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The MTA OD Country Grammar @nickeatonftw🔁waiting for the Supreme x MTA train collab like
The MTA Joseph Karam @Joseph_Karam🔁 the @MTA is hell and @NYGovCuomo is a disaster
The MTA Marielle Mondon @MarielleMondon🔁 The MTA back at it again!
The MTA party gets me wetter @_mariselavera🔁 If you're taking the MTA to work today, just walk.
jared @CHOPCHEESEHENNY🔁 When you standing on the MTA platform for more than 2 minutes
The MTA CJ Pure @itsCJPure🔁 The MTA gotta stop charging people at this point.
Chinwe SaintDior @AlphaAdorn🔁 Me reading tweets about the #MTA from bed knowing I don't have to commute today
Chinwe SaintDior @AlphaAdorn🔁 When you standing on the MTA platform for more than 2 minutes
The MTA Santana. @_alexaxo🔁 "Well the fare still gonna go up. fix ya faces - @MTA"
The MTA Bronx Drummer @EricBellDrummer🔁 Just checked the MTA website, seems like the subway is having some problems
The MTA Sandra E. Garcia @S_Evangelina🔁The MTA back at it again!
The MTA Jason O. Gilbert @gilbertjasono🔁Just checked the MTA website, seems like the subway is having some problems
The MTA Desus Nice @desusnice🔁"Well the fare still gonna go up. fix ya faces - @MTA"
Jason Rabinowitz @AirlineFlyer🔁Wait, what? Shouldn’t the MTA be the one reporting the delays.
BigDick @NetDick🔁New Yorkers should hop the turnstile this summer. If the is going to treat you like trash, don't give them a penny
Chinwe SaintDior @AlphaAdorn🔁 The MTA is basically R. Kelly and we're all being held against our will.
lynn Carletti @lynncarlletti🔁The mayor is the one that needs to work on relations with the NYPD. Oh..and how bout that ? How late was everyone to work today ?
ChelseTRON @ChelseTRON86🔁Anger, confusion at utica station this a.m. 50+ mins, still no A train. No C. Palpable sick-&-tired-ness in the air.
Larry Laffman @forever90sboy🔁Stay off the tracks? Why, MTA? So RATS can have all the fun. Oh, it's dangerous? I am a TAXPAYER. Let ME decide how much fun I can handle!!
Regina G. @regeeenaaa🔁 When are we protesting/boycotting the MTA? Im all for it.
jwschiffgop @jwschiffgop🔁"It's not the right occasion to talk to the governor about the MTA," says who will be with him at healthcare rally today
Ni. @Heyyni_🔁I would hate my life if I had to deal with the MTA.
Jesse Finnerty @evolnemesis🔁Mayors can and have advocated against various issues with the MTA, including instigating successful lawsuits forcing them to change policy.
peer poolo pissolini @gomjabroni🔁Transit, by which I mean the MTA, is quickly becoming seemingly the biggest unifying political issue in this city. Take heed,
Keilin Huang @KeilinHuang🔁 see this boys: this is what everyday is like now with the MTA. Do your fucking jobs and fix it!
S❤️ @shauxo_🔁 All I see on my snap is people posting pics and vids of the MTA bad service while I was sleeping like a baby.
Baller Baby @LoRiley__🔁 I really wish we could boycott the mta
Elizabeth @Lizdaboss🔁 I don't know what's a bigger disappointment to New York the MTA or the Knicks
Alyssa Neilson @AlyssaNeilson🔁 fun new game: "deleted scene from jurassic park" or "real tweet from the MTA"
Chino @Brucemachiaveli🔁Everyone at my job who got a 15 min commute really don't get the real fuck ups of the MTA. They think these delays be minor
i call bullshit @icallbspodcast🔁Fucked because of the "The MTA" ? Hang out with us. We'll keep you company while you're stuck. #commutingcrisis
Brian @breimels🔁Constant reminder even though Cuomo controls the MTA, BDB's constituents are suffering through garbage service, and he maybe doesn't care?
SunnyGyal🌞🌼🌻 @Jolie_Ros3🔁 The MTA is getting dangerously close to no longer being a functioning train system.
Harry Raymond @harryraymond🔁@reason @nickgillespie @MattWelch I'd be very interested in a reason podcast on fixing the MTA / NY subway system.
the nokogiri lover @ashfurrow🔁@justMaku *incredibly @MTA voice*

“I don’t see the problem.”

Tamsen Fadal PIX11 @TamsenFadal🔁 #TrackTroublePIX11: A, B, C or D service suspension slowing you down? Here's what the MTA advises:
بنت الجهني @Hajorh13🔁WT-

Winnie the P oohِ

The MTAِ
Emiliano Salinasِ

Gabby 🤘🏼 @gabbaa_gabbaa🔁Why is the MTA like this. Why is NYC like this. This is why people get in trouble in school & at jobs. I can leave 3 hrs early&still be late
HUMANURE @lifehitsblender🔁 The MTA now just tweets out my emotional state.
Lil Desi from 79th @LifeByDesi🔁 There are many instances where ppl jump on train tracks or get pushed on them, that the MTA doesn't tell us about.
Omni Lovato 🔵 @AdjectiveNouns🔁The MTA ruined a "U up?" I got half a year ago and I've never forgotten or forgiven Governor Cuomo.
BBC @yaser67447🔁WT-
Winnie the Poohِ
The MTAِ
Emiliano Salinasِ
YC DIPPA @unsophorosyne🔁Ya gotta understand that if we don't boycott the MTA as a city shit is never gonna get fixed, you think they care ya packed like this?
Dirt and Asphalt @torinrozzelle🔁@shashaleonard @desusnice @MTA The "Summer of Hell". MTA, get your shit together.
Steve @sjlinnyc🔁2-hour morning commute. Any lawyers in the Twitterverse want to help launch a class-action suit against @ChrisCuomo and the @MTA? #NYC
Lady Love @_KatHieIAM🔁I lived in NYC almost my whole life. The @mta has never been this bad!


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