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Daniel_Voltimum @DanielVoltimum🔁@Sparky_Jesus @officialNICEIC @officialELECSA In the name of the comb, the clippers and the holy beard oil...
SLAM Magazine @SLAMonline🔁Tobias Harris is on the rise.

The young forward says he's ready to help lead the Clippers back to the playoffs next season:

Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins🔁Michael Porter Jr. said he's interviewed with the Knicks, Mavericks, 76ers, Suns, Cavaliers, Hawks, Grizzlies, Rocket s and Clippers & is scheduled to interview with the Kings, Hornets, Thunder & Celtics tomorrow. He isn't scheduled to meet with the Magic this week.
Rod Beard @detnewsRodBeard🔁So that we're all clear: The got Blake Griffin for Tobias Harris and the No. 12 pick.

Boban was converted to a tra de exception for $7M and Avery Bradley played only 6 games for the -- and wasn't going to re-sign in DET.

Alejandro Valenzuela @Alejand59062133🔁

Montague Dawson RMSA, FRSA (1890–1973) was a British painter who was renowned as a maritime artist. His most famous paintings depict sailing ships, usually clippers or warships of the 18th & 19th centuries.

A Night at Sea


桐子 菊池 @kirikokikuchi🔁Blew up my clippers so I gave my man a straight razor scalp shave and freehand blended the beard ☺️ basics are satisfying
Cathy @greytfriend🔁You should demand lots of treats! I use tiny savory training bits with Lovey & she shoves her foot into my hand now w hen she sees the clippers. The stinkier the treat thebbetter, yummmmm
Surya Ram (Call Boy) @Ranchi75949671🔁Turns out a gel filled strapon cock counts as liquid in airport security. And I thought they were fussing over the nail clippers. An interesting bag search!
National Nail Fungus @NailFungusOrg🔁Trim your nails regularly. Use manicure clippers to trim your nails straight across and round the tips with a gentle curve.
DisRiotHond @RiotHond🔁In highschool I was great with the hair clippers so I became the boarding school barber

No1 can teach ya how to make money better than you 💭

DisRiotHond @RiotHond🔁In highschool I was great with the hair clippers so I became the boarding school barber

No1 can teach ya how to mak e money better than you 💭

joeneaves @corpusjoe🔁@uhbroncofan What's funnier than the Clippers? ............ NOTHING!
Kevin greenwood @Kevingr76354949🔁With any extra capacity being catered for by the O2 with MBNA ‘tendering’ between the O2 and Woolwich Arsenal, AEG o wning both O2 and MBNA Clippers. Also using their existing roaming capability for passengers to roam the O2 restaurants and new designer outlets instead of....
JulzM @JulzM🔁I’ve had a lovely day not working except the Sloth got the clippers out and cut his hair, I’m not cleaning it up. Pic is a small sample. It’s everywhere!
#UjingaKE @mwabilimwagodi🔁Cashmere and suede cargoes
On top of the beige Wallo's
45 government edition clippers, straight hollows
My 'Clientele is Supreme' and it's proven
That I'm 'Only Built 4 the Link' if it's Cuban
I'm a pioneer, I'm not a vet (uh-uh)
"Last Kiss" is a French one, it's not a peck
Lady Godiva @Ms_LadyGodiva🔁Turns out a gel filled strapon cock counts as liquid in airport security. And I thought they were fussing over the n ail clippers. An interesting bag search!
Stephanie Lopez @veganlife_lopez🔁 578 words and finding additional creativity as I find the inside of a crab tree rotted by ivy.; It makes me think. I walked around and found clippings of branches, pruned away, laying around and clippers next to the debris.
Karl Carandang 🇵🇭, West Finals: 一番🚀 1-1 🌉 @10kArLcRockets🔁Just realized it's been 3 years since the Rockets completed that comeback against a CP3-led Clippers team.

I remembe r waking up 2:30 am for the game. Folks here were shocked as they woke up for the day.

Paul abdelmalak @paulbeeasy24🔁 Ima get haircut right now. Where’s @MoneyyAlwayss with the Clippers?
Optiima @OptiimaLikes🔁I liked a @YouTube video What should Clippers do with 12th and 13th picks in 2018 NBA draft? | The Jump | ESPN
Best daily discounts @the_best_daily🔁23% OFF gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1002), Tree Trimmers Secateurs,Hand Pruner, G arden Shears,Clippers For The Garden.
Aquaponics Culture @SuperAquaponics🔁The Myth of Cloroxed Clippers #hydroponics
HoustonSportsAccess @HSportsAccess🔁Jamie had 12 points and 4 rebounds for the SUPERSTAR CLIPPERS Saturday evening. He was the HOUSTON METRO CLASSIC GAME MVP.
Lauren @laurenlomeli🔁The Clippers posted about watching Grayson Allen while at the NBA Draft Combine and I’m just 🤦🏽‍♀️
cartoonzbot @cartoonzbot🔁he is hideous he plays on the Clippers
Bella Posey @pacific_posey🔁@Chillselda There’s nail clippers fucking everywhere until the moment you need one. Then POOF
Armen Araradian @ArmenKLEW🔁A Couer d'Alene firefighter's 2 year old son, Maddex McKeirnan, has a form of cancer in the eye. Maddex's father Kell an grew up in Pomeroy. Garfield County Fire joined in support, the same way other all fire crews have—with a pair of clippers and a razor
alexxander @PerezAlex213🔁@RjgoinHam @Parkervncn your dad nice w the clippers
Debi Stehley @debikay44🔁LA Clippers () center DeAndre Jordan () got in on the Call of Duty action today too.
Sir Bolas @Augustobolas🔁Dude is magical with the clippers
Stallion @Stallion2011🔁Should have kept Morris and re-signed KCP. Could have thrown somebody else in the Clippers deal. Jackson-KCP-Morris -Drummond-Griffin. That's a 50 win team.
HEAT NATION 🔥🔥 @Dylan_UpNext🔁It's like I play for the Boston Clippers cause I done met the plug at so many Doc's and Rivers
Gavid Darrigan @DaveyGravyBot🔁The Clippers are the same with his hat on backwards like a recipe for disaster should have an achievement called Vic k'd or something like this team has a felony on his hand..
yuri @yuridiaa__🔁 I keep my nail clippers and my manicure kit in the trap pack 😁😁 😂
€uro⚡️ @DaOfficialHNIC🔁I keep my nail clippers and my manicure kit in the trap pack 😁😁 😂
Amarahs Daddy. @cloud9_tgod🔁I wanted him to hurry and shape this nigga up so bad hahah prolly had to keep turnin the clippers on and off lmao.
Vishal @Vishal67895409🔁The end of ingrown nails!
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. @03Draft🔁Can’t wait for the Clippers to draft a future hall of famer with the 12th pick
NiKeMaN71 @nikeman1971🔁 My student Evelin at LAX ready to fly to Detroit to represent the Clippers and 122nd St School in the Math Hoops Na tional Tournament!!!
💭 @jrsmwells🔁LA Clippers:
LeBron wants to live in Hollywood, but doesn’t want to be under the shadow of Laker greats. If he can j ust lead the Clippers to the conference finals, they would rename their franchise LeBron’s Clippers.
The Scissor Guru @GuruScissor🔁SAKURA texturing scissors, brilliant balance and quality.

Scissors, combs, gowns, clippers and much more hit the web site for all your equipment.

lookinforlove💔 @jules15000🔁My boy nelly smoov w the clippers he’s been cutting me for a year and half now. Spread the word he a future icon‼️ show some love to my man
JohnMonteleon @LoneStranger2K🔁@EricPincus @DPG21920 Same for lakers. They are not gonna let Kawhi go to Clippers they'll pony up the assets necessary.
ClippEd @edmarquez1🔁Tobias Harris is on the rise.

The young forward says he's ready to help lead the Clippers back to the playoffs next season:

Keith Mullett @KeithMullett🔁The Clippers potential trade assets are severely underwhelming, but it would be comical for Kawhi to force a move to LAC and then they move to Seattle or languish in mediocrity (or both!)
Artese @ArteseDejesus🔁Kawhi to the sixers next year and lebron to the clippers is my guess
🌺Black Sinatra Targaryen🌺 @Todd_Gully🔁Wow they really bout to team up with the Clippers
Omar Valenzuela @wizardscocaine🔁@jamelddixon Ill cut your shit fam,I got the clippers😂
Mick Potter @mpotter74🔁Spanos Curse?
1. Dodgers are fighting the Padres for last place
2. Kings got swept by Vegas, Vegas 2 wins from finals
3. Clippers miss playoffs, watching Chris Paul play unlike Clippers Chris Paul
4. Galaxy have lost 5 of 6


ClippEd @edmarquez1🔁Lou Williams () is the clear 6 Man of the Year winner. It's not even a debate, just like it's clearly Laurel.


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