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The BrownsThe Browns Lou Marconi @lmarconi1973🔁 Here are @bakermayfield's first two posts on Instagram as a member of the Cleveland @Browns
Dez Horne @dezhorne🔁“Hey — let me ask you a question … you want to be the first pick in the draft?”
The Browns Casey Piner @CaseyPiner🔁 With the 1st pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select:
The Browns marie cochran @ollyollyallfree🔁 Welcome to the Cleveland @Browns, @BakerMayfield! 🙌


Matt Giordano @MattGiordanoJr🔁“Hey — let me ask you a question … you want to be the first pick in the draft?”
The Browns NFL @NFL🔁Welcome to the Cleveland @Browns, @BakerMayfield! 🙌


The Browns NFL @NFL🔁With the #1 overall pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft, the @Browns select @bakermayfield!


Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Browns continue to keep the decision on their No. 1 pick a secret, but there is a mounting belief from HCs and GMs a round the league that Cleveland will take Baker Mayfield.
PACC @This_JiGaBoo🔁The Cleveland Browns will select Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick, per
Philip Shaw @Agridome🔁@MaysReport Ah......GC....Browns?..............the Detroit Lions draft a C in the 1st Rd 🙈🙈
FŁASH ⛈° @flashyprince__🔁 Don’t understand why the Browns took a QB... they have tyrod
Caro Black Lewallen @caroKblack🔁Well, Baker, look at the bright side: getting knocked around by our defense in the Rose Bowl was good practice for your new career as Cleveland Browns QB ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Matt Deschaine @mattdes15🔁Baker Mayfield to the Cleveland Browns. I hope he wears number 13, man. Then he’ll be a Baker’s dozen. Wow. I want some donuts
Noble Whi-Fi @WhiFiGaming🔁Unlike the Browns in the , we pick the right people for our team - check the streamers out:






RodneyShirrel® @RodneyShirrel🔁"Selfishly, me being a guy from Youngstown, Ohio, and an hour from Cleveland, I can't wait for him to bring the Browns back and be the guy they've needed." - Bob Stoops

Cozy Raw 😴 @YaBoiRaw25🔁Here is the video of the Browns calling Baker Mayfield to let him know they were going to pick him #1 overall

D-Perk™ @D_Perkins_12🔁From walk-on to winner to No. 1 overall pick in the , ’s dream is a reality!

RaShaun C. @rash_theTurtle🔁This is my nigga and I never even meet him. He’s that fuckin nigga and he’s gonna bring the browns back with Ward hol ding down the Def !🔥🍾
Ryan Barlow @ryanbarlow19🔁@ibanks95 @Browns This is funny because I did the same
LookingforcluesinTex (2018 ed. - less bitter) @Lookingforclue1🔁Here's hoping that the Browns do what the Oilers did in the 1970s which was, as author John Pirkle put it, they did not trust themselves so they drafted Lynn Dickey two picks after Pastorini. May the Browns select another QB just 'cuz...
BAKER MAYFIELD NO MATTER WHAT @bturner12387🔁As I said a few min ago on the Draft preview’s at #1 overall for the New era. Here we go!!!! Leadership, competitiveness, work ethic, and accuracy. Let’s go!!!!!!
Edwin Dearborn @edwindearborn🔁Imagine your mindset after being told you’ve been drafted by the @Browns #FML
shawn keeler @shawnkeeler🔁 Never underestimate the Cleveland Browns #NFLDraft
Tevon Spencer-Wright @Smiiilleyyy🔁Y’all remember that time the Browns could have taken Saquon Barkley at No. 1 and then gotten Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen at No. 4 overall?

That was hilarious.

We Got Baker Mayfield @s_colton🔁It's been 9 years but the Browns have FINALLY drafted a Buckeye
Gary Diamond Dj @gw2377🔁Ohio State's Denzel Ward will begin his NFL career with the Cleveland Browns, playing games just 25 miles from his hometown of Macedonia "I'm going home," Ward said.


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