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The Punisher Sean Dolan @Steampunkphreak🔁 ICYMI: DEADPOOL Kisses THE PUNISHER
The Punisher jock @Jock4twenty🔁THE PUNISHER for @Marvel and @netflix
Princess Pay Me👑 @sanitythief🔁Still watching The Punisher and now I’m
The Punisher Van @nhlrox🔁 THE PUNISHER for @Marvel and @netflix
Brian Wecht @bwecht🔁A few people in The Punisher refer to bearded Frank Castle as a “hipster”, and now Hipster Punisher is all I can think about.
SiR @inglewoodSiR🔁‘SiR - ARE YOU LISTENING ft. Tiffany Gouché (prod. by D.K. the Punisher)’ on #SoundCloud #np
svetlana @lamesherbet🔁the av club really called the punisher boring...goodbye
Nathan Green🐑 @HappierKindaSad🔁I enjoy The Punisher enough to give it a lotta leeway in wonky spots but Madani using typewriter font in a word doc is pretty damn goofy
Metal Mijo @cradleofchill🔁The last part of this UC application is to essentially be a punisher talk good about yourself. This is gonna take me a while.
Jake&TomConquer @thedrunkendork🔁New video up on The Nerd's Take YouTube channel check it out and subscribe for more great video's

Maddy Loffredo @Loffredo15🔁 I wish I could unwatch and rewatch the punisher
Tommy Bednarski @tommy_bednarski🔁@meyer_bobby24 The Punisher is a solid show
NvD @nvlamename🔁The punisher on Netflix is really good so far.
🦑 Trevor 🦑 @Brisuuve🔁Remember that time Marvel HIRED a dude who mounted a literal 3-year, coordinated, multi-person harassment campaign against the woman who was writing Punisher? It gave her PTSD. But, y'know, Marvel TOTES stands behind its talent, folks.
Bad bitch Good head @slickvick47🔁 Episode 12 of the punisher the best episode of anything I've seen on Netflix bruh
Elise @elise_rachel🔁the punisher is siiiiick
Bear Bronson @bear_bronson🔁@KaseyCatal Netflix... The Punisher....
Vikki. @SlickVikTheRula🔁The punisher just got crazy on Episode 9 🤦🏽‍♀️
👑KingDavid👑 @DavidMerice1🔁The Judas Goat 🐐 #Punisher
sam smith @sammzyy65🔁Decided to watch the punisher series on Netflix, now I️ won’t be able to fall asleep 🙃
Söle 👼 @sweetbrune_tte🔁The punisher me aburre 😭
🌎 @Y_bushehri🔁It’s done i have finished the first season of the Punisher in 12 straight hours 🤦🏻‍♂️
L👀k... @Tbone295🔁@NikkiDohertyy1 I didn't even get chance to check. I'm stuck on The Punisher series on Netflix
Maddy. @MADDfunny🔁At first I was immature and giggled at the name of the netflix show “The Punisher” but now I’m low key obsessed & am almost done the series
DMI @2ndprints🔁Look at the history of Italian characters at marvel. They are all negative stereotypes. The Punisher, Strong Guy, all the Maggia Spider-Man fights. Every one
P.Gonz @paul_pablo8330🔁@jonnybernthal @TheWalkingDead @wwwbigbaldhead The Punisher is awesome! Congrats. Loved Shane in twd as well
Angel @AGuyNamedAngel🔁@LunarPandorium meh. separate art from artist. he was still godly in hellboy, that punisher short with Thomas Jane and the last supper.
Professor Guap @DrewPak410🔁I don’t want to finish the punisher, it’s so damn good 😢#bestmarvelseriessofar
Paolaa @Gordaas_🔁@Remembermejay The punisher, that shits crazy 🤭
Nahuel Rodriguez @elNegror🔁@MateoRogatky The Punisher bitch
a real mexican™ @DARONMALAKlAN🔁am i watching the punisher or fast and furious
Bobby Bones Show @bobbybonesshow🔁new is up. crazy stories about Judy Garland, surprising new perspective after watching The Punisher and nominations that came out today.
darien ♡ @DarienRamoss🔁My mom is so obsessed with the punisher rn that she just made me change my age range on tinder so she could go swiping for an army guy lmao
God Got Me @Plan_D_🔁@khppr_ Lmao. I thought he was gone be the punisher
Alexander @Shmeeeeef🔁I think I know why I relate to The Punisher so damn much now..
viv @dressedlikedusk🔁Are there any sex scenes in the Punisher? I wanna watch it in the living room, but I don't want there to be an NSFW s cene and have my family walk in
Chapel Con @ChapelConMN🔁 Thank you for the Punisher! Phenominal. Just when I thought "Shane" couldn't get more BA.
𝙵𝚛𝚎𝚍𝚍𝚢. @Thaumaturgiic🔁the punisher in a nutshell
Noe Yepes @noeyepes1🔁I showed my parents The Punisher & they kept watching without me, they told me I can trust them since childhood, guess they lied😭😭
buggzero @buggzero🔁8 eps into Punisher - the punisher makes phô after hitting his drunk friend who moons him.
Kyle @K_B_R15🔁I’m finally watching The Punisher. I’ve been slacking on my Netflix shows
Maudy @maudy_silva🔁Who's the lady officer from The Punisher on Netflix? Because wcw
The Nerd Reserve @The_NerdReserve🔁We can’t sugar coat it, failed to impress at the box office. But, is a runaway hot for . Listen in to how ’ assessment rings true for myself and what ’s punisher verdict is.
Kody Lindley @KodyLindley🔁The punisher is a bad ass tv show
KAYLA🇩🇴 @krive0205🔁So I finished the punisher in a day and now I need season 2 to come out asap
☀️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🇵🇷🇲🇽 @ImJayRodriguez🔁Here's how THE PUNISHER can fit into the larger MCU, in the best way possible:
𝔍𝔞𝔰𝔪𝔶𝔫🌙 @GuacamoleKitten🔁@zakevan just live off MREs like the punisher... oh wait you haven’t seen it 🤔
Derek Schott @Punisher_Bass🔁Not being able to watch till Friday is like seeing a bunch of presents under the christmas tree, but knowing you can 't touch them till the magical day.
Dejan Rakic @Izuvatch🔁@theStarWarsHQ The Punisher ofc
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 @askthepunkuzz🔁@blitzkreigm Punisher is too brutal and not for the faint hearted.
Thank you Eli💙 @NYYfan2442🔁I’ve only seen DD and now Punisher and I love both but I think Punisher somehow managed to top DD. I started Jessica Jones and the pilot was cool but I’m not totally sold yet
Randy Cole @ColePasadena🔁 lovely chat with @Collider about my career and #thepunisher
Az @AzA3i3🔁The Punisher season 1 is so many better than I thought it would be.
G$ @wubmoney🔁starting the Punisher rn. will I sleep tonight?
Lilly @Lillyr0x🔁The last few fight scenes on Punisher were brutal 🤢
Ramsey Rivera @RamseyRivera🔁The punisher is where it’s at!
Grinch Moffor 🇨🇲 @Kowenmoffor🔁The CIA agent in Punisher is so fucking annoying and dumb
James Bufkin @JamesBufkin85🔁After I finish watching The Punisher what should be next. Planning on stranger things but I want other suggestions.
Thank you Eli💙 @NYYfan2442🔁It’s actually movie level quality throughout. The fight scenes are insane and the story is really well done. Not to mention the cast is awesome, especially Bernthal as the Punisher. It’s a little slow early on but never feels like pointless filler. It’s a must watch imo
josh bareyㄣ⃒ @joshbarey🔁the punisher is sick
Michell Redfoot @michellred🔁I dunno, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Gifted, The Punisher??? Let's not mention Iron Fist, nope nope didn 't happen.
Sharan Rajan @SharanRJ🔁So now they want to turn it into a Punisher subreddit. And the season's not even halfway through :)
Joel Ariel @JoelAriel19🔁 Recomiendo mil The Punisher❤️
Matt Chiavarone @ChevyRoam🔁Ending this lackluster night with The Punisher
marcus kelson @marcuskelson🔁OK you enjoy the Marvel universe but are so over the films and haven't explored the netflix options yet, they are mos t excellent - well written and acted, esp jessica jones and luke cage, but forget Iron Fist it is manifestly shit - onto the punisher - good!
Josh @josh_herrera1🔁The punisher on Netflix is good af!
Ash Nic ✭5-6 @aGodNamedAshley🔁i gave the punisher another try and my goodness i can’t do it.
Sis👸🏽😇👼🏽🌞✨🙏🏽 @PhillofdaFuture🔁Found this good show on netflix called the punisher. It got in the way of my cod 2k and uncharted 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mangalam Maloo @blitzkreigm🔁In Other News -
Love the trailer of "Punisher" on Netflix!
Metallica's One used so well :)
maria @Vazquezmaria616🔁The punisher was amazing! 10/10 bad ass show ! now I’m sad I have nothing to watch lol
lindsay @mishbuddy🔁I'm deleting episodes of Supernatural off my computer to make space for the punisher 💀
Beansprout @jrconcepcion4🔁I guess its safe to say that The Punisher is the best marvel tv series on netflix
Nathan Fabia @nathanianfabia🔁I was a big fan of daredevil love it was daredevil daredevil daredevil all the time with me so I am very excited to watch the punisher
11/26 🎂 @BIGHAIRANDBOOBS🔁The Punisher is a bloody ass show lol


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