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Noah Coslov @NoahCoslov🔁I’m a big fan of the @Lockedonsports & @SperoDedes broadcast combination. Two Bad Bad Boys. #Jazz
Alec J. Nagy @AlecJNagy🔁 Jazz players crack up because Derrick Favors is sweating profusely at the podium
The Jazz D S N 🛑 @DannyShookNews🔁 “Pertaining to Yachts and Yachting,” 1922
by Charles Sheeler ~>
Mark M @Mmueller88🔁 Jazz players crack up because Derrick Favors is sweating profusely at the podium
The JazzThe Jazz jaz @jazz_mint_23🔁 my favorite thing in the world is when Tony Hawk tweets about not getting recognized
The Jazz Iván @iblante1🔁 Donovan Mitchell leads the Jazz to a road win over OKC.
The Jazz rhaegar. @mikelowery_4🔁 PG, Melo and Russ in the 4th vs. Jazz:


The Jazz Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA🔁PG, Melo and Russ in the 4th vs. Jazz:


The Jazz Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Donovan Mitchell leads the Jazz to a road win over OKC.
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Kendrick Lamar is the first rapper to win a Pulitzer since the awards expanded to music in 1943. He is also the first winner who is not a classical or jazz musician.
Baby Sprout @stacie_samb🔁 through the fire and the flames but jazz
jazzlynn leandra @jazz_theanswer3🔁🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 or we’re not talking for the day... which i proved today lma o fml
Barrett Andersen @LemGambino🔁I need to go back and beat this. This is really fun, and it was made by one of the animators of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, on e of my favorite games ever.
Headline News @y2knews🔁Owen Mac * Play Me the Waltz of the Angels

Robbie Farr @Rsfarr🔁Colin, you're the GM of Boston right now, pretending salaries were not an issue, would you trade Hayward for Mitchell if the Jazz were willing? >Hayward
DP @_ShittingOnEm🔁PLAY 'EM A SAD SONG, Utah Jazz!

Donovan Mitchell finishes with 28 points, 6 rebounds to get the 102-95 win over the Thunder!

Series tied 1-1!

Loki @ShiorixHamada🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Airelle Besson "The Painter & The Boxer" @Jazz_in_Marciac 2017
Scofarr @scofarr🔁there are soooo many unheralded titles on the list for rare funk, soul, jazz, etc. make sure to stop out to the vicin ity of your old work location and take a peek.
mitch @MitchP_87🔁"You are sweating, bro!" — Donovan Mitchell jokes with Derrick Favors and speaks about the "connectivity" the Jazz share on and off the court 😂
Edwin L - x @edwin_nba🔁I just think that at the end of the day, Mitchell's overall impact and performance directly translated to the success of this Jazz team. And he delivers when the team needs him to. Plus, he is breaking records like crazy that were set by the great players before him as a rookie..
Berta Moreno @BertaMorenoJazz🔁Enjoying the free day in Vilnus, recovering some energy for tomorrow's concert at Punto Jazz in Kaunas (Lithuania). L ooking forward!
jace vangerwen @jacedupp🔁 Do you hear the Thunder?

Nope. Can't hear it over that sweet sweet Jazz.

APIKALE @abigailangi🔁The Jazz pulled out with the W.
David Locke @Lockedonsports🔁Jazz fans this is such fun. JAZZ GAME REWIND with

Make sure yo u take a moment and enjoy this recap of the Jazz w in in Game 2

Abdirahman Mohamed @AbdiW_41🔁Donovan Mitchell:
28 PTS, 6 REB, 2 AST, 1 STL

The Jazz are heading back to Utah with a 1-1 series tie.

ROBINLYNNE @robinlynnemabin🔁Earl Klugh - For the Love of You E:
elin @psychosxcial🔁DW Artist, ChristophSchneider and his band are currently in the studio. Christoph and Tech, Rossi were kind enough to share unboxing pics of his new Matte Black Jazz Series Kit. Take a look!


K P 💲 @_splashkp🔁Put Simmons in the jazz and his assist numbers drop 20% because the jazz can't shoot and he loses min. 10 % rebounds to favors and gobert. Put Simmons on the jazz and the lack of threat kills the jazz. Put Donovan on the 76ers and the 76ers become more dangerous not less.
Kris Hanson @krishansonRCF🔁Jazz fans also called Booker trash for the same things before Mitchell played a game. They were beating the Lyles > B ooker drum for 2 years. It’s still annoying. Congrats that they had an already built playoff team where he filled a void.
Matylda S. @MatyldaStein🔁.
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Gerry Mulligan the Complete 1972 Berlin Concert part 2

Chad Nielson @LordChadeous🔁@dianaallen i was too young to truly appreciate the statues, so this is unequivocally the best (and funnest) jazz team in my fan life
David Strawn @toronto_arts🔁What an incredible performance of students in the We Are One Jazz Project at The Toronto Centre for the Arts.
x - Jeremy Thorne @jerthorne🔁I'm impressed.
Impressed with the Jazz staff's ability to identify Donovan's talent & make the moves necessary to acquire him.
Impressed with them identifying Rudy's future & developing it.
Impressed with Quin's staff & management.
Impressed with this team's love for each other.
McCord Larsen @mccordlarsen🔁Also, I can also point out that the Jazz blew a 10 point lead in the first quarter and still won the game. When you make points and when you give up points matters. There's a reason why from mid 1 to mid 2 quarters and mid 3 to mid 4 are the bench minutes and crunch to starters.
iWolz™ 🍉 @iwolz01🔁Donovan Mitchell Is the Rookie of the Playoffs
Headline News @y2knews🔁 * Ballad of the Green Berets

Nate Pyfer @n8pyfer🔁Rewatching 4th quarter of the Jazz OKC game. For all those pissed about A couple of the fouls called on Adams, I’ve just noted 3 missed no-calls that SHOULD have been called before that 6th foul occurred. It evened out in the end. Refs aren’t why OKC lost.
Ricardo Chenier @suishiiazuma🔁The cheltenham jazz festival brings massive international names (randy crawford, van morrison, courtney pine, china m oses) and a host of british established and emerging talent (anoushka lucas, becki biggins) in a wide variety of performances. Cheltenham’s m...
Matt Judkins @mjudkins11🔁Carmelo Anthony missed back to back 3s in the final minute of this game. This was a quick deep follower he took that hit iron and ended up in Rudy's hands.
I'm glad Jazz fans aren't suffering through egotistical basketball.
Jazz got EXACTLY what they wanted. Let him shoot!
Ryan HellE @_ryanH🔁 The jazz and the nuggets aren’t the same team?
#BlackFemWriter @IndasCorner🔁“Your music is a reflection of who you are, so if you want your music to be a certain way, you have to be that way” – Kamasi Washington ()

The spiritual jazz musician on how South Central shaped his experiential new record:

Dave N @DaveN_Jazz🔁 The guy closed out a playoff game on the road as a rookie... He's special
Sophisticated Ape @SophApe🔁#Music on Sophisticated Ape Radio To the Island by Garrett #Rock #Blues #Jazz #Weird #World
Yitzchak Goodman @yitzgood🔁Could the darn basketball team call itself something else? I want to read about Bird and Diz and Monk and Trane. #jazz
The Sports Fan Page @SportsFanPage07🔁🎥| Bounce back W!

The Jazz scored 102 points, had 50 points in the paint and withstood a 19-0 OKC run to win Game 2.

Team highlights ⬇️

Sancho @UtePadre🔁I know how credentials are given out. Lol. How about quit being the TMZ of Jazz news and just stick to being fans. Fa ke fans.
Dan Devine @YourManDevine🔁At : Donovan Mitchell’s bruised left foot felt good enough to kick the Thunder’s asses late:
WBC Play @wbcplay🔁NBA Playoffs 2017-2018
Post Game 2 - Utah Jazz (1) vs OKC Thunder (1)
Well, OKC can't win if the big 3 are scoreless in the 4th qtr. Can someone tell Mitchell he's a rookie ;) He can't be beating up the OKC big 3 like that. Are OKC chokers?
Heathercycle @Heathercycle🔁Derrick Favors is changing the game for the Jazz - that’s from assistant coach Johnnie Bryant at half. Jazz marching OKC intensity winning 50/50 balls n working the boards
Edwin L - x @edwin_nba🔁Remember, the Jazz went like 21-2 in a stretch and they did not move up one spot in the standing. The West was crazy competitive. Don't throw at me the head-to-head record... if that means anything, Deron Williams was better than Chris Paul.
ℬℯx @bexbrave🔁This video is proof that Lady Gaga is one of the most talented singers of today, she has voice to sing Jazz, Rock, Country, Pop ... She is super versatile, besides being a singer, she is a musician, actress, director, composer, musical producer ... +
x - Austin 🌱 @DonovanSwishell🔁But hey the jazz won
Cautiously Optimistic Pelicans fan @JayDogon🔁Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Russell Westbrook combine to go 0-for-14 in the fourth quarter, and the Jazz win 102-95. Series even at one game a piece.
Clare @Clareresse🔁I have not been home alone in the apt since jazz has moved in AND I DONT WANT TO BE EITHER WTF :(
Jesús Montevideo @HuevosEnSerio🔁my friend... the bar has been raised... the requests are coming in... I'm getting excited... the jazz jukebox is but 3 days away... keep em coming please...
I.A.J. ⚫️ @MpelaVeki🔁Mitchell missed 15 shots including 0-7 from 3. This Mitchell groupthink is bordering on absurd. He’s the reason the Jazz didn’t dominate this game. What a fighter!
Evelyn Nguyen @evyravioli🔁Come out and support the West York Jazz Band on Friday, April 20, at 7:30 pm. In case you were wondering, yes, there will be food!
BitchFace @cassidyjeanxo🔁 smoking weed... sitting quietly... staring at the wall... thinking... why do people hate jazz
Darren @wakeboard167🔁He is inefficient, but what rookie required to carry the load isn’t? You said it is a false narrative there aren’t ot her players to take the shots. Joe ingles couldn’t get his shot off if his life depended on it tonight and Rubio killed the jazz in game 1.
Greg Ramirez @gregorio_76🔁 Jazz just ran this wrinkle out of “4 Out” to let Mitchell attack in space out of the timeout.
Elite Arena @TheEliteArena🔁💰CASH IT💰

Utah/Oklahoma City Under wins! Big win for the Jazz on the road!

2-0 in the NBA tonight!

Connor Williamson @conconwillia🔁Steven Adams on what it feels like when the Jazz, as they put it, put teams “in the blender” by making them scramble on defense: “Even though it’s a complete s***show, you’ve still got to try to get a stop no matter how pretty or unpretty it is. The whole point is to get a stop.”
xam @smittymaxx🔁Im so glad the jazz won tonight.🌹
Jacob Sorenson @JakerSor21🔁Ricky Rubio knew he had to improve from Game 1

He was tremendous in Game 2

The story, is here -

Jerry “Big O” Ostroski @Ostroski_BigO🔁Five Observations from OKC's Game Two Loss to Utah 102-95. Thoughts on Westbrook, Melo and PG coming up small in the 4th, Donovan Mitchell outshines OK3 in the clutch, Jazz beating OKC at their own game, Free-Throw Line issues and Utah's x-Factor.
jaz @jazz_mint_23🔁 “we need to have a podcast together” is the millennial “dude, we should totally start a band”
MAGNOLIA @missfiercee🔁Jazz really puttin us on the map doe 👀👏🏽 #TakeNote
BANDRA INFO @bandrainfo🔁Mumbai jazz lovers, join us tonight at 7 PM at Balgandharva Rangmandir, Bandra when I perform jazz classics, American standards and original hits with Ted Rosenthal at the piano, Gianluca Liberatore on bass and Aron...


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