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The Square The Editor @TheDailyDigest🔁Cannes: Major Upset as Political Correctness Satire ‘The Square’ Wins Palme d’Or
BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking🔁Top prize at Cannes Film Festival goes to Ruben Ostlund's The Square
The Square Laura Smith @lsmith499🔁The Price per Square Foot takes the listed price of a home and divides that by the number of square feet of that ...
Samantha J. Foster @sjfostersound🔁 The Square won the top prize at Cannes? Good film? #Cannes2017 #CannesFilmFestival #filmmaking
Steve Rosenberg @BBCSteveR🔁30 years ago today a German teenager landed his plane by the Kremlin. On Red Square I attempt to recreate this astoni shing event.
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Sofia Coppola wins best director at the 70th Cannes Film Festival; "The Square" wins the Palme d’Or
rooth @GLilgenuis3🔁 I've lasted 37 years in the subway BC I wake up everyday treating it like I'm performing in madison square garden.
Tharun laxman @tharunlaxman12🔁 Smith cracks Junaid backward of square to the long boundary and brings up the 50. Aus 52-1. #AUSvPAK
Gregory Hardin @Gregory89298251🔁After the minute's silence in St Ann's square, a quiet, spontaneous rendition of Don't Look Back in Anger broke out in the crowd
Sen-Kun @FeuFeuTobi🔁 Square Enix Japan is one of the worst managed companies I've ever seen
Melinda Farrell @melindafarrell🔁Smith cracks Junaid backward of square to the long boundary and brings up the 50. Aus 52-1. #AUSvPAK
Matt/MathTutor4NYCNJ @MathTutor4NYCNJ🔁 For the 144th day of the year: 144 is the reverse of 441. The same is true of their square roots... √144=12 and √441=21.
Scandinavia_Dreaming @JulieBoenec🔁Woohoo for Sweden! Ruben Östlund’s THE SQUARE has won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival:
Will @writers_square🔁Homeland Security secretary says he's considering banning laptops from all international flights to and from the US
K B @KJB334🔁 Sofia Coppola became the second woman in the Cannes Film Festival’s history to win best director
Will @writers_square🔁These topics will likely be the centerpiece of - talks in Paris
jules houghton @houghton_jules🔁Vigil in St Ann's Square 10.31pm tonight in tribute to victims of the Manchester arena terror attack, one week on

Alyssa Randall @AlyssaR81546111🔁We are in Bucky Doo Square at The Ideal Health Exhibition in today
Scott Trevithick @scottysmumbles🔁@JamesHubbard113 @Skinnersbrewery Are you visiting Cambourne? If so go see the Richard Trevithick statue in the main square #proudTrevithick
Carbo @carbokib🔁love the playoff final. even when Boro got beat it couldn't spoil the weekend. Trafalgar square and Wembley stadium were awesome.
Adina Glickstein @adinaglick🔁Sofia Coppola ("The Beguiled") became just the second woman to win best director in Cannes Film Festival history
jules houghton @houghton_jules🔁 leading the anti fox hunt March 1000's from Cavendish Square in protest
Will @writers_square🔁 President Trump launches Twitter attack: "Fake news is the enemy"
Thomas Lewis @TomRobertLewis🔁 People who wish to gather at 10.31pm, one week on from the terrorist atrocity, will come together at St Ann's Square.
marco @marcostrijker41🔁 Cannes 2017 awards: visceral power overlooked in favour of bourgeois absurdity | Peter Bradshaw
Rhode @WillHeroX🔁good morning everyone except square enix who still hasn't made The World Ends with You 2
Will @writers_square🔁 This House Democrat called for Trump’s impeachment. Then the racist death threats began.
Larry G. Patrick @RevLGP🔁Memorial Day Quote of the Week: "Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness" --Philadelphia's Washington Square
Will @writers_square🔁Today would have been John F. Kennedy's 100th birthday. Listen to the earliest known voice recording we have of him:
عقيل أحمد @aqeelahmed_🔁Two of the most senior Muslim scholars in the UK laying flowers in St Ann's Square Chairman &
Will @writers_square🔁 How America and Japan are Pushing Back Against China in the South China Sea.
Will @writers_square🔁President Trump's statement to NYT: "Jared is doing a great job for the country. I have total confidence in him."
Янина Спивак @aninaykavips🔁 #ФолловлюВсехВзаимно Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden ⚽
brunna @leslyeknope🔁 Sofia Coppola wins best director at the 70th Cannes Film Festival; "The Square" wins the Palme d’Or
Emma @reilly_emma🔁There will be a vigil in St Ann's Square night marking exactly one week since the terrorist attack on Manchester
Consuelo Recalde @Consue0205🔁Join the make hunting history march happening now
Cavendish Square ll#Keeptheban
sandip @wordsndimages🔁#TheSquare wins the #Palme d’Or: complete #Cannes2017 awards and comment via @SightSoundmag
VietMaz @vietmaz🔁Swedish art gallery satire 'The Square' wins Palme d'Or at Cannes at
Marquis Le Dain @MarquisLeDain🔁.@titchestwitches Fox Hunting Protest Cavendish square, Lift up the megaphone #keeptheban
TV Signals @TV_Signals🔁New Post: Cannes: ‘The Square’ Takes Palme D’Or; Sofia Coppola Best Director; Acting Honor… -
T. Atkins @Pearl_Daddy🔁Lets take it back to the old days when guns was never an option. It was always square up or shut up. 💯
Russian bot *bleep* @TundeWilliamsDC🔁i've heard this song a trillion times & i just realized when he said "the square of 69 is 8 something," he actually meant "ATE" -something
#JusticeForLwando @Loot_92🔁The new Gov address for all those applying vacancies
1221 Ahmedabab Rd
4th floor
Mahatma Gandhi Square
Ed Hauser @edchauser🔁 Christians would do far better in the public square if we remembered we are called, not to win, but to serve.
didi @didifyy🔁Robert Pattinson loses out on best actor award to Joaquin Phoenix in Cannes via @MetroUK
Daniel Gearie @DanielGearie🔁Sunday night: 1) drop 2k on my card 2) thrown to the ground in a bar 3) rejected (again) 4) dash my phone across Old Town Square 5) throw up
Tom Fitton @fittontom🔁Join the make hunting history march happening now
Cavendish Square
Ian @ShepCommandr🔁I think Square has the same problem as Capcom Japan. Long tenure devs are being put into mgmt roles and they have no clue wtf they're doing.
Square Wheels CC @squarewheelscc🔁Tuesday evening training run leaving the Square at 7pm. No Thursday evening training run this week with the IC5...
R3 innovations @r3innovations🔁watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge at Paras Downtown Square Big Cinemas
¡sabella @izzyglasss🔁The memorial in st Anne's square is honestly the most moving and beautiful thing I've ever seen 💗
jean-claude Mazel @jeanclaudemazel🔁 Swedish satire 'The Square' wins Cannes top prize Palme d'Or I Photos
Tiffany Dowd @LuxeTiffany🔁Cannes Palme d'Or goes to Ruben Ostlund's "The Square"
Simon Viklund @SimonViklund🔁@garciarene1212 That is the trailer for a film called "The Square", but it isn't Ruben Östlund's "The Square".
GAPA @NGOGAPA🔁At Cannes, The Swedish Film ‘The Square’ Wins The Palme D’Or, And Sofia Coppla Wins Best Director:
Coppola is the…
El Varon Rojo @varonrojoradio🔁‘The Square’ Wins Top Prize at Cannes; Sofia Coppola Is Best Director
Diego Frost @DiegoFrost11🔁Dolce, "Sexy" Akita(9), Abingdon Square Park,NYC•"His nickname is 'Sexy Beast'. He's the bouncer at the dog park – he protects little dogs."
roz @espurenaroz9🔁Hey girl you must be x where x equals beautiful times the square root of smart di ided by awesome I ad very bad at math
Lewis Larkam @Lewis_Larkam🔁Red Bull team principal Christian Horner praises team for beating Mercedes on "merit" at the

#WestBelfastHour @westbelfasthour🔁Thank you to our drivers who helped an elderly gentleman after he fell in Donegal Square West & stayed with him until the ambulance came.
Hannah Roach @roach_hannah🔁@LisaCim Well if it makes me square to have a job that starts before 9..........bring on the four corners! #L7 lmao 🤘😂😂😂😂😂
Bob Easton @Bobeaston66🔁Tuesday night is night at La Plaza! You can book at table at the restaurant at the Square or in reception.
Segun Ogunjobi @segesafariafro🔁 Top prize at Cannes Film Festival goes to Ruben Ostlund's The Square
MAY 30TH @IllestCreation🔁 Mannnnnnnnn square up. Notice the last white girl walking in had a blue fro
Измаил Слекишин @ehimisksn🔁#ФолловлюВсехВзаимно Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden ⚽
Tim @TimLondonSET🔁Charterhouse Square 35,000 plague victims were buried The Ghost Bus Tours Vid eo
! @STFOAGO🔁be the ruben ostlund square of joy at winning the palme d'or you want to see in the world. @beentothemovies🔁#Cannes2017: Ruben Östlund's The Square wins the Palme d'Or – as it happened
disrespectful cig @brusseIsprouts🔁today is the first day in awhile that i woke up and wanted to square up with anyone who looked at me wrong les get it


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