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Warren Shader @WarrenShader🔁 The #Bears Eddie Jackson 75-yard INT return for a touchdown off a #Panthers Cam Newton INT
PK @_Kasko_🔁 Live look at the Bears, Vikings, and Lions in the NFC North with a Rodgers-less Packers team.
Boobie45Miles @Boobie45Miles_🔁 The #Bears Eddie Jackson 75-yard INT return for a touchdown off a #Panthers Cam Newton INT
the bears Coach McCurley @RyanMcCurley11🔁 Thanks to John Fox for letting me see the Bears offensive playbook this week.
NFL Research @NFLResearch🔁The @Jaguars have 10 sacks today

They are the first team with 10+ sacks in multiple games within a season since the 1984 Bears

Nick Colletti @nick_colletti🔁do bears eat the whole salmon or do they work around certain parts
Rodger Sherman @rodger_sherman🔁One year ago today: Eddie Jackson breaks his leg, ending his college career
Today: TWO defensive touchdowns for the B ears
Kadeem Pledger @KingOptimist_🔁 y’all just scored 3 points against the bears 😐
ObnoxiousWhodat @ObnoxiousWhodat🔁 The Bears attempted 7 passes AND WON! Guess who Saints play next? Oh yes.
Alan @Alan73574145🔁Today marks the 26th anniversary of the that bears the names of more than 20,000 LE officers who are recognized for their service.
Matt the beard riley @Matt67660780🔁The chicago bears won 3-4 on the season
Timaay Turner @timaay_turner🔁75-yard fumble recovery for TD ✔️
76-yard pick-six ✔️

Bears S Eddie Jackson made history against the Panthers


UCA Athletics Scores @UCAscoreboard🔁WSOC: Starters for the Bears:

A. Sultan

Ms. New Booty @Azn_Alysha🔁 do bears eat the whole salmon or do they work around certain parts
Eileen @EileenDrury🔁It was , took a nice nap. Immediately started drinking because the bears lost. Don’t worry I’m still drinking for you
Big Cat @JBigCatWilliams🔁Bears postgame with , and follows at the conclusion of this game.
🅱️🅱️🅱️loods @TrapGawdd🔁Going into the 4th quarter…

Total yards: Panthers 278, Bears 121.

T.O.P: Panthers 34:09, Bears 10:51

Points: Bears 17, Panthers 3.

0vurfl0w @0vurfl0w🔁 Mitchell Trubisky has completed a total of 15 passes in his last two games, and the Bears have won both.
Michael Maas @mikemaas42🔁 Game time for the sectional semifinal at Jasper will be 7:00 our time. Go Bears!
small c conservative @pmevans5🔁 Relax. Police in stilettos driving rainbow cars and dressed up as bears have the situation in hand 🙄🙄 🙄
katiee mariaa @katieemariaa92🔁Bears win!! Move to 3-4 on the year matching last years win total, ima tell you something this team is moving forward and it’s just a matter of time when the monsters of the midway are back!!
Blake C. @EMTCarson19🔁@Zirksee TOWT D predictions Hero Eddie Jackson of the Bears 2 75+yd TDs would be a huge boost over his 68, or Titans Kevin Byard 3 Ints.
ambeautek @amberrkelleherr🔁 Can’t help but feel like if the #Bears had started Trubisky from week one, they’d probably be at least 4-3 right now.
James™ @Tacklessdata🔁 #Bears TE Zach Miller on the Bears' defense: "They're bringing that 'Monsters of the Midway' back."
mo @chuuew🔁 Have you heard the story of Goldilocks? It bears repeating.
CNNTuga @CNNTugaDOTcom🔁Reindeer And Polar Bears In The Frozen North
UncleDaddy69 @GaltHouseRecs🔁 #Bears touchdowns the last two weeks:

Defense: 3
Offense: 2

CJ @msjonesnc🔁Congrats to the Bears! #AggiePride #TarikCohen
Shawn 〽️ @_1Takeoffshawn🔁 Panthers fans week 1 “y’all struggled against the Bears lmaooo”

Today: Bears 17 Panthers 3 🤷🏿‍♂️

Lamotta @JuniAintShit🔁The Bears are the first team to win while completing less than 5 passes since Tim Tebow's Broncos ... coached by John Fox.


Paul.Rossi @Shipwreck6669🔁@KBarnes1722 @Panthers @run__cmc Well yeah, Jackson and the Bears defense.
RISPy Bizness @MeliMel_82🔁I can’t even imagine what they’d look like with Jerrell and Willie out there. The defense is making Bears fans proud
Alex Navarro @anavarro🔁@NC9 @Showtyme_33 As a Bears fan, I hate the Packers but love that @Showtyme_33 is showing he belongs in the NFL.
Zeus👑 @Juvens1990🔁 My homie a Bears fan but went to the game with a Cam jersey lmaoooooooo
M&M @arcane92🔁Bears: 1st team to win a game with 7-or-fewer pass attempts AND 5-or-fewer 1st downs since the Browns did so on Dec. 3, 1950 vs Eagles
Christian Blue @IRockKswiss🔁 I remember Panthers fans had ALL KINDS of jokes about us ALMOST losing to the Bears. Then they got completely dominated
Lester A Wiltfong Jr @wiltfongjr🔁Then can we take away the biggest play the Panthers made? Or pretend the Bears went for it on 4th and goal an scored?
FATASS NOT MY PRES!! @leech11🔁Mitch Trubisky was pretty hard on himself after the game: "I thought I played really poor. I just got to be better overall.”
Booottany Knooopper @MsGeorgiaOQueef🔁"And you Gabriel Lorca, what were you doing down by the water bears." - Alien Ginsberg #StarTrekDiscovey
T.O.C. Hockey Blog @tochockeyblog🔁Bears to the power play. Dahlstrom to the box for the Icehogs #HBH
Geoff Ostman @geoff_ostman🔁 The Jaguars are now on pace for 75 sacks this season, which would break the NFL record of 72 set by the 1984 Bears.
Gary Dhindsa @gary_dhindsa🔁i generally approve of Cam dressing however he wants but he should have a backup look in case—pure hypothetical—he loses 17-3 to the Bears
KenItToWinIt™ @Kehoyle1🔁The gravitas of the fact that Bears won having completed only 4 passes & gaining 5 total 1st downs w/ no Luke Kuechly should hit you hard.
Zack Pearson @Zack_Pearson🔁Leonard Floyd on bigger picture for the #Bears: "We're definitely trying to change the culture."
Garry Luke @ZugIreland🔁I genuinely do not understand how this is a thing. QB only attempts 7 passes. Completes 4. Total yds just 153, yet t he Bears win? 🤔
Geoff Ostman @geoff_ostman🔁Six teams from the 1 PM games failed to score an offensive TD today: the Bears, Browns, Cardinals, Colts, Panthers and Titans.
James™ @Tacklessdata🔁Trubisky isn’t turning the ball over & he’s doing enough to help his team get wins. That’s not hurting his development one bit.
Ashley Qualls @ashleyquallss🔁 Back to back dubs for the bears👀👀


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