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Andy Herman @SconnieSports🔁Very next play, Elway with the sneak for the lead with less than 2 mins to go. Broncos up 4.
The Undefeated @TheUndefeated🔁Doug Williams became the 1st African-American QB to lead his team to a win in the Super Bowl. In 1988, Williams guide d the to a 42-10 win over the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII. He threw for 340 yds and 4 TDs in that while picking up MVP honors.
Field Yates @FieldYates🔁Source: the Broncos have signed former Buccaneers DT Clinton McDonald.
Denver Broncos @Broncos🔁Looking at the 10-day forecast and seeing 75-degree weather ...

Happy #firstdayofspring, #BroncosCountry! 😎

Bronco Ken @BroncoKen50🔁 -Lot M was cut in half last year and now Lot C, the "Official Tailgate Lot" of the Denver Broncos is on the choppi ng block all in the name of money.

TowerBridge916 ⚽️🐻 @Ryan_S_Goff🔁Thank you to the as well as the Tampa Bay Community for being an intricate part of my career over the last 4 years.I am excited to be able to join a legendary Franchise in the ,contribute to a hard nose defense & work in the Denver communities!!
David L Mauriello @DbroncoDave🔁May not take a QB at 5 dont be surprised definatley not worth the draft capital to trade down
Denver7 News @DenverChannel🔁ICYMI: added a defensive tackle. Not a bad idea given how well second-wave signings worked at that position last year. What does Ron Leary think of the new guy? My story:
Vince Garcia @IamVinnyG🔁@bstokley14 Where were the Broncos? We need a TE
JCP Jr @JDiddy100🔁Former kicker Taylor Bertolet was signed by the Denver Broncos. Bertolet played his college football at Texas A&M.
Liz Mannis 📎 @liz_mannis🔁A 👀 at today’s art project through the eyes and 📸 of one of our 🔟 year old Club members!

Archie Kaulfuss @Archielee83🔁Every chance Elway had to Baker throw or play in the last 3 months so 5th overall 🤔
Priscilla Wolfe @PrisciLLaWoLfeJ🔁I don’t understand why anyone would consider anything posted or liked on Facebook to be private “personal information.” It’s not like FB sold bank account info. If I didn’t want anyone to know I like the Denver Broncos or love solar energy for example, I wouldn’t post it on FB.
Mike Treat @MikeTreat🔁@ClintMyles @Buccaneers @Broncos Congrats from one Red Devil to another. You make the Ville proud!
JRedd_Mndm @JRedd_Mndm🔁This is the defense the Titans, Rams, Falcons, Broncos, Seahawks, Texans & every now & then patriots run. It’s a 3-4 hybrid or 4-3 under. In this defense you have a NT, DT, DE- 5tech & Yo Sam OLB up on the line playing the Elephant
Duck @DuckOfTheThirdR🔁I have a strong feeling that the Jets are going to draft Baker. Although at the same time it doesn't make sense so, w ho knows what will happen.
Steele Tallon @SteeleTallon🔁Just how did Jack Bird convince medical staff he was ready for an early return? The inside story:

BDog @BrandonRickert🔁With the browns at 1/4 they’re taking a QB and an edge or a back. Giants need edge and interior line and broncos nee d both QB and edge. Jets also need a QB, but have two bridges so they could take Chubb. Seems like colts are hedging my bets on more happening
Greg Lux @Luxy102🔁Is it Friday yet?? To try and pass the time before game one in Swift Current, here is a playoff preview for the Pats and Broncos!

DRAFT BAKER @JalenDontCare🔁Champ 🐐
Brady is the Broncos child..
McKinney Boyd VB @MBHSVolleyball🔁Go vote for our fellow senior class broncos, Taylor Jordan and Jake Russell, who were nominated as 2018 Texas Student Athletes of the Year!!

Court Rich @Court_Rich🔁I don’t understand why anyone would consider anything posted or liked on Facebook to be private “personal information .” It’s not like FB sold bank account info. If I didn’t want anyone to know I like the Denver Broncos or love solar energy for example, I wouldn’t post it on FB.
David @EdotCranwell🔁They had the Seahawks and Broncos in the super bowl and almost had the score right lol like 10 years before it happen ed 😭😭😭 and the episode when trump is president. There’s like 100 more I can’t think of lol
Mikhayla Dunaj @Mikhaylaejdunaj🔁We will be live streaming the open forum tomorrow with CAB on Twitter and Facebook so make sure to be following us on both if you can’t make it!
1075BoltFM @1075BoltFM🔁Broncos and Mustangs tied 1-1 thru 2 periods of play. Shumlanski has the goal for Humboldt.
Tylen Lampkin 🌀 @tylenlampkin🔁Paxton isn’t good, and it sucks to say that because I wanted the Broncos to draft him. Josh Allen on the other hand, while the same player essentially, has more of a drive and want to great. Which I think will help him out in the long run.
7Sport @7Sport🔁. says Matt Lodge's continued participation in the game is dependant on him paying back his victims.
McKinney Boyd VB @MBHSVolleyball🔁🚨Calling ALL Broncos Summer PC registration is open🚨Opportunity>Obligation

Follow the link to sign up today💯➡️

Troy Renck @TroyRenck🔁ICYMI: added a defensive tackle. Not a bad idea given how well second-wave signings worked at that position last yea r. What does Ron Leary think of the new guy? My story:
Debbie Ortega @OrtegaAtLarge🔁City to lead master plan for south end of the Broncos’ stadium property. City planners will gather community input o n the Metro Stadium District’s and Denver Broncos’ plans to create a year-round, mixed-use neighborhood hub
TysonMate @TysonMateWST🔁Can’t wait for tomorrow night, hopefully it’s a big crowd for the boys and benji’s first game back at Campbelltown, l et’s smash this broncos back to Brisbane 🐯🚌❤️
Spirit of Coryatt @GhostOfQC44🔁 SPECIAL aTmEAMS in the NFL. 😬
Daniel Gray @Broncsfan39🔁LOL! I would love it if Mayfield or Rosen landed in the Broncos lap and would send the teams who let it happen a than k you card.
BroncosForums @BroncosForums🔁 Welcome to the Broncos. I would give you a Woo Pig Sooie, but that time in Memphis might have you conflicted. Two q uestions: First, are you ready to be a SB 53 champion? Second, when are they going to finish that darn Cabot to Jacksonville construction?
Captain Simon Pirooz @SimonTheCaptain🔁 My for you. Your sports passion is loyal, well knowledged, and excellent from the Bayern and Persepolis Red to Bro ncos Orange, Avs Burgundy, and Nuggets Blue. Among not only your but all fanbases and cultures my favorite person is you.🎵
Eric Rowe @rowe_eric24🔁Congrats to Drew Cowley for being named the CCAA Player of the Week! He hit .643 with four RBIs as they Broncos tallied 44 runs in a series sweep of CSU San Bernardino!
Brisbane Broncos @brisbanebroncos🔁Just how did Jack Bird convince medical staff he was ready for an early return? The inside story:

Ben Boyd @boydy2669🔁I don’t think the Broncos know what the priorities are. That, or FAs are avoiding Denver like the plague. There is no way Elway has not been trying.
Christopher Lee @HJChrisLee🔁That'll do it for period 2 with the game still tied at 1.

Shots are 23-20 Broncos.

Mustangs will start the third on a 2 minute power play.

Eric Marquette @BallDawk🔁@Boston__Sucks Vikes look pretty much the same, no? Broncos, Eagles def
Abraheem Saleh @AbeSaleh_10🔁I want baker but I see Darnold in the orange colors
JT Astalos @JT_Astalos12🔁 Congratulations to former Duke @TheRealCKuntz24 who has signed with the @Broncos! // #GoDukes
Tyler Ward @TylerWa38360401🔁I’m talking about the Broncos. He’d be great anywhere but he won’t play to his fullest potential in a 34. In our 43 h e’d be a monster
Nick @ItSpursSZN🔁Clinton McDonald started for the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48 against the Broncos. McDonald, 31, played the last 4 years with Tampa Bay. He had 5.0 sacks last year. There's inside pass rusher Broncos were looking for.
Michael Bellemare @blazing_broncos🔁2003 Democrats: Mueller is a liar!

2018 Democrats: Mueller is a Republican and can be trusted!

Here's Robert Mueller lying to the world about WMD that led us into a war.

Benny Colley @chefbenny1🔁 HC Leon Rice and Assistant Chris Acker were in to see 2018 6’9 F/C Orlando Robinson jr .. Robinson Holds a Offer from the Broncos🐎 🔶🔵
Super Bowl Bonanza @Bowl_Bonanza🔁 | Broncos in the NFL Draft—2018 version
John Starcevich III @johnstar3🔁What's it going to take to get a follow back from you? I have a lot of respect for you! My dad saw the Minneapolis M iracle in person. I am a Broncos fan, but for that day my football fandom was purple! His plans are big for you here in Denver! Jeremiah 29:11
Ultimate Warriors @KickItToHunt🔁@OccupyDuckburg @NRL What is it with the Broncos turning good players into fat cunts 😂
Wilten Houston @wr1t3him🔁Film Breakdown: Could Corey Nelson replace Mychal Kendricks? My closer look at the new LB who came to Philly to earn a starting spot:
Baker Mayfield Hype Train!!! 🚂🚂🚂 @Vergil3434🔁@PierreJr_BF Trade up with the Colts or Broncos and get Baker.
Matthew Billups @MBillups3🔁Honestly I hope the Broncos don’t draft a QB in the first (I’d prefer Nelson, Chub, or Barkley) and get him later to sit behind Keenum.
Christopher Lee @HJChrisLee🔁We've hit the media timeout in the 2nd with the game tied at 1.

Shots are 20-17 Broncos with 9:49 to play.

Sayre Bedinger @SayreBedinger🔁The Broncos didn't bring the cavalry to USC -- scout Darren Mougey repped the team in LA today. But they'll get their look. The plan, I'm told, is for John Elway and a Denver contingent to privately work out Sam Darnold on April 6.
Juggernaut08 @GridSquadBronco🔁Broncos pour out a little liqour for the season after blowing the game vs the Chargers not alot of hope left unless w e go on a run!

chels💓 @chelsea_chairez🔁We're 3️⃣6️⃣ days away from the 2018 .

A lot can change, but who do the experts have us taking at No. 🖐 this week?

Mock Draft Roundup »

Dee ✨💫 @Dee83x🔁Off-contract prop Tevita Pangai Jnr says he wants to be a Bronco for life
Christopher Lee @HJChrisLee🔁Broncos give the puck away Schmidt finds a hole and beats Tobin and just like that we're tied at 1.
RAIDER ELI @eli_raider🔁@SS_Santana52 Fuck the broncos
Clinton McDonald @ClintMyles🔁You can see that a man's character is worth their weight by the amount of love and support given to by both Bucs and Denver fans..How loved he is and now we have a reason to watch a game! I too am a member!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
jim benemann @jimbcbs4🔁whew! for a minute there i thought they'd signed DL Delbert McClinton. would love to hear him do the anthem though.
Brody Feldmann @BFeldo14🔁Mustang baseball stays perfect in Florida with an 8-4 victory. In two days the Broncos are 4-0 at the Aggie Classic. #okpreps #StangNation
Beautiful Idaho @BSU_BRONCOS🔁Hey everybody, i'd like to introduce the newest member of my Family, this little Lady has stole my Wife and I's heart s! Looking for name ideas....tia.
Blake Anderson @Blake11anderson🔁@ClintMyles @Buccaneers @Broncos Welcome to the family! #BroncosCountry
Saint Ed 🇦🇺😎 @Ed_sportz11🔁@OccupyDuckburg @julia_goolia__ @NRL Will Mr Upright be in the Broncos 17 this week 🤣
Broncos_21 @Broncos_21🔁@KamogeloM__ @ChrisPalmerNBA The ram? Lol 🐑
5280 Motorcycle Svc @5280MCService🔁@kevindrako2 There’s no way you think Keenum even deserves a Broncos jersey, let alone to be “the guy”
Michael DeCourcy @tsnmike🔁Which team is Saquon Barkley's best fit in the NFL Draft?

We've narrowed down the Barkley draft derby to a dozen teams:

Cannon Crossfire @CannonCrossfire🔁 sign away one of the unsung hard working guys in Clinton McDonald Wednesday. The latest:
Matt @Matt_Manning85🔁 Broncos already on the recruiting trail...


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