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Prophet 👳🏽👊🏽 @One_Crazy_Sikhi🔁 Please never again tell me that Jayson Tatum was only good because of the Celtics system
The Celtics SHUVEL⛏ @OFFICIALSHUVEL🔁When girls ask me if I’m loyal I tell them I was still a fan of the Celtics when this was their lineup
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿★MSώαģģé★♿ @Celtics_Fan494🔁 @RedSox yAnKeEs ArE tHe BeSt TeAm In BaSeBalL
The Celtics Jaymond Roque @Jmondroque🔁 Celtics defeat the @nyknicks to move on in the #NBASummer tournament ☘️
Ramón Hernández Florentino🇩🇴 @ramonherflo🔁 Clear the lane for the @DTP_Mario JAM! 💪💪

@maineredclaws ➡️ @celtics #GLeagueAlum


The Celtics Boston Celtics @celtics🔁Waiting to watch their C’s take on the Knicks 🔜
The Celtics Boston Celtics @celtics🔁Celtics defeat the @nyknicks to move on in the #NBASummer tournament ☘️
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA🔁With Kyrie Irving in Las Vegas to watch the Summer Celtics it's time to share this note from a team source: "Ignore t hat noise about Kyrie not liking it in Boston and about being jealous of the kids and the attention they get. This team is closer than any team I can remember."
Jeremeezy @jGuati09🔁Reportedly a Celtics team source had this to say about the 'noise' surrounding Kyrie Irving. What do you think?
アレックス @AIexGalarza🔁The Sixers really have a duo of young #1 picks, the Lakers have a duo of young #2 picks, and the Celtics have a duo o f young #3 picks. And yes the order is worst to best
Pius X Boys Basketball @PIUSX_BBALL🔁17s with a big opening night win over Atlanta Celtics! Both 16s & 17s will play in the round of 16 tomorrow at the Finale!
Slade @SladeSharma🔁Jaylen Brown on the one-and-done rule: "I think if you can serve in the military at 18, you should be able to play in the NBA, that would be my argument."
Frankie G ⛲️ @FrankieGuwop🔁Semi locked up Knox, and we're on to the second round of the tourney out in Vegas. Here's how we grabbed today's win.
OneBucFan47 @OneBucFan47🔁Kawhi Leonard has numerous intriguing possibilities:

-Raptors: Never see the Finals again
-Lakers: Take all the blame for LeBron
-Clippers: Never see past the 2nd round again
-Sixers: Teach Embiid and Simmons how to hide from medical staff
-Celtics: Learn how flat the Earth is

🇸🇴 @astroasha🔁 Fultz gon get most improved next year I betchu. Celtics still goin to the finals tho🤷🏾‍♂
Pat Mahoney @The_SSMahoney🔁With Kyrie Irving in Las Vegas to watch the Summer Celtics it's time to share this note from a team source: "Ignore that noise about Kyrie not liking it in Boston and about being jealous of the kids and the attention they get. This team is closer than any team I can remember."
Joe Louis Clark 🇳🇬 @Alani_X🔁It may "only be Summer League", but the Celtics and Knicks are getting after it. Lesson as always is that players compete and go hard. They don't back it off when they are on the floor.
FreeMyBrothers4's @JkSpells4🔁Former Justin Bibbs with the smooth two dribble baseline jumper. He finished with 9 points (4-6 & 1-3 from 3pt) and an assist in 18 minutes of action in the Celtics 82-75 win over the Knicks
AJ 🎫 @ajceezus🔁@Celtics_Fan494 That’s the plan!
Hubert @clemmsimminz🔁Fultz gon get most improved next year I betchu. Celtics still goin to the finals tho🤷🏾‍♂
I Ain't SHIT @DonnieBandz🔁Happy 75th birthday to Paul Silas, a one-time McClymonds-Oakland star who averaged better than 20-20 at Creighton U, won NBA titles with the Celtics & Sonics, then was LeBron James' 1st pro coach.
Joe Spinosa 🇮🇹🇺🇸 @jjspinny🔁It's not about having Celtics, it's that Al Horford is perennially overlooked for not being flashy and putting up hu ge point totals even though he is the original "unicorn" bigs, who can dribble, pass, shoot, defend. Also Ben Simmons is way better than 10th coming from a C's fan
Randy Engel @randyengel🔁Come on. Those Bulls teams WERE the best team in the league. They didn’t beat GSW, or Bird’s Celtics because they WER E those teams.
Thrilla @jrock_3_🔁 The Celtics have the 2nd-best odds to win the 2019 NBA championship.
Bailey @Bailey97388879🔁It won’t matter. Celtics have injury prone players and will be short handed in the playoffs again
Confused_JR @jr_confused🔁@MadIsaiahThomas @isaiahthomas He's coming to the Celtics bro LMAO...
Shane Brazelton @brazelton_shane🔁@MoEgger1530 Where are the Knicks lol . Heard they lost to the Celtics in the second round . Semi Ojeleye held Knox in check . Go Celtics !!
Kyle @TheRogersAgenda🔁The secret to basketball is that it’s not about basketball @celtics please re-sign @smart_MS3
Shane Helm @ShaneHelm🔁New card: of the // Hey Gordon! Congrats on the new baby girl! Can I get your autograph!? /
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿★MSώαģģé★♿ @Celtics_Fan494🔁- Thats like the whole "crime anywhere is crime everywhere" nonsense.
G. Chris Brown @GChrisB1990🔁"You have to admit. Jordan never beat a team like Golden State in the Finals. He never beat a team like the Bird Celtics in the Finals. ... I wouldn't bet against Jordan, though, at his best." —
Reginald L Williams @ReginaldLWilli7🔁Jaylen Brown Wanted Celtics 'To Be the Team That Went Through' LeBron James
Bailey @Bailey97388879🔁They won’t beat the Warriors. And Ben Simmons / Embidd >> anyone on the Celtics
Chandler Dantzler @DantzlerJames🔁.: "You buying that Danny Ainge doesn't care LeBron left the East?"

: "No! The Celtics are now in a position where, to win a championship, you only have to beat LeBron OR the Warriors. Not both."

leroy boyd @BullySixChicago🔁Please and be stuck with him the Celtics don’t give a rats azz about smart they know the only thing he has is bully h ustle can’t shoot can’t beat you off the dribble
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿★MSώαģģé★♿ @Celtics_Fan494🔁- Theres no mention of PR anywhere in this memo is there? My point is PR is not a priority for the UN nor should it b e. Its literally like asking the FBI to solve a grocery store robbery.
Rinehart @thetruth3495🔁Our guys are moving on to the next round after finishing off an 82-75 victory over the Knicks, which featured 21 points from Semi Ojeleye.
chris wilson @chriswi01800526🔁“Never win a ship” lmao celtics have the brightest future of any team in the league
Anthony Martocchio @Tonymartocchio1🔁 wing Jaylen Brown thought the NBA should have had its finalists for ROY play 1-on-1 to pick a winner. He'd have bet on Jayson Tatum if it had.
Zack Jensen @ZackJensen12🔁 @nbamixes_ @KDTrey5 @KingJames Lebron wasn’t the first to form a super team. ‘08 Celtics.
Kenney Kenner @DerekCarr4GOAT🔁I'll never forget the Celtics taking the whole shot clock to get Avery Bradley a mid ranger and my dad was like "SEE, THATS WHAT YOU DO"
SouthPhillySHARK @SouthPhilySHARK🔁 please Resign as the Sixers coach ASAP
U failed this year Draft U failed in Free Agency with ur “Star Hunting” quote .
U failed and lost the Celtics series
Bailey @Bailey97388879🔁Because the Hawks tanked. Celtics will lose Kyrie and never win a ship
Emory @_ATLHOOPS🔁Headed to the final 4💪🏾💪🏾 WP CELTICS BLACK🍀
Liz Froment @LFroment🔁Weird Celtics Twitter is a gift from the basketball gods, every Celtics fan should be following these guys I always e nd up laughing.
Tatum SZN @OjeleyeFactory🔁Kyrie wants to play with Enes Kanter and Michael Beasley, Gordon Hayward hates his daughters, Brad Stevens is beefing with Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart wants to Batista Bomb Danny Ainge

FOLKS,, the Celtics are falling apart

chris wilson @chriswi01800526🔁The celtics with out gordan made the conference finals and the hawks came in last in the east
Philadelphia Flu @PhiladelphiaFlu🔁How was Bridges supposed to beat the Celtics in the playoffs if he can't beat the Sixers summer leaguers? Sixers won the trade case closed. Wrap. Donzo. And that's the end of that chapter.


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