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The Blackhawks Shawn @ShawnFinchum🔁 The Blackhawks couldn't even win
Alex @acampbell54🔁 RIPIP to the 2016-2017 Chicago Blackhawks
The Blackhawks rachel kramer @rach_kramer5🔁 DOWN GOES THE 1-SEED!

The Predators sweep the Blackhawks to move on to the second round.

The Blackhawks Jp Larmoyeux @larmoyeux92🔁 The Blackhawks have been swept
Barstool Sports @barstoolsports🔁The Blackhawks are dead
The Blackhawks SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁DOWN GOES THE 1-SEED!

The Predators sweep the Blackhawks to move on to the second round.

Tony X. @soIoucity🔁the blackhawks have literally lost every playoff game I've seen them play. 😂😂
Game 7 last year and a sweep this ye ar. you're welcome nhl.
Bruce Wolf @BruceWolfChi🔁Should the Blackhawks home games be on tv? And should the radio broadcasts start in the middle of the second period?
Emily Buss @TheEmilyB🔁The winner of the Blues/ series will play the Nashville Predators in the second round. The Preds swept the Chicago Blackhawks.
Mount YCU @MountYCU🔁The Blackhawks just ruined my bracket, I had them meeting the caps in the finals. This is worse than a rumor that I have AIDS going viral.
Jeremy @JMac_026🔁 The Chicago Blackhawks have not been swept in 24 years.
Patrick Prunskus @pprunskus🔁Looks like the Blackhawks got forcibly removed from their seats at the United Center.
Maggie Ballentine @mballentine02🔁I'm not surprised the Blackhawks got swept. It was part of the contract Chicago signed with the devil to bring the Cubs a World Series.
H @LewandowskiEra🔁Love waking up knowing the Blackhawks aren't advancing to round 2
The Hockey Press® @TheHockeyPress🔁C'mon Chicago Blackhawks. How could you get swept by the Predators and have nobody on your team get more points than Pekka Rinne...
Ricky @velorick🔁Did not see the Blackhawks getting swept!! Elsewhere, it's great to see the Oilers a game away from a series win. #NHL #StanleyCup
Alex @AlexSapporo🔁I knew hawks are birds and birds lay eggs, but wow I never imagined the Chicago Blackhawks would lay such a stinky egg in the playoffs
Jason Brigham @jason_brigham🔁Viktor Arvidsson scores to give the a 2-0 lead with 11:08 to go in the 3rd period.
Max Horn @max_horn27🔁Great night is hockey last night Rangers and the Oilers got the W and the Blackhawks got swept👌🏽
BgRed#BringBackBowen @77kingofthereds🔁3 crazy stats from the 's first round sweep of the . MORE @
erin @errinnxweelssh🔁 Watching the Blackhawks get completely belittled and swept by an 8 seed makes missing the playoffs a little bit easier.
Scott Powers @ByScottPowers🔁Podcast: @BrianHedger & I were joined by @MarkPotash, @ChrisKuc, @MarkLazerus, @ChristopherHine & @johndietzdh
nuuukdabomb @SainesMatt🔁 Can't believe the Blackhawks are going to get swept with 3 #NHL100 players


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