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The BlackhawksThe BlackhawksThe BlackhawksThe Blackhawks ChicagoSports @ChicagoSports🔁On this date in 2006, the Blackhawks drafted Jonathan Toews
The BlackhawksThe BlackhawksThe BlackhawksThe Blackhawks Steven @Whitesox89🔁 On this date in 2006, the Blackhawks drafted Jonathan Toews
The Blackhawks FatasySportsChirping @chirpingfantasy🔁Trevor van Riemsdyk on the move hours after being selected by Vegas in expansion draft
The Blackhawks pro asset manager @breakaway23🔁 Looks like the Chicago Blackhawks really acquired a stud in Connor Murphy
Kin @kin_kinsley🔁Kane had two seasons with Panarin and they lit up the reg season.

Toews had three seasons w/Saad & won the Cup twice.

Hayley @hay_hayyyyy🔁 When the Blackhawks trade half the team (,:
Gabrielle2️⃣7️⃣🏒 @honeychenyuk🔁@henrijokiharju welcome with the Chicago Blackhawks! 💁🏼
baylee😇🌟 @bayleejarose_🔁The newest member of the Blackhawks family... and Blackhawks pronunciation guide, HEHN-ree joh-kee-HAHR-yew.
brianna @28briianna🔁Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the team's selection of Henri Jokiharju with pick 29.
Second City Hockey🏒 @2ndCityHockey🔁The Blackhawks have an extra pick in the draft today — No. 70 overall — thanks to trading down last night.
#CBaeJ @cbj_rocks19🔁. is off to the and the welcome back a familiar face in Brandon Saad.
jasmine @MendezJasmine🔁 rt if the blackhawks break your heart every year during the draft cause same
Black Hawks Feed @BlackHawks_Feed🔁The situation is heating up!
FKNRIGHTCHICAGOOOOOO @fknrightchicago🔁 Always be prepared! Here are the 10 things you NEED to know before attending the #NHLDraft today.
nick worst @nick_worst🔁I woke up today feeling really good about the direction of the Blackhawks. Still need a couple moves, but I think they got better yesterday
Chicago Blackhawks @NHLBlackhawks🔁The newest member of the Blackhawks family... and Blackhawks pronunciation guide, HEHN-ree joh-kee-HAHR-yew.
Jen @WickedFade🔁Can Connor Murphy actually replace Niklas Hjalmarsson? digs in to the blue line shakeup.
lil kramer @anthony_bruno17🔁 That long, unnecessary intro of Toews and Kane making a selection lasted longer than the Blackhawks in the playoffs
Chief @BarstoolChief🔁I will be holding Blackhawks group therapy sessions in the parking lot at the White Sox game today.
zachary morgan @Cpt_Morgan23🔁 Our condolences go out to the fans of the Chicago Blackhawks for the death of your GMs sanity and your own.
Steven @Whitesox89🔁7 picks until the Blackhawks' make their first 2017 choice. Sold out crowd is ready.
Neil Villapiano @NEILYV17🔁 With no Hossa this season, the @NHLBlackhawks will have to step up.
that boa skyler boaa @sroudis13🔁Words don't cover how happy I am the blackhawks got saad bike!!!
Big Bear @brennenmcmann🔁Still trying to make sense of the Hjalmarsson and Panarin/Saad trades? They’re about youth and cost certainty.
Big Bear @brennenmcmann🔁The Hawks landed defenseman Henri Jokiharju of the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks with the No. 29 pick in the NHL draft.
Haylie @haylie17rene🔁 there is nothing better than watching the chicago blackhawks crumble


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