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thanksgiving day ⚡️STEEL COWBOY™⚡️ @Steel_Cowboy_09🔁Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day 🙏
thanksgiving day Cointelegraph — Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News @Cointelegraph🔁#CT_quotes Happy thanksgiving day to everyone! #Bitcoin
thanksgiving day Nickolas Corley @MrCorleyMath🔁Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the day with your friends and family.
Silverlinings @Silverlinings36🔁#thanksgiving is a day of #gratitude . Don't let #dietculture thinking ruin your day!
thanksgiving day Clínica de Textos @clinicadetextos🔁 Happy Thanksgiving Day!
thanksgiving day Liz 🌹 @ElizaJBooth🔁Happy Thanksgiving!! I have so much to be thankful for. I hope your day is filled with love, peace, & hope. 🍁🍃🍂
thanksgiving daythanksgiving daythanksgiving daythanksgiving day Richard Heppner @RLHeppner🔁Chiloe, day one (yesterday). Happy Thanksgiving!
thanksgiving day Tom James @TribStarTJames🔁Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Twitter followers. Have a great day!!!'
thanksgiving daythanksgiving daythanksgiving daythanksgiving day Nice Grips @UtterTom007🔁 current mood: deflated or damaged macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons
thanksgiving day Mark G. Davis @markgdavis🔁To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I earned this special award by doing a 5K with my #AppleWatch.
thanksgiving day aRealWaynker @w4yneKER🔁#CT_quotes Happy thanksgiving day to everyone! #Bitcoin : #Cointelegraph $btc $eth $pay $neo $sec $sc
Dave Weigel @daveweigel🔁Obama used to visit a homeless shelter and serve meals on the day before Thanksgiving. (I mostly remember because it was murder on DC traffic.)
Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson🔁The pudgy, lovable, mildly creepy, microscopic Tardigrade “WaterBear” would make a most excellent Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.
Preet Bharara @PreetBharara🔁I am thankful that the United States, under the administration of Richard M. Nixon, welcomed my family to America. A nd we have tried to give back every day we've been here. Happy Thanksgiving.
G! @riversongredd🔁Since I'm not down with the genocidal roots of Thanksgiving, I think I'll refer to it as, "Fuck, Yeah, Stuffing! Day" from now on.
Mia❤︎ @Aliettie🔁I am thankful on this day, that is the President of the United States. God bless America and happy thanksgiving everyone.
Donna C. @fontinarae🔁Happy Thanksgiving President Trump, we’re thankful that you’re the 45th President of the United States, and not Crooked Hillary! You’re making Americans proud each and every day. Truly our greatest President EVER! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 🇺🇸
huggablecatus @huggablecatus2🔁@realDonaldTrump Happy thanksgiving Mr. President. Have a great day with your family.
Cornbread @Cornbread_XBL🔁@JGravityy That’s what’s up. Have a good day. Happy Thanksgiving
Kathleena R. Fagan @Grandkathy🔁Happy Thanksgiving ! What a fantastic day. It's really cold this morning. A beautiful sunrise will be followed by a big warm up to the low 70s. Great weather through the weekend.
Doreen Devaney @DoreenDevaney🔁I am thankful that the United States, under the administration of Richard M. Nixon, welcomed my family to America. And we have tried to give back every day we've been here. Happy Thanksgiving.
Ray Maker @RayWMaker🔁 6 US, S. Korean soldiers were awarded medals during a Thanksgiving Day ceremony
Chris Garbin @ChrisGarbin2🔁Don’t let thanksgiving be just one day, but the attitude of your life as you recognize everything as a gift from God. Happy Thanksgiving!
Lou @lou🔁Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has an amazing day with family and friends. Thank you for all your love and suppo rt this year ❤️
121tarotreadings @121tarotreading🔁Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends and followers!! Enjoy a great day with your loved ones!! 😘😘 xoxo

🌟 Lady D's Legs 🌟 @Lady_Ds_Legs🔁 Happy Thanksgiving Day, our "loner that loves community" 💞
I wish you a day filled with peace and warmth, no matter where or with whom you are.

(You don't🍴🦃, right?)

Dustin Hill @jdustinhill🔁Just heard a single shot from a rifle and it’s barely daylight. Somebody is off to a solid Thanksgiving hunting day.
Troy Byers @shortfusecle🔁 NYPD to use secret weapon at Thanksgiving Day Parade: 'Vapor Wake' retrievers
刘柏鸿 @bohong983🔁Today is Thanksgiving day.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all!
Joey Thompson 🏳️‍🌈🎅🏿 @joehoevah🔁The pudgy, lovable, mildly creepy, microscopic Tardigrade “WaterBear” would make a most excellent Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.
soggy bread @Piratehuntezoro🔁let's change Black Friday to Capitalism Day and Thanksgiving to Capitalism Eve where you spend the night carb loading so at midnight you have enough energy to super kick a bluetooth speaker out of a mother's grasp
HLHS Mktg & Advtsng @HLHS_Mktg_Adv🔁Good Morning !! is on our way to make our debut at America’s Day ! Watch us on today! Vote for us as today’s be st band here:
ACSMGreaterNY @ACSMGNYRC🔁Go in with a plan...
Tips to remember throughout this holiday season.
Michael Bryant @BBlaw🔁@TallestDJ @KSTP Happy thanksgiving. Hope you and the family have a great day
jakey wakey @jakey_wakey_10🔁HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! I hope you and your families have a great day and that you are all safe !!! 😌 🦃
Kevin Hicks @oldpama1🔁Thanksgiving Every Day
Terri tilios @terri_tillos🔁Start the day with Samthing beautiful☀️😍❤️
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving lovelies 🍁🦃
Though it's not celebrated in 🇬🇷
I am so very grateful for & the books & show
Thank you

Ozzette Mortis @OzzetteMortis🔁Original Tale The Thanksgiving Day Massacre via @YouTube
Osmila Frauca @OsmilaFrauca🔁 Start your #Thanksgiving Day with lemon water! Here's why:
CRichard @CRichardB🔁On this day of Thanksgiving I wish to thank my President @realDonaldTrump. A beacon for liberty and hope for a better USA and world. #MAGA
Celia 🇺🇸 @growingaway🔁Wishing you the gift of good health, faith and the blessing of hope this Thanksgiving day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

St. Patrick @StPatrickBridal🔁Happy Thanksgiving day! We'd like to give our thanks to all the brides that have trusted us over the years! -
Judy Oxendine @7a888328e08a461🔁 Pray: for those who will go hungry on Thanksgiving Day.
Alexa @alexaarmy97🔁
Those who joined, we will start trending this after 12AM KST on thanksgiving day :)
Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and I really appreciate what and Bighit do for us!
Emma @EmmaAWerewolf🔁Happy Turkey Day! The first Thanksgiving was this day in 1621 but instead of Turkey they had Venison weird so why do we call it Turkey Day...
Brian Coffill @b_coffill🔁Charles Ives “Holiday Symphony,” IV. Thanksgiving and Forefathers Day
Adjoa Ansong @MilcahAsante🔁Y''s Thanksgiving day. MTN is giving our valued customers a special offer to call family & friends in the USA at a special rate of only 0.12 pesewas per minute. Go on and call that special person.
SubParLover @SubParLover🔁Enjoy your day, Humans from the United States of America. 👍

^Most P.C, 2017-approved Thanksgiving well-wishes tweet I could craft 😏

Big Blue View @bigblueview🔁Thanksgiving Day Football: Vikings vs. Lions, Chargers vs. Cowboys — game time, TV schedule, odds, more
little foot boy @esclau60🔁Just want to say on this day of Thanksgiving how grateful I am to be in service to . So much has changed for the better. She has removed any traces of “manhood” and totally emasculated me. I ADORE Her and my devotion is complete.
Stephen Boyd @RallyCaptain🔁Happy Thanksgiving Redskins fans and fans of other teams. Have a safe and prosperous day.
Mike Purwin @MikePurwin🔁 @realDonaldTrump Happy Thanksgiving Day President Trump! MAGA🇺🇸
Christine @ChristineClx🔁Happy , NYC!

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning to have fun at the .

Val Baird @ValBaird1🔁Happy Thanksgiving to our southern neighbours!! Hope your day is filled with family n feasting!
Steven Yates @syates29615🔁Happy Thanksgiving Day up there in the Land of the Free (ahem)!
Corey ⚾ @Jdiekmangirl63🔁Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful most for owning the internet yesterday!! Very proud!! As well as her and and ❤️❤️ my !!! But not looking forward to being at work!!! Have a great day ❤️❤️
Erik Mokrzycki @mokrzycki_erik🔁Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with great people and great food! Let's look a t our blessings and not what we're lacking. We all have a lot to be thankful for!
Marie Marshal @KittyMarshal🔁The 91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade will start at 9am this morning, right here on Channel 10! Here are all the ways you can watch:
Jillian Peeling @Jilliemary🔁Thank you Sherry. That's lovely. I'm enjoying my day. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xxx 💗💚💛💗💖💘? ?💙💚💗💖💜
Michael Bryant @BBlaw🔁@BrittanyHagan @TheDiceler Happy Thanksgiving hope you have a top ten day
Gerika Designs @sapphiregypsy🔁What are you doing with your leftovers? Here's an idea: Hearty Turkey Soup from turkey day leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!
DANIEL GLENN @REALDANIELGLENN🔁 'Vapor Wake' retrievers "
Chris Plummer @rxpium🔁 to last year when we got to be on the Goya float for the Houston Thanksgiving Day parade!!! 🦃🌽♥️🎉 I wonder what the float will look like this year? 🤔 Follow us on Snapchat (texanscheerteam) to get sneak peaks! 👀😄 SO EXCITED

larry smith @8128nwp🔁God Bless President Trump and his family on this Thanksgiving Day.
THE PETER PINHO SHOW @PeterPinho🔁Work flow even on thanksgiving day. Thankful for this oppurtunity to work for WPLR 99.1 New Haven. Thankful for...
son of God @HijoDeDios_82🔁 Have a blessed Thanksgiving! There is SO MUCH to be thankful for every single day.


Francisco Fernandez @PsyVIDAS201718🔁Take a break from the Thanksgiving Day parade, cooking, football or being on line to see/hear the commemoration to e nd violence against women and girls. Then say a word of thanks to all the wonderful and joyful women in your life.
Barbra Tugman @BarbraTugman🔁Traveling the day before is hard, especially when you have cancer. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead:
Morgan Gibson @morgan_Gib🔁Happy thanksgiving! I’ll be spending it on the boulevard! Praying everyone has a great day with family and friends😘
Dania Dewese @DisneyCP2002🔁Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. Cannot wait to watch and more on the thanksgiving day parade.
Fr3ak! [TeEm] @fr3akshowshow🔁Happy thanksgiving to all my friends on the other side of the pond. I hope you all have a great day.
Vanessa Trybendis @vtrybend4🔁Happy Thanksgiving!
I am Thankful for all of the Transgenders in the military who put their lives on the line every day to protect my family,
Chu Yung Hwang @ChuYungHwang🔁On in we no celebrate we celebrate Tiananmen Day


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