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The Cowboys KEVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!! @kgentry562🔁 “Who are: the Dallas Cowboys?”
#JeopardySports #LACvsDAL
The Cowboys Whitehead Bread💵™ @MALIK_X6🔁 Quick observations from the 28-6 win over the Cowboys.


Kevin gallagher @kgallagherp7🔁 Here’s a quick recap of the #Cowboys season.
The Cowboys Colton Abney @coltonabney🔁 When people say the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl in July #LACvsDAL
King Jordan 🤴🏻🦅 @AllHailKingJMan🔁 Live look at Philip Rivers carving up the Cowboys defense...#LACvsDAL
The Cowboys New Orleans Saints @Saints🔁A #Thanksgiving throwback:

@LanceMoore16's game winner vs the Cowboys!


shannon sharpe @ShannonSharpe🔁Someone tell Skip and Cowboy’s fans. Cowboys are not making the playoffs 😂
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Straight up embarrassed the Cowboys defense 😯
Michael Tuzzolo @giovannituzzolo🔁Someone dug this tweet up after the loss today...

Remember when people laughed at this?? 🤔🤔🤔

Pablo Oropeza @PabloOrderPizza🔁Cowboy fans really get dressed up in Cowboys gear to go around their family on Thanksgiving just so the Cowboys can make them sit in stunned silence around their loved ones every year.
Kyle Stahl @KCStahl🔁Terrible day for the Cowboys. Lots of question marks looming...
...but this beer is undefeated @VoiceOfTheStar
Adpropeller @Adpropeller🔁There’s something really surreal about the fact that Tony Romo, the QB who was never good enough for a large number of Cowboys fans, was on hand to call a game that seems to be prompting large numbers of fans to turn against his successor.

What a weird year.

Brodie Smith @Brodiesmith21🔁Future NFL kickers facing the Cowboys BEWARE! You might not dress because you won’t be needed to get a W.
Adpropeller @Adpropeller🔁 In the second halves of the last three games the Cowboys have been outscored by the Falcons, Eagles, and Chargers 72-6.
🤦🏾‍♂️ @WAVEYWZRD🔁 Remember when Cowboys fans said “the Eagles barely beat the Chargers.” ... lookin funny in the light.
sdfriars @Sdfriars27🔁@stephenasmith @dallascowboys You were wrong! That's what happens when you pick the Cowboys
José 🥐 @That_Guy_JL🔁 Tony Romo carried the Cowboys for years without a stud running back. Meanwhile, Dak can barely even score a TD without one
Neel Patel @npatel_07🔁 Straight up embarrassed the Cowboys defense 😯
Anthony G. @_AmbitiousAnt🔁The Chargers are latest team to shred the Cowboys, who have been outscored 92-22 since losing Ezekiel Elliott to suspension.

Mitch @FrozenKogurt🔁Even without Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys are in good hands with the incredibly poised, unflappable Dak Prescott.
'Help wanted' -Cowboys Coaching staff @WiseNonsense🔁 Just throwing this out there... The guy in the booth would be fine leading the Cowboys offense without Zeke. 🤷‍♂️
Rivers McCown @riversmccown🔁@FourVerts @NFL This'd be good except you know the Cowboys would get voted in every week.


So no real change


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