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WMU Baseball @WMUBaseball🔁Connor Smith with a 2-RBI double! The Broncos extend their lead to , 10-5 over EMU in the top of the eighth.
Devin Radish @VeggieKid3342🔁 The Cowboys: “We’re planning on taking Courtland Sutton at 50th overall.”

The Broncos:

The Broncos Santa Clara Baseball @SCU_Baseball🔁Defensive alignment for the Broncos.
Lorenzo @Lorenzo72501644🔁 “I think it’s going to be a good thing for [@VonMiller.]” - @DeMarcusWare on the addition of @astronaut
The Broncos Wisconsin Football @BadgerFootball🔁FUUUUUUUUM!

Congrats to @TroyFumagalli on being drafted by the @Broncos!

#OnWisconsin || #NFLDraft

NFL @NFL🔁With the #71 overall pick in the 2018 , the select RB Royce Freeman !


John Elway @johnelway🔁We'd like to welcome Colorado native Sam Jones, a guard from Arizona St, to the Broncos as our 6th Rd pick. He's a g ritty, hard-nosed player who will compete on the interior of our OL.
Kimbirly @Kimbirly🔁I want to thank the and for believing in me and seeing what I can bring to the program! I look forward to repping my home state. #303 🏈💯💪🏽
nog@828 @KevinCampbelk🔁My family left a hockey stick on our porch for the humboldt broncos, and our ring doorbell caught this video of my little brother looking at the stick when he came home from school. Watch until the end, heartbreaking.
Art Cano @FranciscoACano8🔁From the game to making kids' dreams come true.

surprised Jonathon with special 👓 & a signed 5️⃣8️⃣ jersey!

𝓧❤️𝓞 Rell @DSJVII🔁@erikschlitt So essentially Von Miller in the Broncos 3-4 scheme?
CJ @Clayton_denver🔁Dude I'm still pumped that a CHS alumn is going to be playing for the @Broncos I'm gonna have to cop a jersey
Lorenzo @Lorenzo72501644🔁"We have great leaders in our locker room, and we have a winning culture here with the Broncos. So you want rookies to come in and work hard and follow the right guys.” - Coach Joseph
REALISTIC RAIDER FAN @alanbeggs7🔁Unfortunately, it's hard to argue against the Broncos draft. Thanks to the Browns, the best defensive player (Chubb) fell right into their laps. Courtland Sutton was a top 3 WR, Royce Freeman is a bruiser at RB, ILB Josey Jewell and WR Daesean Hamilton were nice mid rd picks.
MWC Softball @MWCsoftball🔁Fresno State (13-5) holds the tiebreaker over San Jose St. (13-6), while Boise State (12-6) holds the tiebreaker over the Bulldogs, and SJSU holds the tiebreaker over the Broncos. Confusing? Yes. If those 3 teams finish in a 3-way tie, Fresno State holds the 3-way tiebreaker.
Hidalberto Rothschild @HidalbertoR🔁Thanks to for having St. Jude patient Austin on this morning! Tune in later tonight to see Austin announce the first round pick for the !
Nate Wannlund @N8Wannlund🔁I'll take a shot like that every year. Philly had a beast of a defense and a very creative offensive scheme. If anyth ing, that's the piece I hope the broncos look at - put the talent we have in position to be great as a unit. They won without Wentz because the team was great.
Tilly2 @cknapke🔁@I_CU_boy @1RickLewis @Broncos @johnelway Congrats. P Lindsey. We will be watching you on the Broncos as we did on the Buffs. Go get'em
Hughdini @CaseyLive24🔁. is the SIXTH (‼️) Ute to join the squad. He joins JJ Dielman, , , and .

Sikander Majid @sikandermajid🔁Morgan Gobeil was one of 13 players injured on April 6 when the team’s bus and a semi-trailer collided in a rural Saskatchewan intersection.
FresnoState Softball @FresnoStateSB🔁FINAL: 5, Boise State 2.
WP- East (16-9).
LP- Mancha (7-1).
Records: Bulldogs 13-5 MW, 30-18 overall; Broncos 12-6, 34-14.
: East: no ER allowed; Galvan HR, double; Castellon HR, 2 RBI; LeeHong RBI. 'Dogs back in sole possession of 1st place in the MWC.
Boise State Softball @BroncoSportsSB🔁FINAL | Broncos take the series against Fresno State, but drop game three and can't get the sweep. Boise State is now a game behind Fresno State in the standings, but owns the tiebreaker
Paul 🐏🏈 @xRams🔁I'm a Broncos fan, wanna have a wager when they play in the fall? — Nah, sorry I'm no fun. I don't like to do sports wagers, especially with my favorite team. I'll p...
borgiestaffa @borgiestaffa🔁at last night's humboldt broncos tribute concert, a white comedian made a "joke" about "indians with STDs." the mostly white audience roared with laughter


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