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The Oilers Gorbahchano @thatoneuniguy🔁 "Hey, sorry those guys blew the other two games for you..." #Oilers
The Oilers Addison Babcock @aebyeg🔁Spotted at the #oilers game tonight. #yeg #edmvsAna
The Oilers Chris Kindred @ChrisKindred🔁 Yeah, the NHL is really out to get the Oilers
Oilers_Hot_Takes @Oilers_HotTakes🔁 This is the best thing you'll see today...
The Oilers Max @RigidSlinky🔁 The Oilers: You can't blow a three-goal lead if you're up by six. #ANAvsEDM #StanleyCup
The Oilers Eric Friesen @EricJFriesen🔁 I think the #Oilers are good for the next 10 years.
#Draisaitl #McDavid
Mercedes Lindsay @MercyJLindsay🔁Just got home, turned on the oilers game expecting disappointment.. pleasantly surprised 😍
The Oilers Sarah Hennessey @shennessey44🔁 The only thing that can save the Ducks from the Oilers right now... #OilSpill
Georges Laraque @GeorgesLaraque🔁Stay positive for tonight's game @EdmontonOilers fans!This serie is thougher because we also have to beat the ref! Let's Go Oilers! #believe
Sportsnet Stats @SNstats🔁At 21 years old, Leon Draisaitl is the 2nd youngest player in #Oilers history to record a playoff Hat Trick.

Gretzky being the youngest.

Jeff @JLobes32🔁The oilers do not want to leave it to chance tonight
Oilers_Hot_Takes @Oilers_HotTakes🔁 Who are the 1984 Oilers playing? Anaheim? This classic game channel makes no sense
katt schulte @kattschulte🔁 Leon Draisaitl becomes the first #Oilers player to record a playoff hat trick since Bill Guerin on April 18, 2000
Kiran Rai @kiran_k04🔁At 21 years old, Leon Draisaitl is the 2nd youngest player in history to record a playoff Hat Trick.

Gretzky being the youngest.

sandra schönhals @maeusefinger🔁SEVENTH HEAVEN! Draisaitl tallies his hat-trick goal & the lead Anaheim 7-1 through two periods.
Scott Shymko @SShymko🔁I get that people dislike the , but all fans should be frustrated with how bush league calls have been. Bad for the league
Christopher Ouimet @NowThatOuimet🔁Dear #Sabres fans: It’s ok to root for the #Oilers. This is hockey. And this is fun.
John Rice @John_Rice17🔁WOW the oilers tuck in another BINGO like a veteran mailman slipping mail in the box the orange crush wave is gnarly surfs up in sex town
Eoandun 🍁 @Eoandun🔁 right now reminding me of the early 90s . Huge game 6 wins… save some o’those goals for game 7.
(((Dennis Koch))) @DennisKoch10🔁 *checks the score* Holy FUCK, #Oilers
Pressbox @Pressbox2013🔁 7 goals. Probably a couple too many..but if the Oilers are smart...don't score another goal.
TRISH BOGART @msprissy55🔁TOUCHDOWN #LetsGoOilers
Keep up the pace!
Celebrating #OILERS tonight
Call ahead to BOOK your @DDTakeHome
#DesignatedDrivers (587)876-4412
Randy Tieman @SportsStache🔁Don't often agree with Kelly hrudey but I would squish them like a bug if I was the oilers.#Oilers
Hello, IT @techead87🔁Here come the hats. with his 3rd of the night, 7-1 .
sheldon westcott @sheldonwestcott🔁Hell yeah @KellyHrudey when we go into the 3rd you bury them! That is how we need to play#Oilers
JP Ricciuto @JayRicciuto🔁For those of you playing the home game, Canada led Slovenia 6-1 after 40. The Oilers currently lead the Ducks 7-1 after 40. #NHL #Yikes
Lainey Boggs @_LaineyBoggs_🔁I know the Oilers have had a lot of great picks in the draft...and their fans also enjoy a great pick apparently.
McJesusville @Sandysymy🔁@CanadasJamaican @CrazyLegsBrad @duppydiva Now this is the new #Oilers hockey. Keep firing boys!!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨-1 #DUCKHUNT
Matt Jones @Deepbluebigfoot🔁#oilers 7-1 is just embarrasment. Go past that i want total destruction. Make them ducks ashamed to show their faces on the pond for gm7
Paul Pittman @pittsss24🔁 The Oilers scored 7+ goals in a playoff game 25 times between 1982 and 1990!
Lorna Van Duyse @Creemore5🔁@AWALK35 Trying to watch the Oilers and Love on Ice! Good thing Edmonton is up 7-1!😂
Mike @Michael92832227🔁@KellyHrudey You're not alone. The Oilers need to keep pushing. When they ease up, opponents given a chance
Dave Rooney @daverooneyca🔁@jasonlittle Considering the score the Oilers should pay you!
Nick Lakusta @LAKUnamatata🔁 I'm really enjoying the Oilers game plan of scoring a million goals so the refs don't even matter.
Scott doucette @Avsfan91🔁@CoyotesAvs12 The oilers are just so young. If anyone gets goin like tonight. I haven't watched many preds games but I feel like it's really
Kyle Walsh @kwalsh96🔁Em, don't be alarmed but I think the Oilers could be legit
ionxtreme @IonXtremeXR🔁Lol @ Oilers fans whining about the calls not going their way.. walk a mile in our shoes the reffs literally HANDED our series to the Ducks.
Yaaaaargh!!! @NotAdam99🔁You folks at home likely didn't hear the crowd chant 'bullshit' after the Maroon penalty. #oilers #ducks
Susan Kedzo @SusanKedzo🔁That's going to delay the game a bit. Leon with the hat-trick. Oilers up 7-1.
Hammerhan @JHammer07🔁 This a real 80s throwback game. The Oilers are scoring at will and Anaheim doesn't have an NHL team.
John Simon @_John_Simon_🔁Same. Haha I root for the Detroit lions Buffalo Bills, Sabres and Oilers. I'm full of disappointment. I'm not like a FULL BLOWN lions fan.
le_affan @le_affan🔁And now it seems as if I am the only one in my timeline witnessing the greatest night a Germany hockey player ever had. #draisaitl #oilers
Shane @ShaneBryant31🔁Oilers lost to the Sharks 7-0 and then bounced back and won the series. This hurts, but it's a 7 game series for a reason.
Felix Sicard @Felix_Sicard🔁I actually like this idea. Save him for Game 7, worst case scenario whoever-plays-backup-for-the-Oilers lets in a few .
Austin Edward @Aeg____🔁 Battle of Alberta update: The Oilers are beating a team 5-0 that swept the Flames in the first round.
Complete Hockey News @CompleteHkyNews🔁Leon Draisaitl is the 5th player in Edmonton Oilers history to record 5-points in a playoff game.

Wayne Gretzky...

Kelly Siempelkamp @ksiempz🔁What the hell
Bruce MacDonald @rbmacdonald🔁@hownottobeseen I just turned the game on. Wow. Way to respond #Oilers .
Prosper Prodaniuk @ukrainiannproud🔁Oilers havent scored with him on the ice 5 on 5 all series. Lets break that streak Wednesday.
Brody Laxton @BrodyLaxton🔁 Hat Trick...Draisaitl now has 13 points in the series and 16 in the playoffs. 2nd only to Malkin's 17. #Oilers #NHLPlayoffs
Phnee 🇨🇦 @ratherastory🔁*checks the score* Holy FUCK, #Oilers
Anthony Dean @anthonysnotes🔁If wondering, score's 7-1 Oilers, end of the second period...
Sarah Hennessey @shennessey44🔁Robert Clark starts to sing the Canadian National Anthem in the Oilers' stands before the entire crowd takes over. What a performance:
Brayden Blink @bblink14🔁Hat salesmen in Edmonton are the real winners here. Never seen that many hats on the ice after Draisaitl hat trick for Oilers made it 7-1.
Jared Blais @jared33blais🔁You really don't have to take a Snapchat everytime the oilers score
Benjamin Swan @benjaminswan21🔁terrifying that the oilers scored 7 without markers from nugent-hopkins, eberle, or mcdavid.
Keith Steelman @SteelmanKeith🔁@AlexFGoldberg @DavePalmerUSask @EdmontonOilers Holy crap! The Oilers are on fire tonight.
2-1 (2!!) (4-2) Mike @CityOfChamps14🔁"Ya but how can you change the lineup after tonight??"

(Yes, Klefbom plays if he's healthy.) #Oilers


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