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The NFL David Calvo @acalvo01🔁 The @NFL released their Pats vs @eagles @SuperBowl promo. #FlyEaglesFly #MINvsPHI
The NFL Nolan the Angry Negro @NolanHack🔁 @NolanHack peyton's last year in the nfl
Ben Soole @BenSoole🔁Hard to watch @Vikings after big hopes of going all the way this year. #BadBadBad #NFL #Vikings #Choke
The NFL norviscotia. @angelakay629🔁I blame the @NFL for this game.
NFL @NFL🔁FINAL: The @Patriots are going to the @SuperBowl! #SBLII
Cycle @bycycle🔁Jalen Ramsey has the most entertaining interviews in the NFL right now 😂
CBS Sports @CBSSports🔁The NFL’s David vs. the NFL’s Goliath, for the right to play in the Super Bowl.

Our tease for - featuring will ge t you AMPED for the AFC Championship Game on CBS.

BenignVanilla @BenignVanilla🔁Ignoring #shutdown2018 for the #nfl.
GrindTimes @johnnymoss_o🔁Emotional Leonard Fournette. His rookie season ends with 4 playoff TDs, tied for the most in NFL history.
Barry Haire @dbhaire4🔁 have the nastiest, most petty, classless fans in all of the The Giants fans try to outmatch their race-to-the bott om mentality but to no avail. On the other hand, fans are decent people.
Meerkat @meerkataliens🔁Ya mcm watchin football today actin like it's not rigged and still acting shook when the nfl already posted who going to the superbowl 😂
👑 @ShamLeniMarsh🔁 These bums wasted the biggest miracle in NFL history.
Sarah Molitor @Sarah_Molitor🔁Am I the only one that thinks the NFL is rigged? #Shakingmyhead
big doink @chipper_jr🔁 Tom Brady would be a lot cooler if he didn't play for the villains of the NFL
Louis Ptack @louisptack🔁Looks like the aren't going to be able to become the first team to host a Super Bowl. , , and get the next f ew cracks at it.
Danny LeBlanc @DannyLeBlanc24🔁The Flea Flicker lives on!! 🙌
Foles throws another dime to create a commanding lead for the with a 31-7 score.
Punch Drunk @punchdrunk🔁Seriously thinking about skipping the Super Bowl this year. You know what’s worse than being a cheater? Being a cheat er that is completely enabled by the NFL and Network television.
#WOKEN DRE LORENZO @Dre_Leslie🔁@JV_Mars @4jrogers Too bad the NFL product can't replicate this more, would be a much better league
Luke @LukeLyons_78🔁 Sitting on the couch watching the best damn team in the NFL
Matthew Watts @MHWatts22🔁I have never wanted the Patriots to win more than I do now. I despise the Eagles more than any other team in the NFL


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