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anna @ameIiasosas🔁 the good place not getting nominated for outstanding comedy series is totally unacceptable
Claire Goldberg @ClaireGoldberg🔁 The Good Place is the most ambitious show on TV and should be sweeping the Emmys but
The Good Place Garoiu. @Biagaroiu🔁 the good place - michael schur
The Good Place ⚓♘ Jessica ♜🐥 @HooksPatronus🔁Emma Swan watched The Good Place S01E07 "The Eternal Shriek" while cuddling with her devilishly handsome husband.
flor de odio @xhlsey🔁 Brooklyn Nine-Nine, One Day at a Time e The Good Place foram esquecidas pelo #Emmys no churrasco
The Good Place FC Barcelona @FCBarcelona🔁🌍 A place in the #WorldCup final is up for grabs - good luck, @ivanrakitic!
🔵🔴 #BarçaWorldCup
Lauren Duca @laurenduca🔁"The Good Place" being denied an Emmy nom for best comedy is just more proof that THIS IS THE BAD PLACE
Dana Schwartz @DanaSchwartzzz🔁The fact that The Good Place wasn't nominated for best comedy (and that SETH MEYERS wasn't nommed) is insane to me
🥢 yuani @dadchoker🔁

-Suite life of Zack & Cody
-Suite life on Deck
-Wizards of Waverly Place
-Hannah Montana
-That’s so Raven
-Shake it up
-Good luck Charlie
-Drake and Josh
-Big Time Rush
-George Lopez
-Zoey 101

Stefanie @vmarshmallow🔁 "The Good Place" being denied an Emmy nom for best comedy is just more proof that THIS IS THE BAD PLACE
ConciergeWealthMGMT @ConciergeWM🔁 Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number 13.

The good news is stocks tend to do wel l on Friday the 13 in the month of July.

The S&P 500 is up the past 5 times took place in July ... "

Trix as is @Trixasis1🔁If SA economy grows at 5.4 % it’s going to take us 20 yrs to catch up with the rest of the world ! Yet burning down the place is seen as a good thing ! We have the highest employment rate. We are a emerging market but the workforce is unskilled. Quality education non existent !
Beanie (Kuya/Rebel Son) #1 @TheOneSXESavior🔁At Lost Levels in Fullerton... there’s not much to see or get but man, it’s definitely a place for me to hangout in.. .. remember the good ol’ days of the arcades? 🕹👾🎮

Ken MacLeod @amendlocke🔁good piece on labor politics in the restaurant world, reported from a place that's increasingly hard to find in the US: a unionized restaurant
sav! 7/9 김예림 @minsqok🔁hi, pretty stoked about the Emmys this year. good nominations and all that. but WHY does The Good Place, the best show on television right now, keep getting overlooked? it’s literally the most interesting and original sitcom in decades. give it more love.
Generaldeath @GeneralDeath198🔁And this comes from a place of love for the game. Ive played this game sincce closed beta and its my favorite game a nd i love the people at hirez but lets fucking face it they arent doing a good job right now being responsive to the community
bre | anxious geek @BeatThat4ADate🔁I really need to catch up on The Good Place podcast, and continue my WIPs.
Carly Rae @CarlyRaeSummers🔁I’m at a place in my life where I’m not looking for sex- I’m looking for you to fuck my mind, pound my heart out and breed more love into my life.

And, thennn I’ll fuck you like the good whore I am!

Alex Press @alexnpress🔁good piece on labor politics in the restaurant world, reported from a place that's increasingly hard to find in the U S: a unionized restaurant
1stworldproblemsss @rossibruna🔁 13 frases da Janet de "The Good Place" que nos representam
lexie @lexiejg🔁Build A Bear’s “pay your age day” is all well and good until you’re 20+ and your age is more than the bears are priced in the first place so it’s not even worth it
Rajat Das @Rajat_RD🔁., your goals, your numbers and everything we've won together speak for themselves. You have earned a special place in the history of . As Madridistas we'll remember you always. It's been a pleasure to play alongside you, bicho. Big hig and good luck! 🍀👍🏻
🏳️‍🌈ronan🏳️‍🌈 @routezeros🔁thats the one thing i dont like about food blogs. if i want a good recipe for korean food the first place i want to l ook is a korean food blog. if i want a curry recipe i want to find a thai food blog. but a lot of times the first several search results are white ladies
Karen Stevens @sfc_KarenS🔁The London & SE team is running a series of roadshows for adult social care employers. Come along to find out about achieving a good or outstanding CQC rating, using technology-enabled care, and more. Book your place at:
Sarah Gossett @sdgossett🔁I just go to the place in the mall because they’ve always done a good job, the last time I got a wax she completely m essed up my arch and I was livid
Larry Calhoun @LBoogy31🔁Death Valley has the lowest elevation in North America.

...but some people thought it would be a good place to try and get higher

Told Slant @Felixixix666🔁@nicholasfukc honestly the moment I find a good bagel place in another city I'm moving
David Aberdeen @davetank68🔁Yo clown boy on the radio why are you acting like the Sox haven’t beaten anybody good and why are you acting like the Yankees are in first place not the Sox it’s 5games to 4 you tool belt that’s pretty are idiot go away you pathetic liar
Alfred_Marshall🌐 @Centurion125🔁Today in "private provision of public goods"!!

Remember: Private provision of public goods is good. But it's bad that it has to happen in the first place!

Demetri @ddf_gains🔁I've had fake people around me all my life, fed the mothafuckas, paid for their drinks, gave em a place to crash, even spot them a few dollars but i don't regret none of it. I did my good deeds in life hope they did theirs or eventually will realizing they had a REAL ONE!
GP_Surgery @gp351🔁No , you would have received a good welcome at any Orange parade over the years, everyone is welcome to enjoy them d espite the rhetoric. I’m glad you did today!
BBC News - Twelfth of July parades take place in Northern Ireland
craignewmark @craignewmark🔁The Good Place, great show, thanks!
Rocky @ ArtFight @Hitaka5Ever🔁Good news is, I don't have to rush and worry about getting to my dentist on time bc my appointment was cancelled for the fillings today. Bad news is, my dentist was deathly ill, hence the cancellation in the first place. I'm relieved and feel bad for the guy
angelbabe444 @thurljawn🔁“the most tolerated black person in white space is one who is “in his place”– working as a janitor or a service person or who has been vouched for by white people in good standing. Such a person may be believed to be less likely 2 disturb the racial order”
Cindiegirl @Cindiegirl1🔁Good to see Malcolm Turnbull claiming so much credit for getting those boys out of the Thailand cave. Why did Bill Shorten put them there in the first place?
Sue Chang @SueChangMW🔁Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number 13.

The good news is stocks tend to do well on Friday the 13 in the month of July.

The S&P 500 is up the past 5 times took place in July ...

Charlie Nash @ctnash91🔁I’ve watched very little TV this past year, but the lack of Emmy nominations for TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN and THE GOOD PLACE are quite disheartening.
Michelle Evans @MEvansAs🔁“We have the solutions - we have the expertise” Torres Shire Mayor, Vonda Malone. On women in leadership, “if you want to take those first steps, local government is a good place to start” ⁦⁦⁩ ⁦⁦⁩
Marc Evan Jackson @MarcEvanJackson🔁Listeners to The Good Place: The Podcast, what are your questions about
Team Cockroach,
Music, and
duda @softperaltiagos🔁just got my little sister to watch the first episode of the good place and she loved it. it’s a win
Siya_former Slender @slokotwayo🔁So I handed in my resignation letter this afternoon 😭

I had to do it bc that work place is depressing and the whole management is something unimaginable 💔

Going to work everyday to be told all the wrong things you do and never point out the good that I do

Firstclass Crypto @caputo61988🔁APL-MZSA-MATM-F2RU-94PE5

you see in my snap shot it shows apollo ranked number 3!!! really good guys but not good en ough, locktrip is in first place, lets get these votes in and take the top! CMON GUYS GET YOUR VOTES IN FOR APOLLO!

Michael Barlow @mikeaecons🔁SO happy to see a lot of ppl watching this hearing. PPL need to see what the GOP is doing to this country. Putin is the least of our problem it is the complicit AMERICANS that are the problem. With good politicians in place we can deal with Putin. VOTE the GOP OUT!
Kate Zerrenner @KateZerrenner🔁"If Wheeler would like to dispel the idea that he’s only serving powerful interests instead of public health, real action on truck pollution, toxic chemicals and carbon pollution would be a good place to start." via
Check Picker Upper. @Issa1Sixx🔁I ain’t frm Detroit but he ain’t say shyt the same as Dex in my opinion. This a good lil remix , he got his own bars , and the chorus just sound similar a little.. y’all needa look onna bright side atleast he wanted to remix dex song Inna first place bcuz obviously dex killed it
The Persistent Scorpion (MAx2) @CrowGirl42🔁He does! Good suits, too. About the only one who doesn't damp about the place is Jane Tennison and...well.. :happy si gh: My lady.
NazuSG❤️ @Naz_Guman🔁The Univ. lot hosts a lot of shows when we pulled up the awesome coodinator said just park in front of Cloud 9. I was like Cloud 9 SUPER STORE?! Totally cool & casual (not at all) lol then we drove by "The Good Place" which I immediately recognized and squealed. Lol
BOYD @MBoss_🔁@DanK_Boyy You necklace fucked us last night anyway, good luck my foot..the best place for that fucker is the bin
NazuSG❤️ @Naz_Guman🔁@Mandalyn3183 @PostablesSquad the good place?? what is that? is this something in #SignedSealedDelivered ?? #POstables
nadinecarroll @nadinecarroll🔁Good point. Stryzok et all are trying to hide the forest in the trees, saying you can’t prove bias in each individua l decision.
But all you have to do is compare the kid gloves treatment Hillary got to the brass knuckles for Team Trump. Rules broken all over the place for both.
kirsty kerr @KirstyKerrr🔁Been constant bad news after bad news the past month but finally something good tonight...flat offers been accepted. Gonna have a place to call home again❤
Zak Waters @ZakWaters🔁@Scernow I need the real thing as I shoot it and then post produce it on to a background. no worries. hope you are in a good place
سحر الحربي ⭐️ @Sahar_Al_majd🔁The good people leave the world quickly .. As if they say to people: There is no place among us ..
Marcela B R @frei_taikun🔁One other thought is that Best Comedy category is pretty good, but I could make an entire second list from the shows left out, eg, The Good Place, Dear White People, Better Things, Insecure, One Day at a Time
mikayla strong @mcsmores4🔁Yeah it's crazy dude I used to have a couple of good friends doing it. Obviously other drug use was done before getti ng to that point I think it's all the pain that caused them to do drugs in the first place plus all the drugs themselves just make them feel even more worthless
flypaper @celticman4567🔁@AP Good news, she shouldn't have been charged in the first place.


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