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The MTA Prep-Villa @PrepVilla🔁Fr. Jabo giving the homily #Prep #Villa #MTA
The MTA Sarah Gantz @SarahGantz🔁Chants of "sink the link," heading from City Hall to MTA offices on St. Paul
Mike Snyderman @farfel54🔁 The MTA is trending. I find it very interesting on my slowly moving N train!
Gena Hymowech @genah🔁 Me: maybe I'll be on time to work today
The MTA:
The MTA Dan Rodricks @DanRodricks🔁 Chants of "sink the link," heading from City Hall to MTA offices on St. Paul
The MTA Matthew Herper @matthewherper🔁When you're waiting 25 minutes for the F. Door finally opens to this. Thanks @MTA!
Sean Ludwig @seanludwig🔁Thanks to multiple train lines all down at the same time, Court Sq looks like the zombie apocalypse cc
Eyewitness News @ABC7NY🔁" don't keep this bride waiting!" Commuter tweeted from the 34th Street-Penn Station subway platform
Robert Puentes @rpuentes🔁"The MTA Is Measuring Delays All Wrong, And They Know It" by , feat. me, discussing my fave transit metric
America del Pueblo! @clandestino82🔁 The #MTA is so incompetent that it would probably be voted in as President of the United States
Derek T Arthur @liberallion23🔁@MTA when the Q103 skips bus service and there's no N/W service to Manhattan from Astoria stops what am I paying into NYC MTA for?
Linda Lee King @LindaLeeKing🔁" don't keep this bride waiting!" Commuter tweeted from the 34th Street-Penn Station subway platform
روحان احمد @AhmadRohan007🔁It was a pleasure to meet & host a group of UK Atfal at MTA Canada today. Some of them wish to attend Jamia in the future, Insha'Allah :)
Ridha Hassoun @ridhahassoun🔁 The recent performance record of the MTA would begin to differ
Chels @chelseacadore🔁 One day, a riot will start in a train station. The MTA really be buggin' and everyone is fed up.
Mike Snyderman @farfel54🔁 the MTA is a literal horror movie at this point
Bay Ridge Drivers @BayRidgeDrivers🔁The MTA's problems are operational, not financial. We need to reduce the number of cars in the city so the buses can move
Rustinius Maximus @RustiniusMximus🔁 We wonder if nyc mta commuters have the highest blood pressure of all the 50 states. #mtasucks #BloodPressure #slowlydying
Mike Snyderman @farfel54🔁 I could walk from Astoria to Midtown faster than the MTA is getting me there today #WeTheCommuters
Mike Snyderman @farfel54🔁Nothing is running well with the MTA this morning. Godspeed, New Yorkers. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Michael Sweeney @mtsw🔁The recent performance record of the MTA would begin to differ
Lindsay Goldwert @lindsaygoldwert🔁@alexandrarmeier @MTA @ABC7NY It was the E C stop at 34th st. It took a while for train to come but not sure if it was officially "delayed"
Pat @pattywack25🔁Me. The F train had "track fires" in Queens so trains didn't move for an hour 🙃 MTA is as trash as ever
Gena Hymowech @genah🔁"The MTA" stands for Might Take Awhile.
Gena Hymowech @genah🔁Another banner day for the MTA! If you're riding the subway today, odds are you're gonna be Late with a capital L.
Nick Powell @nickpowellbkny🔁ICYMI, @HelenRosenthal and @ydanis want to take a close look at the ballooning costs of MTA capital projects
George Chlada @chladag🔁@lauradreyfuss @MTA If you move to Chicago you won't have to deal with the mta
007avemaria @007avemaria🔁 It’s time for our top earners to help the MTA. We need a millionaire’s tax.
Vincent Barone @vinbarone🔁@thecitywanderer MTA's piloting a bicycle ramp-share to add a little air to the commute.
Tricia Charles @Trishee1926🔁The MTA really needs to get it all the way together omg! How do you have delays during the least busiest time???? 😤😤
NYC's own @knickanator🔁Sad to see the #NYC subway system breakdown slowly. Years of the MTA stealing money not reinvesting in the trains coming to a head.
Checo @ChecoRepublic🔁Seriously when is / going to do something about The MTA. City can't make money if we can't get to work
Frank Galvan @cosmo17sm🔁- Former Mayor sat on the MTA, board and intervene when he was Mayor and should have made no comment, t he system is corrupted by the-
Sharon Spell @SharonSpell🔁Was stuck under the East River for an hour. Meh. The 10-month pregnant lady didn't give birth & nobody crawled through a vent. #Meh #MTA
Vicki Raines Laymon @v_raines🔁. the delays on the N/Q/R/W today are unacceptable. Transit fares & NYC taxes WAY too high for this level of infrastructural ineptitude.
Tom Jensen @DarkThinking1🔁@NYCMayorsOffice Why don't you start with demanding an audit of the MTA and find the BILLIONS they've stolen?
Serena Davis @serenalucia🔁 If you gave me a jar of that mood slime from Ghostbusters 2, I could power a small city on my contempt for the @MTA alone
Sean Ludwig @seanludwig🔁@Syissle @MTA @RidersNY @Gothamist @emmagf Yes, you have my permission to use the photos with credit. Thanks!
arthur beiley @beileyarthur🔁The MTA should be privatized where private enterprise will have an incentive to compete and give good service. Social ism never works .
Long Island First @LongIslandFirst🔁@JimmyVielkind @NYGovCuomo Retail politics important in Iowa and NH. You know, if the @MTA situation doesn't sink him first.
Dillon Hughes @dillonhughess🔁I'm gonna buy a motorcycle because the MTA is trash.
Justin Galacki @Galacki🔁Hey @NYGovCuomo could you achieve anything when it comes to the MTA? Asking as a Democratic primary voter
Don Capria @doncapria110🔁Watched a woman cry on the subway stuck between stops for 30min. Pretty sure she's losing her job from the delay. #mtafail #mtasucks @mta
Cory Epstein @cory_ep🔁Inability to combat/acknowledge MTA construction costs was 1 of the biggest takeaways from hearing IMO
NYC Mayor's Office @NYCMayorsOffice🔁It’s time for our top earners to help the MTA. We need a millionaire’s tax.
Andrew Hollenbeck @DrewHollenbeck🔁Yo, @MTA. Since you turn my subway line off every weekend and I've now had to take a car to a diff line twice during the week... Refund?
Zelda Knapp @parlorspider🔁 To the #MTA , A lyric from @Groundhogdaybwy: "Ba da ba ba ba Suck My Balls, I'm out" @MTA #GroundhogDay
Second Ave. Sagas @2AvSagas🔁Don't forget Ronnie Hakim as recently as last week not even admitting the MTA has a cost problem. Far more damning th an RPA.
GZA @_KingCurryGoat🔁 i want a t-shirt that says "fuck the mta" so i can wear it everywhere i go
Lorella @L0r3lla🔁 if the MTA was a person, everyone in New York City would take turns beating them up
GZA @_KingCurryGoat🔁Hey & why not work to actually fix the ? As currently structured, or tax will be wasted.
Daniel @TheDanielKoenig🔁To the #MTA , A lyric from @Groundhogdaybwy: "Ba da ba ba ba Suck My Balls, I'm out" @MTA #GroundhogDay
Transit Tweets @transit_tweets🔁 @MTA what is happening with the westbound 7 subway at Grand Central? Been waiting here for 15 minutes


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