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The Broncos Adam @AdamsNumber07🔁 #Broncos will have the 5th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft
#MiniPotRoast @chaneequa🔁 Okay, HOP!

The rook breaks free for his first career touchdown. 🙌

🎄🌨 @lar_181499🔁 Broncos win and send the Cowboys to Weenie Hut Jr’s!
jello44 @jello44🔁 Thank you Jameis Winston for eating that W and getting the #Broncos that 5th overall pick!
The Broncos Broncos Report @broncos_fanly🔁Instant Reactions: Vance Joseph is no longer having the time of his ... #DenverBroncos
The Broncos Stan @scpaget🔁 Paxton Lynch #Broncos @1043TheFan "I love football so much. I wish I could play it all the time."
Denver Broncos @Broncos🔁Our deepest sympathies go out to the family, friends and coworkers of Douglas County police officer Zack Parrish, who was killed in the line of duty this morning. The others injured in this senseless tragedy are also in our thoughts and prayers.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Here's your order for the 2018 NFL Draft:

1. Browns
2. Giants
3. Colts
4. Browns
5. Broncos
6. Jets
7. Bucs
8. Bear s

ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁The and are tied 0-0 at halftime.

- 1st NFL game to be 0-0 at half since Bears-Broncos in 2011 Week 14.

- 1st Eag les-Cowboys game EVER to be scoreless at halftime (series began in 1960).

joseph @DelgadoJoseph_🔁Here's your order for the 2018 NFL Draft:

1. Browns
2. Giants
3. Colts
4. Browns
5. Broncos
6. Jets
7. Bucs
8. Bears

Broncos Europe @BroncosEUR🔁 Paxton Lynch on the #Broncos potentially adding another QB in the offseason: “I’m focused on who is in the building”
JKC Masterpiece 10-6 @jkc_masterpiece🔁In his debut, rookie engineers game-winning drive to lead us over the Broncos, 27-24.

Recap ➡️

J Roca @Francisc06🔁@Cnimbley @JetsInsider Ok 6 or 5 the Broncos beat us so we should be one ahead????
Matt Gist @mattgist🔁Eli! Come to the Broncos. Get your brother to stop making commercials and be the coach. (I don’t even care, I’m just saying... make it happen)
Matt Eurich @MattEurich🔁It seems like just yesterday we were all excited for our first glimpse of Mitch Trubisky in a Bears uniform vs. the B roncos in the preseason opener.

Crazy to think of how quickly the season flew by.

Zac Stevens @ZacStevensBSN🔁Paxton Lynch on the #Broncos potentially adding another QB in the offseason: “I’m focused on who is in the building”
T @2Tjohn10🔁And I know Elway as the guy who quarterbacked his team to 5 Super Bowls--won two.. Built a pair of teams that went to the Super Bowl--won one.

During that stretch... have won FOUR playoff games...

Skyler M @mychiller🔁The Mychiller Evening POST is out! #bestofhpp2017 #broncos
Darren McKee @dmac1043🔁Got to hand it to lynch for the first that I remember he made his strongest statement that he wants to be THE guy and he SHOULD be the guy. Pointed out the broncos moved up in the first round to get him.
MC @Connellmh🔁@JCaporoso I really wish they got in front of the broncos
Zissou @TheoZissou🔁Alright Broncos Country, that’s it for this season. It was for the best they didn’t finish with…
Eric Esq. @His_Dudeness2🔁Football gods smiled by the firing . Karma's a bitch. I wonder if Bench Helmet Davis negotiated Gruden's deal in fr ont of Jack on the sidelines. 😂😂😂😂
Bo Hussey @BoHussey🔁Best part of the #Broncos season is that it's finally over. At least it ended with the #5 pick in next year's draft.
Mike Rice @MRiceKOA🔁@KristalAlfonso Just cannot see a JDR hire for the Broncos if they're in the market for a new coach. Cannot see it at all.
Ryan Nealon @Ryannealon94🔁@JCaporoso @tankathon Why do we have the pick after the broncos when they beat us?
♡ @heeyrachy🔁 The Broncos, Seahawks & Giants walk into a bar...

To watch the Patriots in the playoffs

Kyle @MrKittyMeowFac3🔁Should be the order

1 Browns
2 Giants
3 Colts
4 Browns
5 Broncos
6 Jets
7 Bucs
8 Bears
9/10 49ers/Raiders (tie)
11 Dolphins
12 Bengals
13/14 Redskins/Packers (tie)
15 Cardinals
16 Ravens
17 Chargers
18 Seahawks
19/20 Cowboys/Lions (tie)

Grant Hamilton 💣🌴 @GHamChill🔁If I wake up tomorrow and #vancejoseph is still coaching the @Broncos I’m moving to Canada.
38 DA GAWD @MeMeSyndrome_🔁The Broncos were another huge letdown this season. They beat the shit outta my Cowboys only to go on and accomplish nothing else.
Jacob Soderlin @Sode_67🔁 The Broncos have secured a Top-5 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.
Patrick Mahomes Fan Account @WRB0413🔁 QB Patrick Mahomes threw off his coat to reenter the game in the fourth quarter after Tyler Bray, left, played briefly in KC’s 27-24 win over the .
sarah v @sva9351🔁lucky I get to watch the and the rest of the secondary, , in one of the only games I get to see 😊
Bob Morris @BobMorrisSports🔁So I'm gonna spend the evening celebrating New Year's Eve my way, then tomorrow I will put a couple of Broncos pieces together.

Enjoy the rest of your night, everyone, and be safe.

bryce @ibrycent🔁So many idiots commenting about Joseph saying he should be fired yet fail to realize we’ve had awful QB play and a p oor O-line all season. Blame elway for personnel issue. Joseph can only coach whose on the field.
Crossassness @KcinCross🔁I'm a Broncos fan and y'all stole our title the year Flacco had the best 4-5 game stretch of his career. Beat us on a slip and blown coverage smh
Adam Bernacchio @abernacchio77🔁 with the 6th pick. Their draft will be determined by what the Broncos do, which is not the best position to be in
Kristal L. Alfonso @KristalAlfonso🔁 season officially over, never been happier yet sad at the same time.Thank you for riding this journey with me.
Leo @seaan_morris🔁As long as the chargers & broncos miss the playoffs the season is a success.
Cecil Lammey @CecilLammey🔁Paxton Lynch #Broncos @1043TheFan "I say yes. (I want to be the guy). Just got to put in the work and get better than ever."
Rick Devole @RDevole🔁Patrick Mahomes drives down and puts the Broncos in the smoker
Jake Marsing @JakeDMarsing🔁Paxton: “I want to be the quarterback of this organization. That’s what I was brought here to do. That’s why they tra ded up in the first round to get me...that’s what I believe in my heart.”
Patrick @PAT2ICK🔁The high seas really wind burnt his cheeks. Still won't shave...

Fuck off
Good Riddance. You ruined this team, t his Season, and 2017.

not adam carolla @acarolla96🔁 quarterback on what he needs to work on during the offseason: “I don’t think there’s just one thing. I think there’s so much that I can get better at."
AJ @AJDesai4🔁This has nothing to do with the playoffs. This has a lot to do with what Lester said. He said only classless organiza tions fire their coaches. What? The Denver Broncos are not a classless organization.
Sal Promutico @SalPacino_7🔁@FlossAngeles @JCaporoso if the broncos take baker itll be a sad day
104.3 The FAN @1043TheFan🔁 quarterback on if he believes HE should be the guy under center next season: “Obviously, as a football player, I sa y yes."
Yaseen @yaseen_z00🔁 QB Patrick Mahomes was congratulated by RB Kareem Hunt after KC’s 27-24 win over the .
Landry E. Heaton @LanRovr0🔁My family consists of a fan (Dad), a fan (Brother), and a fan (other brother). My favorite team () is in the playo ffs, and even I don't know if they last past Wild Card weekend.
Jabari Young @JabariJYoung🔁Reminds me of Ray Rhodes with the #Packers ...lasted only one season after being hired. #Broncos ...smh🤦🏿‍♂
Knicks loyalty @forevershinin🔁Broncos really screwed the #JETS man & they need a QB as well welp guess we go linebacker with 6th pick lol #NFL
104.3 The FAN @1043TheFan🔁 quarterback on what he needs to work on during the offseason: “I don’t think there’s just one thing. I think there’ s so much that I can get better at."
SerpentWings @SnekWings🔁Paxton: “I love football so’s really tough. The only thing you can do now is put in the work in the off-season. I’m excited to go put in the work and come back and be the guy.”
Berkleigh Keller @BerkleighKeller🔁 Guess who finished as the Leagues Leading Rusher? Hint: NOT KAMARA! PS: Chiefs backups beat starter s today.
@ChaboiJoee @upnawf🔁@noahisrage Yeah with shit teams like the broncos it was too easy smh


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