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The Confederacy Fusion @Fusion🔁New Orleans tears down its fourth monument to the Confederacy
Samuel Sinyangwe @samswey🔁The confederacy was trash.
The Confederacy Bad Guy Drama @BadGuyDrama1🔁 New Orleans tears down its fourth monument to the Confederacy
The Confederacy Amiel Provosty @AmielProvosty🔁@presenteric From the East next to the confederacy museum
Oliver Willis @owillis🔁the idea that you need jefferson davis highway in virginia or we'll all forget what the confederacy did to america is so dumb
Colin Moriarty @notaxation🔁Turns out there are quite a few people in 2017 who believe the Confederacy was a totally good thing founded on just principles. Who knew?
Tarver8 @Tcac12🔁 @AMike4761 The Confederacy, a rogue enemy of USA, lost the war 152 years ago. Time to move on. ✌️❤️🇺🇸
Skip_Gab_ai @thefreerifleman🔁In fact, the Confederacy was going to avolish slavery within 5 years if they were successful im getting international recognition.
Jesus Christopher 🌹 @J_Moist🔁@Shem_Doupe @Max_Power_ @NPR It represents unamerican ideals of the Confederacy that belong in a museum and not a public space.
Teddyballgame 🇺🇸 @teddyballgame98🔁I'm torn about this as history is history but the Confederacy was a nation that attacked American. I really cannot h onor in any way
Maggie May @RaisedbyTexans🔁Don’t let South-hating liberals fool you. Read our books & find out why the U.S. was first called "The Confederacy"!
Honey B Damico @damico_honey🔁Black people see the confederacy as a tyranny. Of course you don't see it that way because you have never been enslaved...
Dray @Dre_Harris14🔁The confederacy should not be honored, and treasonous losers don't deserve statutes
David Ernest @DEO1🔁 To put the confederacy on a pedestal in our most prominent places of honor is a bad prescription for our future.
Joan Geyer @JONI_GEYER🔁Don't forget the millions killed in Japan when the liberal confederacy killed when they dropped the atom bomb/
Doll Dyson @DysonDoll🔁@LaFemme_Negrita @damienwoody They (Confederacy) took one of the biggest L's in American history, so I'm not shocked.
Staci D Kramer @sdkstl🔁When will drop horse honoring Robert E. Lee? Isn't Traveller a living monument to the confederacy, broadcast coast to coast?
Jake @RantinArkansan🔁In fact, the Confederacy was going to avolish slavery within 5 years if they were successful im getting international recognition.
Al Scarfo @alscarfo63🔁It's rather ironic that the very people telling us " you lost get over it snowflake " are holding on to the confedera cy for dear life
Kyle Burcke @kwburcke🔁Nah. Nobody's saying we have to erase anything. The confederacy will still be in history books, and museums. Where it belongs.
Josh Smith @BizarroSmith🔁This is obviously hyperbole, but I agree that we shouldn't destroy history. The confederacy should be remembered, so it doesn't happen again
Swamp Donkey @wbtegra🔁That moment when white supremacists show up to try to prove that the Confederacy is about history not racism.
Didn't work out so well
MicG @alldaymicg🔁"The Civl War is over; the Confederacy lost, and we are better for it," said Mitch Landrieu to an audience in Gallier Hall.
Chris @chris_rowlan🔁God Bless General Robert E. Lee & the Confederacy! You are a disgrace, & will never be half the man he was!
TrumpJobMaker/MAGA @DaveFrancis8🔁Incomprehensible! You cannot hide the history of the Civil War & the history of the Confederacy. Like saying 1776 wa r never existed?
Dimitri @Dimitri123abc🔁Whether it's "The Confederacy" or Slavery, it's American history & needs to be treated as such
Secrets of Liberty @Secrets_Liberty🔁…But admit that they might be willing to help the invaded State or confederacy. How, and when, and in what proportion…
Reverend Blue Moon @Rev_BlueMoon🔁@onefiftyfivemm tell me about all the times the Confederacy annexed its neighbors and employed genocide.
Betty Platt @bettyplmz🔁"The Latest: Mayor: Confederacy Was on Wrong Side of Humanity" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Editilla the Pun @Editilla🔁Ha, that's what 96 years longer than the Confederacy itself? Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily's final Greatest Show On Earth was also today.
End All Suffering @EndAllSuffering🔁DEATH to the CONFEDERACY! 😠🇺🇸
Confederate Monuments Come Down and Emotions Ri se via @nytvideo
DeepModemMom @DeepModemMom🔁 Toppling the Confederacy: New Orleans set to remove 4th and final statue.
Matt @CalmCacophony🔁I'm comparing America's attitude towards the history of the Confederacy towards Germany's attitude towards the histo ry of the Third Reich.
(((Will Cubbison))) @wccubbison🔁Can we get the glorification of the confederacy removed from the State Capitol grounds while we are at it?
Pr🌎ud Gl🌍balist @Rogue_Beaver🔁Confederacy relatively less industrialized than the 13 colonies in 1775, & unlike Washington, Lee had no ocean between himself & his foes.
Karma'sSidekick @AmericHistoryX🔁Good riddance to traitorous trash like Jefferson Davis, anyone who supports the confederacy is a traitor to america, same with alt right
Kelly @mindthenargles🔁Y'all. These monuments were put up because while the Confederacy lost the Civil War, they beat back Reconstruction through violence.
Jess Clackum @JessicaClackum🔁Remove every statue, flag, symbol & sign of the Confederacy. Erase all traces of the deadliest war in US history. Happy now? #HistoryMatters
Derenic Byrd @DerenicByrd🔁12. Hell, the vice president of the confederacy even condemned the American constitution because he didn't think that it did enough to
Malia @Malia_Graham🔁No matter your opinion on the Confederacy, kind of sad the monument is being taken down. A piece of history lost.
#Resist #Persist @sonomagrown707🔁 the idea that you need jefferson davis highway in virginia or we'll all forget what the confederacy did to america is so dumb
Shana Hartmann @ShanaHartmann🔁"The Confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity." Thanks @MitchLandrieu The last confederate statue in NOLA is coming down NOW!
dont_be_Goebbeled @logical_latina🔁Anyone who identifies w the confederacy is the ultimate SNOWFLAKE.
Get over it!'🤓
Wave that wh ite flag w PRIDE!!
CTC ERIC @ctceric333🔁 Landrieu: the confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity
Robert @Sharktank1033🔁You know that the Confederacy was a failed regime that tried to overthrow the United States of America, right? Not s omething to celebrate.
Thomas Black @beaconinthemind🔁I'm not rewriting any history. The confederacy was formed to protect rich southern democrats' livelihood of free forc ed labor based on race
Deplorable Ren🇺🇸🍀 @reneeepona🔁The Confederacy is history w/its reasons, its dead & its lessons. Fools are doomed to repeat history when sanitizing history bc of feelings
misseskisses @misseskisses🔁Last time I checked the Nazis lost the war and so did the Confederacy! Racists have a history of losing, sorry if this breaks your heart!!!!
dawg @dawghouse05🔁Any MLK statue will do. Rename all the roads . Blacks are far more violent to other blacks than the confederacy ever was .
Frans de Quillettes @fcgm🔁Toppling the Confederacy: New Orleans set to remove 4th and final statue.
demi adejuyigbe @electrolemon🔁taking the statues down literally is moving on lmao. the confederacy lost. get over it and stop commemorating them
Maureen French @MaureenFrench🔁Plaque on Monument in is a reminder that these monuments were meant to keep the cause of Confederacy alive for next gen.
General Marion @_TheSwampFox_🔁@HaightStRecords @Alsullivan12 @washingtonpost How long the Confederacy held. Look what happened in the western theatre.
Paul Davidson @PaulHDavidson🔁Dr. Julien, Executive Director of the Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq, is today the recipient of an honourary doctorate in Civil Law.
Joe DelVecchio @ButeoJoe🔁@GeorgeTakei @mic We need a Confederacy museum, right next to the Holocaust museum... #propercontext #dontcelebratebutremember
Robert Cox @RobertCox🔁When will drop horse honoring Robert E. Lee? Isn't Traveller a living monument to the confederacy, broadcast coast t o coast?
Gina Senarighi - @gina_outloud🔁Thank you New Orleans for finally removing a statue of Jefferson Davis. This love for the Confederacy has always disturbed me.
Erik Donald France @eriklevert🔁The Latest: Mayor: Confederacy was on wrong side of humanity
SUBS GOTTA GO FAST @draziwder🔁Ah THAT I can agree with. Confederate artifacts themselves have history. Monuments to the confederacy and its member s arguably do not.
Ugh ObWI @UghObWi🔁R: Democrats owned slaves! The Confederacy was all Democrats! Robert Byrd!
D: Take down the Confederate statues, boys
Dick Durbing 🌹 @Cognac_McCarthy🔁having a general critique of the Confederacy as a repressive slave society, Davis as a traitor, etc., at the foot? He sucked in many ways!
Rational Disconnect @RationalDis🔁It's it interesting how the Alt-right, who are very patriotic, love to defend the traitorous Confederacy who attempted to destroy America?
Eli Wall$ @TwitizinKane🔁You're a reactionary moron. I am not an emasculated pussy. I'm a patriot. And the Confederacy were traitors to the U. S.
Christopher L Oliver @MrOliver1970🔁@aldotcom There is a difference between teaching history and revisiting history. The Confederacy can never be allowed to rise again.
Fendervarius @Fendervarius🔁"The Confederacy"... Was the haven for Southern Democrats...
kait @AustinKait🔁 Landrieu: " The Confederacy was on the wrong side of history and humanity."
shibata mourner @HPJoker🔁burn the confederacy
Newman @mt_newman🔁@baseballcrank I loath the Confederacy, but Lee was one of the greatest generals of all time.
Norman Gersman @NormanGersman🔁I grew up in NYC and have no ancestral ties to the Confederacy. That said, what's happening in NOLA is a sickening sanitization of history.
Adso of Melk @PalimpsestMan🔁The Union forces were badly led for a long time, but the great generalship of the Confederacy also had something to d o with that.
kelso @kels0oo_🔁gonna start aggressively honking at any car/truck with confederacy memorabilia. THE SOUTH DIDNT WIN
Dave J @explosive_donut🔁Wait wait wait. So Yankees (many war vets) moved south after the war, and then decided that the confederacy/slavery w as OK after all?
Timothy E. Miller @Sicariothrax🔁Now, Jefferson Davis was a genuinely terrible leader. It wasn't Lee's fault that the Confederacy chose a capital so close to DC.
GTFO GOP @harrystretch🔁
The fall of the Confederacy
USCBryan @USCBryan🔁The last of the 4 statues of the confederacy in New Orleans is coming down.
Alberto @Algonfdez🔁Watch live: Special address on removal of monuments that prominently celebrate the Lost Cause of the Confederacy
Motorrad Guy @MotorradGuy🔁The Democrats are trying to hide their own history. They were the Confederacy; they fought to preserve slavery. The s tatue is a reminder.
Baton Rouge Now @TLNBatonRouge🔁"The Civl War is over; the Confederacy lost, and we are better for it," said Mitch Landrieu to an audience in Galli…


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