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#thankfulthursday Russell Nohelty @russellnohelty🔁Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. - Norman Vincent Peale #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday Rachael Ritchey @RachaelRitchey🔁 A small dose a gratitude goes a long way! #brightlineeating #ThursdayThoughts #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday Crossroads.TV @crossroads_tv🔁Who are you thankful for today?

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#thankfulthursday Seniorly @Seniorly🔁It's #ThankfulThursday! What is one thing you are Thankful for Today?
#thankfulthursday Terry Loomis @TerryLoomis999🔁A treasured memory is the lasting gift of time well spent. - Tim Fargo #quote #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday PrancingPonyPodcast @prancingponypod🔁Our #ThankfulThursday tradition continues here at the PPP. This week's honor goes to Care360 -- thanks!
#thankfulthursday Maria Gaian @TrainHorseCoach🔁Above all do not forget your duty to love yourself. - Soren Kierkegaard #quote #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday Selking Performance @ChampMindsets🔁So thankful for these amazing 11 students of mine on this #ThankfulThursday! #SHRM @notredame
#thankfulthursday Sharon Vincz Andrews @IndianaCSmedia🔁It's #ThankfulThursday Show your #gratitude by #Blessing someone.
#thankfulthursday Andres R Lopez @AndresRLopez6🔁 Blessed are they who hope in the Lord" #GoodMorning #Psalm1:1 #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday norm malabanan @10Norm🔁 It's #ThankfulThursday Show your #gratitude by #Blessing someone.
#thankfulthursday L R W Lee @LRWLee🔁Everyone has the power to inspire and serve the world. #quote #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday 100 Who Give RDU @100WhoGiveRDU🔁#ThankfulThursday We are greatful for all of our members who Give a Hoot!
#givingcircles #womenwhogive
#thankfulthursday Susan L Dorazio @SusanLDorazio🔁It's #ThankfulThursday lovelies ❤
#thankfulthursday#thankfulthursday#thankfulthursday SMS Room 105 @SMSRoom105🔁@WeAreSMSpartans #ThankfulThursday Thankful for excited students using pipettes to investigate surface tension!
#thankfulthursday Daphne Wallbridge @DaphWallbridge🔁Who are you grateful for? What has this person done for you?

#ThankfulThursday #Gratitude #Blessed

#thankfulthursday Krista Dial @dialkrista🔁Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life. - John Wooden #quote #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday Partha Bhattacharya @parthabha🔁Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances. - Unknown #quote #ThankfulThursday
#thankfulthursday SkyGoBuy @skygobuy🔁At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable. - Christopher Reeve #ThankfulThursday #SkyGoBuy
Robin Roberts @RobinRoberts🔁It’s easier in good times to count our blessings. It’s even more important to do so during challenging times. Would a twitter.com ppreciate you sharing what you’re most grateful for on this 🙏🏾
Apostle M. M. Wangui @ApostleMMWangui🔁. I thank Jesus Christ for becoming a friend in need&a friend in deed.
Jn.15:13 - Greater love hath no man than th twitter.com is, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

SANE @CharitySANE🔁Today is a chance to say thanks to all those who help and support people with problems. twitter.com
Dori Anne @DoriCreates🔁I am for the many tragedies happening all around the . I firmly believe, helps. 🌍🌏🌎🌠 Be . twitter.com
Sky's The Limit @skyslmtsanct🔁It’s time for and we want to thank YOU! That’s right! YOU! 🙌🏼 Thank you for… instagram.com
Dr Waheed Arian @DrWaheedArian🔁

Keep mind over matter Keep Be the needs yo light..on the Go Eye on Ball Mind on the Goal dont walk Tall HumptyDumpty had fall

eduSOIL @eduSOIL🔁This is why we do it. And how we do it<3
Ms. Antunes and Ms. Sardinsky @KindergartenAS🔁Thankful for these 100 year old ladies that make coming to work so much fun!! twitter.com
Vernise @vernisev🔁. Got my coffee ☕️ in one hand and my on. twitter.com
Umulinga Karangwa @Umulingak🔁This , we are delighted to be joined by supporters Andrew and Bonnie Weiss at our office. We thank them for their critical questions, thoughtful feedback, and solidarity in our fight for !
Karac Hendriks @KaracHendriks🔁The glue that holds this crazy industry of ours together. Great to see Sonya and the crew at the office today in To twitter.com ronto. Thank you for all you do.

Emily Orr @emdorr🔁I'm thankful to my own elementary school LMS for making me want to be an educator. She always encouraged me to read a twitter.com nd try new things. She rec'd Garfield comics - yay graphic novels!
Megan Schaller @MrsMSchaller🔁I am thankful for my students! Kindergarten is having fun celebrating the 100th day of school! twitter.com
The Florida Firm @TheFLFirm🔁Thx for the retweets, @ALegalNews @melvinbwright & @AAttorneys #ThankfulThursday
Sara Dowd @DowdKinder🔁I’m inspired everyday by my kindergarten team!! Thankful for all of them! twitter.com
LuckyNorthCasino @Lucky_North🔁❤️ Heart of Romance!❤️
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Luke T. Jones @badsaintLTJ🔁Counting my blessings today. #ThankfulThursday
B & S Designs @b_and_s_designs🔁 Hug your loved ones tight today. Photo
Driscoll Crisp Realtors @CrispRealtors🔁I'd like to give a shout out to Dave and his team over at Maximum Printing & Graphics! They've helped us out AGAIN w twitter.com ith awesome marketing materials for our Driscoll Crisp Realtor Team! Thanks Maximum Printing - you guys are the best!!!

ONGEA! Music Summit @ONGEAEASummit🔁Now live on from the Sarit Centre.

Barnet Wellbeing @Barnetwellbeing🔁-Does gratitude lead to a happier life?
-Yes! #ThankfulThursday
India Partners @IndiaPartners🔁Thank you to listeners of and for giving safety, rescue and care to children in the red-light district in India! Yo twitter.com u have completely transformed their lives.
L B Gschwandtner @LBGwriter🔁One of my reviews. :)
"Normally a coming-of-age story with teenagers as the main characters would not interest me. twitter.com But, this book by LB Gschwandtner is so much more."

Chris Twomey @bdckool🔁🇺🇸🇺🇸 This Peacekeeper likes to and Not once, not twice, but repeatedly! T-shirt exclusively available at
Nation Surf @nationsurf🔁Spending celebrating another favorite shark species, White Sharks. This majestic keystone shark species has incredible senses,adaptations,migrations,& behaviors.There is much more for us to learn abt them& that's why I'm also thankful for .
Shannon Gaskell @GaskellShannon🔁 for everyone supporting the Campaign for Students! Come check out our Bazaar next week in support of students in need of financial aid.
CCC CreativeConcepts @ccc_restoration🔁#ThankfulThursday @Firefly_Power @SpectrumDki1 @RCCNsocial @TotalExteriors1 Thanks for following!
NKPT @NeilKingPT🔁Not only do we care about our patients, but our patients care about each other as well. We are all in this together. twitter.com If only everyone in this world could be as thoughtful and kind as these two. Happy TBT.
ancestors9 @ancestors9🔁 Follow these folks and be thankful you did
Kamloops YMCA-YWCA @KamloopsY🔁Our Youth Mindfulness group loves the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy dogs! Thank you, Skye and Poppy, for being part of twitter.com our group!
Catholic Charities @CCLBK🔁Thank you to everyone who came out to the Cigar, Cognac, & Wine night benefiting CC's programs! It was a great night! twitter.com A special thanks to Mr&Mrs Gurss for hosting us and providing food and wine and to Dr&Mrs Ghandour for bringing the cigars and cognac.
leebeaux @leebeauxc🔁My great grandmother is alive & celebrating her 100th birthday today!!! #ThankfulThursday
CommunitiesInSchools @CISNational🔁Thank you to the teachers, administrators and caring adults who work in schools every day to keep our children safe. twitter.com Out of respect for the victims of yesterday’s shooting we will be going silent today.
Nikita Gupta @GrowingupGupta🔁 Sweeten up you day with these folks
Brian Vieira @scholarskills🔁Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be suc twitter.com cessful-Albert Schweitzer
Handbags for Hospice @Handbags4HWPS🔁Fresh in!! Weeks Construction has DOUBLED UP THE DIAMOND! Welcome our newest sponsor!
All Christian Kane @all_about_CK🔁 on

A few of the many reasons we're
Thankful for > via

Colleen M. Geyer @ColleenMGeyer🔁
Robert B. Payne Heating & Air Conditioning

For over 80 years,our area has been blessed by Robert B. Payne's professional & reliable services. From emergency repair to replacement or warranty work. Connect with them at,

The County Connector @MagazineTCC🔁
Robert B. Payne Heating & Air Conditioning

For over 80 years,our area has been blessed by Robert B. Payne's profe twitter.com ssional & reliable services. From emergency repair to replacement or warranty work. Connect with them at,

Racquel Miller @racquelamiller🔁#ThankfulThursday
Today I am so thankful 🙏🏽 for all those who volunteer and give back in our community. This.. fb.me .
Humpty's Restaurants @HumptysOfficial🔁There is always something to be thankful for! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! twitter.com
The Real Dusty C. @DustyTRDC🔁#thankfulthursday to all my friends and family. Love you ✌🏽♥️ instagram.com
milka💎 @ariasssg🔁the fact that betsy wrote me a valentine’s day letter even though she thought i was mad at her and we hadn’t talked p twitter.com roves that we’ll really be best friends through thick and thin
Ascentria @ascentria🔁On this , our client Anthony thanks the donor of his 2004 Toyota Matrix with 117,000 miles. a car...Change a life!
Ms. Gibbons @MsGibbonsMusic🔁This is my high school chorus teacher, Ray Frasche! Before I enrolled in his classes, I was SURE I was going to becom twitter.com e a crime scene investigator one day. Thanks, Frasche, for your inspiration and for all the puns!
Raluca Florea @Raluca_Florea🔁 Thanks to all our followers, to those who make the effort to retweet & like our posts, we appreciate every one of you, you ! From all of us on behalf of the dogs at
Selking Performance @ChampMindsets🔁 I’m thankful for aaaallllllll my teammates #ThankfulThursday @ChampMindsets
Therese @WearRoseGlasses🔁❤️Family & friends #ThankfulThursday
'Godfrey Kāfir-Goy' @Bliadhnaichean🔁
Thank you VERY MUCH,ALL who've ReTweeted,Favourited,Followed,Quoted,Replied,& Interacted with me on !

'Godfrey Kāfir-Goy' @Bliadhnaichean🔁#ThankfulThursday
This Week for another high of 2370 Followers for a while yesterday !
[[-: twitter.com
Five-Star Technology @Five_StarTech🔁South Dearborn Community School Corporation has chosen Pivot to create awesome learning in their district! twitter.com
Melly @melirochford🔁I’m thankful for aaaallllllll my teammates #ThankfulThursday @ChampMindsets
RMH Connecticut @RMHConnecticut🔁This goes to Student Nurses Association! They held a clothing drive last semester and donated the clothing & toys c twitter.com ollected for our children earlier this week! Thank you!
Chad Brown @CBCHelps🔁 - Weekly Testimonials From Recent Career Counseling Clients. Thank You to All My Past, Present, & Future Clients! twitter.com Complimentary Consultations, Learn More & Schedule Online
bathstore @bathstore🔁A big thank you to Dominic Hewitt for the wonderful feedback! We're delighted to hear that everything went smoothly. twitter.com
Power Forward Woman @PowerForwardWom🔁#ThankfulThursday What is holding you back from moving and powering your way forward. Still have questions... fb.me
ShaRon Rea @ShaRonReaAz🔁#ThankfulThursday I am thankful to the birds for scurrying around outside my window eating the bread I put out... fb.me
Victor Randall @VictorRandall10🔁 "Life did not stop, and one had to live." -Leo Tolstoy #ThankfulThursday #Namaste #spirituality #blessed #awakening
RMHC Omaha @rmhcomaha🔁Our volunteers are awesome! Linda asked for some help practicing her handwriting, and Margaret was more than willing twitter.com to lend a hand.
If you want to at the House, contact Emily at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
BehindTheMind Radio @BTMRadioShow🔁We talk about the State of Education and bring some solutions with Founder and longtime educator Shawn Hardnett, Nor twitter.com th Star College Preparatory Academy for Boys TUNE IN FRI LIVE 11amET on
Meant2LiveFoundation @M2LFoundation🔁"I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into rea twitter.com lity"
Utopian Tees @Utopian_Tees🔁"Forgive yourself before you die. Then forgive others." -Mitch Albom #ThankfulThursday #Namaste #spirituality #blessed #awakening
Tyler D. Gill @IamTylerGill🔁Thankful for an attitude of gratitude. Also very thankful for my college professors for their consistent passion towa twitter.com rds education and preparing me for graduation - May 12, 2018. 📜👨🏽‍🎓🙌🏼
Seneca Advancement @SenecaCampaign🔁 for everyone supporting the Campaign for Students! Come check out our Bazaar next week in support of students in nee twitter.com d of financial aid.
Anne Berk @annetarsia🔁#ThankfulThursday ~ another blog post for all the fun we have on Craft Cruises. Nothing is more thrilling than... fb.me
Havoc_KidMusic @havockidKenya1🔁 am Thankful to God for everything He has done in my life,, requesting the newest Jam by


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