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Christopher Hayes @chrislhayes🔁The American Nazis fighting so hard to preserve a statue of Robert E Lee are absolutely correct about what it symbolizes.
bobandy @andy_bobandy_🔁In case we forget: Black Lives Matter protests grew from kids getting shot in the streets. This was about taking down a Confederate statue.
DaveAnthony @daveanthony🔁Hey Charlottesville. Put a statue of the young woman up in the place where traitor Lee’s statue was.
Tom Perriello @tomperriello🔁We must all "cherish our history"? Did DJT just dogwhistle support for KKK's main goal of hate rally, i.e. to protect the Lee statue ?!
Evelyn Powell @indueseason777🔁 @JoyAnnReid Replace the Lee statue with one of her.
Montgomery Bojangles @Duboges🔁 The best, allied Ace of was a . Yet there is no statue of this hero. Sydney Walters deserves a memorial🇨🇦
Therese⛵Starboard @ThereseOSulliv2🔁PAST
Confederate Battle Flag removed

Civil War Statue purge

Following the removal of History, US fights another Civil War

Lucia Correia @Ttumpforlife🔁The hypocrisy of tearing down Lee's statue, renaming the park 'Emancipation' and filling it with free speech squelching Antifa is staggering


Joe Turner @papajgt🔁This deal with removing the statue in Charlottesville makes no sense to me. It was built in 1924. People are now just getting offended?
Katie @babykaats🔁ICYMI: A few days before Charlottesville, Trump's favorite aide suggested this poem didn't belong on another statue
Kayla Hackney @1randomdaisy🔁this was the week that Nazis tried to convince us that the Statue of Liberty sucks, and then showed us just how much they suck at liberty
Fiona Svetlana🇺🇸🌹 @Anuhint1🔁Peace-Loving Virginians ONLY (although anyone can Retweet): Who thinks the Statue of Robert E Lee in should be saved?
Charles Voisin @charlesvoisin🔁The Statue at the Center of Charlottesville’s Storm
Craig Wilkins @KeswickPinhead🔁Can we remove the statue of Cornwallis and shove it up the ass of so his pride boys can worship there?
Byronic Dark/Light @CrowdAversion🔁 @jones410 We should put a statue of her in place of the racist one.
Charles Hoskinson @cehoskinson🔁The statue is on the National Register of Historic Places, so that would kind of be a violation of federal law...
The Punisher @WatcherCongress🔁If you want to get rid of an enduring symbol of racism in America don't remove Robert E. Lee's statue try removing the Democrat Party!😁😂
The Trucker Vote @TruckersVote🔁- - - Law Enforcement - - - Take down that statue like its Saddam Hussein & Arrest the Fuck out of the Racist Assholes.
Tim Price @txprice🔁If you're all about defending the honor of white heroes, why not rally around a statue of Lincoln, who won the war? Oh right, he hated you.
Breezy Carver @breezycarver🔁So good people who think wrong remove history statue are white supremacist Wrong !! The statue never should have been taken down first place
DavideMatteo @DavideMatteo🔁After a deadly conflict started by the planned removal of a Confederate statue, Trump's statement: We must "cherish our history"

Any doubt?

Non HumanGMO @NonHumanGMO🔁 Next century's gonna be the People's Republic vs. the Caliphate
Icklemepickleme @laugust4🔁The hypocrisy of tearing down Lee's statue, renaming the park 'Emancipation' and filling it with free speech squelchi ng Antifa is staggering
Fiona Svetlana🇺🇸🌹 @Anuhint1🔁Why don't liberals tear down the statue of KKK recruiter Robert Byrd and remove the bust of racist Margaret Sanger from the Smithsonian?
Therese Flanagan @thereseflanagan🔁Replace the statue of Lee in Charlottesville with a statue commemorating those killed and injured by white supremacist violence today
Simony 🌹 @Afterhoursfeel🔁 Hey Charlottesville. Put a statue of the young woman up in the place where traitor Lee’s statue was.
ellie pinkham @rocktoter🔁 @davidegreenwald Lee statue in Charlottesville was put up in the 1920s. Purpose was racism.
Karen Sacandy @KSacandy🔁To YOU, the right's free speech is a negligible thing. Protesting removal of THAT statue.
I agree: Occupy should have been shut down.
Gene @Geno9360🔁@Lrihendry Because the Robert E Lee statue is history and communists always remove history and teach their lie to enslave youth.
Mairead @PrairieMairead🔁@MeetThePress R. L. Lee statue in Charlottesville built 1924, not the 60's. Alt-right doesn't care about facts, but the rest of us should.
Zahaaaameee! @Zahame_🔁The ability to protest the removal of a statue in absolutely no way whatsoever justifies this kind of blatant fearmo ngering. It's terrorism.
Katie O'Keefe @K8e2014🔁 The American Nazis fighting so hard to preserve a statue of Robert E Lee are absolutely correct about what it symbolizes.
Richard Tuffin @RichardTuffin🔁breitbart writers think photos of the statue of liberty are an attack on them. which is a hell of a tell.
Pops Duffield @PopsDuffield🔁So let me get this straight, the white people protesting removal of statue had 2 get approved months b4. ANTIFA was j ust able show last min
Katherine Patronis @kpatronis🔁For those arguing that racial violence in #Charolettesville was staged by the Left, was it "the Left" who organized to defend the Lee statue
Beka Barry @Bekabarry🔁This week nazi's attacked the Statue of Liberty and killed someone defending a statue of Robert E. Lee

Tell me again how there's many sides

Richard P Anderson @rlcarpa11🔁Tell Joy Reed that the Robert E Lee statue was erected in 1924, not the 60s. Another lie by a well known serial liar.
David R Qualls @qualls_r🔁You can't change bad history by removing a statue only creates more bad history the democrats need to leave the monuments alone
Manda @JustManda66🔁 Am I right in understanding #Charolettesville started over the removal of this statue. Is that right?
Benjamin Bitter @BenjaminRBitter🔁Lexington is a beautiful place. The interesting talk is the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue from Capitol rotund a. Lincoln there too.
Noah Pepper 🍣 @noahmp🔁I can't imagine marching to defend the statue of racist general vanquished long ago... but I don't think of myself as "white American"
Wall Facer J @DocProfit🔁Who's doing that, though? It wasn't an antifa rally around the statue of an American successionist. It's not antifa's turn with the 1/2
(((AndyCavster))) @AndyCavster🔁TBF the twats defending the Lee statue are falling for 150 year old propaganda so...dumb as dumb can be.


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