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Los Angeles Dodgers @Dodgers🔁The lead is ours. #Dodgers
The Dodgers Giovanni Gonzalez @TheAmazingG🔁 WALK. IT. OFF. Albert Almora wins it for the Cubs in the 10th to take Game 2 over the Dodgers
FOX Sports: MLB @MLBONFOX🔁Down to their final strike, Kyle Farmer comes up CLUTCH for the Dodgers to take Game 1 over the Cubs.

LAD is now 12- 3 in June. (via )

Dodgers Fans UK @Dodgers_UK🔁Solid start from Hill on his return. Shame he didn’t get a win but pleasing to see. No damage done as the DBacks lose in Anaheim. #Dodgers
David Krell @davidkrell🔁
For reasons passing understanding, there are some booksellers on Amazon offering my book "Our Bums" at prices exceed ing $50. DON'T GET RIPPED OFF!!! You can buy the book directly from Amazon, Barnes and Noble's web site, or McFarland Publishing for $29.95.
Doug Van Treeck @diggervt🔁Check out photos from the Cubs' doubleheader split with the Dodgers.
Shaun Daley @celebraSHAUN🔁Ha. Good one. Guess they got over it pretty quick winning a World Series the year before and not choking in their gam e 7 unlike the Dodgers. Go Cubs!
Xi Xia @Estherxxia🔁Just saw videos due to time difference. What the hell are those stupid umpires doing today? Looks like they’re dictat ors aren’t willing to listen to arguments, all they will do is to eject them...
AL-P #FBPE I Tweet therefore I am. @ALP258🔁Tax avoiders and dodgers are the real enemies of the state. Shame they run the MSM and fund the political parties?
Linda Heaven-Woolley @lindjw🔁So even the right wing press accept taxes will rise for the NHS & the Brexit dividend is debunked.

YOU will pay for it!
NOT the rich who had tax cuts
NOT corporations who had tax cuts
NOT tax dodgers

NHS money will go to CEOs, PFIs, shareholders all feeding in the Tory trough.

SirBucky McNally OBE BSc PhD @mcnally_bucky🔁That Brexit dividend just looks rosier and rosier with every passing day. People have to have this message rammed ho me - a cabal of tax dodgers working with Kremlin aid set out to destroy the EU and destroyed the UK instead. Thats actually treason.
Carlos S. de la Cruz @clototheflo🔁This has been Rich Hill's best start since his first of the season on Sunday Night Baseball against the Giants. He didn't over hype his curveball.
Simon Oak #FBPE @SimonOak3🔁You're doing great winning votes for the first option!

I'm afraid for Banks & Farage they'll be expelled from the EU , while the UK remains a sovereign, friendly and influential member of the only bloc that can beat tax dodgers and stand up against Putin's despotism.

Contract Breach @breacher74🔁A sequence of victory outside of Wrigley: Hear the fans cheer inside and outside as the marquee turns when Albert Almora Jr. gets the game-winning hit in a 2-1 win in Game 2 of a doubleheader vs the Dodgers.
timothy dobson @timothy1980dad🔁it is the states responsibility to outlaw zero hrs it is putting hardship on thousands lets get rid of this and chas e the tax dodgers and evaders
John Marchant @Johnny_Bananas🔁@Arron_banks A bunch of self interested coffin dodgers. The sooner you are gone and we have a real democracy the better.
Erik Mauro @mauro_erik🔁@NFersko It was actually my belief that it's against MLB law to talk ill of the Dodgers at any time.
聖者/せいじゃ/ドン・ウマリ/Don Umali @Seijanokiseki🔁 The Trolley Dodgers won the first two games of the set. So, what icon must I use for a month? A self photo icon with each game's result on the note? Akane (since I prefer Nabiki)? "The Boys of Summer's" cover? Something else?
Sheri L.L. Shibuya @sheri_oahu🔁. is still in the top 3 for N.L. outfielders!

Let's keep him there:

The Sports Guy @smsportsguy🔁@Cubs @ARizzo44 The Dodgers dugout reaction was priceless 😂😂
#BrokenKevin @__BrokenKevin__🔁@Dodgers How tf do you lose to the fucking cubs y'all better win today
The 99% @eileenbgibson🔁T May & Her Husband Are Tax Dodgers She will want Out , No EEC no tax for the wealthy tax Dodgers , Duck What the peasants want ,


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