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The Last Jedi noah @TheNoahStagg🔁 The Last Jedi (2017)
The Last Jedi ringing in the new beers @JHallComics🔁The questions @TristanACooper and I answer only open up more questions #TheLastJedi
Austin Mueller @ajmules🔁 Some Japanese Last Jedi viewers are feeling the full effects of the force.

The Last JediThe Last Jedi Multicolored Nooreva 🌈 @Noorevaislife🔁 Kylo Ren, the last jedi (2017)
The Last Jedi Zardoz @Me_Again_Again🔁Stop making excuses for The Last Jedi!! …
The Last JediThe Last Jedi Ashi M @OnlyBlackSheep🔁 The Last Jedi | black series art

by gregory titus

The Last JediThe Last Jedi deborah @dehuris_🔁 star wars: ’the last jedi’ photocall
The Last Jedi Steve Rogers @1st_Avenger_Now🔁Stop making excuses for The Last Jedi!! …
IGN @IGN🔁Some Japanese Last Jedi viewers are feeling the full effects of the force.

Lenovo @lenovo🔁Last week, we gave #LasVegas the chance to awaken their inner Jedi. Here's how it went down. #CES2018
The Last JediThe Last JediThe Last JediThe Last Jedi Star Wars @starwars🔁Poll: What is Your Favorite Ship from #TheLastJedi? 🙂

Xenogate Cormacles 2 @Gatelygate🔁I first saw The Force Awakens with a group of my asshole friends from school who I don't talk to anymore and I saw T he Last Jedi with a cute boy who gave me kisses.
At this rate I'll be seeing Episode 9 while partaking in an orgy
𝕺𝖍𝕹𝖔𝕾𝖍𝖊𝕿𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖓𝖙 @OhNoSheTwitnt🔁Someone should edit all the men out of The Last Jedi and replace them with porgs.
Bless My Circuits @blessmycircuits🔁After seeing Last Jedi a second time I must say it's a neat trick how quickly and subtly they get the unsuspecting v iewer from "she should have killed that creep when she had the chance" to "no wait, they should have babies, why are there no babies yet, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE"
Elizabeth Perry @Xebeth84X🔁@TMobile @MazeRunnerMovie Star Wars The Last Jedi #TMobileTuesdays #Contest
Ian Reay @IanReaylfc🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Why YODA Looked WEIRD in The Last Jedi - Star Wars Explained
Mao @Maolegeek🔁Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017)
Dawne Carrier @DawneCarrier🔁Latest: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Original Ending Altered to Fit ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’
cinelander @cinelander🔁Nominaciones Gremio Efectos Visuales...
- Blade Runner 2049
- Guardians of the Galaxy V2
- Kong: Skull Island
- Star Wars: The Last Jedi
- War for the Planet of the Apes

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Stephanie @xiratania🔁@begoniaswhiskey The kid has a name.
janine needs to pass shit so they'll be away @lokilukes🔁 GROUNDBREAKING lgbt representation in the last jedi:
- c’ai threnalli
- that one pair of gay porgs
Dan Van Der Werf @Dannicus523🔁Nothing starts the workweek off like arguing about whether The Last Jedi is a good movie or a shit movie.
Danny Vena @dannyvena🔁Most studios would kill for this kind of box office. Don't Buy the Hype -- Isn't an Epic Fail
Gage @MartyMcWhack🔁Me every time I see the lightspeed crash scene in The Last Jedi
Sap & Ruination @teionneai🔁 And this gif proves to be still relevant with the news about the MRA version of The Last Jedi.
Zach @zachpridding🔁Right, the last Jedi is a pure master piece I take back everything I ever said
Lenor Talon @LenoreTalon🔁My impression of all the people showing up in my notifications defending the MRA cut of Last Jedi (via as usual)
Slurred Words Pod @BillsBeerReport🔁I haven't heard anything about my Star Wars themed commercials in one of the latest episodes of Slurred Words. Will o ne of the 10s of people let me know what they thought?

Phil Roberts @philthecool🔁And I will not be The Last Jedi...

is back as in in cinemas now....

Stephanie @xiratania🔁 Are you sure Simon is not the little boy working in the stables in The Last Jedi? The little boy with the Force? I s wear it looks just like him!


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