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The Simpsons Pinging @Pinging18🔁Hank Azaria Says ‘The Simpsons’ Will ‘Definitely Address’ the Future of Apu
The Simpsons AA @Aaron_87SS🔁 How did I know these hoes were The Simpsons
(((Stable Genius))) @davitydave🔁@amynw The Simpsons did it best.
The SimpsonsThe Simpsons Mijuju @MannMiju🔁 The Simpsons predicted machismo.
Bonnie Garcia @stefbah🔁lia19 pornbb the simpsons porn marge
The Simpsons @TheSimpsons🔁We'll have what Lisa's having. 👀 Catch the latest episode of #TheSimpsons here:
Hari Kondabolu @harikondabolu🔁Hey People who are upset about The Simpsons maybe getting rid of Apu, are you just as upset about the 7-Eleven immigr ation raids? Or do you just worry about the loss of immigrants who entertain you?
Dave ⚾️ @RunnerDave20194🔁How strange is it that other than Seinfeld and The Simpsons (and the first 2 seasons of The Sopranos) that I’ve never seen an episode of any of those?
Three Oranges 🍊🍊🍊 @ThreeOranges🔁@TheMike31 I'm just sitting here watching The Simpsons for some damn reason.
JunkertownFM🎙 @JunkertownFM🔁Everything you need for stage 1, Overwatch content, spontaneous karaoke and Simpsons jokes in 1 show! Episode 46 - T he OWL Pre Game Romp by JunkertownFM - Your Australian Overwatch Podcast

Chris Dobbertean @ChrisDobbertean🔁@larryfleisher @JerryBeach73 @goodfundies @jadendaly @TheMikeBPeters @VTSimone The Simpsons are joining the CAA...I mean, going to Delaware!
ciel @theseaciel🔁the TV schedule for 9/11 included "9/11 will happen today", the lost simpsons episode
sophie 2.0 @auto_sphwbb🔁Simpsons hit and run on the tl with some ppl, do u not crave a quiet life hahahaha.
N👀kko🏳️‍🌈 @Neekko🔁We're watching the Evangelion films and every time they say "angel" I think of that episode of The Simpsons where Hom er finds an angel skeleton and sings that song.
Todd Crist @toddcrist2🔁Bad standup routine by Krusty, monkeys writing speeches, sarcastic traffic guy Arnie Pye, The “Children Of A Lesser C lod” episode of The Simpsons has it all. I highly recommend watching
incredulous ted @transprotag🔁snake from the simpsons voice now listen up little dude i want u to go to game stop and ask the miserable bastard working the counter if they have bambi for ps2 if u come back empty handed ur gonna be in major trouble
imagebonez @LIQUIDBONEZ🔁Schooled a young whippersnapper on The Simpsons starting out on the Tracy Ullman show. He'd never heard of her! It's a shame what our pub...
Sophie 🌸 @SophChristinax🔁Where’s that picture of Ralph from the Simpsons jumping out of the window
autobadkerr @auto_badkerr🔁I think my least fave conspiracy theory is The Simpsons universe.
Ava Golightly @AvaAssistant🔁 : Hank Azaria: ‘The Simpsons’ Will ‘Definitely Address’ The Debate Over His Character Apu - “The Simpsons” producers are definitely going to address the controversy over the show’s character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, said Hank Aza... @CLNBlog🔁Hank Azaria: ‘The Simpsons’ Will ‘Definitely Address’ The Debate Over His Character Apu
Abel Fimbres @FimbresAbel🔁Simpsons producer shares scenes from the Prince episode that never was. Al Jean tweeted pages of the script for a story about the Purple One playing Springfield.
DhenissSchweisteiger @Joshitas🔁Happy 21st birthday to "The Springfield Files"; our favorite episode of The Simpsons is finally old enough to enjoy a Duff with Homer. 🍻
LaurEndorse @lovelittlelayne🔁I liked a @YouTube video The Simpsons Tribute to Cinema: Part 2
AkanniTheKing @AkanniTheKing🔁This really an episode straight out the boondocks. Swear Boondocks & The Simpsons KNOW ALL
Simon Abrams @simonsaybrams🔁I like that Eric Andre accidentally makes a SIMPSONS joke at the end, and doesn't even realize it:
nic wood @doowcin🔁@andicbuchanan My mother thought I'd become stupid from watching The Simpsons.
Amy W. Mains @amynw🔁I just admitted to my parents that my Planet of the Apes knowledge is limited to the musical in the Simpsons. I may h ave been disowned.
Dose of Nerd Acumen @Nerd_Acumen🔁Come join us for an arcade throwback! Tonight we're playing TMNT and then The Simpsons!
Jesse Atkinson @jsatk🔁😂 The irony is in hindsight they had great attitudes. They fought for justice!

My mom used the exact same reasoning to prevent me from watching “The Simpsons”.

Ken Hulsey @ViewObscura🔁Vintage The Simpsons Creepy Classics: King Kong Homer via @Etsy
Tobias Krebs @Tobias_Krebs🔁Owen fishback to more!!! I want to the Simpsons in the Genndy style!!;;
Shell Vara @ShellVara🔁It is finally airing on UK TV! The lovely voicing the lovely Exorcist (what else really?) for The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror. January 19th, 8PM at Sky One.
chess @butchcoded🔁he's just so absolutely horrible, that's literally the point of him but 1. modern simpsons writers try to make him sy mpathetic 2. tumblr seems to??? love uwu-ifying him??? idk why??
HAPPY NEW BEER 🍻 @terwilIiger🔁WHAT THE FUCK???? she had wavy hair as a child in classic simps & in for prom + when her and Homer started to date sh e had her hair up in a beehive. Why does modern Simpsons like to fuck up consistency


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