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AL @_kingnio🔁 When LeBron finds out the Cavs had a timeout...
Josh_LaGuu @josh_laguardia🔁 LeBron's reaction when he found out the Cavs had a timeout at the end of Game 1.
ernie perez @Ernie_Perez🔁 When LeBron finds out the Cavs had a timeout...
The CavsThe Cavs Alex @Alex_Yoo44🔁 Unleash the secret weapon, @cavs
The Cavs Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs🔁Back to The Land. #WhateverItTakes
The CavsThe Cavs Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA🔁Unleash the secret weapon, @cavs
Stephen A Smith @stephenasmith🔁I must confess, the actually do have an argument today. That was a foul in the open court for . It should’ve been c alled. Ty Lue didn’t deserve a tech. And these refs are missing quite a few calls that should favor them.
Isaac Rios @IsaacTheGamer_🔁The come close to stealing Game 1 with scoring a finals career high of 51 PTS

Golden State take the lead into Game 2 with a hard fought OT win on their home court.

kate🍍 @katexx17🔁 Nah that’s Lebron and the rest of the Cavs
Geeee @lamronba_300🔁"The Cavs got 19 open shots -- they made 3. Take LeBron out of it, they were 2/16. He got no help." —
እስራኤል ዮሃንስ @EsruTheGreat🔁The 2 shortest and smallest All-Stars for Golden State crash into a 6’8”, 250+ pound LeBron James, sending him to the ground with the ball in his hands. LeBron and the Cavs complain the obvious, but your egos get hurt, so you T up Tyronn Lue. But you guys “missed this one”...
Daniel Alonzo @PurpleGoldUW🔁"Aside from Nick Young, the worst FG% of anyone in GSW's rotation is Steph at 45%. Flip side, the Cavs don't have a single perimeter player shooting 40%." —
J🦍 @JBoogieWDH🔁Niggas saying Cavs stand no chance with LeBron with Love as his second best player, but wanted Harden to win with Eric Gordon as the best player in games 6 and 7
Josh Eberley 🇨🇦 @JoshEberley🔁They are the fiercest of competitors. And the closest of friends.

Inside the wild, whimsical, never-dull Cavs beat w/, and . (Guest starring four bottles of red wine.)

This one is a lot of fun. Download/subscribe:

Dave @ShaakMan1214🔁Oh reaching your arm out is a foul - he didn’t reach in - or reach for the ball - and no way he limited anything all he did was open a door from hill to grab and flop - I could show you over and over how the Cavs play defense with no call - yet reaching out your arm is - stop
Karen Daughtry @kmdaughtry2🔁Omg, are you kidding me? Lebron's the only reason the Cavs are still in this. He just can't do it alone. By the way, I'm a GSW fan for life.
I AM 360BLACK @360Black🔁The score was 83-90 (11:04 4th quarter) before Steph went ballistic last night. He dropped a crippling 13 points in 8 min that destroyed the Cavs making the score 93-114 when he finally sat. Single handedly made the game go from a 2-3 possession crunch time game into a blow out.
Brian B @B_Falvy🔁@joevardon @MaryKayCabot @clevelanddotcom Quinn Cook couldn't make any team. Why single out the #cavs
Brady Stehlin @BradyStehlin🔁Dear ,

I learned some things while spelunking the annals of the internet. Let’s make the Cavs competitive again.

Denis A @Merckxcycling🔁This is taking to a whole new level! Ambrosia wishes the Cavs luck and hopes their good vibes help her as well as she begins her heartworm treatment this week! Follow her journey to a forever home here:
🤷🏽‍♂️ @deandre_thetank🔁I couldn't watch the cavs anymore so I decide to play a game of fortnite and get one pumped by a bush camper. I am currently riding my bike
Ty @ThrowedYP🔁I must confess, the actually do have an argument today. That was a foul in the open court for . It should’ve been called. Ty Lue didn’t deserve a tech. And these refs are missing quite a few calls that should favor them.
Ben @h3ftyl3fty🔁Top three worst instances of officiating I’ve ever seen:

1: Cavs vs Warriors 2018 finals

2: The referees in the 1971 Northern Virginia Regional Championship in Remember The Titans

3: The Mean Machines vs The Prison Guards in The Longest Yard

⛄TheGiftedOne⛄ @_MarioHector_🔁"LeBron's been dominant, and even though his reserves have been big bad, the Cavs have been right there with an opportunity."

outlines what the Cavs need to do in Game 3


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