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The Americans The Hill @thehill🔁NEW POLL: Americans rank Obama as the best president in their lifetime
Erin McLeod @mcnursie🔁The greed of Wall Street caused millions of Americans to lose their wealth and destabilized the entire economy.

Ten years later and not one executive has been held accountable for their role in the crisis.

Where is the justice?

John McCain @SenJohnMcCain🔁.'s performance at was disappointing, yet unsurprising. There's little use in parsing his misstatements & bluster, e xcept to say that they are the words of one man. Americans & their Congress still believe in the transatlantic alliance.
Candace Owens @RealCandaceO🔁Objectively speaking, it’s quite terrifying to realize that a good portion of Americans quite literally hate our pres ident, simply because their media programmed them to.

What else might the media program them to do?

How easily hacked is the human brain?

FASCIST REGIME MUST GO NOW! @lLadyBing🔁This is hilarious. Liam Fox, for Americans who won’t know this, is so low rent here. It’s like the Queen being met off the plane by Bartender Mo.
daniah🕊🌊🗽 @valencixx🔁Americans would be very grateful to the NATO leaders if they would please intervene. Our elected government has proven to be helpless, complacent and complicit thus far.
Monty Ferbert @Montyferbert🔁Watch: Leftist Melts When Asked To Prove White Privilege Wh-wha-huh? What?

When given a wide-open chance to explain white privilege, the guest could only think of tired examples like alleged mistreatment of black Americans by police...

Raymond the Reader @sunraykiss🔁Thank you to the Republicans in Congress for being your true selves during the Strzok hearing. You’re all an international embarrassment. While Russia is still attacking and harassing Americans, you’re doing the same. You’re all traitors. All of you must resign. Sad and pathetic.
Xpompier @Xpompier77🔁Peter Strzok is a lying criminal who interfered in our election, spied on innocent Americans, and tried to overthrow the U.S. President. He hates freedom and hates everything America stands for. And the anti-American Democrats applauded this treasonous scumbag.
Karen Campbell @kaicee118🔁A new survey finds that Americans think the best president in their lifetime was Barack Obama
#Trumpdraincesspool @taratmay🔁Its not our problem, just bring the troops back and the US embassy too. Let them kill themselves. We Americans can’t afford any more money to be given out.
Barbara Smoyer @BarbaraSmoyer🔁"They set them up for reason. & if.. they wanted to operationalize this network of what seemed to be local news, they can significantly influence narrative on breaking news" Twitter caught these Internet Research Agency accounts in the act & suspended them

Erin Caves @CavesErin🔁Objectively speaking, it’s quite terrifying to realize that a good portion of Americans quite literally hate our president, simply because their media programmed them to.

What else might the media program them to do?

How easily hacked is the human brain?

TrumpWatchdogNews @TrumpWatchNews🔁TWO marches against Trump's visit to the UK this Friday: Women's March at midday, second one at 2pm. London's going to be BUSY. And ignore Trump's mad spinning - all Americans who wish to join VERY WELCOME AND GREETED WITH OPEN ARMS. We're sorry for you guys.
andrew jay schneider @cllandy51🔁 To serve Americans with the petty innuendoes you asked the man who DID serve America for 22 years is a disgrace. H ow about children separated from parents, why don't you work on that? This is an embarrassment, he lost his job leave him alone
Joncasia the #ConservativeNativeAmerican@Kankuamo @Joncasia1🔁 you took the opportunity you had to say to Peter what so many hard working Americans would have liked to of said and ran with it, I applaud you sir 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
MassMutual Illinois @MassMutual_IL🔁Working Americans and families who identify as LGBTQ may be less prepared for retirement and more worried about their finances than the general population, recent data suggest. Find out more here.

TheGreatFactbookOfLife @TGLifesFactBook🔁Because you can't deny the the truth.

Poll: Record number of Americans believe in man-made climate change -

LFSC @lynnfc50🔁Newsflash for Trump fans: “Forty-four percent of Americans said Obama was either the best or the second-best president in their lifetime, with 33 percent saying the...
Vietnam Veteran @DustOffVietnam🔁Black Americans have a huge opportunity to rebuild our neighborhoods through small businesses. Pres. Trump has cut a lot of govt binding regulations already. Now is the time
S. Fulton, I STAND @srfulton22🔁Rogue bureaucrats like Peter Strzok are why Americans lack trust in our government.

He’s a disgrace to himself. He’s a disgrace to the FBI. He’s a disgrace to this country.

HenryUm @HenryUm🔁Americans like Angela Merkel, while Germans loathe Donald Trump
Donald Trump remains very unpopular in Germany, while people in the US are generally positive about Angela Merkel, a new study finds. Relationship that only one side sees as strained.

Sherri Glock @SherriGlock🔁Americans rate Presidents in their lifetime:
1. Barack Hussein Obama
2. Bill Clinton
3. Ronald Reagan

The Hussein guy crushed Trump by more than doubling his rating. 🤣🤣🤣

FEM Inc. @FEMInc🔁Americans can and should have paid leave while they’re working, and a safe and secure retirement later on. Today, I testified to the Senate Finance Committee about why the is the best paid leave plan for workers, for businesses, and for the country.
andrea 🌼 @94ftlt🔁while most people know/love/remember sandra oh because of grey's anatomy, she was also in a ton of films about asian americans/asian american identity along the way! a lot of them are independent films that she also helped fund. what a queen.
Annabella46 @annabella46🔁 Your legacy will be to go after members of another political party and an agent of the FBI ..... all Americans servi ng this country. But no hearings on Russian collusion, a president who defends Putin, and those who may be enemies, domestic or foreign.
chris walker @cwliveslife1🔁@WhitfordBradley Loved West Wing and The Wire; more recently, I’ve been quite transfixed by Homeland and The Americans!
Sarah Funes @SarahFunes🔁The common retort that this is not who we, the Americans, rings hollow for indigenous peoples. This, unfortunately, is who we have always been. But it doesn’t have to be via
JESUS F ALFONSO @JESUSFALFONSO1🔁Totally impressed by We overuse words like "hero" These are the real deal. Instead of spoiled sports stars should invite this Thai team to the White House (including Americans who provided valuable help).
matthew schofield @matthewschofiel🔁The vast majority of Americans oppose overturning Roe v. Wade and support preserving the ACA’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Let's fight to .
Annette wills @Annettewills7🔁As an ethics lawyer, I am disgusted by Trump; As a Canadian, I am insulted by Trump; As a father, I am saddened by the messages of Trump.

But as someone who’s travelled all through your country & met so many amazing Americans, I know Trump is not you. I believe the good will win

LuLu Roche @LuLuRoche🔁I don’t want to argue with my fellow Americans. I am sure you have heard the expression ‘divide and conquer ‘. And t hat’s what going on. Try not to watch Fox News. They are banned in other countries for LYING.
ray @GuruRayy🔁there is an entire town of predominantly black people in Michigan with no water.

there are over half a million homeless people in the US, a quarter of which being children.

approximately 49 million Americans struggle feeding every person in the household.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @IAMAGAMAN🔁Their also on their way to control and deceive only the most IGNORANT and NAIVE americans!
City Slicker @folsomdweller2🔁Finally got your book Russian Roulette from the library on reserve.
I am on page 143 in one days worth of reading.
It is absolutely a must read for ALL Americans.
Thank you so much for this beyond excellent book.
Robyn Ness (Hyde) @RobynNess1🔁Ryan makes a great point. Here's the rub. During Watergate TV News was a public service not a ratings driven profit center. And the Fairness Doctrine was still in effect, so Americans were more confident they were getting truth (or all sides if there was genuine controversy).
Mc kK @t_mckayla🔁The Republican Party is nothing but a belligerently drunk Fox News pundit on steroids that talks only in catchphrases, accomplishes absolutely nothing, pathologically lies, steals our tax dollars, tortures refugees, endorses pedophiles and backs the Russian Gov’t over Americans.
Always TRiUMPhant! @AlwaysTRiUMP🔁Job growth is strong under :
✅ 3.7 million new jobs since November 2016
✅ 601,000 Americans entered the workforce in June
✅ 36,000 new manufacturing jobs in June
Ana Correa @AnaCorr45280857🔁To all my fellow americans, i want you to VOTE in november republicans. These democrats are no interested in your and mine well being neither on the well being of our country.
We really need to get rid of them. Help us do that by voting REPUBLICANS.
Jesse @ValdelamarJesse🔁1st, most illegal immigrants come in through air or water, only like a third of them come in through the frontier.
2 nd most of them come in with the plan to later come back to Mexico with their American families but that doesn’t work out because their Americans
charlie guidry @Ghostwriter33🔁its called a federally sanctioned invasion you guillable americans are financing.the importation of cheap labor,drug epidemics and rewarding them with free benefits telling them they are better than anybody else in america and slaving away to cater to their demands
DailyMeltdown @DailyMeltdown99🔁According to Trump and the GOP, the entire US Military, US Intel community, FBI/DoJ, US Courts, NATO, EU, UN and all of our allies are enemies. Russia, Iran, Syria and N Korea, all countries that want to kill Americans, are our friends. Proof Trump & GOP are our greatest threats.
Julie Spitzer @juliespitzer94🔁.@realDonaldTrump attack @pfizer this week, putting the drug company in front of Americans' attention. Here are 8 l…
Jason's Girl @Heathamommy🔁The black caucus are outright disgusting! Who do they represents? Not the blacks or Americans! They are with the FBI to impeach potus TRUMP.

BearLW @barreled53🔁Trump is absolutely clueless regarding global discussions and negotiations. There is so much more than “get to the 2 %.” Trump is only playing to his extreme conservative base without regard to the majority of Americans that didn’t vote for the ass.
CUESA @CUESA🔁Americans who rely on SNAP may be unable to use their benefits at farmers markets because the company that processes EBT transactions is ending its service. Thankfully in California, most markets, including all of CUESA's markets, will not be impacted.
AWM @AnneAnnapolis🔁As farmers watch their income go down, prepares another round of tariffs on Chinese goods, which will lead to retaliations that will hurt farmers even more.

Trump’s so-called America First strategy is hurting Americans across the country.

lulu @lod59🔁AMERICANS We’re Watching the Destruction of USA Institutions that help Maintain Law & Order & who help Save Democracy. The Republicans don’t care if our Democracy Falls in fact they’re Helping tear down our Country.
Ellie @eferbs2268🔁This is a huge issue. HALF of ALL Americans are impacted by this breach & yet the MAIN consumer protection agency has yet to do anything (it seems).

That is completely unacceptable and not at all what Main St deserves from what used to be the premier consumer protection agency.

Grey Face (no space) @TheUmbrellaMan2🔁The state of London suggests the threats to Americans is sadly real. Sadiq Khan has turned London is a shithole ... h e sponsors the attacks on Trump and encouraged this do as thou wilt attitude.
tracy bachman @firecracker777🔁The Supreme Court must protect the rights of ALL Americans, not just the wealthy and powerful. President Trump’s intent to nominate an extremist is a disservice to all. 70% of the country supports Roe v. Wade
Robert Broussard @MaxfireXSA🔁This is not okay: Trump's "eliminating most of the funding for grass-roots groups that help Americans get ACA insurance and will for the first time urge the groups to promote health plans that bypass the law’s consumer protections and required benefits."
Vicki Harrison @vickiha08202081🔁 what a political HACK.Not one thing out of your mouth has anything to dop with this hearing.Waste of time,but thanks ,because away has had an outstanding day from all the behavior of the ignorant dems.Could not be better keep it up HACK Americans want it asshat
Jax♡ @theJackieAM🔁White people are the loudest, most disrespectful, obnoxious, self centered, ignorant swines of the earth yet they call African Americans ‘ratchet’ and ‘ghetto’
Lyndl Marshall @pavementrat🔁My question is, “Why are the Republicans providing such cover for DJT.” Are they completely in thrall and blind to th e awful harm he and they are inflicting on Americans and the rest of the world. Where did they park their principles?
J'Lynn @JLynn85921351🔁Congrats Congress on another sh*tshow hearing (waste of time)...You’ve managed to reaffirm the absolute disconnect & incompetence running rampant throughout DC... Americans have had Enough... We want Indictments, Accountability, Laws Enforced & Corrupt People in JAIL!
Robert Tarr @20ft___UP🔁At least this vermin bares his fangs with impunity. He did the deed and couldn’t care less what his country thinks. It’s and the other enablers who truly disgust decent Americans. This guy just is what he is, forever a footnote to history as a disgraced cheater and mole.
@vi44 @Vi44🔁Perfect antidote for the political crazy of the day. Two of my favorite Americans, & .
Matt.™ ⚛️ @HumanistDotOrg🔁Melania Trump
I can't imagine how it must feel to be married to a man who the larger portion of Americans and the entire world find

Admitting U are a birther & doing NOTHING except a photo op with crying children ...
Makes you also REPULSIVE .

Rosalynn @Carter19521🔁Trump’s sabotage of the ACA has raised health care costs and reduced access to care. Appointing Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court — who believes a president can refuse to enforce the ACA -- could mean we lose this important law in its entirety.
Jude Green @judemgreen🔁Arrest This Man‼️He’s Anti-Putin‼️
He’s Not Paid By Putin‼️Like The How Dare U Speak For Americans⁉️😂😂👏👏 B ravo Pal‼️‼️‼️‼️One Flew Over Putin’s Cuckoos Nest‼️👍 👍👍👍‼️👍👏👍👍
Susan Ellingwood @ellingwood🔁"One development I noticed that accelerated in the last two decades or so was the outpouring of stellar work about the immigrant experience, often by writers who were themselves immigrants or second-generation Americans"
4MINA @4Mina🔁A whole new faction of Americans decided to today after that ridiculous 3-ringed circus with the 🤡 ‘s of the left ! Anyone with an ounce of critical thought has to be running from the DEMOCRATIC party, not walking away....they have zero credibility left.

Alice @Alice72850🔁The USS No-Name. I can't help but wonder who the Hell decided to name a US War Ship after a traitorous POS. As a 10 year Navy Veteran, I am appalled. No-Name got Americans killed by hot-dogging on an Aircraft Carrier, and feeding info to our enemies.

KK Garrett @SpazzyKK🔁You would have them rip your children away from you? You would have them lower your social security? You would have them call Americans murderers and rapists? Don’t use the word civility as a shield.
James Mashiri @jamesmashiri🔁.'s performance at was disappointing, yet unsurprising. There's little use in parsing his misstatements & bluster, except to say that they are the words of one man. Americans & their Congress still believe in the transatlantic alliance.
Eq @quinnscorner🔁.: When it comes to first-place votes – presidents who were picked as the very president of respondents’ lifetimes – Obama was the clear winner with 31%, followed by Reagan with 21%, and Clinton with 13%.
💕Hello Kitty🇺🇸 @EllieMae62🔁Senator Trey Gowdy❤️🇺🇸

Americans will no longer stand by and watch the
hypocrisy flowing from this Arrogant Democrat Party❗️
NOV.6, 2018 🦅🇺🇸🦅
Mary e spratt @Maryespratt2🔁As a combat veteran I have been trying to infom people of the weight the USA has carried on our shoulders far too long This is straight from the mouths of our allies. is correct we just cannot continue this way. Its not fair to Americans and not good for allies preperation
Dooklala Resister Sister @dooklala🔁It would suit Americans to consider a better lifestyle: no alcohol, no cigarettes and no meat because all of those ca use cancer and heart issues. If you don’t want medical bills: take action. Also. Don’t take prescription pain killers for a sprain. Nobody does in Europe.
Rich Teknaw @RichWanket🔁Russia spent years building up Twitter accounts that posed as sources for Americans' hometown headlines.

The accounts posted real local news, building trust and readership for some future, unforeseen effort.

Robert Ebert @CrazyBob48🔁In Poll asking who was the best of your lifetime got 44% & I got 19%!
People LIKED him & most think I’m a disgusting orange sociopath!
Plus I hear millions of ILLEGAL aliens & BROWN bears voted in this poll!

WORLD ALLIANCE @11worldpeace🔁Noam Chomsky: "The general population doesn't know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know."
Ocean State Current @TheCurrent_RI🔁Only one in five Americans trusts the federal government, but that's been true since around 2009.
Alexandra @qantasbird🔁The notion that he deserves these nit picky attacks over his personal, political opinions is absurd. Peter Strzok is all Americans with an opinion that can still do his job. Back off and support the and work on REAL ISSUES in this country.
mr. right40 @royparrish🔁I hope lots of Americans are watching the Strzok hearings. Fox should cancel weekend programming & just play this hearing over & over again.


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