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The Ridge I love my pets!金狗年哦哦🎖🐾 @Jilllovecatmiwu🔁 LSD for $1 at The Powder Ridge Rock Festival, 1970.
Sean Good @Chi_Ridge_Sean🔁 The Cardinals will pay Sam Bradford $20 MILLION but won't pay Tyrann Mathieu $14M
Ridge Wallace @wallace_ridge🔁 Luke's pumped for the Pep news 😊
The Ridge Ridge Marketplace @ridgemktplace🔁On Wednesdays, we drink $1 off wine by the glass at The Ridge. #winewednesdays #dollaroffwine #cafeattheridge
Govt of Pakistan @pid_gov🔁Falak Sher which is also known as Falak Sar is considered as the highest peak of the swat district. This was climbe d for the first time by W.K.A Berry and Tyndale-Biscoe of New Zealand in 1957 from its North Ridge.

Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MDMEMA) @MDMEMA🔁Greater Upper Marlboro , activated by , helped 300+ displaced residents from Andrews Ridge Apt Complex.  High winds o n 3/2 caused a wall of the complex to fall.  The CERT team helped w/ traffic control, setup of Red Cross sleeping cots & checked in on residents.
Justin McElroy @j_mcelroy🔁Metro Van municipalities that will have new mayors at the end of this year:

North Vancouver
Port Coquitlam
City of Langley
Maple Ridge
White Rock

Likely 1 or 2 more to come

MH370 @MH370Search2🔁SC is moving NE along the outside of the 7th arc, deploying and recovering AUVs in SITE1, Area2 now. The outside piece of SITE1, Area3 is next, and that will finish SITE1 (33,000 km^2). SC will head for Freo in ~4 days. Broken Ridge will be next when they return ~Mar 28.
Barrie Wallace @BarrieWallace🔁 Hi - a parent who was Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, tells me that the school and officers blocked the stu dents from leaving the school and participating in .
OakRidgeToday @OakRidgeToday🔁Cutaway view of the Oak Ridge Graphite reactor, which went critical on November 4th 1943

me @L82be🔁At our task debrief last night we heard more about the conditions on Eagle Ridge during our rescues on Saturday.

We'd like to stress to the public that it's and travel and route finding are difficult and slow even with the proper equipment.

Plan Accordingly!

Belinda Squance @BelindaSquance🔁Yes. I have asked the City again to clear the sidewalk at the crosswalk near me. They said sidewalk clearing isn't fi nished yet so wait. The ridge there is now ice/snow. It is melting a bit and I can walk past but many cannot.
OakRidgeToday @OakRidgeToday🔁Congratulations to Robert Eby of the Oak Ridge BOE! He was just confirmed to the state board of education by the Senate Education Committee. If approved by the General Assembly, he will resign from the Oak Ridge BOE and become a member of the state board of education.
Jaxon Franken @JaxonFranken🔁Lance Else recently signed to wrestle at Morningside College in Sioux City. Lance has participated in football, wrestling, track and co-ed dance at Ridge View High School. He is the son of Stuart & Jill Else. Congratulations!
Qiana Magwood @ShowStopping🔁I'm on Facebook live @ Walnut Ridge HS where students are honoring the 17 people killed in Parkland Florida
beardyr0ry🇮🇪 @beardyr0ry🔁@LevelDesigntsar @Battlefield Also seeing the Underground Explosions on Messiness Ridge would have been something, some Leveloution their 😂
Barrie Wallace @BarrieWallace🔁 HI Tammy - A parent who was there told me that Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough blocked the students from lea ving the school and participating in .
Angela Dwane @AngelaDwane🔁 here’s my completed bracket I may have voted differently than the majority 🤔 Eager 2C how the votes go! B sure to visit & vote every day this week on each device! TY for the fun ❤️📬💌
NAHS History Club @HistoryClubNAHS🔁History Club members: see Ms. Frederick’s Schoology message about our screening of Hacksaw Ridge on Friday, April 13. There is a link to sign up to be excused from Block 4 & EB to watch the movie.
Marissa Fortson @marsfortson🔁We saw a tiny silhouette of a man on a ridge just before sunrise and decided to find our way up too. A little scrambl e and a lot of uphill later, we made it to the top to this view—by far my favorite view and favorite hike in Death Valley.
Sean Good @Chi_Ridge_Sean🔁 Browns OT Joe Thomas is reportedly expected to announce his retirement from the NFL.
Mamacita @Amyaleena🔁Some of the most AMAZING kids in the world attend East Ridge High School! I have never been more proud to be a Knight!! Our students put together an AWESOME ceremony in honor of !!! 🧡🧡🧡
Frank Darby @Fdarbs🔁What's your thoughts on Nike collarless shirt on Sunday? Give us a call tonite ON COURSE 8:00 - 9:0 0pm. .866-469-0026. I know loves the look. Just needs his hat on backwards to play @ Silo Ridge Field Club!
katherine @katherinelewiss🔁Come cheer on the tennis team today at 4 pm at The Ridge as we celebrate our seniors , , , & Brandon Walker at “Senior Knight”!
South Ridge Community Church @south_ridge🔁On Sunday we introduced the song Death Was Arrested - and it was a winner! Go listen to it... it’s a great song that boldly declares our freedom in Christ🙌🏼

Realty Executives GC @REGulfCoastAL🔁New construction in the sought after ridge condos in Gulf Shores. Two and three bedroom units are available. The...
Joseph S. @LevelDesigntsar🔁For the Apocalypse? Messines Ridge. For all of the content, tons. So many battles took place during WWI and we on ly touched a fraction of them. Many battles happened multiple times as well, and it would have been interesting to build a set of maps to reflect that.
Kat Moncol @kmoncol🔁Find our bouquet today at 222 Glenwood! (Thanks to Blue Ridge Realty for the can.)
Ed McDonough @EdMcDonough1🔁Greater Upper Marlboro , activated by , helped 300+ displaced residents from Andrews Ridge Apt Complex.  High winds on 3/2 caused a wall of the complex to fall.  The CERT team helped w/ traffic control, setup of Red Cross sleeping cots & checked in on residents.
Joanne Sgrignoli @Joanne1225🔁BRAVO !👏 So PROUD of this school & these kids!

"We don't walk out. We sit down & discuss solutions."

My granddaug hters school district, Blue Ridge School District, handled it similarly! The Susquehanna Twp School District, where I live, allowed it.

Western WI Golf @wwigolf🔁University Ridge will remain the home for WIAA state boys, girls golf through 2025 per terms of new deal
Teando @Teando🔁North Ridge Middle School Walkout! After the administration announced there would be “no walkout”, 40 brave souls walked out, and said the names of those they’ve lost. This is what being an activist feels like.
Sig Hutchinson @SigHutchinson🔁Dep. Asst. Sec. of Transportation just mentioned the $19.9M TIGER Grant that just received for Blue Ridge Rd. Proje ct. in Wake Co. At the “WhiteHouse Summit for NC Co. Commissioners.”
Dylan Tedford @Dylman10🔁@Beachm10 The blue ridge mountain blues baby
Michael @michaelalfarano🔁RT If you’re from the 201 🙌🏻

Lyndhurst, NJ
East Rutherford, NJ
Rutherford, NJ
Wood Ridge, NJ
Carlstadt, NJ
Hackensack, NJ
Garfield, NJ
Wallington, NJ
Moonachie, NJ
Paramus, NJ
Saddle Brook, NJ
Secaucus, NJ
Ridgefield Park, NJ
Jersey City, NJ

Joseph S. @LevelDesigntsar🔁A map based on Messines Ridge featuring tunnels and massive earth moving explosions. We had to be realistic about t he challenges of making a map like that to the quality we wanted. As for most proud of, I'd say Passchendaele because that map feels like an apocalypse.
Marvin Ridge T&F/XC @MavericksTFXC🔁3 days until the 10th Marvin Ridge Invitational! Thanks to all that have participated and helped to support and grow this meet!!!
Philip A Luty 9mm SMG @Da_Bootleg_Uzi🔁Same thing with the trail of tears, same thing with Ruby Ridge, same thing with the internment of Japanese Americans after World War IIAnd same thing with the poisoning of alcohol by the government during prohibition
Jason @OmaJason🔁 does OPPD maintain the streetlights in the Hickory Ridge Neighborhood? (Just southeast of 180th and Harrison)
Kevin Welgush @KWelgush🔁@EvanSchemenauer Ahhh. Thx for the clarification. Thought the seasons overlapped. Good news for Maple Ridge.
OrbitTech @OrbitTechUK🔁Why are there ridges on the F and J keyboard keys?

The ridges found on the F and J keys on a computer keyboard are to help users correctly position their left and right hands without having to look at the keyboard. The number 5 also has a ridge on keyboards with keypads.

Crissy 📫📖 @ann_ridge🔁Attention area ! & I are headed to your part of the world next week and we'd love to meet you for coffee! Come say hi over lattes at the Marriott Downtown lobby Starbucks at 4:30 on March 22nd.
MoCo WBCA @moco_wbca🔁The 2017-18 Private School Rookie of the Year is freshman Katie Hollensteiner at Stone Ridge in Bethesda, MD.

Kati e dropped 39 3-pointers in just 21 games & averaged 6.7 ppg for the Gators. 👏🏀

Cronkite News @cronkitenews🔁A moment of silence on from Mountain Ridge High School students to honor the victims. Watch the powerful moment ca ptured by
piratesinc @piratesinc🔁The same government that went crazy on Rudy ridge and Waco. An you want us lay down our freedoms , so we are force ag ainst our free will to live in peace. Do you really think government going to play nice once they get the guns?
Seaside Realty Inc. @SeasideRealtyBB🔁FOR SALE!
Set on a cool ridge with panoramic views across the island, Valley View is a new gated community...
Abs @stylinsonking28🔁The national news was called and they came to see thousands of students outside of Mountain Ridge High school protest ing in silence for the 17 innocent lives taken away due to a man with a gun that shouldn’t have been able to obtain one.
Viviana Gomez Pozzi @vgomezpozzi🔁Big win tonight for the Tigers 6-2 over Oak Ridge! Great way to start district. Colton Debowski was fantastic on the mound. And the offense pounded out 9 hits. Now focus turns to Friday
Marketing Gurus @MarketingGurus2🔁 Researchers design novel method for energy-efficient deep neural networks - An Oak Ridge National Laboratory method to improve the energy efficiency of scientific artificial intelligence is showing early promise in efforts to parse i...
Blue Ridge ES WxSTEM @BRESWxSTEM🔁It's windy at Blue Ridge Elementary School! The wind speed is a brisk 18 miles per hour.
Ez~Ev @catcherntheflyz🔁Love the Blue Ridge.
Tapco Roofing @TapcoRoofing🔁Ridge and hip caps have a degree of flexibility when fixing and have the same properties as our roofing shake.
Astro Manatee @AstroManatee🔁Southern Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) at FWCC's Royce Wildlife & Environmental Area along the Lake Wales Ridge, Highlands County - Florida
Joe Beasley @JoeBeasley1994🔁@ClintClint1978 Yeah several times it’s a great run in the powder steep tho and the traverse across the ridge is pretty hairy 😂
Alma_fball @Alma_fball🔁Alma Airedales & are proud to be hosting some of the greatest HS coaches around our great state!!!! 2018 Football Round-Table Discussion consists of Charleston, Rville, Pea Ridge, Des Arc, Lonoke, NLR, Bville West, Gravette, Ashdown, FS SS & NS & Ozark!!
SIOBHAN🌸 @siobhan_ridge🔁@HWakeha The most amazing little thing 😭
craig watson @craigwa04336365🔁What do customers tell us ?
James Jordan, Ridge Farm
'We are really pleased with the selection of high quality genomic bulls through
Alta ADVANTAGE. Especially the focus on fertility.
Many thanks to Alta R Breeders for their support and excellent service '
Boone North Carolina @BooneNorthCarol🔁Watauga Planning And Inspections, Vets Services And Red Cross Moving - Go Blue Ridge: Go Blue Ridge Watauga Planning And Inspections, Vets Services And Red Cross Moving Go Blue Ridge The Watauga County Planning & Inspections Department, the Department of…
Christy Bennington @hsminnie🔁 baby! It's Walk The Ridge - bringing smiles to differences of
RIDGE ROYAL HOTEL @ridgeroyalhotel🔁It’s your turn to go to Wakanda!
Don’t miss the premiere of the Black Panther at the Ridge Royal Hotel this 31st of March and April 1st, 2018.
Brian L Liss @BrianLLiss🔁 check out this cool new interview with and loved the wedding music video. Happy 10yrs of marriage 👍😁👍
LiveInOldhamCounty @LiveInOldham🔁Single Family Homes from the $280's!!!! Welcome to Heather Ridge — Buckner’s newest community by Inverness...
Sirius Grey @SiriusGrey🔁Proud that my youngest stepson Ridge is participating in #NationalWalkOut day! I believe the children are our future! #NationalSchoolWalkout
Dalton Romagnoli @Romagnoli45🔁Super pumped for the 1st conference game of the year. Come loud as we battle the Red Wolves from Cedar Ridge.
mygospel_365 @mygospel_365🔁The Oak Ridge Boys - Sweet Jesus
JRT_PGH @pghtarrant🔁 Water and a half at FOB Oak Ridge for #N150s after the snow #millpondmode #redsweatshirts #yeahLights
Celebrities Temple @Celeb_Temple🔁The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Arrested for Bill’s Shooting, Urges Sheila to Frame Someone Else
[via cele bdirtylaundry] - -
Max "al bacio" Geiger 😚👌 @MaxGeiger🔁The view is better along the top of the ridge.
mark williams @jfdfirefighter1🔁I’m one of the River’s own @ The Ridge…
JAηηA ❀ @Jn_7L🔁The Mamores - depicts the light and shade and illuminating the Mamores ridge, with a mist-shrouded Ben Nevis behind. Photo by Paul Webster.
mygospel_365 @mygospel_365🔁The Oak Ridge Boys - Jesus Is Coming Soon
dyaps @momdcy🔁So proud of our local high school, Wheat Ridge, in the heart of Colorado gun country today. Sorry I couldn't get closer. They were trying to keep the students safe from counter protesters, who did not appear.
Amye Kennedy @raising_ridge🔁Ridge Alan loves his new rain boots his daddy got him and helping him build the deck! This boy could live outside💚
Amy Eberhardt @AmyEberhardt1🔁Forest Ridge Middle School Drama presents “Anne of Green Gables,” on Friday, December 8 at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, December 9 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Lee Theatre at Forest Ridge. We hope you’ll join us for this classic play! Purchase tickets online or at the door!
lain @lainasciortino🔁proud of for organizing the walkout for ridge. thank you for forever holding your beliefs strong and inspiring those around. this is just a beginning for you, excited to see you exceed. you’ve made a change today🧡
Bill Stewart @Bill_Stewart3🔁The Oak Ridge boys where the soul never dies via @YouTube @RASterban Favorite bass, favorite drummer! #waybackweds
School District 51 @district51🔁Congrats to the GJHS Knowledge Bowl team, who won their 19th Governor's Cup and their 20th 5A Championship!! GJHS saw 590 questions and narrowly defeated Fairview HS & Fossil Ridge HS to claim victory.
Trevor JRWildlife @JRWildlife🔁Chalcedona checkerspot caterpillar (Euphydryas chalcedona) at Jasper Ridge. This species has been the subject of long-term research
Blue Ridge Literacy @brliteracy🔁It's an understatement to say the volunteer teachers at Blue Ridge Literacy change lives. If you unlock language, you open the world. is a perfect day to learn more about the mission.
AZ Education Assoc. @ArizonaEA🔁Now at Mountain Ridge High School where students are planned to march at 10 am. There are other plans at DVUSD hs Boulder Creek too. The students were asked to march for 20 mins and in the football field. Mountain Ridge has 2000+ students.
Declan Fitzsimons @declanthewise🔁"President of homeowner's association"

I would not be surprised in the least if the terrorist ends up being a disgru ntled constituent of the Harris Ridge HOA and the subsequent bombings/hate crimes were just to throw off the scent.

Brenda Sledge @BrendaSledge7🔁@SamHeughan Wish you would come to North Carolina so we could actually see you on the Ridge❤️
Nate's Ninja S**t @unosyzeros30🔁I don't take my kid to the movies you know why? cuz she's an asshole and blurts out spoilers she watches on youtube. if she were an adult I'd ridge hand her in the fucking throat.


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