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Chris @Chris_wonders🔁 When the Jaguars lose to the 49ers, but they also win the AFC South...
The 49ers ⚾️Elizabeth🏈 @LizzyAnastaysa🔁 .@JimmyG_10 has delivered the @49ers first 4-game win streak since 2013!
Cody @CHavard11🔁 Jimmy G in the off season #49ers
The 49ers 🗿BackwoodBleeze @NappyHeadBleeze🔁 Ball game. Breida to the house! #JAXvsSF
The 49ers Kaipo Uaiwa @datdude_po🔁 Retweet if you think the @49ers absolutely need to sign @JimmyG_10 to a long term deal!!
Mark Ason @mark_ason🔁 Jimmy G in the off season #49ers
The 49ers David Zentful @Zentful🔁 Jimmy G is passing out TDs for Christmas. 🎅

His second of the day goes to @Trent5Taylor. #JAXvsSF

The 49ers Kaipo Uaiwa @datdude_po🔁 Jimmy G to @gkittle46 for the TD! #JAXvsSF
The 49ers The Quiet Riot @DOPEISDARK🔁 Jimmy G and the 49ers just hung 44 points on the No. 1-ranked defense in the NFL.
The 49ers San Francisco 49ers @49ers🔁Ball game. Breida to the house! #JAXvsSF
The 49ers San Francisco 49ers @49ers🔁#49ers opening drive: 10 plays, 79 yards, 4:42 resulting in the 1-yard @JimmyG_10 TD. #JAXvsSF

7-0. #GoNiners

The 49ers SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Jimmy G and the 49ers just hung 44 points on the No. 1-ranked defense in the NFL.
DJ LOCS @chemalocs🔁 LB Brock Coyle on Jaguars losing cool: "Maybe they thought they could come in here and push us around a little bit. When the bully gets punched back he doesn’t like it. We punched back today.”
Kylie Shepherd @kshepherd99🔁Stay hot ! Make that 4 in-a-row for the red & gold.

Takeaways from the upset win over Jacksonville:

Al Hood @albhood🔁2017 will mark the first time in the Super Bowl era that the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Packers, and 49ers all missed the playoffs.

The last time all 5 of those teams missed the postseason was in 1964.

Adam @Shadow_Drgn🔁@49ers The takes aways are, our defense has 3 of them. 😀
Rob Beane @RobBeane🔁Jimmy G and the 49ers beat the Jaguars so now we officially have a first round bye!

Thanks Jimmy G!

Malik Kalil @LeekLoveLife🔁49ers gone be decent next year! Jimmy G is the real deal
Coach Deuce Robinson @coach2robinson🔁Great team win today! What a week... surprise 30th party, won another bowl game, beat the Jags... and it’s Christmas Eve!
Erik @ehamel381🔁 Jimmy G plays for the 49ers

still clinches a first round bye for the Patriots

Lonzo Garoppolo @abel1408🔁“And one thing I like to say. Any football players who want to just play football and not have to worry about their defensive players starting drama and their coach smacking chunks of gum in their mouth, clowning......come to the
Tanner™ @TannerOlBoy🔁I’m with you man, 49ers always been my second favorite team since day 1 and I see a lot of promise not just with Q B but with some smart draft pics and some offseason moves they WILL pose a big threat in the NFC it’s 9er time baby
Hitchcock @hitchcock19🔁Jimmy G is the savior for the 49ers
Graham Wylie @Grahamwylie88🔁Jaguars LB Myles Jack on Jimmy G: 'It was definitely irritating to hear about him all week. But s***, he beat us. He knocked out the No. 1 defense in the country. Honestly, he deserves all the credit."
Dovid Hashimi @Dtheboss87🔁With today’s Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the Pittsburgh can clinch a first-round bye in the 2017 postseason with a win or tie vs. the Houston Texans tomorrow.
Brendan Panikkar @Panikkar37🔁 The 49ers are this far advanced in year one of the rebuild and they still got a top-5 pick and a small fortune.
Jesse Rodriguez @Jrod10_🔁Add Telvin Smith to the growing list of opposing players that haven’t come to grips with the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be their problem for an extended period of time.
@Hope #57 @FroilanTyler🔁Great job Jimmy Awesome win over the Jaguars the defense and offense played together just like back good old days whe n Joe Montana was the quarterback welcome home thank you for the great win aloha from Hawaii we love the 49ers !!
5-10 #NINERGANG 26-7 #DUBNATION @JusBlaze650🔁@Shred__Lord @TelvinSmith_22 @Jaguars @49ers The rest of the Jags fanbase in my mentions seem to think so
خوسيه مارتينيز @hoesaymartinez🔁 Carlos Hyde: "Minus our record, we're a really good football team. Next year we're going to win the Super Bowl."
A pending free agent, Hyde said: "I feel we've got a chance to go the Super Bowl next year and I don't want to go to another team."
Dream @Zac_dreamWeaver🔁In Week 16, Jimmy Garoppolo not only won his 4th-straight game as the QB, but he also did it against the league’s #1 defense

had the highest completion percentage (70.0) and passer rating (102.4) of any QB against the Jaguars defense this season

Father 518 @chris_warnke42🔁 Plot twist in two years Jimmy G leads the 49ers to the super bowl and wins, beating who......? Tom Brady and the Patriots
SienaSoup @sienasoup🔁 One #49ers player to me just now:

“The Jaguars talked more sh— than any team I’ve ever played.”

Chris Potter @chris_p0tter🔁The Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers.

Four weeks later the 49ers beat the Jaguars with Jimmy Garoppolo At QB, clinching a first-round bye for the Patriots.

Bill Belichick is the 🐐🐐

CETANWAKUWA @XxUncle_HankxX🔁 beat the with:

-Rookie UDFA RB
-Rookie UDFA WR
-Rookie 5th-round TE
-Rookie 5th-round WR
-Rookie 7th-round FS
-Rookie 3rd overall DL
-Rookie 31st overall LB
-Rookie 3rd-round CB
-Vet FA nickel
-Vet FA DL
-Vet FA WR (3)
-Waiver pickup DL (2)
-P-squad CB

The Geordie Geek @dixon10🔁Jimmy G throwing passes as handsome as his face. Our boy is 4-0 in San Fran and helped drop 44pts on the No.1 ranked defence in #10
Willie Phistergash @Phistergash🔁 No team in 2017 has scored more points against the Jaguars, the NFL’s top defense, than the 49ers today (44).
Packers (7-8) (MUBB 9-3) @Packers_MUBB🔁 Add the 49ers as just the latest example that #QBwinz are indeed real.
Patrick Brewer @pattiescake🔁 Jimmy Garoppolo is a much better looking Joe Montana. Congrats 49ers on the greatest QB trade steal in modern NFL history.
Cody Janowiak @codizzlej🔁@erichadley79 @MikeClayNFL The 49ers are 1 cb away from having a top 10 defense.
Andre Roy @TheAndreRoy🔁Proud of my boy @JimmyG_10 ! Pats nation is always gonna be behind you brother! Until we meet in the big game!
Rob Stark (12-3) @markol12🔁I am so happy Jimmy G won his 4 straight game as the 49ers QB! @JimmyG_10 #Patriots #49ers
Javier @borininer49🔁Carlos Hyde: “Jimmy G has definitely been the big difference for us.” Hyde credited Garoppolo’s natural leadership that has helped build positive momentum for .
Dan Ismael Sr @SrNinerdan1🔁49ers GM joins us on 49ers Postgame Live to talk about the team's fourth straight win.
Jimmy @Jimmyy_lee1🔁@DavisHsuSeattle How many Blue Chips do you aee on the 49ers? Jimmy G, Reuben Foster, Buckner, Goodwin(?), Hyde(?)
Danny Joseph @Dannyjjo🔁Jimmy Garoppolo is the real deal. If the can bring in a few players this offseason they could fight for a playoff sp ot in 2018-19. 🏈


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