voted for? A BATTLE PLAN AT 10 EST!
Diamond and Silk® @DiamondandSilk🔁Tough, Strong and No Nonsense.... Just what we need to help clean the Swamp in D.C.

Fox News @FoxNews🔁.: You voted to drain the swamp & upend the power structure in DC that has been failing you & the American people for decades.
suchaluckygirl @suchaluckygirI🔁 @chuckwoolery @suchaluckygirI It is not insane when you realize that the GOP and DNC are in it together. Drain the Swamp!
Sal @sal18201🔁 So Trump plans to DRAIN THE SWAMP by naming a lifetime DC insider / politician to head the FBI??
Only The Truth @1johnfive🔁.And? None of these elites EVER go to prison. You or I you bet. Them, no way. How do we change the system? Drain the swamp? That's a start.
Bobette copper @bobette_copper🔁Dear
To be quite candid, this man IS the swamp! You're supposed to DRAIN the swamp, not preserve it. Stop listening to Kushner.
Linda Willis-Guarino @guarinolm🔁Be aware! tRump likes to throw out cliches like "drain the Swamp" "fake news" . Here's a new/old one..."Witch Hunt"!
And The show goes on!
James Lawrence @jamesdlbiz4u🔁The media is launching a barrage of attacks on as they try to stop him from fulfilling his promise to drain the swamp in Washington.
Serenity @Serenity_Seas🔁We're in uncharted waters
The swamp is draining
As the drowning rats try to pull us down
And will Fight to
Gavin Carlson @oilyGAVIN🔁@KlayVolk Asking honestly, do you really STILL think he's gonna "drain the swamp?"
tejida @tejida🔁Sad-funny that so many bought into the "drain the swamp" bullshit. It's "Swamp the Drain" with Trump's whore of an admin. He fooled SO MANY
What's Yours? @Marine4evermore🔁@JessieJaneDuff Keep draining the swamp as fast as you can
Melodie @Scuba_Mimi🔁@chachmalone Exactly, the MSM and swamp are attempting a coup and 'we the people' need to fight!
Luke❤beingDeplorable @Luke4Tech🔁 @Luke4Tech @LibertyShaq when will Commie, weasel, Comey and the swamp creatures be locked up???
Bernard Norcott-Maha @bdtnm🔁@KeithOlbermann @seanhannity As soon as the swamp gets drained...
Emerson Kimball @avilaem99🔁 Notice how much oil "The Swamp" has in it lately?
Samsonthereal @JPDuarte78🔁I agree but they did kill "suicide" some and bribe the hell out of them. Plus they are swamp creatures, their backs are covered. Ask Comey!
TrumpRage 👌 @trumprage🔁Trying to imagine a scenario where potus is elected on the platform of draining the swamp, starts, and is loved by the D.C. Media. Can you?
KIMBELL SAFFER @KimbellSaffer🔁.: You voted to drain the swamp & upend the power structure in DC that has been failing you & the American people for decades.
Wendyla @wendyla🔁@ericgarland the media swamp is real.
DPRT News Service @DPRT_News🔁 Donald Trump 'wants to bring Michael Flynn back to the White House'
Celtic Warrior @Celt410🔁@chuckwoolery @suchaluckygirI It is not insane when you realize that the GOP and DNC are in it together. Drain the Swamp!
Suzet476 @SMHaydock🔁@AmericaTalks Today Pervert Tomorrow Congress. Just another leach in the swamp we call the US Government.
Denise Blair @2pomz🔁Time to Drain the Swamp and DROWN Never Trumpers.
It may take a conscious effort to bring back Reagan/Dem Congress.
plazmaorb @plazmaorb🔁$3 mil in CA is not a mansion, cost of living is high there. Trump has filled the swamp up with his billionaire butt buddies. Trump is done!
Money In$pired @MindOvaMattaa🔁Following him to the swamp because he's obviously Shrek
Robert R. Ferris @ViperConcealed🔁Yes sir it is! Thats why you csnt back off. We elected you to DRAIN the SWAMP and the 64 million folks who voted for you stand with you!
Fred Walker Jr. @FredWalkerJr1🔁Politics 101 is the problem We didn't vote for politics We voted for POTUS D Trump! We will also use Article V 2 dra in the swamp
Dr. Mrs. Girlfriend @dum_phuk🔁The Swamp Controls the Police, Military, National Guard.

They will be ordered to shoot you if you rise up to stop the Swamp Machine.

IreneRosie @IreneRosie🔁Yeah. He was going to drain the swamp right into his White House. Who knew that's what he meant? Joke's on all his voters...
Susan S Castillo @susanscastillo🔁When 45 talks about draining the swamp, he is dog whistling about women and minorities, the scourge he views as government leeches.
Linda @lightning989🔁 @TEN_GOP You know we've drained the swamp when Hillary Clinton goes to jail.
William Bill Watts @bm_dubya🔁Draining the swamp is getting a new owner & a new management team. That is what the Hawks & Cubs did. Sox, Bulls & B ears need to follow.
I ❤️ Lucie @cathyboothfob🔁 Retweet if u want Giuliani instead of Lieberman. 1 will drain the swamp the other swam in it.
IT. IS. A. COUP. @EAGLEjme🔁"Russia is The Swamp, and The Swamp is winning"
vickie vertel @vvertel🔁@seanhannity YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES !!! Our political foes are fighting the Swamp Drain.....
IngridB @b_ingridb🔁30 States voted Trump into the Presidency.
If the swamp thinks they can undo that, they've got another thing coming.
is happening.
Hairy Biker @HairyBiker2🔁Someone with Credibility that actually cares should be talking about opioids. You Have 0% Credibility. Back To The Sw amp !
Suz AK @Suzan34500104🔁"They're trying to SABOTAGE us! I have no choice. I will completely DRAIN THE SWAMP. I trust you're with me. FIGHT BACK" -
Atta boy🇺🇸
cynthia r monachino @cynroseM🔁@BradPaquin1 @nycjayjay @GeorgeTakei Then he'll build a high rise on the reclaimed swamp land and we can watch it slowly sink.
Unfinished Love Song @verses_from🔁 @BeyondChains @mummasita72 Drain the Westminster swamp vote em all out on June 8th !
jjrothnc @jjrothnc🔁Thank You Mr. President - keep up the leaning of the swamp !
Iris Arce @IrisArc91599747🔁The Rep. swamp is out to get Trump at all cost because they are afraid Trump will go after them. I will never vote for any sitting Rep.again
Snake River @snakeriverband🔁We're very excited to be performing next weekend as a part of Swamp Fest Showcase. Here's all the sweet deats.
charlenewells @WellsCharlene🔁 @StockMonsterUSA @myno1doodles @RudyGiuliani @ChrisChristie @tedcruz PLEASE NO HE IS THE SWAMP 💥
Dana @DanaLovinLife1🔁 If you don't drain the swamp, the swamp drains you.
PeggySue @PeggySue0407🔁Maybe Trump's moto for second term can be drain the swamp that is our university system They are definitely not prepa ring kids for real life
David @smitydave99🔁So instead of new nations building freedom boats of their own the whole world will swamp America and sink our ship o f freedom and all perish
Steven @sustain05🔁"The only way to drain the swamp is to shrink the government." ~ Dean Clancy @DeanClancy
Barbara Ann @daynutrition🔁@redsteeze @FreeBeacon @continetti Most presidents are politician who have used D.C. SWAMP to get them elected! The SWAMP doesn't want drain
david.c.smithcolr @northwalnut23🔁drain the swamp. fire schedule c appointments.
keith bauer @kxbman🔁@theadvocatebr sad day for America...drain the swamp
Leith Little @970hillbilly🔁@InGodIDoTrust @JorgeRecarey @POTUS Agreed! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!
SuperMom👬💑👭 @nancy_faust🔁If Trump Drains "The Swamp" like He is trying to do. He will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in History

Go Trump

Julian Assange

RIck Holmes @rhol88🔁The Swamp Wants Busy With Investigations

To STOP The Plan & Accomplishments WE VOTED FOR Like These

Sl4K @Sceneboy020🔁Hey, you want a career politician to run the FBI? Didn't you want to drain the swamp? Asking for a friend.
Joyce Ann Robinson @JoyceAnnRobins4🔁 The swamp thinks they 👿r still in charge & spending even more of the little money that they "let" us keep MAGA
DGLL @DGLL10🔁The swamp creatures in the Beltway have mounted yet another all out assault on . He beat em back before & he'll do it again.
1 302 981 9303 CUP C @302Cup🔁 Follow us to help drain the swamp!
Phoenix2a @Phoenix2a1🔁 The only way to drain the swamp is to shrink the government.
madeindaville @martynumba4🔁this walk to the swamp<<
Elvee @mama0792🔁Mr. President, we need to just talk about the economy, tax reforms, nation safety! That's it! We support you, don't l et the Swamp drown you
Brandon Ambrosino @BrandonAmbro🔁. says there's no middle ground btw Left and Right. Someone should tell him the Left shares his goal of draining the DC swamp.
Tod @Hefflin🔁@BruceBartlett @MikePenceVP @GOP @SpeakerRyan all neck deep in this swamp. Floating story that Pence "in the dark" is a bold faced lie
Mike North @North2North🔁Happy for move him ..look ahead..can't win a championship when your best player is 3rd team NBA ..drain the swamp
Deplorable.Fudd @fuddlyelmer🔁Verses from our Bible here may help y'all help each other & @POTUS in our fight against the evil 'Deep State Swamp'
Bigly @marksheehan17🔁@tedcruz calls it the Cartel. @realDonaldTrump calls it the Swamp. They will never give up until Trump is removed. It's their only agenda.
mrsienk @rsienkiewicz🔁@ladydwinter I hope he doesn't say the hell with the D.C. Swamp! Lord knows he doesn't need it!
Zach Beasley @PeoplesVuePoint🔁Flynn is a Spy i.e. URI ~ KGB of yesterday. He thought he could waltz into the White House totally undetected! He's t oast & the Swamp Man.


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