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The Swamp AngiedeTroya @angiedetroya🔁 Who knew Draining the Swamp would be so much fun🤣
Norm Eisen @NormEisen🔁"Deep state"=checks & balances. "Witch hunt"=rule of law. "Drain Swamp"=hire lobbyists. And as the below proves,"Amer ica First"=Trump First
Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom🔁Americans voted for Obamas "change" and Trumps "drain the swamp". Time for corrupt US elites running out. Broken promises won't change that.
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁While GOP Senators were in the dark, DC lobbyists helped write the Senate bill. That's not draining the swamp, Donald, that's overflowing it
Slithered out of the slime to tweet "Republicans are the Death Party"

Partly True, we killed her Dream to be

Nancy Rodenski @N_Rode🔁the #WhiteHouse is now officially the #Swamp than you #TrumpTraitor #TrumpLies #TrumpRussia
Big Carson Rocks @big_carsonrocks🔁President Trump's Lies = NONE

Ex-President Obama's Crimes = Take a look...

Shawn McDonald @ShawnMc56440918🔁Will not stop saying Americans Help President Trump drain the swamp vote every democrat out of office in 2018.We mean business
SpreadtheTruth 🇺🇸 @shannonweston76🔁Drain the swamp! Cripple deep state. Show Americans justice still exists. Elites should not get a pass from breaking the law, inc. pedos!
robert schwab @schwabre🔁 topics today:
-Preemptive strike on NoKo- a debate
-CBS Scott Pelley victim blaming Scalise WOW
- The Swamp
RICK REICHARD @RickReichard🔁Delay the vote. Let ACA fail and then repeal it. Done. Start over without insurance industry authors and payola. Swam p includes GOP RINOs.
Maria Bari 💞💖✝💖💞 @SnowDov2🔁Trump wont empty the swamp until he uncovers the drain covered by the bodies of those murdered by the elite
Nichole @diquenolohare🔁Drain the swamp! #PaulRyan
trotula @trotula🔁@BuckSexton Let's face it. The Swamp doesn't want to be drained.
Pat Cassidy @taracas🔁Actually followed through on his promise to drain the swamp. He just didn't tell his base he was moving it to the WH.
Beatle @BeatleBlair🔁

Your the causes for dividing us.
ron nei @Realpolitiki🔁@charley_ck14 @HashtagJones1 The Snapping Turtle is the apex predator in the swamp on top of the hill.
GP @GP124u🔁OF COURSE Career Politician Biden’s Niece Gets NO JAIL TIME For $100K Credit Card Scam.The Swamp protects its own
ElElyonsFriend @ElElyonsFriend🔁Morning Friends!
Locked & Loaded for a powerful
-Media Bias (assassination rhetoric)
- The Swamp!
Terri Buchman @terribuchman🔁@HuffPostPol Soulless creature emerges from the swamp to spew more nonsense at the public.
Gloria Benson @MsGollygee7🔁 McDonnell. Scum. Drain the swamp? He IS the swamp.
Tuck Frump @LowBrow_Leader🔁Remember "drain the swamp?"
Remember "Lock her up?"
Remember "No cuts to medicare or medicaid?"
Remember "no investme nts in Russia?"

I do.

Darren Ali @DarrenAli8🔁@realDonaldTrump Mr President you need to drain the swamp,they are vipers!
Tom Wilhelm ❄ @bighurt360🔁@brianklaas The best peoples. Trump gets them to drain that swamp.
laurie @lauriemac909🔁@realDonaldTrump DemonRats are liars and traitors to the American people.. PLEASE WE NEED TERM LIMITS...DRAIN THE SWAMP.. ARREST HILLARY
Mike Chappell @MikeChappell69🔁My platform ?
1- Stop ( not cut) ALL government waste!
2- Pull the cork so we can drain the swamp .
Start now here in SC !
Fire L.Graham !
Terry Sear @SearTerry🔁 LET'S DRAIN THE SWAMP, THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT !!! via @YouTube
Dannielle Blumenthal @DrDannielle🔁As puts it: "When you're a crook, there are no limits 2 the depths u will go to cover up your filth."
Ronald Riekens II @SebSlade🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Girls stuck in the muddy swamp scene 1
Dannielle Blumenthal @DrDannielle🔁Looks like the @NYSenate swamp is bipartisan #ChildVictimsAct #pedogate
Stephen Justice @stephenjus🔁Hay DNC how about putting that 30 million 💰toward health care and tell your constituents you TRULY care about them ❗ ️👍🇺🇸Drain the Swamp 🇺🇸👍
Beth Day @bday1216🔁Trump/Bannon will ruin lock-step with 'drain the swamp.' Dismantle party, our institutions, and instill oligarchs.
Shawn McDonald @ShawnMc56440918🔁Our turn to help President Trump drain the swamp vote every democrat out of office in 2018
G.KELLEY @yestheydidd🔁With technology today that the world knows you posses we know you have all the evidence you need to drain the Swamp.. .. Jail and Prison NOW!
DeplorableTx#MAGA @RickAndKim30yrs🔁 DRAIN THE SWAMP means: Holder. Lynch, Clintons, Podestas, Jarrett, Obamas, Reid, Soros, Sharpton, Epstein. ALL seditious subversives!
Cheryl Childress @TCBCC🔁

Big Pharma wins, Americans lose. Trump is the swamp.

Trump just sold out Americans on drug pricing

Dannielle Blumenthal @DrDannielle🔁Hmm, a Dem killed the too? "representing the Boy Scouts & opposing the Child Victims Act"

Sara Brewer @SaraPsalm18🔁 @maggieNYT @ReaderAdrift They are the swamp ? ?
#Resistance @mastertwitteur🔁Drain the swamp huh?!?
Lee Stevenson @pompey57🔁@BileysMullet @StaggeringBeer Drain the swamp 🍻👍
Vincent Savino @Vin5301Vincent🔁Like ducks in a barrel. Where the hell is AG Sessions?! We may never have a better chance in history than now to dra in the swamp.
Trace @Trace88529604🔁How could it not lead back to the swamp - chock full of overpopulated swamp creatures with limited water supply !
Sue @smcneil3548🔁 Drain the swamp

Drain the swamp

Drain the swamp

Drain the swamp

Drain the swamp

Loepoole @PooleLoe🔁Remember you promised you wouldn't touch Medicare or Medicaid & you would create better care for less $ & drain the s wamp???
Cap @7_Catz🔁Lawyers Reveal Confidential Information to Soros-Funded News Outlets via
Paralee Noel @paralee128🔁Our Veterans deserves a government that has their back. It's time and I'm thankful President Trump has kept his word. Drain the swamp
Renascent Rhino @gbmrhino🔁The RNC,DNC the same thing both afraid TRUMP will kill the golden goose!stop the swamp peoples gravy train.lifetime benefits after 8yrs wow
rubberbill @billyvette🔁Hah! Dude! It's the swamp.
Sherry Cox @CoxSherryAnn🔁@RJSzczerba @realDonaldTrump The people did catch on and we voted to drain the swamp!
Pat Cochran @pcochran16🔁"Deep state"=checks & balances. "Witch hunt"=rule of law. "Drain Swamp"=hire lobbyists. And as the below proves,"America First"=Trump First
Dale Haynes @WandaHaynes🔁I'm so old that I remember when the FBI was a respected law enforcement agency, not a leftist propoganda outlet. Swamp Indeed
Sparklepuff❄🍁 @Sparklepuff2🔁He didn't "Drain The Swamp" He created it. POTUS45 has to be rated as Putin's greatest achievement to date The Kremlin now has a 'West Wing'
Karen Narasaki @narasakijustice🔁Letting Contractors Pick Their Own Auditors is a Bad Idea. The opposite of draining the swamp.
Nancy c Ballum @NancycBa1🔁Yes.... please. It's time for the criminals who turned our Government into a swamp to pay for their crimes so America can heal.
BlueChipTalent @MarvLBluechip🔁This Criminal wants to run for president in 2020. We are trying to Drain the Swamp not throw reptiles into it


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