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THE SQUARE Ash @Redlynx032🔁 Jensen and Jared at the #CWUpfront. Loving the pocket square. #Supernatural
THE SQUARE Lakeside Baseball @LakesideLionsBA🔁STATE: Tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Curtis High School, it's showtime as the Lions square off against Shorewood. #GOLIONS
THE SQUARE 1 New York City @1_NewYorkCity🔁New York City News Search (Horror In Times Square: The Latest) New York City News & Search -
Sobiah x @sobiah243🔁 Surveillance footage of the vehicle that ran over pedestrians in Times Square (New York City)
🇼🇸🚀3wayyytay🇼🇸 @Jurvontay🔁 Wow - the footage from the accident in time square yesterday is really intense 😕😖
THE SQUARE Abdullah Assaf @AbooWrestles🔁 #aokijump #760. The Aoki x @alliseeisgold 🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️ Jump. Times Square. NYC. May 17, 2017.
Zeynab Feylî 🦋 @zgh_ssara🔁 Surveillance footage of the vehicle that ran over pedestrians in Times Square (New York City)
THE SQUARE PaddleSports @paddle_sports🔁Railblaza RailMount32 with StarPort Combo, Black
THE SQUARETHE SQUARETHE SQUARETHE SQUARE Betws Mountain 👌🏻 @andyjlock🔁 Nothing to see in the Time Square driver's car boot. Just a sword, a flag....
Sean Spicer @PressSec🔁.@POTUS has been made aware of the situation in Times Square and will continue to receive updates
Michael Moore @MMFlint🔁Sad to hear a Navy veteran mowed down 23 people in Times Square, killing an 18-year old girl. Our vets from the permanent war need help.
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁Disgusting the number of sensitive white conservatives who were praying that the Times Square DUI wreck was terrorism.

They need that.

Capital D. @GreenDevinchi🔁Mainstream media is trying to cover up the Times Square terrorist attack. They're calling it an accident, does this look like an accident?
PAUL KINGSTON 🌨☀️⛈✨ @PaulKingstonNNP🔁Old Bridge from the west c.1650 showing the Square, Nonesuch House and Southwark Gate (with traitors' heads). Only fools pass under.
sheila @sheila06942158🔁Why don't U demand that Gov Cuomo & Mayor DeBlassion stop turning Times Square into the Decadent Disgust Den they h ave fostered it to Bcome
lauren @broitzlauren🔁I just saw that video of the crash in Times Square and that is so fucked up. HE LITERALLY RAN PPL OVER ON PURPOSE 😠☹️ #TimesSquareCrash
Julia Coilton @_jayalli🔁At the point where I'd almost go to the square alone but I also h8 the square
Noctis The Cynical @NoctisTheCynic🔁 It's disgusting to see how many alt-right people wanted the Times Square attack to be "Islamic terrorism" related.
Pub! @mizog366🔁How many have died, sacrificed on the alter of cheap vote catching? Now back to square one. May & Rudd should resign.
The Stoic @StoicAdvantage🔁@poopflounder @DrDavidDuke The Times Square guy... I dont think so. Hes not white.
Mark H ن @Horn_Dawg87🔁“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.” Theodore Roosevelt
Spirit of Savile @moor_facts🔁 Rojas, 26, of the Bronx, tested positive for PCP and told police that God made him do it.
Blease. @rapiddiscord🔁i want lukas to punch me square in the jaw
Dawn Johns @johns_dawn🔁No mention of Illegal, Yet! MURDER CHARGE: The man accused of running down pedestrians in New York's Times Square charged with Murder
Mike Lengel @MikeLengel🔁STATE: Tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Curtis High School, it's showtime as the Lions square off against Shorewood.
Alexa Glissen @alexaglissen🔁A lady at the nail salon just said "I want my nails square square but not like poke my eye out square" I'm done.
cecilia 🌆 @wagomunopistol🔁on a related note halloween town in kh1 is like a labyrinth to me
i can never find the right gates in the main square;;;
Native_Amazon @Native_Amazon🔁So all the Trump supporting twitter Nazis were hoping the Times Square suspect was a muslim, but turns out he is a white hispanic 👌
Positivequotes_me @Positivequotesm🔁 Is the filter still available at Leicester Square & how long is it available for?I couldnt find the Westfield one
Rowan Aylett @Mrs_Aylett🔁 Have you heard about the mathematical plant? It has square roots #FridayJoke
Michael @Htrd34🔁Deadly Times Square crash: Suspect allegedly said he wanted to 'kill them all' via the Workplace violence?
alternative facts @altageno🔁TMZ has pictures of the idiot who drove into crowd in Times Square.

Unbelievable. An 18yo girl lost her life bc of this asshole...

crowiejnr @crowiejnr🔁Will do. Ps I don't disagree with the majority of JC's policies (barring nationalisation etc) - but he's just not cap able enough to be #1 😞

RETAIL/FLEX SINGLE STORY BUILDING 530 SQUARE FEET OF FLEX/RETAIL SPACE $3,500/Mo. Great Parking Space at the back Walking…


Approximately 1,800 Square Feet $2,500.00 a month plus NNN New AC included and Heater IN THE HEART OF THE FASHION DISTRIC…

Colette @colettey6🔁and Times Square incident was not a Terrorist attack.... please!!!
The Media R all Nut Jobs too!
Mio Yamanobe @mio_yamanobe🔁When Producer praised the magic square I made... hehe~ ♪
Dan Bilzerian @gooodCREAMS🔁 He told the Judge square Up !
Tom Harness @iTomHarness🔁@craftbeericans #Craftbeericans 🍺🇺🇸 - Drinking a Porter @ John Brown's on the Square - #photo
Patty Kopez @PKopez🔁Just watched a shirtless old Asian man sitting on a random kid's back and giving him a crazy massage in union square haha the shit I see
Deplorable D Pierce @DianePierce532🔁
Falsely Reported
Richard Rojas Was Drunk Driving
Just Watch The Times Square Footage
Thus Spake @thus_spake🔁The Force Majeure director returns with a thrillingly weird study of an art gallery director whose life goes int...
Chris Eades @WootiniGG🔁Starting the weekend with rooftop drinks overlooking Times Square! @ WeWork Times Square
Det. James Byrne @NYPDByrne🔁Good Samaritan Kenya Bradix heroically tackled the Times Square driver as he ran away. Thank you, Kenya!
Boyd's Backyard™ @TheBoydP🔁I have friends!

They're just trapped in little square pictures with super weird names somewhere in a place called the Twitterverse.

AntoniaTae @AntoniaTae🔁I vote for @BTS_twt for the #BTSBBMAs Top social artist Award for this year
V square smiled
Capital D. @GreenDevinchi🔁I just got a text from a New York firefighter who says NYC is in full cover up mode. Something is fishy about the Times Square incident....
Noor✨ @noor_rubani🔁we're having a collection bucket for at the demo tomorrow. please bring along any donations :) 1.30pm, st peter's square
Andrew 🖇 @JoJoE5150🔁Giving out cookie cat sandwiches in Washington Square Park to celebrate the Steven Universe soundtrack.
Nursing Clio @nursingclio🔁A final from our Protest: Past & Present series, Kate Turner on "The Forgotten Women’s March of 1979"

A✨ @AmyFiltness🔁 I just need that feeling when you get off the plane on holiday and the heat just hits you square in the face
sheila @sheila06942158🔁Dear Manhattan: There are little kids in Times Square. Spray paint is not clothing. Get the damn naked people out of the square, it's gross.
Inger Merete Hobbels @inger_merete🔁My enthusiastic review of "The Square". In Norwegian, though. #cannes2017 #thesquare
DoLo 👨🏾‍💻💼 @DolomiteTheDj_🔁 @loverboi2cool I already know I got shooters in the square
Three Squares @cubed_square🔁45's trip will be a disaster bigly. Here's why.

First, the itinerary.
19 🇸🇦Ridyah
22 🇮🇱Jerusalem
24 🇻🇦Rome
25 🇧🇪Brussels
26 🇮🇹Sicily

Our Town @OurTownNYC🔁The young woman killed in Times Square was identified--and three victims remained in critical condition.
The Boost @MrNoWorriesShak🔁GRAPHIC CONTENT: Here are multiple angles of the car crash from Times Square that killed one & injured 23 more:
Gaile @SototG🔁Beautiful Alyssa Elsman, was killed today in the Times Square Attack that left 22 others injured. 💔

Robina Sheikh @RobinaSheikh🔁Check out Sale Festival - Saturday 3rd June staring 12noon at the Square Shopping Centre in Sale
(((Safe N Sound))) @ToBeSafeNSound🔁 #Watch: CCTV footage documented yesterday's tragic #timesquareattack in #NewYork
Lee Lancaster M.D. @LJLMD🔁Deadly Times Square crash: Suspect allegedly said he wanted to 'kill them all' via the @FoxNews Android app
WVUMOUNTAINEERS @WVUMountainears🔁Guy who plowed a car through Times Square got out and tried to run, good people tackled him and beat the shit out of him
StoryTeller @StorytellerT🔁THE SQUARE is Östlund working from a canvass so broad you can barely comprehend it's entirety; sharp satire, sad truths, stunning!
Daniel Minhuey @Daniel_Hans🔁I have 1,001 things to say and talk about with The Square. My favorite of so far hands down. So slick, so radical, so intelligent.
Daniel Minhuey @Daniel_Hans🔁The Square: shades of Black Mirror, absurdist humour of Toni Erdmann. Doesn't quite coalesce but bravura, w/ fierce moral conscience
Howlong Spiders @Howlongspiders🔁Today we host the Murray Magpies Football and Netball club, come down to Lowe Square to support our footballers...
John Applegate @JohnApp63499667🔁Driver Who Crashed Into Crowd At Times Square Charged With Murder & Warned Police About 'The End Of
Beer Whisperer PhD😍 @philadper2014🔁Deadly Times Square crash: Suspect allegedly said he wanted to 'kill them all' via the @FoxNews Workplace violence?
siebrand @SiebrandR🔁This Tweet from @SiebrandR has been withheld in: France.
Eagle Thrust 7 @ThrustEagle7🔁This Tweet from @ThrustEagle7 has been withheld in: France.
❣Treese&Tiff @ChineseQueen_🔁One of the worst things you can do is let someone who has nothing to lose take you off your square. Don't give them any attention.
#1 Bobbie Gentry fan @Dovodpoton🔁in my mind the whole city has gathered in the town square and are throwing rocks at his fat dead body while stray dogs wait for their meal
Julie Scheffler @js_scheffler🔁This Tweet from @js_scheffler has been withheld in: France.
Jeff Coltin @JCColtin🔁What happened in NY politics this week? Lulus, big money for the Mayor, and Times Square violence. Catch up here:
Daniel Minhuey @Daniel_Hans🔁THE SQUARE is the TONI ERDMANN of this year. Comedy of manners and socioeconomics that's often brilliant, but is too long and overstuffed
THE GRIM 1 @MRPhats11🔁City Councilman Wants More Sidewalk Bollards Like The Ones That Stopped Driver's Times Square Rampage via @Gothamist
Mamacita🌷 @JustYaaaath🔁 21 savage put luke bryan on his new album. im finna square dance and hit the folk all in one motion
Klaatuani Tenoch @elklaatu🔁—by having chosen the phallic symbol i to represent the square root of
negative one—


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