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The Swamp Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec🔁Doug Jones is the swamp
enbysk @MarkEnbysk🔁“Of all the Fredos occupying Trump world, perhaps Donald Trump Jr. proved to be the easiest mark for the Russians.”
MARK SIMONE @MarkSimoneNY🔁Today’s Democrats became everything Democrats always fought against - they’re the biggest defenders of The Swamp/Deep State, they’re the book and statue burners, the ones trying to smear opponents by claiming they have Russia ties.
Sebastian Gorka DrG @SebGorka🔁The Swamp turns on its leaders.
Jeanette Garcia @JeanetteG1111🔁@CNNPolitics You are worse than the swamp DJT PROMISED TO GET RID OF!!!
Sue A @sueray90🔁 you look like your feeling the pressure, even Bill looks like all he can do is shake his head! Please stop the lying , America is not stupid, no matter what you think, drain the swamp 🇺🇸
Trumpette @cashbrittany23🔁 Get out of Florida pervert, we are trying to protect our children! You are just pissed that is uncovering all the crimes in GLOBAL SWAMP! Hey Joe this is your PRESIDENT like it or not!
Felicia Przybocki @msprzy🔁Crooked Hillary will take down the rest of the swamp before she is done. She has no honor, no integrity, no honesty. Hopefully she’s got an
Andy Conway Morris @andymoz78🔁 And The Swamp gets deeper, more toxic and deadly. MAGA Making Arseholes Groper's Accomplices.
eugene ryman @eugeneryman1🔁 i do not kno if moore is guilty r not, what i do kno is that the USA congress & senate has a slush fund to cover up its sins, & keep victims silent, & that DC swamp gop & dem rats tell us they r better than us!!
Butch966 @butch966🔁Ryan sinks deeper into the SWAMP every day. He MUST be DEFEATED.
Bumper sticker- MCCONNELL MUST GO IN 2020
Taylor4570 @5Taylor76🔁Just a reminder to all Missouri residents, the GOP always endorses the establishment candidate in the primary. who supports Mitch McConell. We need to drain the swamp and get . elected! Time we think for ourselves!
Theo Aristo Kratos @KeepItRealist🔁*Allegations against Roy Moore*
Washington Swamp: “He needs to step down immediately”

*Photo evidence against Al Franken*
Washington Swamp: “Uhmmm.. we are going to have an ‘investigation’”

See the difference?

🥀🌹kindhearted🌹🥀 @Kindhearted2015🔁The swamp is pretty quiet when it comes to the Al Franken ‘allegations’

Once again, they are proving how corrupt they are.

When it comes down to it, the swamp always defends the swamp.

Sandy @sandra8301🔁. FOIA lawsuit exposed Lynch alias.Not Congress. Not the media. SWAMP: AG Sessions DEFENDS Loretta Lynch's Use of Email Alias
🥀🌹kindhearted🌹🥀 @Kindhearted2015🔁The only reason why Al Franken agreed to an ethics investigation is because he knows absolutely nothing will happen to him.

The swamp will ALWAYS protect the swamp.

🥀🌹kindhearted🌹🥀 @Kindhearted2015🔁Wow! Still no word from Mitt Romney telling Al Franken to step down.

He was very quick to tell Roy Moore to leave.

The swamp always defends the swamp! 🤷‍♂️

Stand Up Speak Out @StandUpAnne🔁I think it’s time to change this law. This is the most outrages thing I’ve learned about my tax payer money. time to change the law! Protect our money and stop the swamp waste! Since it’s my money I demand to know who we’ve paid 4!
Deon Benoit @DB_Swamp🔁The TL hasnt been disussing the fact that the new hey Arnold movie is a week away from premiering on Nickelodean. Apparently its gonna be split in two part. 1st id set before the show started. And the second is after it ended. And we finally get to know where Arnolds Parents are.
Dude And Dixie @sghayden15🔁Great question. Answer, they don’t care about we the people...only their elite status. Drain the swamp both Dems and republicans that are not for us.
Chuck Ransom @chuck_ransom🔁@IngrahamAngle My money’s on Trump , he’s an outsider , Wgat ever Flake was the swamp swallowed him up , the swamp is the enemy .
Vicky Beal @sakimasse🔁.: " - he's been in Washington D.C. so long that he's not just a swamp creature, he's a swamp fossil... He's the personification of ."
J☠️CK🔨#T45MAGA @hammer71715🔁This weeks Swamp Bust put DC including Establishment garbage like & on notice: Candidates like Trump & Ray Moore are the new . The Cucks have NO constituency.

Lizbeth @ladylibertylove🔁It's starting to appear that isn't just draining the swamp

He's taking down the whole New World Order

Stay Alert, Pray & be prepared

Elle Hart @ElleHart2🔁@Ps5725 @POTUS Good riddance to bad rubbish. #ISTANDWITHMOORE. This is a political hit job by McConnell and the rest of the SWAMP.
Mor Mor @MorMor65596702🔁💥

Lil Mitch & Posse of RINO's went $32+M nuclear to destroy - but fabricated lies have been exposed- his support/enthusiasm growing rapidly.

After looking the fool- SwampRINO's Raising White Flag!🏳️🏳️


Kathleen Caton 🇺🇸 @KMCaton🔁The Fight Is Exhibit A

For Replacing The Swamp With Agenda Supporting Candidates

Expect To
Try To Take Out Every

PatriotWoman @SoCoolUSA🔁This woman is a FAKE Democrat. She is in the swamp and not thinking of the voters but rather ways to obstruct Trump. If it wasn’t a complaint about OBamaCare, she would have found something else. She is not a for sure. Vote her out.
Pat Riot @fletcherperiod🔁Washington D.C. is known as the Swamp, people like Seth Rich cannot get Justice. Why does every other murder in DC in the last 16 months have a YouTube video by DC Police? Seth Rich has none..

Donna M.chiera @DchieraM🔁 What happened to candidate Trump, who promised to help the middle class and drain the swamp? RD + SH
michele @mich_83x🔁REELING IN THE SWAMP CREATURES Trump and Jeff Sessions Just Delivered A VICIOUS BLOW to Obama’s LEGACY; Say ADIOS👋 to

Chad Morse @chadmorse🔁The Left circles the wagons even when its a dirtbag like

Don't believe resigning is best for women" we're only going to drain the swamp" however flawed protect women's rights" 🤔

well known kook is apparently ok with women being groped by Stuart Smalley

Steve Aufderheide @StoshAuf🔁Great question. Answer, they don’t care about we the people...only their elite status. Drain the swamp both Dems and republicans that are not for us.
rpMike @redpillMike🔁Great thread on the list of Obama’s failures. The same list Trump is using to Drain the Swamp. 🇺🇸
Mary Osborn @MaryOsb36485285🔁Flake is right, With Trump as POTUS, the GOP swamp creatures are exposing themselves, THEY WILL BE TOAST, are watching. the swamp is full of liars, corruption, pedophiles
William Ray🇺🇸, MML @WmJRayandAssoc🔁THIS...coming from a guy that has shit scraped off him from both sides of his stank-ass, because he serves DEMS/GOP.. ., but not The People!

Here’s your truth🙊🙉🙈, just like a Socialist

You’re the Swamp that warned us ALL🖕see ya😂🤣 LOSER👎

Patrice Cross @patricecross51🔁Could not have said it better!
Term limits are like the DRAINO that will allow the Swamp to drain!

Flag Flying Patriot @IndeCardio🔁I agree! Judge Moore is a Swamp! But he's a swamp of Christian Conservative values this nation was founded on! And th at scares the Jeff Flake and minions! Flake doesn't realize that Moore is not the be all end all for We The People! It's just a matter of time for the !
D Sims @Belair19571988🔁There’s1400+ sealed indictments. It’s increased just today. I provided the link. We start somewhere. is the plan. It’s all laid out! POTUS is working draining the swamp. 6300+ human trafficking arrests in 7 months from Aug to October this year! 1400 under 0
JudyK @JudyK2017🔁 @kwilli1046 They ALL do! Drain the Swamp! @realDonaldTrump
LutherLewis @LutherLewis🔁@chuckwoolery @theblaze Chris Wallace: Democrat anchored in keeping the swamp alive and well stocked. His father would not be proud.
Mike Highley (Spot) @mike_highley🔁Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer - it's actually much worse than anyone ever thought, and it begins with the Fake News!
🦋kimberlybold🦋 @KimberlyBold🔁"Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee this week, Sessions offered more excuses than a high schooler who just crashed his mom’s car while skipping classes and drinking behind the wheel"
L J Platt @ljordanplatt🔁Start with getting money out of elections. They'll figure out how to game that too, but we would have a window to cl ean the sewer. Because it's not a swamp and it's getting dirtier.
psurge43 @pserge35🔁@PressSec Just waiting for middle class to reap the rewards of the swamp! Not tricking down as of yet!
NoName @cp091901🔁. to : "There are a lot of sexual harassers on the Hill who are quivering in their boots right now... Talk about draining the swamp. Let's get rid of them. Let's get rid of this secret fund."
G. Altieri 🤘🏼😈🤘🏼 @ImPoliticalWill🔁The only people capable of draining the swamp is an educated, voting citizen. We need to support candidates who can stand up to and .
David @clubkew🔁 drain the swamp and the creatures in Congress. They are the biggest problems in the DC swamp. No questions asked.
littledan @MemphisMeteor🔁Nothing unfortunate about Republicans being held to account. Draining the swamp is exactly that. Draining ALL the sw amp. Quicker we remove all the criminals, quicker we can get someone worthy in their place.
Adorable Redhead @imo4u2🔁Drain the Swamp: Demand that Congress release all the information on sexual abuses by its members , &
Cindy Russell Daniel @cindyleedaniel🔁Neither one! This wld be a great start to Draining the Swamp!
Paula Bonney @PaulaBonney3🔁The swamp donkeys are looking for shelter. Ominous clouds are forming on the horizon. The storm is rolling in. Monday may not be so typical after all |
CleanSense @cieansenseUS🔁Ya sure, what could possibly be shady about that deal. Could the reason be that the swamp people never get out of Washington DC long enough to speak to real people? They have all worked at the palace for way too long. Can I hear about term limits please dear God.
Sherry Grondin @Intensity_Blue🔁Drain The Swamp – Part XVII – The End Of The Clinton Era via @
Alicia Wojanowski @aliwojo19🔁**PAY ATTENTION**
It's not chance that the liberal media is writing stories such as
"Ken Starr Was Right."

There are MAJOR happenings in DC/Virginia involving the actual draining of the swamp. The media is trying to get in front of what's coming by distancing.

Jim E Allen @JimEAllen2🔁@ScottPresler @Dondorey1 There obviously is more like Al up there we need to drain the swamp and put term limits on them all
Judith Radford @judeanneRad🔁The battle isn’t just the physical realm, but also spiritual. The Deep States () are at war with the average Americans. These swamp creatures are keeping Trump from doing his job here as well as overseas.

TED @TDR0782🔁 @TEN_G0P Draining the Swamp is getting ugly. but it needs to be done.
Swamp Guy Kayton @SwampGuyMusic🔁Just the Same by Swamp Guy #NowPlaying @discoverweekly @Spotify My Love
Hillary Newton @studiohq🔁Fair enough. The figures in college also told me that they are unbiased except for the subjects they are questioning and can only be as trustworthy as those answering if 30% to 40% intend to mislead when they have dubbed external pollsters as part of the swamp how is that handled
Liberty&justice4allofUS @freedom4all4321🔁“Of all the Fredos occupying Trump world, perhaps Donald Trump Jr. proved to be the easiest mark for the Russians.”
Peter @peveril007🔁Who knew when America ➡️Trump 2 DC 2 drain the swamp.. it would take on a life of it’s own‼️
Obstruction💥Sell out of 🇺🇸
‼️Just the beginning‼️
Sexual misconduct💥Gropegate
Shush Fund💥Deceit💥Coverup

The storm is real’s coming‼️

Debi LeFors @debdooder60🔁Bobby Baker, key figure in the D.C. Swamp scandals half a century ago, passes on. Lessons can be learned from this forgotten insider at the heart of scandal in the JFK & LBJ administrations - at American Thinker.
Dr. House @real_DrHouse🔁 TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE @POTUS. About time the swamp was drained!
WZIG @WZIGfm🔁Next Train to Arkansas | Slip and the Spinouts | Devil's Swamp
anapeace @hafizjohani🔁Prologue: an alien spacecraft crashes in a Florida swamp. Its crew are dead. But the ship carries a book;

a history of the Trigan Empire...


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