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The Pennsylvania Mz. J.✨ @jaybluuee🔁 Republicans sound the alarm after close Pennsylvania special election
Joe Biden @JoeBiden🔁I was in southwestern Pennsylvania with last week. Something's changing out there. You can feel the grassroots energ y. And that'll beat big money every time. Let's bring this one home. Get out and vote, Pennsylvania.
The Pennsylvania Barbara Lilly Man @daTweetybird75🔁 Outside White House, as group turns down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol
The Pennsylvania Yossi Kamar @YossiKamar🔁 Saccone has won the House CD 18th District in the the State of Pennsylvania!!!
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁THIS IS CRITICAL:

Republicans have tried to vote for in Pennsylvania's 18th District and are being told they can't vote.

This election is based on the OLD district, not the new one. Let the Rick Saccone campaign know IMMEDIATELY if this has happened to you.

Twitter Government @TwitterGov🔁Polls are now closed in and results are coming in.

Watch live coverage of the Pennsylvania special election. ⤵️

ll 🙋 @llspiers🔁Democrats are United! Pennsylvania, like Virginia & Alabama, sent a powerful message: is a failed presidency, Congress is moving in the wrong direction, & the message is wrong.
joshua epstein🏳️‍🌈 @thejoshuablog🔁Via : Health care is a top priority for the Pennsylvania voters who turned out for Conor Lamb
WaPo Once @wapo_once🔁 Opinion | The Pennsylvania race proves it: Trump is a weight around the GOP’s neck
D.Dextra @D_Dextra🔁BREAKING: Voters Not Allowed To Vote In Pennsylvania Yesterday Based On FALSE REDISTRICTING!

The new Dem-led PROPOSED redistricting was enforced yesterday even though it had not yet passed.



Karen Dixon @Kardixon🔁🙏🏻2 Pennsylvania Catholic schools to pray instead of protest on . Father Scott Jabo weighs in on : "By praying for the victims, we could bring a great focus to the victims in this situation." 🙏🏻
Judy Mullen @HeyJude080349🔁The people of Pennsylvania’s 18th district showed up yesterday. They demonstrated that they want to be represented by someone who stands up for working people with actions, not just words. Who has heart. They found that in . He will represent them well.
E Biddle🔫🇺🇸🇮🇱👮 @RealBiddle🔁@GeorgeL56854102 The Pennsylvania election with the democrats remind me of the dog that returns to its Vomit!
Andrew Futral @andrewfutral🔁If the special election in Pennsylvania's 18th tells us anything about the state of politics in 2018 it's that the name 'Conor Lamb' is cute
THE Book Goddess 🔥🔥🔥 @misstozak🔁Left keeps saying that because Mrs. Bill Clinton won the popular vote, more people wanted her to be President. Maybe in California and New York but not in PENNSYLVANIA, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, OHIO and FLORIDA. Swing states. She NEVER visited Wisconsin after the primary. Smart!
DC Police Traffic @DCPoliceTraffic🔁Update the Lead of the demonstrators are approaching 3rd St @ Pennsylvania Ave and the tail is at 13th & Pennsylvania Ave/Rolling closures/Follow Police Directions & expect delays.
Ayla Schermer @AylaSchermer🔁More Democratic or more Republican?
How each precinct in yesterday's Pennsylvania special election shifted from the 2016 presidential vote:
lovelydestruction❄ @luvlydestruxon🔁I don't know how it works in Maine, but in Texas you don't have to live in the district you're running in. Nor in Pen nsylvania, because once Saccone accepts his loss in the 18th district, he plans to run in another district.
Trina Altadonna @TrinaAltadonna🔁Juan Williams misleading the audience, as usual. Says that the Pennsylvania election being close proves that Trump is unpopular, in a district he won by 26 points. . What he fails to mention is that we were told how popular Obama was, and they lost over 1000 seats under him
Jerry Prince @jdp021189🔁It’s unbelievable that people in Pennsylvania would even consider voting for another Democrat after all Trump has done for the working class.

Historically, midterms are a battle for a sitting POTUS. Trump also came on the campaign trail very late, but still...

Faith👉LockThemUp @FreedomChild3🔁Pennsylvania special election may see recount; Lamb, Saccone locked in razor-thin fight via the App R THEY LOOKING TO THE ILLEGALS VOTES?!🤔🤔🤔 SUSPICIOUS 😒 Dems🐀🐀 R BEST KNOWN FOR HAVING DEAD REPUBLICANS VOTING FOR THEM.🇺🇸👊🏻
Donald J. Putin @donald_j_putin🔁After embarrassing election in Pennsylvania, Republicans wonder whether tax cuts will save them in November. Nyet; o nly the Democratic Establishment can save them now.
Diddled Rump @DiddledRump🔁@The_Trump_Train @realDonaldTrump Hey, is the “Trump Train” running on schedule today? I heard it just crashed in Pennsylvania.
Linda Thomas SHADOWBANNED @lindathomas102🔁What about the GOP voter that were turned away.
Zak Hutchins @zakhutchins🔁The Pennsylvania 18th result tells us what everything else has been telling us for a while.
Norma G @booobless🔁“The appetite for President Trump’s style of politics may have its limits” — even in Trump Country. Smart take on PA-18
skry @skry🔁But here's the rub: PA uses touch screen voting machines with no paper trail. The only thing you can recount is the absentee paper ballots (and check the tallies of the machines were downloaded correctly)
t @strubtm🔁This week:

Trump lost the staunch Republican stronghold of western Pennsylvania.

His Secretary of State crapped out.

His personal aide was escorted from the White House by security.

And it's only Wednesday.

Thoughts and Prayers, Mr. President. Thoughts and Prayers.

Adam, SneakerWonk @SneakerWonk🔁It’s not just about one race in — are the via /status/973932378073772033" target="_blank">
Claire Anderson @dcp925🔁.: "Now knows what he needs in his closest staff and the Cabinet, too...He's hitting his stride, and he's getting a really strong team in place."
jlang 🌊🌊⌛️ @kreckerlang🔁We won't know until we know, but knowing that DT carried this district by 20 points, this says that Democrats fired up and our message is resonating with disaffected Republicans and the independents that we lost in 2016.
Yes we can!

Charlie Zone @zonecharlie🔁Just reupping this piece so UNION power doesn’t get erased from the narrative. Hell yeah, Conor Lamb & Pennsylvania for not shirking from it. ✊🏽
いちごおぱんちゅ @ichigo_opanchu🔁What the Pennsylvania special election tells us about the Democratic turnout sur
Pat Fuller Ω @bannerite🔁"Conor Lamb’s stunning victory over Republican Rick Saccone delivers a jolt to Republicans for many reasons. And watching its beloved tax bill be cast aside by voters as essentially meaningless certainly ranks among the party’s most painful lessons."
Mosh @joeyandmosh🔁 glued himself to Trump, running a campaign whose slogan might as well have been, “I’m With Him.” The is now is a pariah. is only the beginning of the Goodbye
s. m. giles @smgliberty🔁Pennsylvania 18th District - Republicans for Rick Sacone

If you were turned away and they told you can't vote;

Voters can file petitions for a recount within five days once the race is finally called.

rcarr @rcarr57🔁I wish they would call this race a victory for , because the longer it’s out there the more time it gives someone to make those numbers change for a loss! Please hurry Pennsylvania. I feel it in my bones, someone is plotting right now! 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
Julia Jones @lightgraphs🔁"It’s hard to imagine a candidate with friendlier looks, a more harmless demeanor and a gentler-sounding surname than Conor Lamb.
It’s hard to imagine a message for the GOP scarier than the one that Lamb, a Democrat, just delivered [in ]."

Dr. Renee Blumstein @reneejoy41🔁Smart move by and to focus ads on the opioid prob in the 18 CD - there was a 30% increase in opioid ER visits there from 2016-2017. Saccone just said he’d cut budget:
Nancy D Callahan @NancyDCallahan🔁Pennsylvania voted today

Precinct results are not currently available in Westmoreland County, a heavily Republican part of the district.
Westmoreland County the votes are coming for Saccone

Helen Turnbull PhD @drhelenturnbull🔁 If you are just waking up, NBC News called Conor Lamb (D) the apparent winner of Pennsylvania House 18.
Ed Timms @EdTimms1🔁Interesting analysis by Roll Call’s Stuart Rothenberg... Pennsylvania 18: A Red Flag for the GOP via @RollCall
No.. this is Patrick! @DeathTheKiid8🔁I got a call from an obvious call center today claiming to be the Pennsylvania Democratic Organization, which doesn't exist. They said there was a problem with the voting machines at my location & voting was delayed until tomorrow. I had already voted. Desperate GOP scum.
Arnie @c_arnie🔁The results so far in the Pennsylvania race should be an eye opener for the Trump Train.

We must not get complacent. The hatred for Trump within the Democratic Party is powerful.

j’dan @treatmespecial🔁Proud of the students nearby in who are using their pain to create change. Proud of the students in my hometown of DC flooding Pennsylvania Avenue in solidarity. The has met its match. This isn’t a lobby. It’s a movement.
Teddy B @usa_1again🔁Democrats are too naive to realize Republicans win with either candidate. Lamb is more conservative than liberal and he will be supporting the Republican Platform. Lamb is one of the first new age Republican Trojan Horses.
EssenViews/Commentary @essenviews🔁Stunning Pennsylvania upset proves GOP tax scam is total failure. The Republican Party's only legislative achievement is a non-starter with voters.
(((John Stoehr))) @johnastoehr🔁NEW:

In the wake of PA-18, Dems are reassessing whether to redouble efforts to contest more working class Trump districts. The DCCC is making a new round of recruiting calls today.

My new post on last night's key takeaways:

...david jones @_dpaj🔁 What the Pennsylvania special election tells us about the Democratic turnout surge
Angeliki @Angeliki_w🔁Does anyone see dead people voting? What are the odds of this race being so close? Definitely need a scrutinization and recount of votes. Hang in there Saccone. Connor Lamb is a wolf in lamb's clothing.
Hezzie H5 McCaleb @CoachHez🔁 is without a doubt the WORST president the United States 🇺🇸 has seen since post Civil War. His crass handling of t he Rex Tillerson situation shows exactly why he should be nowhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Wilhelm Bielert, PhD @wil_bielert🔁Democrat Conor Lamb is the apparent winner over Republican Rick Saccone in Tuesday's special election in Pennsylvania ’s 18th Congressional District, according to an NBC News projection. by via
PK @icepk🔁Democrat clings to narrow lead in Pennsylvania special election - The Washington Post
RussianYankee @allisonpowers13🔁 Donald Trump Jr.: 'It’s important to elect Republicans who will work with the president'
the wrath of france @france42🔁Conor Lamb’s simple answer to why he got the most votes in a district the President won by 20 points: “This is my home. You call it a red district, I call it western Pennsylvania." The Latest: Democrat Lamb's slim lead grows in Pa. House bid
Veronica R @7tysgirl🔁Conor Lamb is ONLY the beginning.

GOP poured $10M into a race where trump won by 20 points, and it was STILL a nail-biter.

But don't get complacent. Keep this fire burning! is happening!

Jolly Roger @MNRoadPirate🔁New Democratic candidacy trick: Distance yourself from Pelosi, Clinton’s, and the resistance. Then agree with President Trump somewhat in hopes of stealing Republican votes. Don’t fall for the Wolf in Lamb’s clothing Pennsylvania!
Michael James @ironmichael392🔁You’re an idiot! Adjective man ! The people of Pennsylvania no longer buy your bullshit and it is sweeping the count ry. Dumbass.....
newsradio 710 @NewsRadio710🔁Hours after the polls closed in Pennsylvania’s congressional special election the race remains too close to call; wit h D
mary linda merralls @MMerralls🔁“Results show not just that the GOP tax plan is failing, but also that the whole Trump/GOP agenda is an albatross for Republicans.” Via
丹しヨ勹丹几句尺回 @AgentDuque🔁Democrat Conor Lamb on Trump calling him ‘Lamb the sham’: “There was a lot of foolishness in this election and a lot of really cartoonish campaigning… By the time of the President’s visit last weekend, people were kind of tired of that approach.”
Rick Baker @rickbkylex🔁PA 18th
Only 16 months ago, Pr Trump locked down Pennsylvania's 18th with almost 60 percent of the vote, defeating Hillary Clinton by just short of a 20-point margin. Former Republican Rep. Tim Murphy, whose resignation forced Tuesday's election, had won eight terms since 2002


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