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the senate Nancy Brown @Nancy_D_Brown🔁 Senate report: Russia "used the NRA" to fund Trump presidential campaign
Seth Abramson @SethAbramson🔁(THREAD) BREAKING: The Senate has released the transcript of Donald Trump Jr.'s testimony—and it confirms he lied to Congress just has he's lied to the American people about his contact with Kremlin agents. This thread is an analysis of his testimony—I hope you'll read and share.
Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren🔁Thomas Farr, 's nominee for a federal judgeship, worked to undermine voting rights & defended discrimination against women, African Americans, & LGBTQ Americans. His record should disqualify him from sitting on the bench, & the Senate should reject his nomination.
Amy Klobuchar @amyklobuchar🔁Breaking: the U.S. Senate just voted 52-47 vote on the bill to restore   and to protect a fair and open internet. Ama zing victory for consumers, small businesses and rural communities. Final vote at 3. Watch on CSpan!
Blue Lady @brill_leah🔁 @TeaPainUSA @bertzbiz @DevinNunes did you read this, the Senate says bad things with Russia did happen. You're hosed cowboy.
GregS @GregoS1119🔁Gina Haspel is one step closer to leading our brave men and women at the CIA. She is exceptionally qualified and the Senate should confirm her immediately. We need her to keep our great country safe!
❄️MOREY💙🌊 🇺🇸 @Morey2200🔁The American people have made clear they want a free and open internet, without fast lanes and slow lanes.

It’s time for Congress to listen. The Senate just voted to save .

There is no excuse. must schedule a vote. Now.

puppu @danielqunt🔁 The US Senate has officially voted to save #NetNeutrality and to reverse the FCC's actions. Next is the House.
Mueller V Trump #ImpeachTrump #LockHimUp @MuellerVTrump🔁The Senate has voted 52-47 to reinstate the 2015 net neutrality rules, sending the measure to the House.

Every Democrat voted to reinstate, along with Republicans Murkowski, Kennedy, and Collins.

TooTallAndFat @TooTallAndFat🔁In March I sent a letter to asking specific questions about interactions with Russians. Now I know why the refused to answer my letter. Senate Intel says Kremlin used the NRA to influence the 2016 elections. Did NRA, , or Speaker know?

Radiant Brow @taliesinwho🔁@realDonaldTrump hey shitbag why aren't you going on and on about what the Senate Intel Committee released today?
Debmay @Debsjustsaying🔁When November comes around, just remember that Every single Democrat in the Senate voted to restore net neutrality.

All but 3 Republicans voted to KILL

KittynPitty @KittyAndPitty🔁Ajit Pai can put that Senate loss in his giant Reese's coffee cup and drink it. The next battle we need to win is in the House. Keep fighting for a free and open Internet.
DoINotLaugh (T) @doinotlaugh🔁RINOs Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski vote with John Kennedy to bring government control of the internet back from the dead. They should leave the GOP, they’re useless.
Hey Love @PupsherLive🔁There is an actual Nazi making a serious run for the Senate in California. Long past time for the White House and RNC to be asked about this. In the last statewide poll he was leading all other Republicans, and had a shot at making the runoff vs Feinstein.
des👑 @Destany_Mariee🔁THE U.S. SENATE JUST VOTED TO SAVE ! This is a WIN for the people! Everyone who contacted their reps, raised awareness and DIDN'T BACK DOWN! This is a historic victory and EVERYONE should be proud that the internet will remain OPEN AND FREE 💪
Maurice Patton @mopatton_sports🔁How the Senate Voted Today...

47 Democrats
2 Independents
3 Republicans

Voted to restore
and protect the open internet.

47 Republicans

Voted against consumers and to further line the pockets of big internet companies.


Granny Amy @gongfy🔁IMPORTANT: The Senate, the body that will try Trump’s impeachment trial, has admitted that Russia worked to get Trump elected. They also admitted today the Russians funneled money to Trump through the NRA.

Two huge steps in the right direction.

David Diggs @david_diggs🔁The Senate just took an important step toward reversing the Trump administration’s disastrous decision to repeal . Now the House must side with the 86% of Americans who support net neutrality and pass this resolution to protect our free speech and democracy.
Kaela Plank @KaelaPlank🔁Today’s vote on is one of the most impactful votes the U.S. Senate has ever taken on the future of the internet. If it fails, big cable companies will soon have the power to distort how the internet works. Make your voice heard right now:
MBoyerUSA @MBoyerUSA🔁CONFIRMED: After a thorough review, Senate Intel has found no evidence to dispute the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia, on orders from Putin, carried out an unprecedented election interference effort to help the Trump campaign and hurt the Clinton campaign in 2016.
MOSenMajorityCaucus @MOSenMajority🔁Senate votes 32-0 to give final approval to HB 1517 - Requires the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Administr ation to submit to the General Assembly a monthly report of all settlements paid from the State Legal Expense Fund
Lisa Hagan @LisaHagan7🔁I can't tell you how happy this makes me. The NRA seems to be in the crosshairs. The Senate (Feinstein) has just released a statement stating that:

"The Kremlin may have used the NRA to secretly fund Mr. Trump’s campaign."

Kerri @Kerri51816449🔁Something that really bothers me, the Senate today confirms that Russia actively interfered to help , with the ’s help no less, yet no one is calling for a new election. How the hell isn’t the 2016 election invalid at this point?
tamara johnson @tamaraj86611162🔁A 2,500 page report about a 20 minute meeting!

The Senate can't get to the Nation's business, but thank God they have this one meeting nailed down.

Pyrrhic nonsense!

The Democrats want to continue this investigation! The waste is overwhelming!

DigitalMaiden @digitalmaiden🔁(THREAD) BREAKING: The Senate has released the transcript of Donald Trump Jr.'s testimony—and it confirms he lied to Congress just has he's lied to the American people about his contact with Kremlin agents. This thread is an analysis of his testimony—I hope you'll read and share.
Lonny Robbins @LonnyRobbins1🔁What is there to threaten? Just DO IT Mr. Senate MAJORITY Leader. Make Chuckles Schumer have to counter-move off of YOUR action for once. He’s playing you like a fiddle. Inaction on nominees makes Schumer the de facto Senate leader.
I Resist @Sherry_A_GoGo🔁We just voted to keep the internet FREE and OPEN! Big win for in the Senate, thanks to you raising your voices.

Now, let's turn the pressure on the House!

Mark 🇺🇸 @mcknny99🔁The Senate Judiciary Committee just released the transcripts of interviews about the Trump Tower meeting.

We tried to release ALL our transcripts but were blocked repeatedly by Republicans.

The public deserves to see them and judge for themselves. Release the transcripts.
Walotta @LivelifeWalotta🔁Tomorrow, I will be attending my first public testimony at the US Senate Judiciary Committee. Really pleased senators from both parties are coming. Cambridge Analytica was the canary in the coal mine. We need to do more to make sure Facebook and others are accountable to users.
NoBadDays Colsiegirl @colsiegirl🔁So you are saying we can’t arrest illegals because they have children? We arrrest US citizens that have children daily.

Also, Kamala...why do you think illegals should get a feee pass on breaking the law? 🤔

Gilbertoo @WeTheAntiheroes🔁BREAKING: The U.S. Senate voted to restore .

A reversal will still need backing from Congress and President Trump, who supported the FCC’s decision to repeal it.

tkate @imtkate🔁How low we have become!
We now have the worst leaders in our nation’s history! From the president, senate president, house speaker, congress sycophants, & the 8 sc injustices plus all other appointees. The worst!
Are you proud of this?
Oval @ovalheaded🔁He never said she was in the senate, just that the weak PA senator votes how she wants him to vote. You’re the idiot.
wakawaka @catsmeow_345🔁Senate Judiciary subtly confirms US Intelligence assessment was right ... Russia threw the election to Trump.
Damon T. Bethea @damonbethea1🔁Great news: The Senate voted 52-47 to overturn the FCC's decision to repeal . We're one step closer to ensuring a free and open internet.
🌻 Peggy 🌻 @PLW302🔁BOOM!
The Senate Intel Committee says they have docs showing that Russian used the NRA to help Trump!

“The Committee has obtained a number of documents that suggest the Kremlin used the National Rifle Association as a means of accessing and assisting Mr. Trump and his campaign"

Wanda June @June4Wanda🔁Today, the Senate Judiciary Dems said:

“The committee has found evidence of multiple contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials or their intermediaries, including offers of assistance from Vladimir Putin.”

Collusion CONFIRMED!

RT to spread the truth!

Women TIES, LLC @WomenTIES🔁Wonderful news! The Senate just voted to reverse the 's rollback of . Now, it's up to the House to do the right thing. Thank you for speaking up, and keep making yourself heard as we continue fighting for a free and open internet.
Valis @MissTrippy1🔁Materials from Inquiry into Circumstances Surrounding Trump Tower Meeting | United States Senate Committee on the ... - via
Jennifer Gumbel @jgumbel🔁So, the Senate transcripts indicate that Don Jr. tried to collude and was disappointed when the meeting didn't yield what he wanted. When a person so clearly demonstrates malign intent, it's hardly a "witch hunt" to discern whether he ever followed through.
jav @joonsgooz🔁Hey Internet, the big cable companies are gonna be hassling these heroes so retweet to say THANK YOU to who put the future of the Internet before party politics and stood up for during today's historic Senate vote.
Docteur @stanssy🔁The kind of INCOMPETENCE that can send a Country on Relegation

The INCOMPETENCE that made him go to Nassarawa against the Benue directive.

This is why he will NEVER appear before Senate.

And this is why all lovers of democracy must stand with the Senate at this time. THREAD!

Siobhan Monae @SiobhanH845🔁New from me: The Senate Intelligence Committee has the last major bipartisan probe into Russia/Trump, but Burr and Warner face their toughest test as they head toward a final report -->
Marcus the KNIGHT @blanketcrap🔁BREAKING: The US Senate has just voted in FAVOR of rolling back the rollback which Trump's FCC chairman, Ajit Pai put in place.

This is a WIN for the internet, Net Neutrality and most Americans.

Now the House votes, then Trump can veto, but courts may overrule!

Alicia McClung @A_McClung🔁 BREAKING: The Senate just voted to keep #NetNeutrality rules – a huge victory for protecting the free & open internet.
Jesse Diaz @That_BowTie_Guy🔁BREAKING: We did it! The Senate just voted to protect .

But our work isn't over. It's time to take the vote to the House.

Sauk River Review @OldSaukRiver🔁"Hey - you think it was bad this time - 9 million kids on the chopping block- better vote in a blue wave if you want to be saved by the bought Dem Party!" - Hey if they'd passed in 09 w House Senate Prez, those children wld have been protected along w entire country!
Peggy @PeggyR12621071🔁I'm so glad the Senate voted to keep our internet free and open! It's time for the House to do the same!
Den Mother of Fandoms, Hater of Nazis @Rehfan🔁This is from a Senate report.
Specifically Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Laurie Fitch @LaurieFitch3🔁BREAKING: We just won the vote in the Senate on . Thanks to everyone for pushing so hard. We have more work to do but this is an excellent beginning.
MJW @MJW25672918🔁Boom! The Senate is comin’ forward about this now so they won’t look like the traitorous House committee when Mueller drops the receipts.

Bonnie @Bonnievee2017🔁Preliminary finding from investigation: Donald Trump Jr. and the White House misled the public about the June 9 meeting with Russians and other campaign contacts with Russia. Learn more:
Peter Lichota @DrSpockets🔁Great news: Senate just voted 52-47 on the bill to restore and to protect the open internet.
Bad news: Trump is still in the WH
ah @a_codes🔁 as a VA resident from your district, and after the Senate's vote today during the CRA to overturn the FCC's net neu trality removal, it is up to you next to look out for us and vote to keep net neutrality in place! Your next vote from me depends on it. We need help!
ispotify @ispotify1🔁The Senate votes today on a measure to reverse the FCC’s decision to end . Even if it passes, the reversal will still need unlikely support from Congress and President Trump.

Rat Race @ratraceco🔁Hey , I went to bed (I’m in Israel) watching the Senate vote to save and wake to see it NOT COVERED in ?
PatD1 @PatrickDeBurgh🔁This one lands an upper-cut to the jaw.


Suzanne Mahoney @suzan5150🔁 The Senate Judiciary transcripts are linked here if you want to read them:
Blue Wave 18 @Vote_Blue_2018🔁Today's report is from the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee. The Committee says the Kremlin used the to influence the 2016 elections. Are you denying the report?

Also, why won't the clear all this up by answering the simple questions in my March letter to NRA?

Robert @infoodel🔁The SENATE just voted to return to the American people -- now it is time for to remember who and what put him in his current position and schedule a vote to save once and for all. Now.
☇☈🇨🇦The Warrior⚖🥑☇ @RogueCinderella🔁Thanks for stepping up & putting partisanship aside to save , , , & . Let's hope House leadership follows your lead to do the same.
Jan Jones @janmojo🔁Deep state is not going to go down without a fight. That's why EVERY Republican MUST vote this midterm, to keep the House and Senate. Take NOTHING for granted!!!!


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