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#ThankYouJamesCorden LalaTH @LalaTH91🔁 @for_ARMYs @vkookupdates @BTS_twt It’s trending #ThankYouJamesCorden
#ThankYouJamesCorden Tabasom @tabasom70🔁 #thankyouJamesCorden
Thanks for having our boys 💙
#ThankYouJamesCorden JiminieSza @ChimSza95🔁 Lmao Jimin's don't worry I'm not afraid is trending #thankyouJamesCorden
#ThankYouJamesCorden bts @sugadaddyjoon🔁TO ALL THE NEW ARMYS...YOU CAN VOTE NOW !


🦀RM's Hope🦀 @MsMagoo92🔁 We appreciate everything. 🍇💜🌌
Suga is swag 😎 @GUMMYBEAR707yum🔁
jimin texted pdnim that james corden made bangtan feel really comfortable. im so happy and thankful. thank you for giving our boys' the best first show experience in US. thank you really.
Kings&Crowns @letterstoKC🔁 for having our boys on the show and treat them well! thanks to our fellow ARMYs who come and cheered too 💜 you guys are amazing! can’t wait for the broadcast! 😊
Jhammy🇵🇭 @ItsMyDeZyr🔁[INFO] Apparently ARMYs are trying to trend . Join in to show appreciation of how well he & the staff treated while they were there.

Taehyung's_Eyes @MayaLee97🔁 @for_ARMYs @shhaaaaaaa @BTS_twt of course for @BTS_twt.. #THANKYOUJamesCorden 💕
kijayki @lencloude🔁For listening without prejudice.
For being a welcoming host & taking such good care of

vantina is kimchi's mom @taehger🔁You & your staffs are angels! You made our boys happy & comfortable. thankyou so much 💕💕 #THANKYOUJamesCorden
🐥 @SHRMpjm🔁 New era of Jimin:

"Excuse me~" to "Don't worry! I'm not afraid!" IM SHOOKSBFISUSBD

J-Hope is my World✨ @EllyMinYoongi93🔁I'm Glad it went well!! How was the fanchant @JKCorden 😍😍 excited to watch the ep once it gets aired #ThankYouJamesCorden
Topa 🌻 @j_bope🔁Guys we should trend something like to show him how much we appreciate him and his staff? I know it's his job and everything, but he was extra respectful and kind to . This way we can also motivate other shows for future appearances.
J-Hope is my World✨ @EllyMinYoongi93🔁 We couldn’t have asked for a better host. I’m grateful you were so kind and welcoming to bts. #ThankYouJamesCorden
J-Hope is my World✨ @EllyMinYoongi93🔁 for making BTS, our boys, comfortable in their first US televised interview. It sounded like they had a lot of fun and that you made it a friendly and good atmosphere for them! ARMYS really appreciate it!
J-Hope is my World✨ @EllyMinYoongi93🔁 for giving our boys a warm welcome, for being genuinely interested in them & their music, for welcoming ARMY with open arms both in person & online, for giving us videos when we were starving, and for having a hilarious PR manager on your Late Late Show acc!
Farwin Tariq @FarwinTariq🔁ARMYs truly really are thankful to James and to all the staffs who worked so hard we love you all❤️ for caring for B twitter.com TS and making them so comfortable they all looked so happy and comfortable thank you everyone😊I'm really looking forward to see the show!
おすすめ情報紹介 @BrightFutureSty🔁 let's trend #ThankYouJamesCorden
정국♡ @jjk_heartlust🔁
the late late show was bangtan's first show in US and they looks so comfortable and at ease. thank you for taking such good care of our boys. they had such a great time and we are so so thankful we love you
Alexxy @AlessShin🔁 for making BTS feel right at home. They were extremely nervous about performing for TV in the US but you calmed them and gave them a positive experience that they will carry with them throughout this week and into the AMAs. 💜 - ZZZ
다녜라민박❤️💘 @JiMinionGi🔁hey cordon dont worry im not afraid.😂😂😂😂😂




Teeka @teeka_bun🔁 Thank you for treating BTS well 💜 #ThankYouJamesCorden
사만다 | sam✌🏼 @BangTaehyvngSon🔁The fanchants are out of this world! for giving and ARMY this opportunity! Welcome to the fam too! 💜💜💜 twitter.com
lil icy ❄️ hoseok's daydream ☀️ @kittyluv17🔁Thank you so much James. You're consistently gaining more and more of my respect lately. I appreciate you using your twitter.com platform to discuss such urgent and overlooked issues.
Chimchim🌷 @chimmmmyy🔁he’s so shookt again, cant wait to see more when they air it lmao


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