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Pull The Trigger @SusanoBlack🔁@jeffbalke @clutchfans Me thinking the rockets might go to another city.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁This Just In: Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander has put the team up for sale after 24 years of ownership.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁🎶 Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty 🎶

The new Rockets backcourt at Kendrick's show in Houston (via @CP3)

The Rockets ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ @KiddNateDogg🔁 Tilman Fertitta (@TilmanJFertitta) expresses interest in buying the #Rockets franchise.
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Leslie Alexander's decision to sell the Houston Rockets didn't only surprise the rest of the NBA, it surprised those within the franchise.
Dan Devine @YourManDevine🔁Leslie Alexander has officially put the Houston Rockets up for sale, and the price tag should be astronomical:
Marissa Banfield @Mbanfield1414🔁This Just In: Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander has put the team up for sale after 24 years of ownership.
COACH Z @AaronNickens12🔁The Rockets are up for sale


Christian @Tx_Christian🔁As a fan and a Houstonian, Fertitta would probably be near (or at) the top of my list for prospective new Rockets owners.
Tucci @Tucci_Bandana🔁@GBearGrant @DragonflyJonez If the Jacksonville Jaguars are worth $2B then the Rockets are worth at least 3
james espinoza @_foureyes_🔁Tilman Fertitta () applauds Leslie Alexander's ownership of the . Franchise is on the market & Fertitta has interest
Via micahh© @messymicahh🔁 Everyone please Venmo me so I can purchase the Houston Rockets
JMG @JaytotheGarf🔁@garyvee Who needs Jets when you could have Rockets? Buy the @HoustonRockets! Great franchise, contending team, & more marketable players!
Astros SZN @HtOwNzOuTLaW713🔁Houstonians will support the fuck outta the Texans regardless of record or success, but shit on the Rockets for signing Chris Paul LMFAOOOO
Scott Caldwell @scott_caldwell🔁@8thWonderBrew @ImprovHouston Ya'll should buy the Rockets. I'll even throw in 20 bucks.
whack @doinkboy2017🔁I'm buying the Rockets
Seth Horwitz @ESPNSeth🔁The question isn't why are the Rockets for sale but, given the spike in franchise valuations since '12, why aren't more teams on the block?
Cersei Supporter @PLAYBOIRICO🔁 when i have a .01% ownership interest in the rockets and rap about how i could easily drop eric gordon if i want to >>>
Brandon C. Williams @BCWilliams71🔁Considering the NBA's desire to further expand international presence, I wouldn't be shocked if someone outside the US buys the Rockets.
Ricky Godri @rgodri_138🔁 Breaking: The Rockets have announced the team is for sale.
EL FOOSAY @SheHatesJacoby🔁@derekt529 yeah he's a wise businessman and he was a director for the Rockets when y'all went back to back
Via micahh© @messymicahh🔁 who wants to help me buy the Houston Rockets
LIL MOSHPIT @LXNCH🔁 chamillionaire gotta buy the rockets with his Silicon Valley friends and ban Michael Jordan from the arena
The Abbot @RaisTuluka🔁Family, if we all piece up right now we can buy the Rockets.
Anthony Cibene @Acibene🔁 Rockets CEO Tad Brown announces that Les Alexander has put the Rockets up for sale.
Forrest Parker @FLP_94_🔁 The Houston Rockets are now up for sale, team president Tad Brown announced Monday afternoon. (via @HoustonChron)
Ryan Sparks @sparky_253🔁LeBron, CP3, Melo D-Wade and Harden should totally joint-buy the Rockets, and become the first player-owners in NBA history
Chris Blake. @JetsDoHer_🔁What the fuck is this bullshit of the Rockets putting the team up for sale bruh.....
Harvey Specter @SmoothTalker42🔁 Hahaha I'd love this! RT @SheHatesJacoby: It's time for Chamillionaire to buy the Rockets and stunt on Michael Jordan
Ayo. @ayo_lawal🔁 Ok. Passing around a collection plate to buy the Rockets. I have $20 on it.
Michelada Master @YonDon_SBK🔁@TilmanJFertitta bring us an NHL team when you buy the rockets!!
Peter Case @spaffoo🔁The Rockets owner is smart. Sell high before the team under-performs this year and value drops
J Airos @judas4real🔁 If anyone wants to join me in trying to buy the #Rockets, I got a 100 on it.
First order: bring back original unis.
Victor @VictorNegrete12🔁NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement regarding Leslie Alexander announcing his intention to sell Houston Rockets
Alvin Johnson @gpraylow11🔁The Rockets are one of six NBA teams to sign a draft-and-stash prospect this offseason. Full list + details:
Adam Schabel @AdamSchabel13🔁According to the Rockets are the 8th-most valuable NBA franchise, valued at $1.7 billion in February (pre-Paul or Harden extension)
Frenchie @FloatAndFlows🔁Rockets are in a thriving city w/a 28 y.o MVP finalist locked in until 2023. They might not pick up the phone if youre talking less than 3B
infused08 @infused08🔁Houston Rockets up for sale?

That would be funny if Seattle bought the team, and renamed them SuperSonics. 😂 #NBA

Q @QuincThePrince🔁Seattle it's the perfect time to buy!!! Rockets owner wants to sell the franchise. Buy them and relocate! Melo/CP3/JH13 can retire in SEA!!!
Dre Day @delete85201🔁I hope Lavar Ball buys the Houston Rockets.
Alex Ochoa @Alex8awa🔁Les Alexander bought the Rockets for $85 million in 1993. The team is estimated to be worth $1.65 billion now.
Let's Go Twins! @KingJHip🔁 Anyone want to put some money together and buy the Rockets?
Alex Vandengo @AlexVandengo🔁 CEO Tad Brown says owner Leslie Alexander is looking at "changing the fabric of his life." Rockets are for sale.
D€®€K FIΠ£€¥ @derek_finley🔁Apple buys the Rockets. Replaces the TC with open floor plan. You can only buy tickets from a punk in a blue shirt with guaged earrings.
Eric Miller @_EricM94🔁Les Alexander bought the Rockets for $85 million in 1993. They won championships the next two years. Team is now valued at $1.6-$2 billion.
Natrone Means @N8roa09🔁1.5 billy for the rockets. A Seattle group could pull that together easy 🤔
Christopher J Boudi @chrisboudi🔁Thank you for the inquiries, but I will not be putting in a bid for the Rockets at this time. god bls
Dalton Kay Young @DiaBoLicaL_TLA🔁YO! @JeffBezos buy the Rockets and bring them to Seattle. Do it for the city!
Burak Bitlis @boorockcafe🔁 Wow... that IS a major announcement: Les Alexander has put the Houston Rockets up for sale.
Justin Carter @juscarts🔁As a long time Rockets fan & a UH alum, I really hope Tilman doesn't buy the team. I just don't see that working long term.
#BaylorRhules @joshtmoore_🔁 I'd sell the Rockets too if my hopes depended on James Harden and Chris Paul in the playoffs.
Numba1️⃣3️⃣ @_Jellyfam13🔁 Luc Mbah a Moute has agreed to a deal with the Rockets (ESPN)
@Gumbino @derekt529🔁 Punk should buy the Texans, Rockets 🚀 don't deserve T swizzle
Ethan painter @Ethanpaints🔁@nickkrsnak_2 Selling at the peak. Highest value rockets will ever be right now
Michael Corleone @ahh_wax🔁 J prince should buy the Rockets for the Culture
Hecto 🌺🦉 @ovohecto🔁 @Drake buy the rockets
Seth Pollack @sethpo🔁The Houston Rockets are for sale via @DreamShakeSBN
Andrew Clark @Clarky_Tweets🔁I bought the Houston Rockets just now.
Magno John @Rembrandtcaddy🔁What's the possibility of Houston Rockets becoming @SeattleSonics ...
Jon Krawczynski @APkrawczynski🔁Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander is selling the team


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