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The Fed Sunny Leung @SunnyLeung_TD🔁 FOMC raises the fed funds rate to range of 1¾ to 2 percent #USecon #fomc
The Fed John Lua @johnlua🔁The Fed is prone to repeat its historical mistakes and cause investors significant pain.
The Fed StockSocial @stocksocialnews🔁Fed raises interest rates and signals faster hikes on the way
The Fed gurabath @gurabath🔁"As a Trade War With China Looms, the Fed’s Powell Did Not Sound Worried"
Kambree Kawahine Koa @KamVTV🔁I did an experiment today. Talked to people at grocery store about the high cost of food.

4 Democrats, 2 Independen ts and 1 Republican.

ALL were fed up with our politicians in California and NOT ONE said they would vote Democrat in November.

The is real.

Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald🔁1. Today, I have lost any faith that America can survive as it was conceived to be.

Watching conserv reaction to t he North Korea debacle shows we have a huge population that does not read and is ignorant of complexities, yet certain of their intelligence. They are fed by....

EFCC Nigeria @officialEFCC🔁JUST IN: A Fed Capital Territory High Court, Gudu, has found Joshua Dariye, ex-Plateau governor guilty of misappropri ating N1.16 billion Ecological Fund meant for the state. Proceedings still ongoing.
Daniel Moran @djmoran323🔁Let’s see. Unemployment is low. Inflation went up to 2.2% , the highest in 6 years, when 2% is considered healthy. We will have to watch what the Fed watches. Food prices & energy. Oh yeah! Lock in because interest rates are projected to rise 3-4 times in the upcoming year.
Oldhess @OldhessL🔁OH BOY. Fed Chairman will be attacked and demonized by the LYING LIB MEDIA after telling the truth about economy. Left HATES the notion that EVERYONE is prospering under Trump's economic policies. Lowest black and Hispanic unemployment.
Josco @JoscoJVTeam🔁PROOF?

You believe the lore that's fed to you.
What specifically has he leaked?

We have evidence of Schiff's leaking DonJr testimony; Feinstein: Glenn Simpson. And much more from Dems

GodfatherSicario @GodfatherSicar1🔁 Broke: Bitfinex prints Tethers to pump Bitcoin.

Woke: The Fed prints Dollars to pump the stock market.

Labib @LabibODEH🔁According to who? 70 years of occupation and not one viable archaeological proof of existance of independent jewish K ingdom. Life moves forward. The buried rise at the life after not now. The cattle as they are fed at the ranch think they are loved.
rcbot17 @rcbot17🔁Gathered the fed of the staring Here, up
Jay Pillai @experimont🔁"As a Trade War With China Looms, the Fed’s Powell Did Not Sound Worried" by PETER EAVIS via NYT The New York Times
Babyf8ce @Shalisa_Renee🔁Those of us who are appalled by the idea of these kids being imprisoned at all, no matter the conditions, will still be appalled. Those who are somehow on the fence will be reassured that “it doesn’t sound THAT bad, look, they’re fed and housed and clean”
Debbie M @fightinirish109🔁Liberals have not been having a very good week. The quarterly report card President Trump got from the Federal Reserve today gives him a solid “A” for his excellent handling of the economy.
Charles @700_Warren🔁@realPolitiDiva Hi Traci, you know, Im really getting fed up with the same creep always cloning accts of Joey Mannarino. I complained 2 FBI
Monopoly Money [SUB] @Monopoly__Money🔁Hey fans, sorry for no and coffee. I’m super focused on project #3. Plus I was on an aggressive IRS, FED Government, FED Reserve rant for the last 24 hours. Sometimes you have to vent and then reassess your dialog.
sweetromance @sweetromance🔁Roberts engaged in Judicial sophistry by saying it was valid because it was a tax. If that were true, then all the limits to federal authority could be simply bypassed by making something appear as a tax. Pwr to tax only exists to support legit fed actions, not to make new ones.
RP Media Tech @rpmediatech🔁"As a Trade War With China Looms, the Fed’s Powell Did Not Sound Worried" by PETER EAVIS via NYT
Carolyn O'Beirne @CarolynoBeirne2🔁Oh, come on! Did anybody watch this video and SEE that Trump actually admires & respects this brutal monster? ADMIRES and RESPECTS him! KJU is a brutal monster of a dictator who fed LIVE PEOPLE, including his uncle, to starving dogs! And the POTUS praises him? Who is fine w/that?
Louisa @LouisatheLast🔁Those of us who are appalled by the idea of these kids being imprisoned at all, no matter the conditions, will still be appalled. Those who are somehow on the fence will be reassured that “it doesn’t sound THAT bad, look, they’re fed and housed and clean”
Brian Wigginton @BrianWiggintonT🔁The Fed chairman said the numbers showed no signs that trade tensions are dampening the economy. Was that the right approach?
Barayda Enty @Gorrillaback🔁@joerogan on your podcast witch of the marijuana dispensaries use fed ex to deliver
Michael Staubs @Diiirty_Mike🔁Okay who the fuck fed my cat crack while I was at work because this mf is going crazy
Prettyoungthing @pgmw__🔁I lovehate period boobs. On one hand, they look and feel amazing. On the other, my nipples feel like they've been abused.

I'm fed up.

Antonia @antonia210201🔁one year since 7x18 i’m not okay... we were fed SO WELL with the morning scene, (accidentally) revealing their relationship scene n kissing rock scene. i miss my babies
Foolish @SupremePauly🔁$20.05 charged to my account in Santa Fe Springs for Taco Bell, . I don’t even know where the fuck that is. If I fed a family I’m not that mad, but if all that was for one person. Fuck you you fat piece of cock.
Jade Dragon @verbella1🔁FOLKS: A Cohen indictment wd likely NOT include ALL possible SDNY or other fed'l charges against Cohen. So, despite what you may hear, the indictment itself won't reveal whether Cohen has useful info against DJT. Indeed, prosecutors may well avoid charges that reveal such links.
feen4it @feen4it1🔁Check out the newest scene at Fed up with the c oming to your door and knocking the out of your hand? Well Literally. @ParkerXPayneXXX now live!
Summer Valdes @Summer_Valdes🔁Just a working Mom fed up with TRUMP & the GOP. Looking to crack 1,000 mark so welcome to my first party
We must continue to !

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Eleott Itym @Risuns_Tarquo🔁An Indianapolis constable accused of looming cardinal humans with a firearm in the park of an flat composite where h e twofold as a watchman park city condos be compelled nerve a tryout on individual of the described victims’ laical-rights charge, a fed adjudicate h...
Juan-Manuel Renero @jmrenero🔁Dow falls nearly 120 points after Fed hikes rates, points to more increases in 2018
* The Federal Reserve hiked inter est rates as widely expected, but indicated that two more hikes are likely in 2018.
Bill Quarks @BillQuarks🔁The current consensus of economists predicts that the Fed will hike rates to 3.4 percent by 2020 in order to keep inflation under control.
Kirk Pogue @redmudbug🔁 The hawkish tone of the #FOMC statement increases the probability of a #Fed engineered #Monetarypolicy mistake.
Jamaal Solomon, EA @Stikks_Solomon🔁Top story: Fed raises interest rates and signals faster hikes on the way see more
Tamika @meek_meek32🔁I’m tired of men all of a sudden wanting to be a father and husband when women are fed up with their mess. Don you only want to get right because Ashley wants to take the kids to Texas with her. Don you failed them as an example of a man and father.
❤️💖Christine💖❤️️ @chris24818🔁I'm currently being throttled. We're fed up with bought-out conglomerates and mega-companies trying to stifle Elites, you are not immune to the fate befalling our society due to your bad practices.
Majed B @majedtbader🔁The Fed's new goal of symmetrical , rather than 2% inflation is actually a dovish policy shift that few understand. Also it allows the Fed to let CPI measured inflation exceed 2% for some time before the markets realize its head much higher and the can't stop it.
MJ Gilliam @mjgilliam09🔁NEW: JW's study shows Starbucks received hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. government contracts & millions of fed dollars for a project in Colombia, and that the "anti-bias" curriculum it used was designed by a nonprofit funded by George Soros.

g @getzyrosas3🔁Ya ex is probably somewhere telling a girl that you never held him down and that's why it didn't work out and how he needs him a ride or die meanwhile you were just fed up with him cheating on you in the car you let him borrow lmaoooo
Thawing ICE PDX @IceThawing🔁Vigil at Sheridan Prison: Stop Separating Families
Monday, June 18th from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM in Sheridan in

support 120+ detained immigrants separated from their families at the border and transfered to FED Prison in Sheridan, OR. Please share.

1cupbrown @JBLiaison🔁"As a Trade War With China Looms, the Fed’s Powell Did Not Sound Worried" by PETER EAVIS via NYT
Jason Cola @jasoncola1🔁@TuurDemeester @JohnSpall247 When’s the paper discussing the Fed and equities correlation?
LeMont⚡️ @_alaenmedrano🔁never bite the hand that fed you..
in other words never turn from the person who gave you the ideas to become what you are today
Michael Treb @CPCMNT🔁and what is the con about North Korea...the economy....the unemployment rate...the biggest fed surplus last month in 18 years....the pay raise for the military...the protecting our foreign interests.....the con is what exactly
FrontierMetrix @FrontierMetrix🔁The Fed bit and barked today. More rate hikes coming than what is priced in at the moment. Powell thinks the economy is doing “great” because of surveys and the lagging unemployment rate. Policy misstep coming our way.
FrontierMetrix @FrontierMetrix🔁The Fed statement was bullish on the consumer and the business sector. Curiously, no mention of housing, even though it is a quintessential leading indicator. Meanwhile, mortgage purchase applications have plunged in 6 of the past 7 weeks, at over a 30% annual rate, <1/2>
Tonya Harris @pillowf🔁(CNN) – Astern Twister Doctor spawned larger-than-life overflowing on the Inlet Seacoast, insurable overflowing sufferer faculty be good to receive fiscal succor a immature piece quicker.
The Fed Predicament Government Delegacy declared a temp transform Mon...
BIG GOV @BIG_GOV🔁Even the fans is fed up with all the fake shit…
Kay Robinson @Addicted2Kayyy🔁@JuicyJay_12 im fed tf up sis 😂😂😂

love the bush btw. tellem take notes bby 😂💗

Maggie Kaigler @newsgirl123456🔁The Message of the June Fed Meeting: There’s a New Chairman in Charge via @NYTimes
Henrik @instafotografen🔁"As a Trade War With China Looms, the Fed’s Powell Did Not Sound Worried" #LoveMarriottRewards #RENhotels #autograph #MRpoints
Babyf8ce @Shalisa_Renee🔁I’m fed up. He did the same thing to Leslie Jones with the poor victimized dark skin woman narrative. Even she was like damn it’s not that deep.
Robert Mullan @ROBMullen1775🔁Fed 60 men and one woman tonight from the Army Corps of Engineers and National Guard.
I told the Chef’s I am working with to first watch how they will eat everything and second be more thankful than any thing else you’ve done. The applause turned the owners face red.
Richard Lee @RangerDharma🔁Look, I'm not asking anybody to buy a set, or to donate...just post on fb, like it there, retweet, amplify it. Am trying to get these into the hands of every lady D in congress (state or fed), or running for it! RESIST, now more than ever!
مثقف 🕉🔯Aži Dahāka @EltonCelestial🔁MIT creates "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent Reddit content.

Just what I wanted the early AI's to be fed.

💤Zoomy🏃🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️💙🐈💩 @zoomydu🔁This is now openly physical torture. Is the baby being bottle fed? By whom and with what formula and on what schedule? Is the mother given a pump to express?
neialong @aneiarmone🔁all the fun stuff not even in Maryland I’m fed up
art_iculate @art_iculate🔁Just joined the SNP despite living in Wales I'm fed up with welsh politicians and their meek behaviour. It's time to take a stand against this appalling government and their attempts to subvert democracy
Joseph Chez @JosephChez🔁Regrettably, a great many honest, competent and dedicated federal officials are falling off the ranks- due to moral a nd ethical opposition to ’s corruption of the mission of our govt.

It is my hope and recommendation that fed ees remain and .

Milford Coor @mlcoor70🔁@funder What part of the Fed Govt?
Leanne Verrier @LeanneVerrier🔁12. I'm now convinced that 90% of US reporters can't think independently.

Without being fed a script, they don't know what to do.

They can't research, analyze or engage in critical thinking.

So they fall back on assumptions and their prejudices. And hope for the best.

Prashant Bhayani @BhayaniCIO🔁The US is the Little Engine that Could!: The raised their expectation by 1 rate hike to 2 additional hikes this ye ar or 4 total. That is EXACTLY where our views ALREADY are - Thanks Fed!. Upgraded econ growth outlook, lowers UE rate.
Soulkin @kin2souls🔁Just In: Fed Makes Announcement, Interest Rate Hike Is Just The Beginning
Ruka @Hedge_Fund_Mgr🔁
- Fed pulls the trigger
- China clash coming?
- Pompeo rebuts summit criticism
- Bitcoin slump continues
- ECB on tap


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