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The Shape of Water io9 @io9🔁Let's celebrate The Shape of Water's 13 Oscar nominations with 13 gorgeous pieces of art
The Shape of Water Jap Salvan @ajsalvan🔁 The Shape of Water (dir. Guillermo del Toro, 2017)
The Shape of Water Abraham @abraham130366🔁 The Shape of Water.
The Shape of Water Jim Frisby @frisby🔁 THE SHAPE OF ... WATER! (2017)
The Shape of Water MAX 102.3 FM @Max1023FM🔁‘The Shape of Water’ Leads Oscar Nominations With 13
The Shape of Water 🛸 Colton B. Redmond 👽 @ColtonRedmond🔁 The Shape of Water (2017)
The Shape of Water Movies World @MoviesWorldNewz🔁Empire Issue Preview: Greatest Villains, Mute, Paddy Considine, The Shape of Water
The Shape of Water louz de garra @Kt1_des_bois🔁 The Shape of Water (dir. Guillermo del Toro, 2017)
The Shape of WaterThe Shape of WaterThe Shape of WaterThe Shape of Water irot @90slesbian🔁 The Shape of water. (2017)
Dir: Guillermo del Toro.
The Shape of Water -Tk.- @TonklaHB🔁 The Shape of Water pre-CGI:
The Shape of WaterThe Shape of Water Trisha Garrett @trishagarrett21🔁 The Shape of Water (2017)
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: 'The Shape of Water' leads Oscar nominees with 13 nods.
BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking🔁The Shape of Water leads race in the Oscars, with 13 nominations, including Best Picture

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine🔁Best Picture. All nine of 'em!

Call Me By Your Name
Darkest Hour
Get Out
Lady Bird
Phantom Thread
The Post
T he Shape Of Water
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Niamh @niamhnotneve🔁The new issue of Empire hits the shelves tomorrow! Here's a sneak preview at all the goodness (and evil) inside
Scipio J. Madison @AppellateJunkie🔁Let's celebrate The Shape of Water's 13 Oscar nominations with 13 gorgeous pieces of art
Jeremy Bratetich @Obiwanjezz🔁The Shape of Water more like The Shape of Water coming out of my eyes. You made a beautiful film @RealGDT
Ricky Braun @ricbraun🔁Also if you consider Shape of the Water or Lady Bird SJW projects you prob are just looking for things to be pissed a bout.

Which I'm sure is something that's never been said about Ben Shapiro.

Leigh Marteja @leighmarteja🔁Just watchin' The Shape of Water ❤
Hopefirmly Lyngdoh @HLyngdoh🔁@hitfilmsensei Could be Del Toro's The shape of Water. I haven't seen it though
Neralie @NeralieJ🔁"In that moment Ged understood the singing of the bird, and the language of the water falling in the basin of the fountain, and the shape of the clouds, and the beginning and end of the wind that stirred the leaves;"

Ursula K Le Guin
Wizard of Earthsea

Deanne McClure @ddmcclure🔁Darkest Hour, The Post, Three Billboards, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water, @RaymondArroyo
Mike Chin @mikewlchin🔁The nominees #Oscars2018 what's the shape of water #122unlimited
♡ 🍒 @bjzzletrust🔁 I predicted the entire plot of Shape Of Water within the first 5 minutes.
Lisa Kadlec @lisakadlec🔁Happened on this tweet. I’m hoping to see Three Billboards this weekend (if it’s still in), but I can recommend The P ost and Shape of Water. Both are really well written & acted. Shape of Water is so original and beautifully told. The Post is sharp and engaging and topical. IMO.
shubina 🇳🇬 @shOoObz🔁The Shape of Water. 🤔 I like it.
BLS @HookedOnHiddles🔁Empire Issue Preview: Greatest Villains, Mute, Paddy Considine, The Shape of Water | News guess who's no 3 Loki!
sheem☄ @starlordsluna🔁female stories doesn’t just mean superheroes. lady bird and the shape of water are both up for best picture and tell the stories of remarkable, intelligent and passionate women who illustrate how films can also portray the tales of strong and powerful women who don’t wear capes
Homesick @nflakckflshf🔁THE SHAPE OF WATER.


kambesyes @kambesyes🔁With her nomination for The Shape of Water, Octavia Spencer tied Viola Davis as the most-nominated black actress in Oscar history (3).
grace 🌈 @g_raceanderson🔁so ive now seen i tonya, the shape of water, and three billboards (which i was incredibly disappointed by) and im see ing phantom thread tomorrow and lady bird and call me by your name next week oscars game strong this year
Monde du ciné @cine_monde🔁Empire Issue Preview: Greatest Villains, Mute, Paddy Considine, The Shape of Water
Eduardo Cedillo @eduardocr05🔁 13 Oscar nominations for The Shape Of Water. Felicidades Memo!!!!!!
Sanदीप Dwiवेदी @sandeepabhitak🔁Nominations for the 90th Academy Awards or the Oscars have been announced. The award ceremony will be held on the 4th of March.

The Shape of Water, a fantasy romance directed by Guillermo del Toro, is leading the field as it has received 13 nominations, including best picture.

Hunter Williams @HunterrLeee🔁I need to see so many movies that I’m overwhelmed. I want to see Shape of Water just cause...I NEED to see Black Pant her, and I haven’t seen I, Tonya or The Last Showman. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Dab Jordan @GirlThatsPOLO🔁god bless Get Out and The Shape of Water and Lady Bird and Coco and CMBYN i hope they fucking run over everyone and everything at the oscars
grace @dustlandgrace🔁With appearances in THE POST, SHAPE OF WATER, and CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, I believe that Michael Stuhlbarg is the first actor since John C. Reilly to have a major role in three Best Picture nominees in the same year.

In 2002, Reilly was in Chicago, Gangs of New York and The Hours.

Frank Langenfeld @FELDart🔁"The Shape of Water" - war Oscar-Favorit
Pauline81 @Frigga81🔁Empire Issue Preview: Greatest Villains, Mute, Paddy Considine, The Shape of Water | News guess who's no 3 Loki!
T Shirt Designs @TShirtDesigns11🔁Oscar nominations 2018: Three Billboards vs. The Shape of Water
The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards were announc ed early this morning by Girls Trip's Tiffany Haddish and War for the Planet of the Apes' Andy Serkis. The nominations hew pretty close...


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