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PABA😎 @peteealmira57🔁 OTD in 2015: Kyrie Irving scored a career high 57 points in the 128-125 win over the Spurs!
The Spurs NBA @NBA🔁39 for LaMarcus!

The big man leads the @spurs to the 117-101 W #GoSpursGo

The Spurs Jáson @CescManiac🔁 People think spurs will beat us in the semifinals
The Spurs christopher de leon @bhianchris🔁 Game Day: Dubs take on the Spurs 🏀
The Spurs San Antonio Spurs @spurs🔁Another win inside the AT&T Center #GoSpursGo
NBA @NBA🔁The knocked down 19 consecutive field-goal attempts in their W, the 2nd longest streak of successful field goals in a game over the last 10 seasons!

Dan @DanMetcalf007🔁 slag off all you wish, however tell me what Spurs and Liverpool have won since Jose took over? Can't be that bad ca n it. P2 in the prem and Semi of the FA cup - never mind the 3 medals last season. Where are Liverpool?
✖✖ @GCrssnt🔁Anthony Martial's winner against Everton in the FA Cup semi final in 2016. Absolute carnage. Same again vs Spurs, Toto.
Colin S. Murray @ColinSMurray19🔁Lyns, you are not the first to call them Fucking Man United. Or say Poxy, Cheating Chelsea. Or even Stupid Spurs. In fact I don't think anyone noticed tonight.
SpursCrozier @SpursCrozier🔁The same journalists that spent 4 months telling Mauricio Pochettino about the "Wembley Curse" are about to spend the next month telling him about how Spurs have an unfair "Wembley advantage".
Nathan Davis @NathanDavis123🔁Eric Dier: Make up your minds - one minute Spurs have a Wembley hoodoo, the next it isn't fair we are playing there.
Perrie @perrisonoromoni🔁I despise Manchester United and Tottenham so I'm backing Chelsea to win now to stop Mourinho or Spurs winning the FA Cup. If Giroud scores the winner in the final all the better
Tony Corbey @TonyCorbey🔁As a old shelfite I take exception to phrase different type of supporter.Spurs need to remember the club has working class roots Sir Bill didn’t live in Mansion at Peaseholm in Creighton Road.
Tani @Taniquetilz🔁Much as I feel this is a football wide issue and not just confined to Spurs, the hike in price does seem somewhat hard to reconcile at present. Perhaps this petition will open up more discourse between the club and fans.
Nia Long’s Ex Husband @emmanueliiii🔁Spurs really need that FA cup, poch needs something to show for all the great work he has put into that spurs team.
david @Datibowy🔁 If Giroud scores the winner against Spurs in the FA Cup final he deserves a statue outside the Emirates.
D @dirtyfangirl214🔁Watching Dirk & the Mavs destroy in game 7 of the '06 western conference semis against the Spurs.
. @AsnafMubarik🔁Chelsea, Man United and even Spurs fans have spent years mocking Arsenal for winning the FA Cup, ironic that they’re all now fighting to win it to save their season.
Barnesy @DanielBarnes999🔁Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Eric Dier says people should ‘make up their minds’ whether playing the at Wembley is an advantage for Spurs or not.
Football And The City @ballandthecity🔁Absolutely inspirational stuff from about the positive effect Mauricio Pochettino had not only on his football but o n him as a person.

"He didn't just improve me as a player, he improved me as a human being."

Paul B @PB_Spurs🔁@MartinCloake There was also the Bill Nic lounge in the East stand, I never went in there though.
Shreyas Rao @Spurs_Shreyas🔁Something else to think about for you is how you think winning an FA cup can cover up the serious issues your club ha s. You've been in terminal decline since the last 14 years. The decline is getting quicker. And you'll continue to stick with the man responsible for the mess
NotmyP @craz4e🔁All truck was in college living off his daddy's money nursing is are bone spurs Robert Mueller was in Vietnam fightin g for this country yet Donald Trump attacks Mueller and his Integrity while Trump has none the end.
Leon Schubert @L2Schubert🔁📈 FA Cup winner odds 📈

Chelsea 13/8
Spurs 2/1
Man United 5/2
Southampton 12/1

Who do you think will lift the trophy...?! 🏆


Paul B @PB_Spurs🔁A couple of points:
Facilities in the old East stand were just as good as the West, to be honest I'd say they were p robably better.
East stand used to house the Legends Lounge (hospitality), it was a nice restaurant with an ex player on each table. Bill N used to sit in this area
Michelle Pascoal @Mish_Bastos🔁So a United vs Spurs semifinal in the FA cup. Lol. 💔
IPrincey🇾🇪 @IPrince94🔁Semi against spurs be tough good game, but what rediculous time will the have kick off at 🇾🇪
Lee Payne @ncfclee🔁Spurs need it the most because for all the great things they are doing, they need to actually win something. I'd like Southampton to win it though. Chelsea or Man United would be yaaawwwnnn.
Lachie Cornish @LachieC17🔁Funny as fuck how poor the FA cup was when arsenal won it back to back now spurs fans talking it up like the champs league final...fucking ham rolls
Albert Mullack @klutz505🔁 Spurs will beat Man United and lose the final to Chelsea with Giroud scoring the winner.
arsenal @daviehere🔁Or the irony spurs shouldn't even be in the fa cup semi had to cheat to beat Rochdale😂😂😂😂
Owen @gofcmTV🔁The Spurs could easily beat the Spurs in a 7-game series
David Vincent @dgvincent1🔁@MirrorDarren @MirrorFootball why didn't all this come up this strong at the start season! that's why because spurs couldn't win
Talking THFC @TalkingTHFC🔁Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Eric Dier says people should ‘make up their minds’ whether playing the at Wembley is an advantage for Spurs or not.
Kjetil Wee Pettersen @KeWeeNorway🔁If Spurs win the FA Cup, they would potentially be labelled as the greatest PL side ever.

If Utd win it, it’s another successful season for Moaninho.

If Chelsea wins it, it’s a nothing trophy.

Ollie Olly Oli @OllieClaco1882🔁August 2017: “Spurs will fail massively in Wembley. Will finish outside of top 5”

February 2018: “Spurs won’t get far in the FA Cup, they can barely beat Rochdale and Newport”

March 2018: “Unfair advantage to Spurs playing the SF and maybe final at Wembley. Should be neutral”

Logan Mangum @logan_mangum🔁 Singing the National Anthem at the Spurs/Warriors game tomorrow night. I hope i don’t fuck it up.
Göktürk Hamarat @ButterthekidGH🔁@442oons Spurs to play in the final just to bottle it up 👍
LightOfTheWorld9 @margielaird_9🔁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

And who headed up this psrt of the campaign? Comrade Bone Spurs daughter-in-law, Jared Kuschner ...

Nicolas @Nicolas53115108🔁@ChrisEriksen8 @ChrisEriksen8, well played and what a fantastic goal into the top corner. Come on you Spurs
Gavin Bailey ⚽️ @CrazyCableGuy🔁At first I was against Spurs playing their semi final at Wembley in the FA Cup. Now they've drawn Utd, I'm all for it . I just want to see Jose lose his mind in another 12 minute press conference rant & use it as an excuse for his teams short comings.
Simon Rose @thatsimonrose🔁Having to decide as an Arsenal fan who you'd rather wins the FA Cup, out of Utd Spurs or Chelsea - knowing that South ampton won't genuinely win it - makes you realise how easier it is when Arsenal just win it themselves.
Shreyas Rao @Spurs_Shreyas🔁Yes, but the continued embarrassments being handed to you by all teams selling your best players, toxic divide b/w fa ns caused by your own manager, crap owner outweigh your FA cup success. It papers over the cracks and the cycle continues. If you're happy with that, good for you!
Ed Alvey @Ed_Alvey1🔁 Hoping United knock Spurs out, and then go on to lose to Chelsea in the final. The lesser of two evils.
Juan Pablo @_Lekan_s🔁 Bet some united fans will be rooting for spurs in the semis so that they can push their pochettino agenda . Virgins.
Oddschanger @Oddschanger🔁📈 FA Cup winner odds 📈

Chelsea 13/8
Spurs 2/1
Man United 5/2
Southampton 12/1

Who do you think will lift the trop hy...?! 🏆


Shabaab @Shabaab5🔁The toughest possible semi-final opponent we could have got, Spurs. Our biggest remaining game of the season and a rivalry between our own fan base for Mourinho vs. Poch. Many conclusions will be drawn regarding our season following the result.
Mark Pipe @Pipey78🔁I think prices are too high, I accept other dont agree. I'll pay them because Spurs means that much. Sadly some simpl y will priced out. What I dont think the club are doing to help themselves is making some things up. Being straight with your loyal supporters is a minimum surely?
Jeff Hirst @CLARETnBLUESguy🔁People complain about Spurs being at Wembley, the question is now, will the FA let Chelsea be at Wembley for 3 to 4 y ears?
♥️⚫️Gerard ⚫️♥️ @gfunkfunk🔁From the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere, we see you Spurs Family!

Tag us with for a chance to be feature!

Kirk Robinson @rkirkr3🔁This is how you let a person know he's fired? I don't believe the reason you evaded serving our country during war in Vietnam was due to bone spurs; I believe it was due to you having a lack of a spine.
Josh Petersen @japeydizzle🔁I know it sounds like I’m proper bitter about it, but if Spurs aren’t ‘the home team’, let’s play at Old Trafford sha ll we? 50/50 fans. It doesn’t matter...
jackdawjones @jackdawjones🔁@IanWright0 @johncrossmirror I bet mark Hughes is thinking the same , better to play Chelsea than spurs or Man Utd
Prince - Agbodjan/Bruce @DatsSteven🔁4th place when Arsenal were finishing there every season - Shit finishing 4th, embarrassing for Arsenal, now the better thing ever.

Arsenal win 3 FA Cups - Shit trophy wouldn't want to win it but now Spurs, United and Chelsea want it so bad

Arsenal agenda from the media!

Leanne Mcknight @LeanneMcknigh20🔁Spurs fans are the funniest fans there is. Slating arsenal for just winning an fa cup last year and now it's a big deal. Funny thing is spurs are a bunch of bottle jobs and won't be winning a trophy this year for like the 10th year running
Ayrton HamiltonSmith @AyrtonHS1996🔁Very pleased with the Spurs draw. No excuses and nowhere to hide against the better sides. Let's see how much the players want it and if Mourinho is really going to let them attack

I_AMKXNGOWENS @IMDAFI5THKXNG🔁Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on why it's important for the NBA to promote Black History Month: "We live in a racist country… And it's always important to bring attention to it, even if it angers some people."
That Splish Splash tonight? @Amathambo_🔁But I'll keep saying this, Hazard didn't lead Chelsea to a trophy. Costa did. And comparing him to spurs players or a ny of the sorts doesn't change what i said
Darren Barker @darrenbarker27🔁If you fancy flashing the cash then how about helping a fellow Spurs fan get the treatment he deserves overseas. This is my brother and I’ll do pretty much anything to get the funds we need xxx
stephen ayres @jimmyvilla1961🔁@graeme130287 If spurs beat utd where would the final be played Cardiff,
Darren Lewis @MirrorDarren🔁Eric Dier: Make up your minds - one minute Spurs have a Wembley hoodoo, the next it isn't fair we are playing there.
paula kopra @PKopra🔁Trump@fox-friends are in full panic. Mueller is a war hero but Trump had bone spurs and never served. So who is the p atriot?
Starwars @eddiestawarz🔁 Whoever wins out of Utd/Spurs will go on and win the FA Cup.
Lil Uzi Vertonghen @waweru_jb🔁Arsenal have spent years mocking Spurs about being in the the Europa League, ironic that they’re now fighting to win it to save their season
Utd @SimplyUtd🔁Whoever wins out of Utd/Spurs will go on and win the FA Cup.
EQ359 @EQBooty🔁@thatsimonrose The world we live in. Choosing spurs/Utd or Chelsea😬


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