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The Spurs Jigs @Jigennn13🔁 Join us in wishing Darrun Hilliard of the @spurs a HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!


drnimrod @drnimrod🔁 Kawhi at home watching kd drop 35 a night on the spurs in the playoffs
The SpursThe Spurs Addicted To Spurs @addicted_spurs🔁 Feeling blessed! Come a long way, finally 2️⃣1️⃣ today, thank you for all the messages 💙🎉
Wally West  @WallyWest100🔁 The man that always delivers against Spurs! #mancity
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁The Spurs' 21-year reign has been incredible
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁The NBA playoff matchups are set!

- Rockets vs. Wolves
- Warriors vs. Spurs
- Blazers vs. Pelicans
- Thunder vs. Jazz

🚁Sky Wob🚁 @World_Wide_Wob🔁ive never wanted anything more than the lights turning off during Warriors/Spurs Game 1 player introductions and Kawh i repels down from the rafters
Carol Lee Cridge @CarolLeecridge🔁Now that's our crazy 45 tweeting! Loosing his shit as always.! Cadet Bone-spurs trump who wouldn't know the trut h if it BIT him in the ASS!!!!
ike mann @mann_ike🔁Mauricio Pochettino says Harry Kane didn't want to make 'a big thing' of claiming Spurs second goal v Stoke, but he only went on and on about it. Tweeted Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer about it. Tagged the Premier League. Quote tweeted Shearer. Retweeted Chris Kamara. Instagrammed
babs. @barbarahan_🔁I actually have time to respond now soooo how are you planning on winning in 5 without winning any on the road?? 😂😂 it was Klay and KD that put up the most points in the 3 games they played against Spurs and Iggy is supposed to be ready to go. Y'all know Khawi won't be lmao
LFC_000 @LFC_000🔁The amount of games lost in all competitions this season:

Liverpool - 6
Man City - 7
Spurs - 7
Man Utd - 9
Chelsea - 12
Arsenal - 13

From doubters, to believers.

JOHNNO 🏆12🏆33 @1evolution4u🔁If Real Madrid win the Champions League, they’ll have gotten out of a group with Spurs and Dortmund, and beaten PSG, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Liverpool/Roma. Let nobody call it luck this year.

Man City Delhi @ManCityDelhi🔁PEP: is injured, is out, John Stones is not ready and is suspended for the game against Spurs tomorrow.
Jared Rios @JMANRME🔁How Far Can Becky Hammon Go in the NBA? - A feature article in the New Yorker on the Spurs’ assistant coach

Graham @boydie2009_boyd🔁For any Spurs fans who think there's somehow a rivalry between our clubs, here's the pecking order from our point of view:

- United/the Ev

- Chelsea
- literally any side in Europe

- Notts Forest
- Joe Anderson
- Pete Price

- Prescot Cables
- Tranmere Rovers

- Spurs

Liam Beeby @JustTheBeebs🔁Can’t wait for all the absolute banter merchants to ask “is Kane claiming that goal?” To EVERY goal Spurs score from now until the end of the season.
Martin Staley @stellboy7🔁@scottsmith_4 Didn’t count as Leicester played the long ball game and Spurs had better possession...(that game)
Scotty D @thedoggeneral1🔁
We stand with the people that protect us everyday! FBI NSA...
Military that fights for US!
Not wimp with bone spur s!
Theresa Suprise @Tessuprise🔁You didnt fire Comey. You haven't had the back bone to fire anyone. You hide in corner & have other people fire someo ne. Unless you're in front of mindless horde or TV camera, you can't say the words, you're fired, General Bone Spurs. Hypocrite.
Paul PD @atticusfinch104🔁@johncrossmirror well the Golden Boot might be the only ever thing he wins if he stays at Spurs
Folorunsho Damilare @mcjouveir🔁THE WALKER REUNION

The Mauricio Pochettino project rolls on at Spurs - but Kyle Walker’s return to face his old team-mates this weekend is a potentially awkward one given his success since leaving for Man City:

Samuel @Adepsalmmy🔁The amount of games lost in all competitions this season:

Liverpool - 6
Man City - 7
Spurs - 7
Man Utd - 9
Chelsea - 12
Arsenal - 13

From doubters, to believers.

Chief Agiri @therealAGIRI🔁 Dortmund

But Real Madrid get the "easy draws". Lmao #UCLdraw

scott randall @scottrandall79🔁8️⃣8️⃣ minutes on the clock
1️⃣-0️⃣ down to Spurs
1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣th appearance for West Ham
Cue Ian pearce...
KRON4 News @kron4news🔁WARRIORS WEEKEND: gets hyped for NBA postseason! previews Game 1 against the NOW at 6 AM
(((Taz and Murray))) @tazandmurray🔁Uh, oh. Somebody explained to Donnie Small Hands that the purpose of TPP was to counteract China's dominance. Who kno w international trade was so complicated, Cadet Bone Spurs?
Omar ☠️ @Xedrix__🔁Lmao we are fucked. But on the bright side, we really don't need a proper cdm to play Spurs. Gundogan should do a fin e job
UnpaidSportsExpert @BestSportsIQ🔁 Draymond Green claims the Spurs are still a threat even without Kawhi Leonard. A lot of respect coming from this guy...
Richmond Spurs @rvaspurs🔁🇦🇷 makes the cover of tomorrow's matchday programme!

Pick up your copy ▶️

SpursNews @SpursNews1961🔁2/2

“Harry is a fantastic player and looks a good lad too. Strikers are different and have to be. Obviously in this case it wasn’t obvious, but if he felt it, he felt it.”

Shame so many Spurs fans don’t feel the same. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Jay @CriticalFirmino🔁 By beating the favourites 5-1? Oh Spurs fans
Addicted To Spurs @addicted_spurs🔁PRAISE THE LORD!! Until the bugs are sorted and most important the time it takes to get the decisions is fixed keep i t out will ruin the passion and atmosphere at games which is already dying due to high ticket prices
Tom @TomasTaylor4🔁@HeathMovement Spurs won the FA Cup against a Manchester team, and they’re in the semis and could face a Manchester team in the final 😟
Chris Parker @DraytonCanary1🔁Haha was lucky to be at both. Got them on dvd, classic stuff. I’m on the 5-1 having got a seat near front of lower t ier. For me, they were the best games under lambert bar spurs away & the 5-1 is arguably the best ncfc performance for me bar Wembley.
Manuel Lozano Jr @swimmerdad42🔁Spurs 2017-18 season:

— Best player missed 73 games
— Third oldest roster in NBA
— Second-leading scorer is Rudy Gay
— A million starting lineup combinations
— Injuries to several key players

... and yet the Spurs still made the playoffs. Spurs gonna freaking Spurs, man.

The 12,000/1 Tipster @TheSetOdds🔁Can Spurs inflict more misery on Man City tomorrow?
I've put up a 4/1 Harry Kane bet and a 10/1 longshot for tomorro w's huge game:

PlaatjieWaseVillage1 @RareBreed_05🔁@kumkanikazie And I hope spurs delay the moment 🙅🏾‍♂️
Ai @Spursy79🔁His timeline has been 50% Spurs tweets since the weekend. Remarkable considering we are that far down his pecking order.
Jamal @doclewisville🔁Uhm, it's a derby game, no matter what context, a derby is always a derby. And for more info, City need to win twice to win the league now. Next is Spurs, so, maybe in 3 weeks time they can celebrate.
Callum Cox @Callumcox368🔁Spurs fans, look I get it.
Kane is your golden boy, perfect in every way and can do no wrong. I can take Football fans being a little bit biased but..... come on.

The last time I checked, no one has ever scored a goal with their personal space.

Grimmz @DerrickFarleyX🔁That moment when you're 40ft in the air, and can barely hold your eyes open. I may or may not fall asleep in this buc ket. So glad i didn't need spurs.
Paul Rule @rulie84🔁 is claiming a premier league winners medal because he scored twice for Leicester whilst on loan in 2013 and Leicest er then went on to win the league in 2016
ωilf @Ucheguccigoo2🔁I expect at some point Jose to say he hopes city beat Spurs to help us have a better chance of securing 2nd.
Let me translate, Jose doesn’t give a fuck abt 2nd , he wants to motivate city’s opponents in an undercover way... for the unthinkable to happen 🤫

Rhys. @Doqkta🔁Office sh*te talk guide to the CL draw:

Real Madrid - Favs, but dodgy. Juve nearly did them. Spurs nearly beat Juve

Liverpool - nobody will want to play them. Can beat anyone on their day

Bayern - not what they used to be

Roma - the team everyone wants, but could surprise you

Marie @wmariebritt🔁Yeah, no.

If you think your cock is big enough (it isn’t) make me, coward.

FTR, I’m a citizen who served-honorably- and actually still work indirectly for the DOD. Something the traitor currently residing in the White House didn’t, the cowardly draft dodger had bone spurs! Ha!

CurioCT (Mark) @CurioCT🔁shouldn't have happened in the first place he claimed the goal on the day no one argued not even eriksen that should have been that. not like anyone else was involved the only way that should have changed is if eriksen said it was his. it's not rocket science!
AD37 🇧🇫🇹🇬 @SimbaTheTank37🔁Liverpool wins the champions league and the Spurs win the title. #2018Goals
WeeKend J @Sucka4Wisdom🔁@_NaughtyNice @spurs Dream the fxck on little lady ..
Neil Galbally @riteaye🔁Massive game at Wembley! Come and meet me and some of the other ex-players Ossie , paul miller , at the Wembley Spurs store tomorrow 2-4pm. Or at Waltham Cross store on Sunday with Micky hazard - 12.30-2.30pm
Paul Krueger @OnyxMant🔁Most of America respects the opinion of Comey than you . If that is all you got along with the Republican Party lap dogs, it will not be a good week for you cowards. You are not ready to go to war BONE SPURS.
Reece Walker @RWalker_TN🔁 Harry Kane arrived at Spurs training today in a green jacket claiming he'd won the Masters.
Mr.DoItBIG @DoItBIGGaming🔁The 1️⃣st round is set!

Each ​broadcast will carry a one hour Spurs Live pregame show and a half hour Spurs Live post game show.

trevawn @debrxyne🔁This is the lineup for spurs then
Walker Otamendi kompany Delph
KDB Gundogan Silva
Sterling Jesus Sane
Ai @Spursy79🔁Shite Sports news are the ones that blow it out of proportion they love the media frenzy and backlash as Spurs don't fit their agenda: Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino says Harry Kane hurt by Golden Boot saga | soccer News | Sky Sports
Saara Leon @saara_leon🔁Nick Wright unveils how significant it would if the Spurs upset the Warriors in round one of the playoffs
Hoops @Twolves528🔁Kurtenbach: The three things the Warriors must do to beat the Spurs


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