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The Beard 🎄🎁 @ignocturnal🔁me: ep ignis alternate ending is the new Canon
xovy: ravus’ beard
Houston Rockets @HoustonRockets🔁The Beard at the buzzer!

#Rockets 84
Bucks 79

Friends TV Show📺 @FriendsTVids🔁 How Drake grew his beard overnight. The science behind it:
The Beard jo @JoChearman🔁Arrrgghh! I leap back from the linen basket in disgust but it's only TOH fake beard #Truthstrangerthanfiction
Houston Rockets @HoustonRockets🔁Straight 🔥 from The Beard
FREDDY @FreddyAmazin🔁I feel so bad for the grinch bc he just wanted to impress his hunny by shaving his beard and making her a home made gift
keith flett @kmflett🔁@MichaelRosenYes perhaps its time to induct Robertson Justice into the Beard Hall of Fame?
Mark Gordon, Author @MarkScabash6🔁in spring
we burned
the naked barley—
allowed fields to fallow

I run my fingers through
your honey beard
to remember
the harvest

Visit Wakefield™ @Visit_Wakefield🔁@Occams_Beard We like the sound of Rouse Meadows.
Mohammad Hatami @Persiankidd🔁One of the hardest things to do is combing my beard in the morning that shit hurts .
Puppies Kit 🐶 @PuppiesKit🔁The Answer For Men Who Grow

"Itchy & Patchy"

Facial Hair.

Go From Patchy Peach Fuzz To A Full Grown Burly Beard!!!

Cooper Swartwout @CooperSwartwout🔁Let's be honest. I think every dude has wanted a beard like at least once in they're life. The man just has superior genes
Eilín de Paor @edepaor🔁@acloudonastring Do you have the beard and everything?
CyberSpock @kaufman_roger🔁This gives me an idea. The Seaview is attacked by alien Amish men who blink in. Armed with sickles, they aim to bea rd every married man in the world starting with the crew of the Seaview. They force the crew to wear fake beards that hang on their ears.
Mark Benham @mbenham1977🔁The Beard Song by Demun Jones
NFU Mutual St Albans @nfum_StAlbans🔁To all of our bearded followers why not put those whiskers to work and raise money for at the same time
Ebenezer Mudge 🎅 🍻 @oldmudgie🔁@Jester2109 @CarpeZytha An affectionate name for CAMRA. "Beard club vouchers" are the 50p tokens off a pint of real ale at Spoons


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