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Jake Lyle @jakelyle78🔁 When the Pats & Cowboys both lose at home on the same day.
Trevor Thompson @TweetoThompson🔁 When the Pats & Cowboys both lose at home on the same day.
The Cowboys Domenic Guerrero @Aurelio____🔁 Pretty sad that the Cowboys lost today to a team that forgot to bring their matching uniforms.
Dillon Deardorff @deardorff24🔁 Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott swap jerseys following the Rams win over the Cowboys.
The Cowboys Domenic Guerrero @Aurelio____🔁 Both the Patriots and Cowboys lost.


Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁Old school: #Cowboys will have a two-way player today, as Keith Smith will play vs. the #Rams as a linebacker and fullback. A rarity.
David Helman @HelmanDC🔁Honestly, losing isn’t the issue here. This isn’t a bad Rams team.

But the Cowboys had control of this game and allowed it to be taken away

Marcus Mosher @Marcus_Mosher🔁Jason Garrett and the Cowboys got completely out-coached in the second half. Kinda embarrassing at this point how often it happens.
Walt @Walter_m_🔁@JacobSalas17 1.We won that game.
2.If we suck soooo bad and STILL beat you...what does that say about the Cowboys??
Jason Blackard @JDiesel04🔁#Cowboys should be calling the #Vikings right now and try to unload McFadden #NFL
Chrissy @freespiritlass🔁The Jets have the same record as the Patriots and Cowboys. The Mayans were off their end of days prophecy by roughly 5 years
Nestle Snipes @ComputerThug🔁I’m surprised the Rams beat the Cowboys.
Justin @Big_Mil7783🔁The only NFL game I've been to was Packers/Cowboys Thanksgiving '94. Jason Garrett started since Troy/Peete were inju red. It was a classic.
J @JBChaleboy🔁Dez Bryant is over paid and over rated the defense coaches need to fired same old Cowboys can't do anything right had this game won blew it
Tony D ✈️ @TonyDee623🔁 The world is a better place whenever the Cowboys and Patriots lose 🙏🏽
Harry Powder @NickVartanian🔁The cowboys and patriots both lost today this has all the makings of a great Sunday
Cowboys By Jerry @CowboysByJerry🔁NFL_Cowboys247 On to Valhalla: need another quality RB after losing Dalvin Cook, and the can solve their problem… …
NiNa @Miss_Ni_Na🔁Happy 🐼 Here

1. Cowboys lost
2. Patriots lost .... to the PANTHERS 🤣
3. …

solo dolo @DomIzDope🔁Never would’ve dreamed the Cowboys could rush for 189, 7 yards per carry, and lose. -2 turnover differential will do that for you.
Alvin @iheartalvin🔁The Patriots and the Cowboys both lost, and the Raiders are playing how they usual do. What a day
Joe Victor Parenza @parenza1🔁@RealSkipBayless Skip how bout them Rams happy 4 the team owner and GM the young QB might pan out beating your Cowboys serious stuff
Mike McGehee @MikePMcgehee🔁Well internet is back. It appears Spectrum just wanted to save me from the Cowboys game
Noah Pederson @noah_pederson🔁 Hug a bandwagoner if you see one because the Patriots, Falcons, and Cowboys all lost today. Rough day.
juan @juan_jg48224🔁 Cowboys looking terrible
Brady washed
Texans have a QB
& the Jets are....winning games???

Jesus is really coming, y’all

Bryant @Bryant630🔁 OK there's a "Cowboys Suck" cheer going right now at StubHub and the Chargers look confused...
Jonathan Hayes @BeerKoolerJH🔁Not even halftime of the late games & we seen the Falcons Pats & Cowboys lose but biggest surprise is Eli Manning Rush TD #AnyGivenSunday
3-1 🅥 @FreePackersFan🔁@ApocalypseAfc Highly doubt it, cowboys haven’t been playing their best but it’s better than the Redskins
Terence_T 🖤 @Texas_Kingpin🔁 The Packers have been just as inconsistent as the Cowboys. These aren't the 2011 Packers by any means.
Laura Walker 🍸 @LauraWalkerKC🔁Trump called Jerry Jones 4 Times About Protest During Anthem - The Cowboys knelt via @BleacherReport
Deoshai Patterson @deopatt122991🔁@mikeyrice1 Best day ever. Fuck the Cowboys. lol
R.I.P. Donny. OTRB @MozziesBiteMe🔁@FionaKenndal Cowboys flags in the crowd. I say there will be lots of people with hang overs this morning & week. Have a lovely Monday.
Lives4books @Lives4books🔁Should have added tissues for all the games my Cowboys will be giving up in the second half too.
Evan Van Beek @EltonVanStink99🔁 Shout out to the all cowboys fans who are stunned rn lmao #rams
Vanessa Beaujour @vnecee3🔁Cowboys were nearly unstoppable in the first half, but the tables turned, as the Rams came back to win, 35-30.

Ashly @theashlysauceda🔁You guys really be hating the cowboys but never miss a game #CowboysNation
❤️Jessie ❤️ @_ItsFoxxy🔁@Mike_Carbone_ Dak got the opportunity to shine and took it. The cowboys don’t think like that.
Chris Ditsky @Dit1🔁 Not having Sean Lee is killing the Cowboys right now.
reiss nelson @ReissNelsongoat🔁 Jets have the same record as Patriots and Cowboys.
#reallife #nflredzone
Yung Munk @joshuae_15🔁No waaaaay the cowboys lost 😂
Mark Sanchez @masamazing🔁@DamonMarxDMN @dmn_cowboys You kidding me. Maybe it was same old offensive personel. No creativity from the OC.
Elsa @AlisaSilverberg🔁Two games at Cooper City this week!! Monday the Cowboys take on Hollywood Hills at 6pm, and on Friday the Cowboys take on South Broward at 7


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