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🦂🤟🏾(#5 ↔️ 2-2) @trumpisfuckery🔁 thad young just ripped the everloving ball out of kevin love's hands
James Holas @SnottieDrippen🔁Thad young has Kevin Love in prison defensively
Whitney Medworth @its_whitney🔁thad young just ripped the everloving ball out of kevin love's hands
RealGM @RealGM🔁Thad Young dribbles through a couple chairs before the slam.
wealthy gadabout @carlosanimals🔁@thislouis_ I’ll try to do better in the future. Gonna watch some Thad Young highlight vids now.
Bill Walton fan account @PaddyCirca97🔁- concerning is Love’s production. The stronger and far more athletic Thad Young was even more dominant. Love played frustrated, with no rhythm and was a clear net negative on the court. I expect a turn around, but he’ll be keen to see the back of Turner and Young, win or loss
AJ Moorehead @AJMoorehead🔁Happy for Thad Young!
shut up buster I been wit the shits @realistalkin🔁It's all about matchups and Thad Young creates problems for Love but an all star player shouldn't be playing like a bonafide scrub and letting TT outplay him in a playoff game
Crandall Dinsbach @cavsfilmroom🔁People alwaaaaaaaays say go back to Minnesota Kevin Love! Well, in Minnesota was he flailing like the ugly duckling? Also, he has no advantage posting up Thad Young. Four games in that should be more than apparent
CediSZN @cavsbuckeyes🔁Every time he posts up I'm like "ha! Thad Young posting up? In 2018?", and then he gets a bucket. Not to mention owni ng Kevin's soul somehow
David Zavac @DavidZavac🔁@SportsNom remember all the years I wanted Thad Young and Cavs twitter would always yell at me? Feels like 18 lifetimes ago.
SportsNom @SportsNom🔁Apparently Thad Young is to Kevin Love as Tristan Thompson is to Al Horford.
Fun Jack @YourPalJack🔁I'm telling you, former Wolves legend Thad Young has taken every game against Kevin Love personally since he was brou ght to the Wolves to replace him after the Wiggins trade.
Kevin Seifert @Cntryboy80🔁 Everyone remember that Thad Young was a part of the Kevin Love to the Cavs trade?
Chuck P. @cj1723🔁Haha, it’s not complicated. If you have a stat combo that includes Magic/Bird/MJ/LeBron and the next addition is Thad MFing Young...just find another stat that eliminates him. Like...add fouls or FTs. Anything to get him the FOH.


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